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  1. My kids school is delivering lunches. They run the bus route and show up pretty much the same time every day. We have to provide a box on the porch to put it in. So there is no contact. Then when they leave one of the boys goes out and gets it. A system like that may work for them.
  2. I didn't realize that. Might have to rethink things.
  3. OK so I need to find a tow dolly with brakes. Thanks!
  4. Do you guys have brakes on the little trailer you haul the SXS on? My new trailer has a factory hitch with a 5k load limit. I'm thinking about pulling a car on a dolly. But, my tow dolly doesn't have brakes. I did some research and found that the dollies you rent form U haul don't have breaks either.
  5. That sounds a lot like mine. Except I leave out the water and add a can of van de camps baked beans. I know its weird but I like it.
  6. Evaporated milk can be reconstituted to regular milk. Don't count on finding any dry milk. Its all gone also.
  7. We are at home. Just don't leave the farm much. We have caught up on all winter projects. The grain markets pretty much crashed so we are not busy hauling right now. Spent a lot of time on the couch. Emptied my DVR. Like Rickeieio we are pretty well set with jars in the basement and freezers and such. Living out in the boondocks we stay pretty well stocked up anyway. Especially coming out of winter. One good blizzard and we don't see town for a few days. However my supply of Yuengling is running dangerously low. Were itching to use the new to us trailer but rain and more rain then ice and snow are keeping us in the driveway. Parks in Nebraska are open as far as I know. There is at least one I know of that has free access right now.
  8. Dirt and stuff get on top of the 5th wheel plate and it rusts from the top down. It happens on grain trailers too. You have to get up in the slopes and wash it out a couple times a year.
  9. We are not going anywhere until July. I think it will all be over by then.
  10. I remain optimistic that summer travel plans go on. Rick, what province are you in? I remember asking you at the rally but I forgot.
  11. There are lower windows available. I would guess its not much different than how I did my freightliner. If you choose to order windows from the link below make sure to tell them you are NOT replacing a window. You are installing a window in a truck that never had a window and you will need all the interior and all other window related parts. https://www.vanderhaags.com/detailview.php?part=24807205
  12. Michelin is over rater and over priced. I run BF Goodrich steer tires on my work truck. I really like them. They hold up well even on all the gravel roads and off road terrain I drive on.
  13. No camera. I don't have one on my commercial truck. I don't really need one on the HDT either.
  14. Yea I would say if its getting used as a work bench its not on the road enough. Same thing happens here.
  15. Things are a little crazy out in Idaho right now. Hopefully they straighten out before you all get there. My cousin lives in Boise. She sent me these.
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