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  1. I’ve been to a few farms where the gas storage tank was labeled diesel, and the diesel tank was labeled gasoline...
  2. Quickest way out of a DOT inspection is to be hauling chicken manure.
  3. No argument there. The question posed was about the grandkids so that is why I answered in relation to minors. Some states do not require adults in the back seat to be belted. Rick, as most new motor homes have seat belts, I would have to believe they are required. I would take that to mean any newly converted motor home would fall under that requirement. As far as buses/motor coaches are concerned, that is a whole different ball game. In my case Momma decreed that all seats would be forward facing and have appropriate seat belts. So it doesn’t matter what the officer/judge thinks. I have to live with HER.😁
  4. Broad generalization, but the law requires all people under 18 to have a seatbelt. Also, the Volvo dinette only seats 2 comfortably
  5. I had an school Freightliner that had intermittent wipers. Some times they worked, some times not. The joy of air powered wipers.
  6. If I want to spend time driving a truck, there are plenty of people that will pay me to drive their truck. I will undoubtedly end up with more $$ in my pocket that way.
  7. You mean like this? Unique would be a mild name for some of my work!
  8. I want to see a sprinter that can do this... We each have our own ideas of fun. I can take the heavy toys with me, or I can take a cool convertible that can go most anywhere and parallel park in a broom closet. Can’t do that with a one ton. Life would stink if we all had our choice of model T in any color, as long as it is black. Now back to the OP, most engines before ‘07 were serviceable. There were a few Cummins with CAPS fuel system issues, 3176 Cats, and such that may not have the best reputation. The newer emission engines after ‘10 seem to be better with the exception of Navistar, and mixed reviews on the Paccar. As far as service availability, there are many truck shops that are open 24/7. Try finding that for a LDT. Where I am, there are plenty of Ford dealers, but it may be a month before they can look at your Super Duty.
  9. I think mine is a 30a breaker. Works good enough for me. You need to check what is feeding the blue wire in your truck and decide if that is enough or you need more.
  10. Moresmoke

    New impact

    Always a good idea if the studs are rusty.
  11. Moresmoke

    New impact

    You can always get one of these...
  12. Moresmoke

    New impact

    Depends on the shop. Some have more tools than a Snap On truck. You do need to know the value though, not all are bargain priced. In my area, video games and sports equipment are the large part of pawn shop inventory.
  13. Finally remembered to measure my body. My hitch is at 60" behind the tire and 16" above the ground.
  14. Decided to do a bit of reading on this. As usual disclaimers for certain locations and policies apply. I am not a lawyer or an insurance agent. In general it appears that fuel spilled from the truck’s tanks is covered, but only if there is a liability claim for bodily injury or property damage resulting from said “accident”. You squeeze a car into the Jersey barrier and rip open a tank - covered. You run off the road to miss a deer and bust the crossover line on your classic - not covered. Also, any fuel/other materials carried on the vehicle (not part of the operating systems) are not included. So if you roll the truck and your 3 gas cans go flying - that is not covered by general vehicle policies. For those of you that have one of the saddle tanks converted to black water... You are on your own for figuring that out!
  15. That would be departure angle. Break over angle is the clearance between the axles as you crest a ridge. That said, my rear bumper hitch is about that far behind the truck. I don’t remember the exact measurements off the top of my head. It has not been a problem.
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