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  1. I carry a torque Multiplier. I hope I never need it. I also have a long beaker bar and a 3 foot cheater pipe to tighten them down until I get to a shop that can get them properly.
  2. Where are you guys headed? We will be in Florida. Tampa area.
  3. I don't know if it makes any difference or not but when I bought my last side dump their factory tech put the tarp breaker on the negative side. Auto reset breakers are nice. Maybe you can use one for them instead of a fuse.
  4. Behind the white seat is the HVAC for the sleeper so It sits ahead a little farther. But, I can slide the others ahead to get them in a row if I want and they all still recline. Check out my thread about installing windows in your sleeper get them in before you finish your interior.
  5. I have a freight liner columbia also. I used 3 front seats out of early 2000's Chevy trucks. Seats cost $150 off Facebook marketplace. They have built in seat belts. I got all non electric seats so in didn't have to run wires.
  6. I have to say I'm a little jealous of all you headed to warmer weather. You all worked hard your whole lives you deserve it! Jen and I will winter with you in about 13 or 14 years.
  7. Sometimes when I pulled the lever the jaws did not open. I had to pull ahead just a hair to put pressure on the jaws. Then pulled the lever and they opened right up.
  8. Thanks guys. I was pretty nervous cutting holes in my cab but it wasn't has hard as I made it out to be. My boys love it they are excited. No more missing the scenery. I am amazed how much light comes in that small of a window and I haven't even had it outside in the sunlight yet. Now I just have to do the other side.
  9. jenandjon

    battery time

    I feel your pain. We have 5 semi trucks and 3 mid size trucks. Not counting my HDT. Picked up 4 new batteries for one semi today forgetting that our service truck needs batteries also. So thats 6 I get to replace later this week. The Kenworth isn't too bad but that M2 freightliner sucks. They stuck them under the cab.
  10. All done. Used 3M butyl tape as a sealer. Seems to have worked well. I found out that when you put on the final trim piece on the inside just snug the screws. If you tighten them too tight they will pull through the plastic.
  11. I got some 3M butyl tape from a local body shop. Window going in today pics to follow.
  12. Are you talking about bedding and glazing compound?
  13. Got a hole cut and test fit. Got it mocked up on the inside. Looks like everything is going to fit like its suppose to. Now I have to figure out what to use for a sealer and get it together. It first I thought I might use the stuff they use on windshields. But if that window ever broke you would never get it out.
  14. Oh yea, I think I'm good there. See the lines I traced. I held the new bracket up and traced it. Inside and outside. Then I cut it out between the lines. Not pretty but it will be hidden in the wall. Should be good. If not I will cut more out. I'm going to cut the exterior hole too small the first time so I have some wiggle room. Allowing me to line everything up inside and out.
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