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  1. Moresmoke

    Airbag done

    If you replace one spring pack with new and not the other, the truck will be higher on one side. The place that does nothing but springs, will most likely replace just the broken leaf. They are also probably equipped to re-arch the other spring so they match on both sides.
  2. Moresmoke

    New road sign and weigh in.

    Don't forget the one way signs that point towards the dock! 🙄 Been to a couple of those in New England.
  3. Moresmoke

    Volvo D12D high idle

    The engine speeds are all things that can be set in the engine "parameters".
  4. Moresmoke

    3 axle bumper pull RV recommendations

    Biggest problem with the ride when you have a longer tail on the HDT, is vertical "wag". When you hit what can best be described as a ramp to ramp bump, and the landing doesn't stick very well. The airsafe hitch isn't going to dampen that big swing on the end of the tail.
  5. Moresmoke


    Age, avoid anything 07-09, there have not been any major emissions jumps since 10. There are more autoshifts available newer. There are a few commercially built crew cab HDTs out there, but are hard to find at an affordable price.
  6. Moresmoke

    Toyo steer tires, yeah or nigh?

    How far have you driven since the fronts were remounted? With taper seat beads, it is possible the tire hasn't seated the bead completely yet. I've seen it take 5-6000 miles for the tires to work their way out. I'd make sure there is at least 110 psi in them and run some more.
  7. Moresmoke

    Fuel economy vs HP

    Your right foot controls the fuel economy. Extra HP only uses more fuel if you use it.
  8. Moresmoke

    Exemptions for HDT

    Good to see them issue guidance on the subject. Now hopefully they will expand to things other than horses, but the same rules still apply. Just keep in mind some states have their own interpretation.
  9. Love might be a bit of a strong word. Tolerate or co exist might be a be a better description.
  10. I think there are different personalities available. I think I read about one for hauling livestock somewhere. Having the premium shifter is a big improvement, at least when you are traveling slower speeds/maneuvering you can control it. Yes, it shifts better the heavier you are. Also, the engine brake setting changes the shift points. A is the smoothest, 3 is downright agressive.
  11. Moresmoke

    freightliner hitch plate

    On 5/14/2018 at 8:29 AM, noteven said: This writer does not unnerstand why a side to side oscillating pin is not built into the trailer pin box. That combined with the hinge cross-ways of the 5th wheel - hitch - plate on the truck would form a nice universal joint giving flexibility in all directions. If the trailer has a side to side oscillation in the pin box, when the truck turns at something close to a 90 degree angle, you get a wierd floppy sensation. The belly dump an a semi, you will feel it and say oh whatever... A 3/4 ton with a big 5er will have a totally different feeling. I've run a frameless dump on a truck with no pivot lock on the 5th wheel. I can tell you two pivot points in the same plane makes some interesting bumps in the night.
  12. Moresmoke

    Headache rack

    As stated keep it if you want it, other wise remove it. I have one on my truck, but I carry heavier toys than most. I use the built in chain rack for my chains and binders. I also have the jackalopee and an air hose reel mounted between the cab and the headache rack. Out of sight out of mind. Should also mention, the chain tray is awesome for hauling lawn chairs!
  13. Moresmoke

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    The MDT chassis like the FL70 typically are not as quiet and comfortable as the long haul trucks. The FLDs were a decent truck in their day, but their day was the early 90s. Even the Volvo VN which was a major step up when it came out in the late 90s, did not really compare to the other brand offerings when it was recently replaced with a new model.
  14. Moresmoke

    Best truck to use for me.

    Volvos are comfortable, handle well, and most importantly are cheap on the used market. At least that's why I have one.
  15. Moresmoke

    Anyone running an Allison trans?

    The newer Allison's with a few more gears should get down the road pretty good. Back when I took my class B road test, the inspector chastised me for only going 45 in a 55. "Sir, the pedal is on the floor, any suggestions?" The Cat 3208 had to get wound out to the end to make the 4-5 shift, then it could make all of 65 mph. That said, the old L8000 was used, abused, and put up wet every day. That Allison would get cooked on a regular basis and kept on going. When I was shopping this past winter, I looked at a Mack with an Allison in it. I'm sure it would have been a good truck, but the owner was a bit too fond of it for my budget.