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  1. Hayes air brake controller install

    With the Hayes controller the purpose of the red wire is to turn your brake lights on if only using the manual knob on the brake controller. If you connect it to the Jackalopee, you should have trailer brake lights, but it may not trigger the truck brake lights depending on how the truck is wired.
  2. What antifreeze to use?

    Don't use the additional DCA with the coolant filter unless the test strips are calling for it. Too much DCA is also bad for the system.
  3. Lowering Exhaust stack & Flexible pipe ?s

    You didn't say what truck you have, but some of them have a splice in the pipe about the height a flat top sleeper would be. My Volvo does, I just pulled the top stack out, cut off 18" and reinstalled. If you need to cut and splice the pipe, you can use a band clamp to make a butt splice. There are two types of band clamp, one is preformed to clamp a lap splice, the other is flat. With a flat clamp, just butt the two pipes together, and clamp them.
  4. Replacing Steer Tires

    I have bought from most of the online tire dealers. The only one I am hesitant to do business with again is Tire Rack. Customer service tried their best to blame their shipping error on me. I mount my own tires, so I go for the lower cost of the online tires. Still need to shop around though, bought some tires last fall, that a local dealer was able to get me for quite a bit less than online, even with the 3% tax surcharge of buying in the local cities. The downside is that your UPS/Fed EX guy may not like you for a while.
  5. Ramp Question

    The top and bottom of the box have the most stress on them. The stress on the sides is minimal. If you think of how an I beam is made, the center webs purpose is to keep the top and bottom flange the right distance apart. I would avoid drilling holes in the ramps if possible.
  6. Volvos for sale

    Look at your door sticker. If it says ATO12... You have overdrive. If it is AT12... it is a direct drive transmission.
  7. Now the fun part starts!

    Discountramps.com These are 10000 lb rated, as I may want to load some things a bit heavier than a car. 7' 6" long should work just right with my bed plans.
  8. Improper parking applications and permits

    Unfortunately, there is a similarity between truck stops and campgrounds. There are more people wanting to use them, and less parking spaces than previously. Some Walmarts, start to look like campgrounds and truck stops, then the locals get upset. I can understand why. It is one thing if there are a couple campers parked for the overnight hours, completely different when you start to pull the grill out. Even here in ND it can be a challenge to find a truck parking spot at night. You would think otherwise with the amount of space we have out here... When I drove commercially, I would try to arrange my days to be done by 5:00 PM. Could always find a spot to park, even in the North East. Get up at 3:00 AM to leave, and it could be a challenge to get out of your spot for all the trucks doing laps around the lot.
  9. Now the fun part starts!

    Thanks for letting me know about the water in the ramps issue, I will have to look into that. Its good to know that I am not the only one with the floor issue. I will see what can be done to fix it, but for right now there are other more pressing matters.
  10. Someone elsee can feel free to check my numbers, its been a long time since strength of materials class. Using 10000 psi as the max allowable stress, I get 272 lbs per tube. I use 10000 psi, as it minimizes the chance of fatigue cracking. You should be alright considering the deck adds strength, the neighboring cross members take part of the load, and assuming there is an outside rail, that will also support the cross member.
  11. Now the fun part starts!

    Stuff has started appearing on the front porch! As a side note, it is always an adventure when you get a new to you piece of equipment. On the way home, a couple times the engine didn't crank over quite like it should. Figured I'd pull the batteries, charge them individually, and load test them. All the battery connections were loose. Every single one. One battery shows 12.5 volts with a multi meter, but can't even trigger the relay in my load tester. Anyone else have a pothole in the middle of the cab floor of their Volvo? Must've been a real big boy that drove this thing. The whole center of the floor where the gearshift would be is bent down.
  12. class A license form

    At least they are making an attempt to inform the customers of what is required. It seems more and more states are going to the non commercial heavy class licenses. I am finding here in North Dakota, they have recently made administrative changes to how pickups are registered. There has been no public education of these changes. At some point when it starts to be enforced, there will be many unhappy people holding overweight citations. We went from pickups being registered for an arbitrary 150% of curb weight, to a minimum of 200%, but you must also cover the trailer weight too, and anything over 20k is on the truck fee scale. Would be nice to know about these changes. The only reason I stumbled across this is that I was doing some research before buying a HDT.
  13. Leave double or single

    I am just starting to get mine set up. I have decided to stay tandem for a couple reasons. First is just simplicity, less time and money to get going. Second, at some point in the future I am sure I will want to sell the truck. If it is still tandem, and can be returned to hauling semi trailers, it should be fairly easy to find a new owner. Here in ND there is a pretty good market for trucks with all the farmers. Registering as a motorhome is state by state, and you may have certain requirements, as may whatever insurance company you find to work with.
  14. Now the fun part starts!

    VNM630 Had to compromise and get the I shift for the wife to be on board. I will get used to it eventually. I would have preferred a u shift it, but the other half decreed she was not learning to shift. (I did get her to try a 13spd last fall, she did half decent for a first try.) Yes it has super singles. I have previous experience with them driving commercially, and was never impressed. But I think that was mostly due to them being overinflated some of the time. I lowered these to 80 psi, and it seemed workable. I might be happier with the singles when I have a fairly steady load and can set the pressure accordingly. The tires are something that can change in the future if I want. These have better than 50% tread, so I will be running them for a while. I am sure pictures will be posted as the build moves forward.
  15. Now the fun part starts!

    Big5er, as someone else mentioned, SD has signs stating all vehicles over xxxx must enter. Some are 10000, this one was 8000. Some SD scales have signs that RVs are exempt, but not there. Also have big lighted signs at the weigh in motion that come on and say this vehicle must enter scale. At a certain point, if it looks like a truck, and quacks like a truck... Now, once I have a bed with a Jeep on it, and the RV trailer behind, no I ain't stopping.