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  1. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/7054417/2010-volvo-vnl42t670 Good find for somebody! Just not me, yet.
  2. Tackleberry

    2000 Volvo HDT RV Hauler For Sale

    How hard is it to push the clutch in on these trucks? My wife has a bad knee, and I need her to drive!
  3. Tackleberry

    2000 Volvo HDT RV Hauler For Sale

    Is that a 30lb LP rack on the back?
  4. Tackleberry

    Smith Point County Park, Long Island

    Cathedral Pines does allow pets, it's a county park. Wildwood is a state park, and no dogs allowed.
  5. Tackleberry

    Smith Point County Park, Long Island

    Check out Cathedral Pines. Much closer than Smith Point, and much easier to get into. They have some sites with electric. Do you have a bathroom in the Sprint? http://suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/Parks/OurParks/CathedralPinesCountyPark.aspx Or wildwood state park is close to there too.
  6. Tackleberry

    Smith Point County Park, Long Island

    What town is your friend in?
  7. Tackleberry

    Our European RV Adventure

    Oh man, that is on our list! I can't wait to read about it.
  8. Tackleberry

    Smith Point County Park, Long Island

    You would need to have a Green Key Card to reserve at any of the county parks. And then you can book 90 days out from arrival date. But getting into Smith Point is like the Holy Grail. Everybody wants it! It sells out within minutes. Maybe try Eastern Long Island campground in Greenport NY. Or Wildwood State Campground up in Shoreham/Wading River NY. Can you park at the house you are visiting?
  9. Towing my triple axle toy hauler 7,000 miles cross country over the past summer (with my 7.3L F350) has taught me that I am in desperate need of an HDT. And most importantly , my wife agrees! 20 mph up hill on the highways of Wyoming, motor screaming at 60 mph (when we were lucky enough to have a long flat road), exhaust temps rising, front trans seal toasted (thanks Big Horn Mountains), stiff front leaf springs on the truck, the list could go on. Our plan is to visit all 50 states as a family, and we are up to 46. We are missing Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. Since we are both teachers, we have all summer to travel, and we do! But now we'll do it in an HDT, at 65 mph! How decadent! We would like to take the yet to be found HDT to Alaska via Washington and Oregon (From NY), so we can cross out those 3 states. I'm learning a lot on this site!