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  1. I will be in Florida Jan thru Mar 2019 then heading west. We are planning to travel around the country so at this time we do not know where we will end up.
  2. Sorry, I should have added more info. I am 58 and my wife is 55. We both have pensions. Mine is civil service / military and hers is NYS teachers. We have Blue Cross / Blue Shield Federal healthcare. We have a class A motorhome. I am basically looking for cost of Registering Motorhome and Jeep. Plates, insurance and Drivers License.
  3. Why did my thread get hijacked to Texas? Please stay on the topic of differences that you found between South Dakota and Florida only. I am not interested in Texas and it is easy to start another thread.
  4. We will begin full timing next November. We have sold our Buffalo NY home and will rent till November. We are wintering in Florida Dec '18 thru March '19. We could set up Florida Domicile then but were told South Dakota was better. Does anyone know the basic differences between the two. Would a trip to SD be worth it instead of just getting it done in Florida? We plan to use either for just License, Registration, Voting and Mail Service. We do not plan on living permanently in either state. Anything else that I might not be thinking of? Thanks for your expertise.
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