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  1. 1 air leak fixed

    Most any thing air related has o-rings. If it comes apart just clean good-wet sandpaper-etc and new o-rings.
  2. PM cost these days

    My 84 Peterbilt with a Cat 3406b with 950,000 mi. had been in a barn for 12 yrs. Added a couple batteries and fresh fuel and drove her home 200 mi. Changed all the fluids and she's been running like a finely tuned machine. The brakes where slow to release because of plugged exhaust port in relay valve from mud dobbers.
  3. M2-106 Air leak

    Kids bubbles works great for finding leaks. Air can back feed thru air commpessor. I have a 1984 Peterbilt-twin axles-air operated trans.-air windshield whipers-differential locks-three air tanks-etc. The old girl will hold air for a week-seats for months and air bags a month. I have found quit a few leaks and a big culprit was the air horn valve above headliner.
  4. Insurance for F450?

    When I got my 2014 F350 progressive when crazy. This is my personal vehicle (not commercial) and used to pull my 32ft. trailer. My truck-2012 jeep wrangler and my trailer are $1600.00/yr. with Hastings Ins. in Michigan. Have an 1984 Peterbilt 359 thats with State Farm that I also pull my trailer a few times a yrs. $400/yr for $20,000 declared value (a little underinsured)
  5. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Kids bubbles works great for finding leaks. I have an 84 Peterbilt-holds air for week-seats for months-air bags a good month. Bags should stay up even if tanks loose air. Same for seats. Air can back feed thru air compressor. Air horn valve in headliner can be bad.