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  1. 1st Volvo Dealer Service Experience - Tucson

    Don't have a lot of $$ in tools but need my wife to watch me take something apart and tell me how to put it back together. Liked to be challenged and somewhat of a Cheapo. Enjoy learning how things work. Have had a few play toys and still do but really enjoy my Peterbilt 359. My love for big trucks stated in the late 50's early 60's and just took 50 yrs. to be HDT
  2. 1st Volvo Dealer Service Experience - Tucson

    I just replaced the check valves in my Cat fuel pump. $30.00 in parts and an hr. time. I think they wanted $380.00 just for pump and said not worthwhile to rebuild. Lots of fuel and air and just need O-Rings. Sounds like they wanted to throw parts at you.
  3. First time RV buyer

    There was a big big difference from a 1/2 ton Chevy to a Ford 3/4 Ford diesel. I now pull a trailer 8 ft. longer and 8000# more with a 1 ton Ford diesel and like its not even behind me. Found a big difference in the brakes from the Ford to Chevy. Worked for GM for 40 yrs. and pull with my Ford. (work truck) but still have my Chevy (grocery getter). The safety factor is in the control and braking NOT pulling.
  4. Friend lost insurance

    Gulfway out of Florida insures race car rigs. I had my Peterbilt with them but now my local (10 mi. vs 1000) State Farm will insure it for a little less money. Friend has a Freightliner and only had to put a porta potty in the back and its an RV. Can't remember who he's insured with.
  5. Thinking of moving to dark side ...

    Finished product.
  6. Thinking of moving to dark side ...

    Here's my bumper pull hitch. Angle iron and 1/4' plate with 2x2x1/4 tubing all bolted on. Flat bed is angle iron and tubing and plancking is extruded aluminum bleacher seating material all bolted on. Pull a 32' car hauler with living quarters. Have Mi. antique plates on truck.
  7. Proper Use Of Volvo Jake Brake

    Frequent this truckers forum. Not many real truck drivers left. They call um steering wheel holds. Guys with towels on their heads and flip flops. In the tech forums guys can't even change a light bulb. Theirs lots of stupid truck driver videos out there. They really have fun with "Swift" drivers. See lots of video's on facebook of pile ups on icey highways. Its usually the big trucks that are out of control doing the crashing.
  8. Proper Use Of Volvo Jake Brake

    I frequent a truck drivers forum. Everyone says always go down at least one gear lower than going up. The rpm's have to be up to work better and some engines respond better than others.
  9. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    Neighbor has a construction co. and hauls a trailer with his name on it. Gets pulled over and cop ask if they guys riding with him are on his payroll. Yes Well I am going to give you a ticket for not having a commercial drivers liscense in Michigan.
  10. Leave double or single

    If you got an older non computor truck it would be stupid to single it. There in high demand. I get asked alot about my Peterbilt. Its not for sale but is a good feeling. Just my $.02
  11. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    Belong to a couple old truck clubs. Guys haul other trucks-tractors-etc. behind their rigs. If there was a problem I;d know about it. Thinking a Historical Plate is for parades etc. in Mi. Had a flat tire in Ohio last summer a Ohio Trooper stopped to see if I was OK and said have a good weekend at races. Have authentic plates (one time $35.00) on old cars but can't be done on truck. Think I have to renew my antique plate after 10 yrs. Hardest part is getting insurance. Use to get it from Gulfway in Florida but now can get it from State Farm. Hagerty (old cars-boats) still won't insure my big truck. I just put a declarred value on it like my cars.
  12. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    Since my Peterbilt is over 25 yrs. old I pull my race rig with antique plates. The DOT could set at the gate of the race track saying your there to make money but you usually don't. Then have to prove it. Farmers have special rules in their favor.
  13. Anything with a computor or a radio with clock (memory) will drain a battery. Some aftermarket radio's are really bad.
  14. Hoping I can get some help with hitch placement measurements

    Do some careful measurements. Better to far back than forward. Friend bought an Fl60 from a guy that pulled a big off shore boat. Bought a car hauling living quarters trailer. Never took any measurments and hit the back of truck turning. Had to move hitch back from stock location. If its got air bags with a leveling valve it Will Not go down. You could adjust it but more than likely goof up the universal angles of the differential and transmission.
  15. HDT Tires

    Before going with Simple Tire find out where you gotta go if there is a problem. May not be worth the drive if there's a problem. Been There Done That.