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  1. beemergary

    3 axle bumper pull RV recommendations

    UI used extruded aluminum bleacher seating for decking. Its all bolted with clips for easy removal.
  2. beemergary

    3 axle bumper pull RV recommendations

    My play toy car hauler. Trailer is only 32ft. + tongue. Sure wish it was a 3 axle insted of 2 to carry the weight.
  3. beemergary

    Special option on our truck.

    Better than takng them fishing.
  4. beemergary

    3 axle bumper pull RV recommendations

    Doesn't look like much of a tongue for all that weight in video.
  5. beemergary

    Generator noise reduction

    Built lots of sound enclosers in my day working as a tinsmith for 37 yrs. Best was a low density egg crate foam. I think thats what we called it. Smooth on one side and could sit eggs in it on other side and about 1 1/2'-2" thick.
  6. beemergary

    Park brake hanging up.

    Lots of good info. I had mud dobbers plug exhaust port of relay valve before and made for slow release.
  7. beemergary

    Fuel economy vs HP

    Old mechanical diesels are turned up (more fuel). More hp/tq is only good for mileage if you really need it. Just keep an eye on boost gauge and right foot.
  8. beemergary

    Excessive 3rd. Axle Tire Wear

    You didn't back into something and put a bow in axle? Had a bad axle once that would wear tires on long hot days. It was bowed from factory (ran a hardness) test and Dexter replaced it.
  9. beemergary

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Read my comment. After getting a job at a heating and cooling engineering facility (I think Valeo was the name in Auburn Hills, Mi.) He called and said what I always said about water vs anti freeze. Have been dealing with heat transfer for years running a Pontiac 421 super duty in a 61 Tempest which came with a 4 cyl. radiator. Reproduced a factory radiator in aluminum with 2-1" coolant tubes. Did a modification to water pump to help eliminate cavitation. I do use a corrosion additive in summer before switching back to 50/50 in winter. I also have a 63 Pontiac tempest with same engine that I race and you don't want to be caught using ant freeze on a race track. Having a radiator hose to high above a radiator will hold air causing cooling problems.
  10. beemergary

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Back on subject. A lower radiator hose may look fine but over time gets weak and will collapse under load and heat restricting coolant flow. Yours may have a spring in it or may not. One more thing to check.
  11. beemergary

    Getting hot going over mountains

    It just bugs me that that a jug of anti freeze makes one think your engine will run cooler with it. Wish I didn't make that comment-brought out some self rightious people who end up out in a left field. I did make constructive comments to poster. Have a nice day.
  12. beemergary

    Gen use at truck stop

    I go to car races and in the pits its a common courtisy to run with pvc pipe up over rig.
  13. beemergary

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Pure antifreeze will not work alone. I was just making rhe comment that water has better cooling properties than what it sounds like on a jug of antifreeze. Go back and read my comment you will see the corrosion comment (distilled water) an a water pump lubticant needed. Since anti freeze doesn't like to evaparate (cooling process) try poring some on yourself on a hot day. I'll take water. Everybody have a cool day.
  14. beemergary

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Son has a 5 yr. engineer degree from Kettering University former GMI. Works in the heating and cooling division at Chrysler Engineering. Before that did an intership with a company that designs automotive heating and cooling radiators-condensors. Tests vehicles at Death Valley and over the continential divide for Chrysler. Didn't work for only a couple days at his intership and called his mother saying Dad was right about water cooling better than anti freeze. Your radiator cap will raise the boiling point. To be old and wise had to be dumb and stupid
  15. beemergary

    Staying powered up?

    Few aftermarket radio's out there that are real bad for battery draw. I have battery shut offs.