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  1. Thanks for the info....it's just these are not true service manuals....I'm not sure what's going to happen in the future when the MB Dealers stop maintaining the Smart's and there is not detailed info out there??? I talked with the MB Dealer in Colorado they claim they are the only Smart Dealer in a 5 state radius, they have one mechanic and "when he leaves" we are done working on Smart's...... Mark
  2. Does anyone have or know where to get an electronic service manual for the 453 series Smart? I was able to find a " Introduction into Service Manual" which has little to no valuable information. Mark
  3. Randy - hope all goes well and when your done you will "feel young again" Mark
  4. You all have a great time this year...Chad - great job again....sorry couldn't make it this year working on getting a deck put on to load the smart..... Mark
  5. Ouch.....looks like there isn't any RV damage and everyone is safe..... Mark
  6. Saw a nice looking Volvo towing a Momentum Fiver around Gainesville today....someone on the forum?
  7. Really like your bed build....did you do your own design on this? Ride looks great....
  8. COFLTravler

    brake controller

    Direclink - works great with my electric over hydraulic system. Great people to work with - they provided me with a prototype cable (newer Volvo with square OBD port) and we worked through the bugs - could not be more happier. Mark
  9. COFLTravler


    Congrats! It will be fun! Mark
  10. Well the exact thing happened to me Amazon right? I wrote to the company and they are "willing" to take them back or discount the Eagle Eyes I have - well I want/wanted DEPO so will see how this works out. Mark
  11. Okay so I'm a little slow tonight.....does anyone know are the DEPO lights the same as Eagle Eyes? Mark
  12. COFLTravler

    HDT Insurance

    Has anyone ever seen in their policy about no Bobtailing versus just a verbal statement?
  13. Thanks for jumping in and providing your expertise! Mark
  14. So......has anyone figured out if we can install David's kit into these? David? Mark
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