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  1. beemergary

    Peterbilt part number source?

    I have the chassis bill of materials for my old 1984 Peterbilt 359 part numbers that came with the truck when bought. Thats how Peterbilt works by you giving the vin. number. Mines stamped on the dash on a brass plate. That vin. number will also get you a service record of work done by Peterbilt. Every wire also is tagged with a number on both ends. Pretty Cool
  2. beemergary

    Need help on coolant loss

    My old Pete with close to a million miles still has its original air compressor. It has coolant running thru it. Could be a place to loose coolant or get air in system.
  3. beemergary

    Upgrading to international prostar to pull toy hauler

    Go to truckersreport. Its a truck drivers-owner operators forums. Lots of good info and the usual guys just talking with no real experience.
  4. beemergary

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    Had a Jeep Grand Cherekee back when you could get a V8. and 3.73 gears. It was a pulling fool and I swear could beat a pickup in a drag race. They said 5000# towing. Danger is my business and only pulled my 4000# dry trailer ONCE. The wheel base and braking ability was not a good combination. I'd knock another 1500-2000# off your 5800#
  5. beemergary

    What brand?

    Some people can be there worst enemy. If you don't have deep pockets and don't want to get your hands dirty and learn how things work and be a sucker for a slick service man you may be in trouble. In this new day and age see it all the time.
  6. beemergary

    What brand?

    I feel I have an eye for quality and construction with a little overkill. Friend has an older u320 and that thing is totally awesome.
  7. beemergary

    Battery Drain

    Musta never owned an older Pontiac. Gas engines can also vapor lock and turn over hard making you think battery or starter. Those mini reduction starters work great.
  8. beemergary

    Siphoning a toy hauler gas tank

    Who needs a hose with the brass ball. Been siphoning fuel for 60 yrs. Smaller hose will go around corners and easier to get a draw. Gas today don't even taste as bad as old days. Son bought one of those rattles on a hose and I think its worthless. My HTD comes in pretty handy when I run out of heating oil and the oil man may not show up for a day or two.
  9. beemergary

    TV set up

    Been married 47 years and only on our 3rd. tv. We don't wear them out. Just use an antenna and can always find some quality or amusing thing to watch. Red Green sat. night. Funny thing our RV sitting in our driveway can get 2x the channels as out big house antenna. Been to others houses or in hospital with a 5 times ++ channels and in my opinion all crap.
  10. beemergary

    Air leak help

    Kids bubbles works great for finding leaks. Pump your brakes and see which needle goes down. That will be one side of system but are really one. 5 minutes is a long time to go from 105-120#. My old 1984 Pete will go from 0-120# in way less time. The old girl will hold air for a week. The suspension for couple months. It even has air wipers. I think I may still have a leak inside transmission. They used the flare style fitting back then with rubber hose. 35 yrs. old and have only replaced a few of the small gauge and wiper lines.
  11. beemergary

    Totally Off Topic - Just Need Some Smart Ideas

    Mount the table on a motorcycle or snowmobile lift and some duct tape. Red Green Special
  12. beemergary


    I lowered mine from 100 psi to 85 and lost the seal. Couldn't get it to seal. Had the truck jacked up and air available. Guy came from a mile away and gave it a blast with an air blaster. That will be $150.00 Not a happy camper. The sidewalls on the tires I have are real stiff.
  13. beemergary

    Drilling harden steel?

    Drilled a zillion holes in my life and alot thru stainless and frame of HDT. Blowing air is the secret weapon for saving a drill.
  14. beemergary

    lost all lights to camper

  15. beemergary

    lost all lights to camper

    Nevereasy is giving great info. Been jumping the plug for years to test lights etc. before ever hooking up trailer or having a problem. Can help eliminate problem comming from tow vehical Not your case but a shorted bulb can backfeed and make another light be dim etc.