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  1. Engine brake

    Sometimes you have to do that with new trucks too.
  2. My Build

    At some point in the future I will probably be moving the drive axle ahead and building a custom bed. Leaving room to drop the hitch down. I will not be doing that at this time. I am just leaving it the way it is and putting on a flat bed. I want to get out there and use it. See what other people did. Find out what is going to work for us before I start moving axles and building beds. If I have to flip he axles no big deal. I go buy the saddles and do it myself. I'm going to take a test run before I do anything.
  3. My Build

    I will have to check that place out. Shoot we drive right past it every year on the way to pigeon forge. I never had any way to carry our wheelers before. We always stop at Jellico for a break. There are wheelers running around all over the place.
  4. My Build

    I can not simply "drop in" an ET hitch. The rear end is in the way. I am fully aware of what it takes to flip the axles.
  5. 1st Volvo Dealer Service Experience - Tucson

    In my opinion almost all the things listed can be done by an independent diesel shop. We run 6 semi trucks aged from 1990 to 2014. KW Pete and Freightliners. They never ever ever go to the dealer. Once the warranty was up anything we cant do ourselves goes elsewhere. Their shop rates are waaaay too high. They may not be able to do the wiring harness. If Volvo is anything like mack (Mack owned by Volvo) independent shops either cant afford the software or don't have access to it. Then you have to go to the dealer. I had a Mack and nobody could read the codes except a mack dealer. You don't need a ton a expensive tools. 99% of the hand tools on our service truck are from harbor freight.
  6. My Build

    Depends on the pickup. I have a 07 Chevy that rides 49-50 or so. I test drove a dodge and turned it down because it rode too high. Probably would be the 53" or better.
  7. My Build

    My ride height is 50 3/4. That's only an inch higher than my pickup rides.
  8. My Build

    I got the shorter one in the lowest position. I will have to explore that option. That would gain me what? About 2 inches or so? I do think I would rather leave that one solid plate. I would have to take it to the blacksmith shop where I go it, to put on his water jet. My plasma cutter will only cut 1/2 inch.
  9. HushMat?

    Do they make a hush mat I can put on my kids??
  10. My Build

    Thank you for your input. I understand your point completely. Someday when I build the next one it will be different. I have already learned a ton working on this project and I look forward to learning more as I go.
  11. My Build

    I am going to shorten up that pin box at some point. There is a huge gap from the rear of the truck to the camper. I measured it all and from bumper to bumper I'm just shy of 60 ft.
  12. My Build

    Got it all hooked up and she rides 3 inches high. The decision to flip the axles has been made. That will raise the camper up 3-4 inches. I got the fenders back on. All that's left is wiring the lights and trailer plug. I do want to put some kind of receiver hitch on the back. I heard through the grape vine that a few trucks with motor home plates were getting tickets for having no rear bumper. Then I had a brain storm. We took a rear bumper off one of our old straight trucks. I do believe that will work. I don't know if its just me but I woke up this morning and had the gut feeling that some safety chains would not be a bad idea. From the 5th wheel to the plate. It is bolted down with 12 1/2 inch grade 8 bolts. I doubt its going anywhere. I didn't know if the bolts should go up or down or if it made any difference. So I figured if I put half one way and half the other way people would ask me why I did that. One of coworkers fell for it already. He walks up and asked how come you put half one way and half the other. I looked him right in the eye and said, Just to make you ask questions.
  13. My Build

    That is where we will be. Eastern Ky. Owsley county. In the Daniel Boone national forest. We were going to head home somewhere around June 22nd 23rd.
  14. My Build

    We have a inch impact gun in the shop. Use it all the time. I'm in northeastern Nebraska. I will not make the rally. East coast is during planting season. National is during harvest and the West coast is in June. In June we will be in Kentucky. My wife is from there. We are moving my Mother in law up to Nebraska at that time. Maybe next year. I did hope to meet up with some others in the HDT community during that trip but it falls during the rally. We still have kids in school so we try to cram as much in during the summer as possible.
  15. My Build

    That is too easy. I prefer to do things the hard way! LOL! Having never seen any of these hitches in person it was kind of a stab in the dark. I had to go off what others said. ET, comfort ride and trailer saver all came highly recommended by several people. Believe me I spent countless hours studying pictures and watching videos. I feel like I know these people in person! I kept going over it in my head pros and cons. I went with the one that don't have an air bag. But I didn't get away without handing over some money to Szmyt . I bought the Jackalopee. Very helpful over the phone. Explained everything in detail.