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  1. Anyone else have Lazy Days (Progressive) - would like to hear how they compare to Miller (Progressive) and not being able to bobtail. Mark
  2. Anyone else had trouble getting a hold of Deer Run? The phone just rings? Mark
  3. Funny you ask how I currently load...right now drive up but waiting for Jack and Marc to come up with their new loading system hopefully soon.
  4. I have a 453 that I purchased used, owned for just a few months and I could no longer drive up the ramps because the clutch was burnt out. Luckily for me I was repaired under warranty. Granted, I have no idea how the car was treated before me but I for one prefer not to drive up anymore......
  5. As an old RV Tech I can tell you after doing MANY of these - yes those turns are in the retract position (well really 6 inches out - because that is where/how you remove and replace the roller tube). Just be careful, the topper is not as bad as the patio awnings, many DIY RVers have hurt themselves working on awnings in the fully extended position. Mark
  6. Incredible pics and work done - thank you for posting these. What is the reason for the angle iron in the hinge point? Sorry I must be a little slow….
  7. Steve, Thanks for sharing the pic - looks like a good crowd....one year we will make it.....
  8. Thanks for all the good suggestions.....will have to do something different.
  9. So got a question.....bought my used 453 Smart and had Marc & Jack put a great basic deck on....thought I could be like many others and drive up the little guy onto the deck. Well in a real short time, it would no longer "drive up", the clutch burned out. Luckily for me Smart replaced the clutch under warranty but was very clear in informing me "not to do this anymore". For all those with a 453 driving it up - have you had any problems? Do you smell the clutch at all when you load? And no, I don't sit on the ramps riding the throttle and emergency brake....I'm confused.... Mark
  10. Thanks for the info....it's just these are not true service manuals....I'm not sure what's going to happen in the future when the MB Dealers stop maintaining the Smart's and there is not detailed info out there??? I talked with the MB Dealer in Colorado they claim they are the only Smart Dealer in a 5 state radius, they have one mechanic and "when he leaves" we are done working on Smart's...... Mark
  11. Does anyone have or know where to get an electronic service manual for the 453 series Smart? I was able to find a " Introduction into Service Manual" which has little to no valuable information. Mark
  12. Randy - hope all goes well and when your done you will "feel young again" Mark
  13. You all have a great time this year...Chad - great job again....sorry couldn't make it this year working on getting a deck put on to load the smart..... Mark
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