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  1. beemergary

    The Deanco Auction has some interesting trucks available!

    I love my troublesome Pete.
  2. beemergary

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    "back in action" DUH I just spent 9 days in hospital having open heart by pass surgery. Can't wait to get behind wheel of big blue and head out to car races. Also will be able to load up my old jeep and head to sand dunes for family vacation in June. Will use F-350 to pull then. I go to MNCA drag races and you wouldn't believe the rigs that pull in.
  3. beemergary

    Cab air bag Disaster

    My old 1984 Peterbuilt still has the flare fittings with rubber air lines. I did just put in new seats and the new valves had push fittings. The old girl will hold tank air for a week-suspension over a month. Thinking tank air loss is comming from transmission. Even still has air wipers. I like old.
  4. beemergary

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    I have a 32ft. Millillium pull trailer. Wife and big dog love it. 20ft for my car and 12ft living. Large table for adults but comfortable couch made into bed. If you got the $$$$ any car hauling trailer can be made. I am just not a 5th wheel fan. Also pull trailer with a Ford f350 dually and like its not there.
  5. beemergary

    N-14 had an ear ache

    I have seen my fuel pressure go down after just a few thousand miles running Cat. filters. My fuel tanks are spotless inside. Have heard Cat. filters work too good. I carry a spare. Cat. 3406b all mechanical Duh What's a sensor. Don't make um like that anymore.
  6. beemergary

    Heartland 4100 King bent axle.

    TRUE STORY Been a few year but had a bowed axle on trailer and on longer trips and hot days would start peeling rubber from tires. Trailer manufacture just gave me a run around. Called Dexter. Guy says send us just axle for inspection and run hardness test. Wrapped ends in cardboard and took too UPS Distrubition Center. Girls charges me $5.96 (true story) Dexter calls in a few days and says your new axle is on its way.
  7. beemergary

    My Build

    Bought some Legacy leather seats with arm rest for a xmas present. I know I am going to like those armrests.
  8. beemergary

    My Build

    But gravel trains do.
  9. beemergary


    I take tornado's very serious. Was living in a mobile home (trailer) in 1979 while I built my present home. When the walls go down and the roof flyies off with the floor going up and down all while the wife is screaming things get serious. Made the front page of large newspaper. Still got a copy. Wish storm chasers would get blown away (not hurt). Got japped by lightning once also (another story and learning lesson). Yes it does sound like a train comming thru your house.
  10. beemergary

    Good trick bad timming

    I always do that too. Don't like the idea of all that cycling (wearing thing out) knowing that little orfice will take awile to bleed out.
  11. beemergary


    I have old cars (60's) that sit a min of 6 months and more. I have never added anything and never a problem. Lots of old snowmobiles that sit for years. Only a couple times had needle stick in carb. I did have my snowblowwer this year be ornery. Just blew in gas tank and now usually starts on first pull. I do use premium high octane fuel which will dissisipate moisture better than low octane. Lots of small gas engines now have a safety fuel shutoff in carb float bowl that will stick after sitting.
  12. beemergary

    Purchase HDT Tires

    I have Daytons on rear and Michilens on front. Owened truck 5 yrs. and had sat in barn 12 yrs. so who knows how old. There like brand new but I got to keep 100# in them or they loose seal at rim. They are a little agressive. Came from Michigan. They do pick up stones and throw against my trailer.
  13. beemergary

    Purchase HDT Tires

    I dropped mine from 100 to 85-90#. Looking for better ride. Tire lost seal and I couldn't get it seal to air up on truck. Called tire service (5 min) away. Hit it with an air blaster and I was good to go and $150.00 poorer. Has happened two other times but sealed up. These tires are like new but at least 18yrs. min. old. They have real stiff sidewalls and I got to keep them at 100# Hasn't happened on inner steel wheels just outer aluminum.
  14. After have lp off I usually turn on burners on to get gas flowing toward refridge. If it doesn't light right away will crack gas line at fridge. I thought I always had to turn fridge off then on to go into ignition mode. Wrong Cracked gas line and igniter cycled at same time. WOOF and a little fire. To be old and wise had to be dumb and stupid. At 68 yrs. I am not that old. The burner did light.