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  1. beemergary


    I just had a claim for a blowout that caused $1,500.00 in damages. My trailer is on my car and truck insurance. My premium went up $400.00 + per year. Not a happy camper.
  2. beemergary

    rear air bags not filling up

    If its like mine there's a like valve stem inside. Wouldn't take much to plug it.
  3. beemergary

    Why use a HDT to haul your smart ......

    I try to avoid weight stations,
  4. beemergary

    VIN specific parts #s

    Sorry but I don't feel your pain. I have the chassis bill of materials book that came with my truck "specific to my truck" You can look up every part number thats not engine-trans related. Every wire is also taged at each end. Did I mention its a 1984 Peterbilt 359 Still had couple 25 yr. old air bags with close to a million michigan miles when I got it. The newer cheaper ones don't say Peterbilt on them. That book is Priceless. Good Luck
  5. beemergary

    Unloading front axel?

    Lot more fun when you unload rear axle. Back in 50"s a 53 Ford my dad borrows my grampa's shuffleboard hauling trailer. It was long and narrow made for delivering shuffleboards. We go to feed store for seed and vertilizer for spring planting. Dad puts everything in back of trailer. First rise in road back end does a little wiggle. Next one the back comes up and we go from pointing north to south and in ditch. Not a pretty site. Whats that saying more fun than Cedar Point.
  6. beemergary

    replace Webco height control valve with Haldex

    Almost everything relating to an air valve can be cleaned and new o-rings. May find some valve stems in your leveling valve also.
  7. beemergary

    HELP, electirical issue, FOUND THE PROBLEM, FIXED IT.

    I couldn't live without my voltmeter. What's really great about them is the conduity function. Test bulbs-fuses-wiring etc. Not just 12 volt batteries but any battery or electrical system.
  8. beemergary

    Mother Nature's Fury

    Didn't use the word "professional". Talking about idiot video makers. I've actually been in the Air Force Hurrican Hunter and learned about what they learn and collect data etc.
  9. beemergary

    Ant carrying a french fry

    I just think-My fifth wheel is bigger than your fifth wheel. Usually just mom and pop unless they plan on throwing a party when they get to the campground. I am the opposite and use a Peterbilt 359 to haul a 32 ft. trailer.
  10. beemergary

    Mother Nature's Fury

    I hate when you see those weather-tornado chasers. They need their butts blown away but not hurt. I was in a tornado once when living in mobile home. Not cool when the roof blows off and the walls go down an dw screaming. No warning nothing. Guy from the national weather comes out and say just a big wind. Never heard a wind sound like a train going bye. See that sweet corn in garden that looks like its been braided. He left. Found a picture over a quarter mile away. Been japped by lightning before also. I'll take parshall blame for that one. Had to go park into wind away from tree's before. This was before cell phones etc.
  11. beemergary

    HDT Insurance

    I have State Farm in Michigan and have an antique plate. Only says on title its an 1984 Peterbilt. I just have a declared value cause its restored like new. I had Gulfway before but there a 1000 mi. away and State Farm 20 mi. and more declared value for same price. No luck with them before till I contacted a different agent.
  12. beemergary

    OH NO!!

    I always have a spare key hid. Been locked out more than once when his paw hits the lock button.
  13. beemergary

    Awning replacement

    You just wind them back with the arm and count the turns. I just did a 21 ft. be myself but would have been faster and easier with an extra hand and two ladders.
  14. beemergary

    Awning replacement

    I refuse to have people do work for me. Only computor related issues. I have a trailer thats 28 yrs. old and the awning material is still like new. More of fabric. Onother trailer 10 yrs. old and its breaking down and stitching getting bad. Its more of a vinyl. I am also alittle on the cheap side.
  15. Glad you got it working. In my old age have found just replace one part at a time and not just throw parts at it. I would have tried a gas lighter to eliminate a gas valve problem-circuit board.