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  1. I,ve had good luck parking on stones with a sand base with good drainage.
  2. finished project.
  3. Built my own and everything is bolted on jusy like the flat bed.
  4. Time to get out a few tools. Inverters need cooling ability.
  5. Like DesertMiner says and can happen with all makes of diesels where the injector and the line feeding it is inside the valve cover.
  6. HELLO- be carefull- Had a blow out and tore off siding-fender flare-etc. My rv is on with my jeep and dually. The dirty #%!^*&^ went and raised my jeep and dually ins. over $400.00 per yr. I did the work myself and know what the parts cost. They will have there money back in a couple yrs. Win Win for them. They don't tell you this upfront.
  7. I try to avoid the rain. My air wipers will drive you crazy. They do have electric conversions for $$$. Me and wife like our new leather with backrest seats. My Pete's 34 yrs. young and everything works. Will hold air for a week and suspension couple months. Could sell for 2x what I got into it. Don't have to worry about falling asleep driving it though.
  8. They don't make them like they used too. I'll stick with my older Cat 3406b. Its all mechanical. Only thing electrical is the starter and fuel shut off. The fuel shut off can be manually bypassed. Will start and run without batteries. Give it a push or pull and let out clutch and its running. With close to a million miles no engine work. The alternator and some ac parts have been replaced. Old School Baby
  9. The only way I know mines behind my Pete is the boost gage may come off 0 on a hill. I only pull 12,000lbs.
  10. Had a fatal heart attack and by the will of god brought back and to hospital. Come to in intensive care. Docter introduces himself and tells me I am a lucky man. I take his hand and thank him. When will I be as good as new? Why you ask? Well I go to drag races. When's your next race? This weekend. He didn't know what to say. My daughter says Dad you embarrass me. I went back to sleep.
  11. beemergary

    No starting

    Forgot to say you need a good connection at solenoid. Its an electro magnet relay. Haven't thought to look at mine but years past could take them apart and file connections if they weren't burnt beyond filing. Jumping solenoid bypasses the relay part.
  12. Always remembered this guy who now is passed. Always take time to look back where you came from. Things may look different going that way and you may think your going the wrong way. I enjoy looking at maps and even if someone is flying me to a remote location have an idea where its at. Like Captain Sully said. you gotta know where your going. I don't own a GPS but use google maps a satellite views. I did find there road marking of I69 south of Indiannapolis wrong the other day.
  13. Too be real nice have sand one way working up to 2000-2500 grit. 3M polishing compound-same as used on paint also workd great on aluminum. I just da-ed my fuel tanks because the dings where just too deep. If you don't get the dings out the polishing will just make them stand out more.
  14. My hitch height on my Pete 359 is the same same as my Ford 350 dually pulling a 32 ft. trailer. There's rollers on back of trailer and the have been rubbed a few times.
  15. beemergary

    No starting

    If its like my Cat. engine check that the ground cables are tight at starter and battery. Jumping the contacts like Exile says eliminates the solenoid.
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