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    Class B with driver leg room?

    Leg room or any space within a class B RV designated for a purpose is a challenge to designers. . My son is 6’ tall and even I at 5’3 feel space challenged while driving. We just finished a 3,000 mile trip in a Roadtrek Pop 190. Steering wheel adjustments, tilt seat, and cruise control provide comfort. Your call in the Roadtrek It is pretty close to driving a compact or subcompact car. Class B RVing is about necessity for both driving and while living in an Escapee Style. For every inch of space you consider, it must suit your need. In our case there is a wardrobe cabinet in which I can pack many things. Your space and your travels.... just remember when you want to go to town you park in a space just like a passenger car! Time - space - dimension ! Happy Trails!
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    Roadtrek group?

    Roadtrek vintage 04C190
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