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  1. Freedom5er

    Seeking 5er Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies! Clay, I agree. The foundation that's under the floor has a higher priority than what's above it. Kirk, I've lived in a 5th wheel and prior to that I had a smaller bumper-pull, so my choice is based in that 3 year, full-time, experience. My wife could care less what 'type' of unit we buy so long as it meets our creature-feature requirements. My roll is mechanical, safety, security and value. Our formula has been working for 20+ years and we're quite content with it! Remoandris, what was it about the Heartland that you didn't care for? I'm open to investigating any brand 5er on the market and I'm hoping forums like this will help eliminate the really bad ones! Thanks again for the replies folks. Happy Thanksgving!
  2. Freedom5er

    Seeking 5er Recommendations

    Hello All! My wife and I, (Nitalu and Paul), are retired, as of the beginning 2017, and we've decided to hit the road, full time. Our journey is still in it's infantasy and the more we learn, it seems, the more we need to know! This life style is all new to my wife, however, the last 3 years of my single life were spent full-timing to accommodate my work, which took me all over the country and eventually culminated in meeting my bride several states away from 'home'. All that happened over 20 years ago. So, here we are, a couple of greenhorns, seeking the knowledge and wisdom of our future neighbors and friends, with the hopes of making our impending journey even more exciting, pleasurable, and certainly, more memorable than we already anticipate. I'm an experienced 5th wheel guy. Hence, we're looking for a 5er - one that's been used but not abused! Any recommendations on which brands to stay away from? I thought I liked Keystone and Forest River, but then... I started reading horror stories. Now I'm looking at Heartland units. Any advise would be most appreciated. Best Regards, The Freeman's