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  1. Moresmoke

    Ishift not starting out smoothly

    The start in 4th is normal for a truck that doesn't know it has a trailer. There are 2 different options for trailer sensing. Option 1, the truck senses the trailer light circuit (tail I think) being plugged in then it will start in a lower gear. Option 2, when you charge the trailer brakes (red knob) the truck understands there is a trailer. The choice of option 1 or 2 is selected in the "parameters" that require the dreaded laptop. The bobtail take off gear can also be lowered from 4th. I had mine changed to 3rd. Works much better with my little D11. I have the trailer sensing set on the brake option. The glad hands are sealed off to not lose air. I went this route so that when I have a trailer, I "physically" tell the truck to start in 1st, and it turns off the brake porportioning valve so I have full power rear brakes. Now this doesn't really answer your question, but it should be pretty smooth on take off regardless.
  2. Moresmoke

    Ya can't do this with a LGT.

    Took my toy tractor out to play...
  3. Moresmoke

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    As long as you don't get too wild with the welder, the weld will not stick to the cast. I have successfully pulled Cat manifold bolts out of the head that were broke off 3/8 into the hole.
  4. Moresmoke

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    I'm with Bob. Weld a flat washer first then nut. Bolts usually come out of cast fairly easy.
  5. Moresmoke

    Brake controller

    I am currently running with a P3. My choice was based on cost and simplicity to install. I have not noticed any pulsing or other bad braking behavior. But honestly, my trailer is light enough that it really makes no difference. I will know more in the next couple weeks as I get some mileage on a heavier trailer that has more effective brakes.
  6. Moresmoke

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    I used diamond plate in the center and car rack punch deck on the sides. Both 1/8 thick with 12" cross member spacing. At times I need to load in the rain, so I wanted zero possibility of slipping. It comes down to what your intended use is.
  7. Moresmoke

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/list/category/207/heavy-duty-trucks?keywords=Cabover&SortOrder=2&scf=False&LiftGate=All They are out there. Just remember that cabovers have not been sold in the US for quite a while now. Also, what state is your residence in? This can affect your options also.
  8. Moresmoke

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    I'm 30 feet bumper to ball. This is with a short nose VNM630. Depending on your situation would a daycab be a possibility?
  9. Moresmoke

    Short ratchet strap

    You could check with Autohauler supply. http://autohaulersupply.com I think they can build whatever you want. I bought my soft tie straps from them. I'm satisfied with the product.
  10. Moresmoke

    Got the Volvo registered today

    Yes, it's absolutely freaking awesome! Made it to Howe, IN today, didn't get the timing right around Chicago. Stop and go for way too long, but it was not near as aggravating as in a LGT. In the past I would have been totally frazzled after that. I might even learn to like that i-shift.
  11. Moresmoke

    Project progress

    19.5 rims/tires. Let's just say I was pushing the rear axle weight limit a bit. 😁
  12. Moresmoke

    Project progress

    I think I might finally be done! Which is good because we leave on vacation next week. If you are going to tackle a project like this and want to do all the work yourself, you better be multi talented. Had to break out the sewing machine today. I mounted the seat on top of the bed framework that was already there. I didn't want to go through the effort of shortening the frame, and removing it was out of the question since I wanted to keep the rear HVAC. This made the seat a bit tall, so I built a 4 inch riser in front of it. The benefit of this turned out to be covering up the holes in the floor mat left from the cabinets. Also, the rear passengers are a bit higher so have a better view out the front.
  13. Moresmoke

    Hdt air filter

    I get quite a few through Rock Auto. Not sure if they have the big air filters. There are a couple other online discount filter suppliers, but their names escape me right now. I find it really pays to shop for filters. There is quite a markup at the local retailers.
  14. Moresmoke

    Hdt air filter

    Back in the old days when I worked in a Fleet shop, some drivers would complain when the bit of filter you could see through the intake boot was dirty. We would take the cover off the filter turn it a 1/4 turn and send them down the road. The test we would use for trucks without the filter minder was to stick a drop light inside the filter. If you could see the light, it was good, if not change it. That said, some of the Ag equipment manufacturers recommend changing every 1000 hours or so. The pleats can get holes worn by the screen.
  15. Moresmoke

    I really need direction

    Parrformance, when you get done with yours, you can head over here. I've got the air leaks down to where I can't hear any, and I have a couple pounds of air the next morning. Going to be good enough for now. 12 days until we leave on the big trip of the year, finding more leaks will have to wait.