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  1. Moresmoke

    I-Shift trans goes sour

    Volvo doesn’t sell individual parts for them, but World American has a line of aftermarket parts available. Cost of doing business today. Nothing is cheap anymore. (Except me, accoding to the other half.)
  2. Don't take the truck lane at customs, and have the registration (or a copy) for your trailer handy. Makes it easy to prove the trailer is yours.
  3. Moresmoke

    Forklift truck

    Also known as a hay squeeze.
  4. Moresmoke

    Frame Rail Extension Price

    So how far back is your hitch going to sit? 3 feet of frame flat then a beaver tail, if the hitch is in that first 5 feet, it shouldn’t be a problem. I am assuming that most of the beaver tail is just for loading purposes? It probably doesn't need much for frame rail under the body at the back. I think people are getting the impression that your hitch will be at the end of that 9 feet. Give us some hard numbers, distances, weights, how much drop on the tail, expected tounge weight, trailer weight. Then we can give you a better idea of the forces involved. Just to give you and idea, my body essentially mounts to the rear of the original frame, and makes a 5 foot tail from there. It was designed to carry 4000 lbs midway down the tail,and bumper pull a 20000 trailer with 2000 lb tounge weight. The frame of the body is 4 6inch channels.
  5. Moresmoke

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    A 4 door Jeep will be a challenge if you want to stay 30' or so with the truck. But there are other SUV options out there that do fit the bill. My body is over built for hauling a car, but it can handle bigger toys. There is one HDT I have seen pictures of with a roll back body to carry a car and pull a TT. Slick outfit.
  6. Moresmoke

    What happened to my shocks?

    Tow truck driver malfunction. You can see where something was wrapped around the top bracket too.
  7. Moresmoke

    Canada HDTs

    Can be a hassle to import them to the US unless the dealer is helping you. Also, depending on the part of Canada, they may be well soaked in road salt. I went and got a truck in MS, that never saw much salt. Only rust on it was one of the sleeper vents. I cut the vent out and put in a window...
  8. Moresmoke

    Antifreeze colors

    Unless you come to my place. When anything here needs to have new coolant it gets filled with Deere Coolgard. On the extended life, I wish it were that simple. There is extended life SCA, OAT, HOAT, and NOAT that I know of, probably more. Some can be mixed others shouldn’t be. Extended life SCA can be mixed with traditional green, it just shortens the life. There are 2 reasons I use the Deere coolant: first it uses an additive that is moderately compatible with most other coolants. You can top off a traditional green with it and not cause problems. If you are putting in a lot, fix the problem and start over. Second; the Deere dealer is 3 miles from home, it’s the closest place I can buy anything. Convenience is worth something.
  9. Moresmoke

    Peterbilt part number source?

    It's even more fun when you have an old truck that's been reworked. At one point I had an 86 Freightliner that was born with a Cummins, 9spd and 4 spring suspension. By the time I got it, the truck had a Cat, 13 spd and air ride. You hope to get a good parts guy...
  10. Moresmoke

    Almost ready!!

    As others said, non commercial lane. Also have your registrations handy, including a copy of the car's. Makes life easier if you can quickly prove that the whole rig belongs to you.
  11. Moresmoke

    HDT Financing

    Oddly, this might be one instance where keeping it as a truck might be benificial. I financed at a local bank. They had no problem financing it as a truck, even loaning me more the the purchase price so I had enough to get it set up how I wanted. (In all fairness, I paid less than “book” value for the truck.)
  12. Moresmoke

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    You dont want to drive a torque multiplier with an impact. My opinion is the Milwaukee M18 fuel is the best. Make sure to get the friction ring.
  13. Moresmoke

    Upgrading to international prostar to pull toy hauler

    What you do inside the cab all depends on your wants/needs/budget. I found a jack knife sofa at a sort of local RV dealer for a decent price. You can sit 4 smaller people wide, or 2 and a medium dog works great. I left the original bed base. I didn’t want to give up the storage or rear HVAC. For the brake control, you will be recommended the Direct link or Hayes air over electric from most here. I went cheap with a Prodigy P3 and it works fine for me.
  14. Moresmoke

    Drilling harden steel?

    I doubt it. A masonry bit is not exactly sharp. Depending how many you need to drill, rent/buy a mag drill.
  15. Moresmoke

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    The Donvel valves work to slow the transfer of air from bag to bag. Should be most noticeable on the cab as the bags are relatively small, and the air line can transfer some air side to side. Donvel valves do the opposite of a ping tank, which softens the ride. The purpose of “ping” tanks is to increase the total air volume in the system. The problem is you need to have ports on the airbag that are large enough to move a substantial amount of air between the spring and the tank. The air bags on my Volvo only have 1/4 npt ports. I’ve driven some trucks with a heavy Neway air ride that is designed for off road use. They have awesome articulation, but don’t really resist side to side sway that well. These trucks were built with a leveling valve on each side. No air transfer side to side at all. Down side was that once the valves wore some, the truck never sat level.