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  1. Check out this flood story. https://thekat.iheart.com/featured/hoss-michaels/content/2019-03-19-nebraska-guys-find-beer-fridge-found-after-flood/?Sc=editorial&Pname=local_social&Keyid=socialflow
  2. I never did like the Iowa 80. I hardly ever stopped there when I was trucking. Now I only stop there because the kids want to see the trucks. If it were me I would park across the street at Grandmas kitchen.
  3. Be aware if you are planning on traveling though either state this summer many roads and bridges are washed out. It is going to take a long time to fix all this. I don't have a complete list but I know that many campgrounds are also destroyed. Double check your routes before you get there and find out you have to go a hundred of miles out of the way. I know Hy 281 is a very popular north south route to get to South Dakota. A dam broke so that is not passable anymore. If you travel that way to Sturgis you have to find a another way. I-29 in Iowa is now under water. We still don't know the extent of the damage. Just yesterday another bridge collapsed on Hy 275 in Nebraska. I live in North Eastern Nebraska while I was not effected many of my friends and family are. I have a friend staying with me who lost everything. My dad is in a hotel. Not allowed to go home. I'm afraid he lost everything also. Whole towns had to be evacuated and were under water. Some still are.
  4. I didn't think this was such a big deal until the other day. Another farmer that we work with had a driver who laid over a truck in Oklahoma. The estimate to clean up 100 gallons of fuel was $30,000.
  5. I changed oil in my wife car one day. I pulled the air filter out of the little box and changed it. The box was full of grasshopper parts and dirt. Not having a working shop vac at the time I decided to put a rag in the intake tube and blow the box out with the air compressor. My thoughts being if the rag is in the tube then not grasshopper pieces would go into the engine. I put it all back together and didn't make it 100 feet before the car died. It took me 3 days to figure out that I never pulled the red rag out of the intake tube.
  6. I put a air hose connection on the trailer supply line. I hook up the air hose and push the red button. No need for another air tank.
  7. jenandjon

    brake controller

    I went wireless and picked up the Curt Echo Bluetooth brake controller. I have not used it in the truck yet. I did pull a car trailer 2,000 miles with the wife's Tahoe and it worked great. https://www.etrailer.com/Brake-Controller/Curt/C51180.html?msclkid=4876a3ee365910d0e163ff95e8a22ab6&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shop - Brake Controller - RLSA&utm_term=4577679224990887&utm_content=Curt#/
  8. jenandjon

    Truck battery charger

    I will have to check the amps on that. I still have the box from it somewhere. I got it form Napa. It is the largest one they carry. I consulted with my mechanic. He said there will be no problems. He installs them on lots of farmers trucks that sit shut off for 6 months out of the year. When you turn it back on you just have to wait a minute for everything to power up.
  9. jenandjon


  10. jenandjon

    Truck battery charger

    I will be installing A converter out of an old camper. That way if I do want to charge them up or if I lose my alternator I can plug it in. I put a kill switch in mine. Hooked to the ground cable. If I park it for more than a week I shut it off. That way I don't need to maintain them.
  11. jenandjon

    Wheel torque

    Yea, We hammer em on with a Inch air impact until they stop turning.
  12. jenandjon

    First Build

    Do yourself a big favor and put a locker in the rear end. I have one and have had to use it a few times already.
  13. Every crimped end I ever had failed. Maybe I'm just too hard on stuff. All battery ends we use on the farm are soldered with heat shrink tube. So far several trucks, a D 6 dozer, and numerous tractors. Have not seen one fail yet. These are not highway trucks either. They are bounced around in fields and washboard roads. They take more pounding in a week than a highway truck does in a year. Following advice I got on here I did get a crimped end on cable from the battery to my inverter. It pulled out. I even had the guy at the welding store crimp it on with his fancy crimping machine. Another crimped end on my generator pulled out. The main power to the solenoid. That is a soldered end now also. Any of the mechanics around here make battery cables with soldered ends. I needed a new one for my Pete. I didn't have the cable to make it so I called a shop and picked it up. Sure enough soldered ends. I gave him some grief over it. It wont work. Soldered ends fail. He must have heard it before because he came back with, How many hundreds have I made? Not one came back.
  14. I am going to put the under body lights on hold fro right now. I was looking at the bug guard light. In the frequently bought together section I seen the LED interior replacement lights. I thing I am going to invest that money in these instead.
  15. We went to Wal-Mart yesterday and picked up some black out curtains. I just got the biggest size they had. $12 a piece or something like that. My Mother-in-law is going to help cut them down to size and custom make one for each window. How I am going to hang them I don't know yet.
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