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    The important factor for tires is air pressure. With older tires it is important that they flex as little as possible. Keep them at the upper three fifths of maximum. Nitrogen is a way to keep pressure stable. If you do not want to replace your old tires which have good tread, make sure you get tire "air and temperature monitors" for each wheel. Old tires will blow out if they get hot or flex too much. If you want to see another who does not like being told to change parts just because some thing is old, see the movie, "the last Indian." one of the only things i know of that require changing simply because of age is a charcoal, water filter that is in use. There is no simple way to test when the charcoal is full of particulates.
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    Arizona mail forwarding

    I realize this-is an old posting, but should any one else have this same question, I wish to respond. I used the Quartsite mail forwarding and went to Arizona in order to finalize every thing and also to get a drivers license in Arizona. I spent wuite a bit of time. Long story short, although my mail forwarding has not yet expired, i changed every thing to SD. "yourbestaddress.com took care of every thing and I never had to go to SD even to have my vehicle registered. Insurance was less, by a lot from Arizona. The quartsite address was difficult to get on my Drivers license due to the poor instructions given by the forwarding company. I would highly recommend yourbestadress for mail forwarding. Insurance is cheaper in SD. Vehicle registration requires a one time tax, based on the value. after that the next year you only pay the registration fee. No annual inspections. No property tax. AND they accept my Arizona DL (unless I want to vote) until I can get it changed or it expires. The people at yourbestaddress were very caring. How ever, I highly recommend you keep a log book with copies of every thing you send, how you sent it, when and if you were told it had been received and by whom. While they do keep the records, it seems they are not organized with the massive amounts they have to keep track of. It may sound worse than it is, but I think if I had been more organized myself, things would have gone quicker. I had No other negatives to say, and again highly recommend them. I do not recommend , either the state of Arizona for RV'ers, or BCM Mail. If you need any more help please contact me. I don't want others to go thru what i did. http://yourbestaddress.com/