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  1. I am interested in the 12 ft ramps . what do you want for them ? where are you located. thanks Tim
  2. glad you are all ok .how close is the smart car to the trailer. I am thinking of adding a smart buu only have 7 ft between the side fairings and the king pin whole on the hitch .thanks
  3. tim brown

    smart car ramps

    what does a set of ramps cost ?
  4. tim brown

    smart car ramps

    what brand of ramps and what length and weight comp. do I need for a smart car and golf cart ?
  5. did you find what you were looking for ? if not I have a 2017 4100 king heartland cyclone hd ediction with extras. also a volvo 610 with a hauler body .
  6. tim brown

    Classifieds ?

    do we have a classifdes section ?
  7. tim brown

    HDT pursuit

    Paul I have a real nice Volvo 610. I am thinking of selling . It's a 1999 with a cummins n14 , 370 hp , 10 speed , tslb trailer saver air ride hitch, new leather air ride seats , three sets of seat belts in sleeper and already registerd and licended as a motor home here in Ohio . has a 9 ft hauler style bed . verry nice looking truck , runs verry well , and drives nice . you can contact me at 513-307-7007 for pics and info . Tim
  8. thanks for the heads up on the hitch . I'm going to pick it up real soon .
  9. tim brown

    National Rally

    I was only kidding about the whining . I figured that would be a good way to start some conversation . Thanks for the welcoming everyone . I will try to get some pics up soon .
  10. tim brown

    National Rally

    It's not my money I'm woried about ., it my sanity . so much whining . I have a 1999 volvo 610 and a 2017 4100 king Cyclone toy hauler
  11. I would be interested in the hitch also . could you get me a phone number and I will call him . thanks Tim
  12. tim brown

    National Rally

    I just joined this group and I may have second thoughts on it . all I can say is WOW ...
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