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  1. COFLTravler


    Oh Chet.….. You keep coming up with these great ideas of which I want all of them..... Mark
  2. COFLTravler

    off topic AC/heat pump replacement

    As an RV tech I would recommend sticking with the Mach...many times the wiring is not the same for the thermostat so it's not a direct replacement...plus I like Colemans they have not caught up with Dometic and your no "paying for the name". I am a dealer for all of them.....not a big difference between them... Mark
  3. COFLTravler

    Engine Trouble Saga

    Chad - great story with a happy ending....well a little lighter in the wallet but still sounds like it all worked out. For most of us older - excuse me mature folks we would have had to take it out of our retirement funds because that is all we have ….no more work pay. Now you just need to save for all the rest of the upgrades. Mark
  4. COFLTravler

    Air Line Fitting Plug

    Thank you - so much knowledge from the great folks on this forum....makes me proud to be one of the HDT gang! Mark
  5. COFLTravler

    Air Line Fitting Plug

    Anyone know where to purchase the plastic push in air line plugs? They look similar to a golf tee and used on my Volvo. They are plugged into the push in fittings that are not used. You'd think I could find on Amazon or similar but nooooo. Looking for the 3/8" size Mark
  6. COFLTravler

    The end of the beginning

    Very Nice!
  7. COFLTravler

    Steering Wheels - Volvo

    So both my controls for light interrupter (left side) and radio and phone controls on (right side) of the steering wheel have stopped working. Anybody had this problem and if so what did you do - besides take it to the dealer?2014 VNL 780 - the horn works and don't have an SRS airbag light...I don't know if these go through the steering ring but believe if it was the ring - I would have an airbag issue.... I know someone out there in HDT world knows what to do - help... Mark
  8. COFLTravler

    Deck is done for now 16 days of work.

  9. COFLTravler

    Update of Bed Build

    Very nice!
  10. COFLTravler

    Xantrex Freedom 1055 HFS Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    This is a 55 amp invertor - it can handle more than that like what happens during compressor startups - your fridge compressor is pretty constant after startup so being hot outside should not effect that. Is the fridge the only item on the invertor? I have seen the Freedom series flash this code without any real reason - would not worry unless it happens multiple times. Mark - RV Tech
  11. COFLTravler

    Ishift not starting out smoothly

    Just a question - does your truck have a hill assist option? If so at a very slight angle it will have a delay until the pedal is depressed for I think it is 2-3 seconds.....then moves - if you hit the pedal hard it really jumps.....
  12. COFLTravler

    2018 West Coast Rally

    We should finally make it home this afternoon....took us 4 days to do 1,000 miles....so much to see and do....love using the truck in the high mountains in Colorado.....The wife and I had a great time and met some fantastic folks....we already are looking forward to the week long event next year. I will bring more of my equipment though..... Thanks Chad!
  13. COFLTravler

    Brake controller

    I also have electric over hydraulic system in my RV. I am planning to upgrade the unit in the next couple of years so did not want to install the Blue Dot system. I went with DirecLink and in fact worked with them on a prototype cable for my truck as it is a 2014. I have been very pleased with the system and it was not difficult to install. I also agree - brake control is a key piece of the mods needed to pull safely with our rigs..... Mark
  14. COFLTravler

    volvo select parts account

    Yea me too...submitted on line once about 5 months ago and never heard back...they told me they are really catering to companies versus individuals....I'm not too happy, but what are you going to do...so now I call the dealership have them look up the parts and pay the high price! Gotta love my Volvo....
  15. COFLTravler

    volvo select parts account

    Just yesterday I asked my local Volvo dealer - Denver, about this and was told the cost was $800 a year to have access to my parts book on line for my VIN......