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  1. beemergary

    Coolant Lines

    I just make my own air-fuel-oil-water from hose and fitting from Summit-Jegg's etc. WAAAAAAY Cheaper.
  2. beemergary

    Changing batteries

    Maybe a good idea to do some back tracking some cables. On my old Pete ther all black. Can run 4 but only 3 batteries. A conduity tester can be handy when you lose track of a wire.
  3. beemergary

    Private rv not for hire

    Belong to a couple antique nation wide truck clubs. No Decals Your just drawing attention too yourself. I even run Mi. antique plate.
  4. beemergary

    Tire age

    Older the better for me. Happened more that once had a trailer with a zillion miles and tires over 10 yrs. old. Buy new tires for piece of mind and every other time out Kaa Boom. Like I said more than once. Still running my 20 yr. old (white wall) car tires on one trailer. The tires on my HDT are over 20 yrs. old. Am I in the market for new? No Way To be old and wise had to be dumb and stupid. The one when going out 5 times and having 3 blowouts where Carlisles. They were also over rated for trailer. The others may have been Tow Max.
  5. beemergary

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    If there's no real slop in the shaft I'd just replace the seal. Even if slop just a worn bushing so would check on new seal and bushing. Just me talkin.
  6. beemergary

    Generac Generator Shuts down

    Sound like your the guy that's forgot more than most will know. Good Luck
  7. My 84 Pete 359 that retired with close to a million mi. The 3406b and 13 sp. all original. Interiors like it came from factory and I do my own work and paint. Only see's around 2k mi. now.
  8. beemergary

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    Got to be careful transporting one that long. You can put a bow in them.
  9. beemergary

    Short Trip

    Many moons ago pulling camper up Monarch Pass in Colo. Boy this is pulling hard and then saw smoke. The front spring hanger welds had broke and let the axle move back till tire rubbed. Got out come a long and pulled axle in place and found a place down the Mt. to borrow there welder and an hr. later was on my way. The other side let loose a few yrs. later with in an 1/8 mi. of a weld shop.
  10. beemergary

    Air tank replace

    If all I could find was new or used for crazy money I'd make one. Could probably use your old fittings and your a welder. I found a couple pin holes in the weld seams on my 1984 Pete and was an easy fix.
  11. beemergary

    New gear ratio

    Depends on tire size and final transmission ratio. If you got the power lower rpm's are better. My old Cat makes the most torque and hp at 1450 rpm's and it purrs and runs quieter at thet rpm but it was ordered to pull and thus the 3.90 gears. Trucks today make big power (torque) and run at lower rpm's to save fuel and make money.
  12. beemergary

    New gear ratio

    I just drive my old Cat at 60-65 mph. Would I wish I could run at 1450 rpm's (max torque and hp and where the Cat purr's) yes but will just have to do 1700-1750 rpm's. I would have to change two rear ends and only the speedometer adapter. Too much $$$ knowing it was run more than likely at least 60-65 mph. most of its 1,000,000 miles. I only put 2k-3k a yr. on the ol girl.
  13. beemergary

    HDT vs LGT, reliable transportation or ongoing project?

    My 1984 Pete 359 with close to a 1,000,000 mi. Cat engine, 13 speed trans and rear ends have never been touched. I'd drive it to the moon and back. Everything on it is mechanical. Give it a pull or push and it will start and run without batteries. I painted it and do my own work. Don't have 20K into it even with the $1600.00 leather seat it just put in. No computer operated anything for me. In my old age enjoy learning how things work and feel somewhat prepared when hitting the road.