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  1. jenandjon

    Ant carrying a french fry

    I see this all the time. There are 2 Semi truck manufacturers in my area. They are often delivered this way. I got close enough to one pickup to see they had a big air tank on the bed.
  2. jenandjon

    rv trailer values.

    By the time I get my Duramax paid off it will be almost 10 years. Had to refinance 3 times for repairs!
  3. jenandjon

    m2-106 replace batteries

    We have a M2 service truck on the farm. I just swapped out the batteries. It was not a big deal. I have a catch in my back so I sit on a stool for most things that I have to bend over for. But really if you took it to a shop don't go to a dealer. Just go to a normal auto shop. You will save hundreds of dollars.
  4. jenandjon

    HDT Insurance

    My State farm agent said that they insure it as a private passenger vehicle.
  5. jenandjon

    2019 West Coast Rally

    Thanks. I will be coming up from the south. We are staying a day or so in Salt lake then I want to take the family across the salt flats on the way out.
  6. jenandjon

    2019 West Coast Rally

    Anyone ever overnight at the casino in Jackpot NV? We are not gamblers so the only table we are interested in is the Buffet table. The RV park there has spots for $24 a night.
  7. jenandjon

    Music videos, is your type-brand of truck in one?

    This is one of our local boys. My daily is a 379 but my HDT is a Freightliner.
  8. jenandjon

    Generator size

    If I am understanding you right the 12 would be half the price. Id go that way. Even though its way over kill. You will use a little more fuel but thats the way it goes. I just have a little 4.0 Onan but I mounted a 50 gallon tank just for that. It works as long as I don't use the microwave while the A/C is on. I think its better to have more than need than need more than you have. At some point I am going to need a bigger one.
  9. jenandjon

    rv trailer values.

    I say if you have one you like and nothing is wrong with it keep it.
  10. jenandjon

    DReaded Huck Bolts?

    Cut them off with a torch and smack them with the round end of a ball peen hammer.
  11. jenandjon

    West Coast Rally, have dates been set, location?

    Unfortunately we cant stay the whole 7 days but I have all the reservations made up until we get to Idaho. Just waiting for the word so I call them.
  12. jenandjon

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    A real easy way to get a quick clean is turn the wipers on high and hit it with garden hose. Don't need a nozzle just thumb it. There use to be a short hose at most every fuel island.
  13. jenandjon

    2007 VNL 780 Bolt on bumper pull hitch

    Do you have a side view of that? How did you attach it to the frame?
  14. jenandjon

    Rear air springs(bags)

    I don't know what part of the country you are in but I get lots and lots of parts through these guys. https://weldonparts.com/
  15. jenandjon

    Getting ready to head to Arizona

    You don't have to get too carried away. Preventative maintenance goes a long way. The boy scout in me wants to have enough tools and parts to build an engine on the road. Be Prepared. But in all actuality I figure I have driven a little over 500,000 miles long haul before I quit. 4 times i have been stuck on the side of the road. Heater hose blew. Flat on steer tire. Water pump went out. Blew radiator hose. I did lose a turbo once but luckily I was close to a truck stop. So really you don't need to go overboard. Have enough stuff to fix the small stuff. The big stuff you will not likely be able to fix on the side of the road anyway. I have to keep telling myself No you don't need every wrench you own. 2 of each size is plenty. No you don't need 5 hammers. 2 is plenty. Why are you bringing 40 screwdrivers? Put half of them back. The boy scout in me did win the argument about the extra air compressor. I have a little one from harbor freight I use to carry. Now the truck has a built in one. Don't need it. But if the truck compressor goes out I can hook in the little electric one to air up the truck.