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  1. COFLTravler

    Brake controller

    I also have electric over hydraulic system in my RV. I am planning to upgrade the unit in the next couple of years so did not want to install the Blue Dot system. I went with DirecLink and in fact worked with them on a prototype cable for my truck as it is a 2014. I have been very pleased with the system and it was not difficult to install. I also agree - brake control is a key piece of the mods needed to pull safely with our rigs..... Mark
  2. COFLTravler

    volvo select parts account

    Yea me too...submitted on line once about 5 months ago and never heard back...they told me they are really catering to companies versus individuals....I'm not too happy, but what are you going to do...so now I call the dealership have them look up the parts and pay the high price! Gotta love my Volvo....
  3. COFLTravler

    volvo select parts account

    Just yesterday I asked my local Volvo dealer - Denver, about this and was told the cost was $800 a year to have access to my parts book on line for my VIN......
  4. COFLTravler

    Trip From Hermosa SD to Ft. Collins CO

    Are you in Fort Collins for a stay? I live in the mountains NW of there......are you then headed south towards Denver? Mark
  5. COFLTravler

    And so it begins...HDT home, ECR 2019, destination full time.

    Nice! Looks great...
  6. COFLTravler

    Dual Axle Fender

    Thanks for the help and suggestions....too bad I'm so far away from the poly ones Tom has... Off I go to make something happen...this forum is great! Mark
  7. COFLTravler

    Dual Axle Fender

    Need some help....I am going to keep the dual axle configuration at least for now, as I decide what configuration my future deck will be. The frustration is in trying to decide/procure fenders. Does anyone have a recommendation on nice looking fenders that may be taken off in the next year or so? I struggle with paying almost $2K for fenders. Suggestions? Of course I need to install these within the next 2-3 weeks before I hit the road. Mark
  8. COFLTravler

    HDT Tandem Fenders

    Anyone have available a set of full tandem fenders? Volvo 780. Hate to purchase a new set and take them off in a year
  9. COFLTravler

    Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Chad - thanks...
  10. COFLTravler

    Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Thanks Bill will be in touch.. Can't seem to post any pics - file size to big - need to figure it out.... Mark
  11. COFLTravler

    Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Welllllll...it's all over but the fun now....decided on the truck, should take possession on Friday. Think we hit the jackpot on this one (time will tell). One of the cleanest commercial trucks I've seen. My buddy (a retired truck driver) went with me and we crawled around together....even he was impressed... Thanks to all the good folks on this forum and the great advice...Now just need to start the slow process of conversion....Henry - I hope to be in touch to schedule a hitch (need to get this titled and registered by mail....slow....) Thanks to all - hope to get some sleep tonight - not much last night..... Mark
  12. COFLTravler

    Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Okay headed up the road tomorrow to check out a truck that I think is the one....wanna say thanks to Rick for his time on the phone today and Bill for providing his contact info - I will have the checklist in hand from the forum and will have to make the decision the same day...owner operator, private sale with others from out of state wanting to fly in and buy on the spot....any last minute words of advice? .2104 Volvo 780 500 HP I shift 419,000 miles - loaded APU, etc. - really clean well kept...... Thanks Mark
  13. COFLTravler

    HDT Wanted

    Thanks for the responses - understand the no advertising piece. Jack sent an email to you - both work and gmail. Mark
  14. COFLTravler

    HDT Wanted

    I know I'm asking for a lot - but until you ask.. Looking for a later model Volvo 780 (I shift), either already configured for RV tow or if someone knows of a good commercial one for sale for a reasonable price, (and yes I've been looking at all the normal places). Prices seem to be going up on used 780's and most are not in the best of shape (interior) before I even get to the mechanical condition. Almost all the dealers I talk with are selling their 780's really fast and are not willing to slow the process down for inspections etc. Thanks and hope all had a great holiday! Mark
  15. Another newbie - really want to have a HDT to tow current and future heavier TH. Would love to have an affordable Volvo 780. Thought I had one, till I found Florida is not friendly to HDT owners....guess I need to wait until I return to Colorado? Great information here and I've learned a lot.....