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  1. jenandjon

    Options for family of 6

    I have 6 kids. We traveled in a suburban for along time. Then the older 2 graduated so I was able to get a crew cab pickup and 5th wheel. Having a kid in the front row sucks. I did it for many years. Now my 3rd oldest is gone so I only travel with 3 kids. Unfortunately there is not much you can do. I put the 2 kids with car seats and boosters in the back and the skinniest teenager in the front. She made a good cup holder. You can go HDT and fit a 4 seat bench out of a sprinter van across the back. It works but I didn't like the looks of it. Another option is the booth type seating in the sleeper. That will fit 4 kids. I prefer my kids face forward. I fit 3 bucket seats out of a 2000-2006 Chevy pickup with built in seat belts in the sleeper. Remember kids grow. You will continually have less and less room. If you are converting a HDT yourself it will take you a while. It took me 5 months with 2 other guys and my nephew helping. I had access to a full shop and any tool I needed. If I were just doing it in my back yard it would have been a year or more to complete. If you can just write a check and have it converted for you that certainly speeds things up. Better yet purchase one already converted with right amount of seating. That might be hard to find. Plenty of families out there but more older couples traveling alone. I was ready to go with a class A motor home. I found a few big enough with enough seat belts for everyone to ride safely. It was about that time my 3rd oldest graduated and moved out so the problem kind of solved its self. Now down to 3 kids.
  2. jenandjon

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Na we put it up on the lift. 2 bolts and 2 hose clamps drop the hydraulic tranny jack. Done. The hard part is lifting the tank 3 ft to the ground off the stand and back up to put it on the stand. A job done easier if I had used the fork lift but we had the brain farts that that day. This is on a 09 Dodge dually with a flat bed. Removing the bed would also require cleaning it off. Now on old trucks like my sons 89 yea we chopped a hole in the bed then threw one of them cheesy plastic bed liners over it. This is not so off topic because most of the tools used were from Harbor Freight. đŸ˜€ Except for the vehicle lift.
  3. jenandjon

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I purchased this under hoist safety stand a couple days ago. Its really sturdy but it took 3 grown men over an hour to assemble it. We are actually very satisfied for what it is and the price. The fuel pump went out in one of the farm pickup trucks so we had to drop the tank. This used in conjunction with a transmission jack made the job way easier. https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/lifts-stands/2-ton-capacity-underhoist-safety-stand-61600.html
  4. jenandjon

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I got mine at the outlet store in Pigeon Forge. They are Reman but don't really matter to me. Got a saws all, drill, and vacuum with a charger and 3 batteries. 2 small ones and 1 big one for $200. My brother works at Home Depot in the Tampa Fl area. He said that they sell more Ryobi then anything else. Must be the new fad.
  5. jenandjon

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    My freightliner has aftermarket mirrors on it. Whoever put them on cut the coax cable and didn't run new. Oh there were brand new antennas on the mirrors but when I installed the CB there was no coax. I ran A single wire tot he back of the cab. It kind of looks dumb but works very well.
  6. jenandjon

    Leveling help?

    I keep some 2X8 boards about 3 or 4 ft long. when I need to level side to side I back the trailer up on them.
  7. jenandjon

    How the HDT forum saved me a Bundle

    I am in Northeastern Nebraska. We just finished silage. Soy beans are getting close. There are a few guys rolling on beans now but not many. Depending on who you talk to the are making 60 to 74 bushels per acre.
  8. jenandjon

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    The new De Walt stuff is junk. Our farm shop has cabinet full of De Walt and Milwaukee cordless tools. From the vacuum to the circular saw and everything in between. We are slowly changing over to Milwaukee. The OLD De Walt drill will run circles around a new Milwaukee but the new De Walt is no comparison. They just suck. We are not replacing any De Walt tools. I have Ryobi for my personal use. I don't ever plan on using them much. They live in the truck just in case I need them on the road. I went with a totally different brand just so I don't get accused of snagging tools from the shop. I have been known to do that from time to time.
  9. jenandjon

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I have extensive experience withe harbor freight tools. Been using them for over 10 years. I will not buy any thing with moving parts. Stay away from anything that runs on electricity or air. I did buy a 20 ton hydraulic jack there. So far its still doing what its suppose to. We have our farm service truck stocked with harbor freight tools. Wrenches, impact sockets, regular sockets, screw drivers, adjustable wrenches, pliers, hammers, the list goes on. There are some craftsman mixed in there. We are not the most gentile on our tools. If we are broke down in the field and I need a cheater pipe on a 20 mm wrench I get that baby out. I have to yet break a socket or bend a wrench. I am not a fan of the breaker bar. It flexes too much. I don't like the ratchets either but I have a few. Still never broke one. Yet. Oh, and the drill bits suck. I bought a couple carlyle brand ratchets from Napa. I'm done with them. They only lasted a couple weeks.
  10. jenandjon

    New road sign

    I your license plate says motor home you are not a truck anymore. I ignore the no truck signs as long as I know there is not a low bridge or a bridge with a low weight limit.
  11. jenandjon

    Time for insurance renewal

    Try State Farm. They were the cheapest by far. Insured as a private passenger vehicle even though Im registered as Motor Home. When I questioned that he said thats just how they do it. My agent came to my house personally to see the rig so he knew exactly what I was insuring. We are not full time so I'm on the 7,000 miles a year or less plan. I pay around $40 a month for full coverage.
  12. jenandjon

    Will there be a day?

    I have been wanting to ask a question like that. If I can take my pre emissions truck there if its registered as a Motor Home. I want to plan a trip out to CA. I have been there many times as a long haul trucker. I love it there. I hate the crazy laws and politics but the place is really beautiful. My truck is 03 pre emissions. Blows a little black smoke when I get on it. I told my wife we might have to drive at night only and keep my foot out of it going through the gears.
  13. I am in Northeastern Nebraska. Real nice campground close by. Would love to meet you if you are still in the area.
  14. jenandjon

    Why convert to single axle?

    My truck is singled out but long wheel base. I didn't know what I wanted. I just just looking for an affordable truck. I was the only one out there at the truck auctions with a tape measure. I had the bed before I had the truck. The truck I happened to find was already singled. With a single rear I have way more room for storage boxes. I don't have plans to carry a car. Maybe way in the future when I can afford to have a custom bed built. I don't have any problem turning. These freightliners turn pretty sharp. Here is a before and after pic.
  15. jenandjon

    Oil Change

    Crank your wheels one way or the other. Makes it easier to get in there. I also have ramps that are designed for a semi.. When I'm lazy I just drive it up on some double stacked 2X6 boards.