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  1. Or this Volvo? https://kalispell.craigslist.org/hvd/d/columbia-falls-2000-volvo-conventional/6990681620.html It has a wet kit on it. I would be wary of anything that has a wet kit. Maybe it was just pulling a tanker down the road. Maybe they had a side dump on it.
  2. If so that is what a scammer ad looks like. Ive seen that truck advertised on Craigslist for years all over the country. I first found it 2 years ago when I was shopping for my truck.
  3. You mean this one? https://kalispell.craigslist.org/hvo/d/columbia-falls-dump-truck-peterbil-2001/6988469065.html
  4. Well thats $850. I got a couple AC units for free. So thats why I going that way.
  5. I talked to the dealer and they said it would be fine and to go for it. It is wood frame. I have the extra unit. Now I just wait until after harvest so I have time to install it. I will document it as I go.
  6. You got solar on that thing or just a generator?
  7. We are still planning on coming down for a couple days. I did not register because I don't know for sure we will make it. This lands right in the middle of our soy bean harvest.
  8. jenandjon


    Hopefully everything turns out right and insurance takes care of you.
  9. I have tried several different things. None of them work. I even had a body shop try on one vehicle. Within a coupe months they were foggy again. Aftermarket headlights are cheap enough I am going to replace mine some day. I don't drive at night so I don't care if they are yellow. I just haven't gotten tired of looking at them yet.
  10. I know a guy that would slip wooden shims in between the break pad and drum when he parked his semi trailers for a long time. They always rusted. This helped. I don't know why you couldn't do it with a HDT. I would chalk the wheels just for extra insurance.
  11. jenandjon


    I bought all my boxes used. Online equipment auctions and truck salvage yards for a fraction the price of new.
  12. I have state farm. My truck cost $75 a month for full coverage.
  13. My Uncle was sign guy. He did a few hood decals in vinyl on semi trucks. They did not like the heat and only lasted a few years. They started to curl up on the edges so he quit doing them. Maybe now they have a better product than they did 10 years ago when he was doing it.
  14. I forgot about the archway in Kearney. It is an interactive muesuem that is built over interstate 80. Its all about the pioneers that headed west on the Oregon and Mormon trail. Well worth the visit. https://archway.org/ Then there is Pioneer Village in Minden. I have never been there but its on my short list of places I need to see. http://pioneervillage.org/ If you make it to the east side of Nebraska you can stop by the farm. I only have a 30 amp plug in. Or there is a real nice campground near here on the Elkhorn river.
  15. If you are going to the black hills stop off at Toadstool park in north western Nebraska. A MUST SEE is the train yard in North Platte. You are allowed to boondock there. Its really awesome. You could spend a half a day there easy. Its the largest rail yard in the world. https://goldenspiketower.com/
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