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  1. No, Kirk Wood, I have had zero luck in finding someone to even send me in the direction of a third-party to inspect so I had to decide on my own. And I chose a 1985 26 foot Chevy Delta Supreme. Only 57,485 miles... Great Price, too IMO Yes, it would've been nice to have a knowledgeable individual take a look for me, but I find I know a basic amount of mechanics and I had to move on this. Regardless, I want to thank you very much for trying to help me. Your efforts were greatly appreciated. Allen
  2. Mr. RV_ : Quite welcome you are, however, it is you who is the one deserving of the thanks and gratitude here; hardly me, but you are welcome just the same. Denver is a beautiful city/area, as you certainly know, if you have been there before. I must say, the way you come across when speaking of your son & family is wonderful, and truly shows what must be of immense value to you; to cherish. Alas, my wife of 22 yrs passed away somewhat sudden and unexpectedly in '15, without the blessing of our having an extended family...Ahhh... Forgive me...I digress... Again, Good Sir, thank you for your response; I've enjoyed your messages. Yours: Allen P.
  3. Wrong thread, you say? Well, that makes things a little clearer for me...ha ha… I must admit I was wondering, as I read on and on, but I want to tell you, what you outlined there was an amazing amount of really good information for me, being a first time RV full-time dweller. I had not thought of those things you spoke of, not at all, and it sure sounds like something I need to pay attention to. What you had written about, and your advice, will be taken by me. I thank you, and I thank you again. Allen P.
  4. Folks, I seek help, please: I really need direction to a third party individual, whom I may hire to travel to an area and inspect any RV’s I am interested in for my purchase. Somewhat lacking in the mechanical area, I am. I live in S. Central Colorado, and looking to buy in-state, Denver, Springs-ish(?) Your help would be forever appreciated. My name is Allen Peck Thank you in advance, for any help
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