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  1. I just use google maps and a truckers road atlas.
  2. We use a system called Cab Cam on our tractors and combine. They work great. They take a ton of abuse. I even have one out on the end of the auger so my wife can see when she loads the trucks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/323762453368
  3. You can pick up used ones pretty reasonable. Check out some truck junk yards. Ive even seen them on Facebook Marketplace.
  4. jenandjon

    DRV accident

    That is good to know. He did have the right hitch.
  5. jenandjon

    DRV accident

    I seen it on FB and read all the comments. At the end he said they had a brand new Comfort Ride 308 on the way. My question is this. What hitch did he have before? Did he have the 245 and it was not big enough for his trailer? The 245 is rated at 24,000 lbs. I don't know what his trailer weighs but I do know just from shopping around any trailer 3 axles is going to be in the 20K area.
  6. jenandjon

    HDT Insurance

    Can you get me contact info for your agent? Farmers union here in Nebraska said they cant help me.
  7. I contacted them . For my 33 ft it would cost $5,270 plus tax. Pretty pricey.
  8. jenandjon

    HDT Insurance

    03 freightliner columbia registered as Mobile Home in Nebraska. $63.35 a month. $760.20 a year 93 Jayco eagle 33 ft 5th wheel $28.42 a month or $341 a year. State farm full replacement cost.
  9. I have had both. I will never own another short bed. Yea, long beds are harder to park. Sometimes you have to park farther away. I need the exercise anyway. But then I'm out in the country using my pickup as its intended. Hauling stuff all the time. I need the space. When it was my only tow vehicle it was really nice having all that extra room in front of the 5th wheel.
  10. jenandjon

    HDT Insurance

    Miller told me the same thing. I went to State Farm also.
  11. I've seen them around but not much. I really prefer the Hankook tires I have on my work truck. All our trucks will be changed over to these right here including my HDT when its ready. But we are out in the country. We need a little more meat. https://www.carid.com/hankook-tires/dl12-42x11r225-428713540.html?utm_source=microsoft&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=268725012&utm_content=1172080075991552
  12. jenandjon

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    Yea I though of that. I was going to put the lights into the bumper also. But, I decided to us the bumper for extra storage. I made end caps that clip on. I will weld the tube to the bottom then weld some 1/4 inch angle on either side for extra support. I was originally going to go with 4x4 tube or 6x6 but I got a whole pile of this 8x8 cheap enough at an auction. Most likely put some padding in there and store my big rod and reel in it.
  13. jenandjon

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    I am in the design process. since the picture was taken I have changed my mind a little bit. I am going to extend the frame so the brackets will go straight down. That will be channel iron. The bumper its self is 8x8 tube 3/8 thick. I got a receiver tube that will be welded to the bottom of the bumper.
  14. We have had these done for a while now. Just have not had a chance to update you all. We bought a curtain rod that sits close to the wall. In the kitchen area Jen picked out a brighter design.
  15. jenandjon

    ET question for Henry

    Follow this link and call the tech support number. I have called a couple times. He is very helpful. https://ethitch.com/
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