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  1. faster675

    5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    yes ... true ... but it is also good to learn from the experience of others who have already traveled the road I will be taking ...
  2. Retirement is coming soon. ..... So we are starting our research. .. Already done a lot! Anyhoo, in all the searches I jhave done, I have not seen any posts on this topic: Compare and contrast living half time (basically full) in a 5er toy hauler vs in a Class A diesel pusher with a trailer. We will not be using a toad - our "toads" will be two enduro motor bikes and a large sport touring motor bike. Everything i've researcehd and seen at the RV show makes us lean towards a Grand Design 328M or ssimilar. .. We plan on boon docking, and want to camp in state and national parks (starting out mostly in the west). Even though the 328M is at the top of our list right now, we are definately making some compromises. Pretty much every small 5er TH seems too small inside - to feel like a comfortable "apartment" - it seems like to get one which is "as big as we want inside", we are looking at a 38 or larger (actual length 44-45 - too large for sate/national campgrounds). It seems like a small DP (34) actually is much more roomy and comfortable inside than any 5er TH as big as 35 or larger. .... But, with a 34 DP, we would need a trailer of 15 feet length from the bumper - and this would also prohibit state/national parks? Anyhoo, very excited to be close to starting this new part of our lives! Any and all advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated