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  1. jenandjon

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    I carry an old corded Black and Decker Bulldawg impact.
  2. jenandjon

    Upgrading to international prostar to pull toy hauler

    I was very tempted to buy one myself. Trucks in the early teens were selling for under 10 grand at the auctions I went to. Problem is the The Max Force is plagued with problems. I got to talking to a guy I know that owns a diesel shop. He and his brother are both mechanics. Turns out they have successfully deleted and re-tuned a bunch of Max Force engines. It took a lot of trial and error. One of them has 2 trucks running coast to coast for the past couple years now with no problems. The drivers love them. Cost around 5 grand to delete but it is kind of illegal. They are really picky about whose truck they will delete. Good luck with it and enjoy. Now the real work starts! As far as seating in the sleeper I ripped everything out and started over. Front seats for 99-06 Chevy pickup, suburban, and Tahoe all have built in seat belts. I got all these for $50 apiece. Not electric. I had to raise them up 5 inches so sit comfortable. I also had to stagger the one on the passenger side a head a little bit because that corner has the heat and AC box. But If I slide them all ahead on the track they are even. There is an incredible amount of storage space behind them If you slide them all forward. Many people choose to install a dinette but they can get expensive and I was on a tight budget.
  3. jenandjon

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Let me see if I am understanding this correctly. You are basically combining the air cell technology of the comfort ride and the air bag design of the Trailer Saver to create an even better ride?
  4. jenandjon

    Drilling harden steel?

    I used a mag drill with a Annular Cutter and lots of cutting fluid.
  5. jenandjon

    Generator ?

    So do you guys plumb the diesel generator into your truck fuel tank? I currently have a gas generator so I mounted a 50 gallon auxiliary fuel tank.
  6. jenandjon

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    I understand what you are saying. Once you figure out what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, please share with the rest of us. I for one am not willing to put smaller springs on my truck. Yes I put a comfort ride hitch on for the camper but I am also putting a goose neck ball on. I want to be able to pull the 12 ton flat bed, 30 ft enclosed trailer, and 30 ft stock trailer (personal use not for the farm). One thing I did to improve the ride is I aired down my drive tires to 85psi. Right or wrong thats what I did. I didn't get a mile down the road and we could tell it rode real nice.
  7. jenandjon

    Stopping TOO Fast /V. Teach Lesson #37.g(ee)

    I just ordered a dash cam. Ive had too many close calls. It seems like more now than ever. A couple weeks ago I was in my Peterbilt work truck. I came to a curve in the road. I seen a dirty cattle trailer pulled by a dirty gray truck. What I didnt see was the dirty gray car passing the truck as I entered the curve. I didn't have time to do anything. The flash of time it took my brain to comprehend the danger that car jerked the wheel and got in front of the other truck. Yea I will jerk the wheel to avoid someone but sometimes you only have fraction of a split second to react. I will sacrifice myself to save a bunch of kids but If I have my family in the hdt what would I do? I have MY kids along. Lets hope none of us ever have to make that split second decision.
  8. jenandjon

    Suggestions for a dash cam

    I just got the G1 CB. G1 W was sold out. Cords are awful short. IT should work in my Pete at work but I dont know about my Freightliner. I might have to add a port.
  9. jenandjon

    T2000 Bumper Hitch Help Needed

    Go visit your local welding shop. I bet they can fab one up cheaper and better than any pre made one.
  10. jenandjon

    T2000 Bumper Hitch Help Needed

    I am going to be doing the same thing this winter. I want to incorporate a full with rear bumper with receiver hitch. I will be using 8X8 square tube. Its bigger than I wanted but the price was right. I will make end caps and store my fishing poles in it. Also will be a step to get up on the bed. I have not figured out how everything will be attached yet. Likely something like what Steve has there. beemergary that is almost exactly what we have on our farm trucks. I actually have 2 of them laying around off old trucks. They are 1 inch plate with a pintel hitch and receiver. We use to pull a pup trailer with the straight trucks.
  11. jenandjon

    Bush Repairs

    I think so. Thing is I seen that post. His jumper cable weld looks better then my welds with a real welder in the shop!
  12. Tint the bottom 6 or 8 inches of your windshield. That will take care of the reflection.
  13. jenandjon

    snake oil?

    I'm more or a Howes man. I wouldn't worry about fuel being a few months old. We have farm equipment that only gets used a couple months out of the year and its fine. If you have an existing algae problem that is different. You need a algae killer and couple cases of filters.
  14. jenandjon

    Deer/Moose Guards

    I believe you can powder coat them. I have seen a few running around up here all blacked out.
  15. jenandjon

    Deer/Moose Guards

    I am very unhappy with Ali Arc. I ordered one for one of our farm trucks. It came wrapped in cardboard wrapped in plastic. Then they let it lay outside. It was tarnished. They would not do anything about it. I had to go get it polished at my expense. I bought it through Sioux City Kenworth. They also ordered a few for their trucks. Every one of them were tarnished. The dealership ended up eating the cost of polishing it for me. I got one of these on my Pete. https://www.truckdefender.com/ http://www.johnsweldingandtool.com/Johns/Aluminum_Bumpers.html Truck defender is the brand name Johns welding is the dealer I went through to buy it. I really like it but ended up taking it off to lose some weight. This is American made.