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  1. We are in Santa Fe, New Mexico and wanted to visit a Pueblo. Any thoughts on the best to visit to learn culture ect.? Thanks
  2. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Thanks, it was interesting to see how the entire landscape of this area has changed due to the fracking boom. Last time I went through Pecos was over 20 years ago and wow how it has changed. I will avoid this route next time.
  3. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Thanks BigJim. There were not many choices for train reservations and limited space. 285 was crazy from Fort Davis to Carlsbad. Bad roads, 18 wheelers everywhere. Fracking world. I was 100% focusing on driving passing hundreds of trucks on a close 2 lane road driving 65mph with a 18 wheeler on my a$$.
  4. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    I really appreciate the help! Updated Agenda is to stay 3 nights in Brantley Lake. We cancelled Cochiti and booked Santa Fe Skies RV Park outside of Santa Fe for 7 nights Then off to Sky Mountain Resort RV Park in Chama for 4 nights. I also booked the train ride (Coach to Antonito then Train to Chama). BigJim and Al F, I appreciate you so much! You saved our trip! All the best.
  5. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Well looks like Durango, CO is off. They closed the Silver Guage Rail Road till June 30th. We had tickets to Silverton on the 26th. Now we are trying to decide if staying at Brantley Lake State Park for 4 days and visiting Carlsbad Caverns and then staying at Cochiti, Lake outside of Santa Fe to visit Bandolier National Monument makes sense.
  6. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Thanks for the info JRP and BigJim. We are assessing the situation as we are in Davis Mountains State Park now.
  7. RedRaider89

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    How about extra gasoline? I am thinking about also carrying 5 gallons extra in back of truck. My truck has an extended range tank (36 gallons) but it would sure be nice to have the insurance with extra gas if I need it. Here is what I was thinking of carrying. Maybe I am over planning? Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel, 5 gallon Capacity, 13.5" Height, 12.5" Diameter
  8. RedRaider89

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    Ha Ha, fixed my grammatical error. Thanks
  9. RedRaider89

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    Thanks for the replies. 2Gypsies, I am going with you idea and going the Milk Crate Route in the back of the Pick Up Truck and scaling down to 1 extra Propane Tank instead of 2 mainly for my little Gas Grill. Also I think every ones opinions are right not going to use much propane anyway in the summer except for making percolated coffee in the morning and the occasional time we cook on the burners since most of our cooking will be on the gas grill.
  10. RedRaider89

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    I got the spare tanks from walmart (Blue Rhino) where I exchanged them with old ones. We are going to be in some fairly remote state parks (Davis Mountains, Brantley Lake, NM, Cochiti Lake, NM) Though they are not far from town I wanted to carry 2 or maybe just 1 for my gas grill and a spare back up. This is the tool box no vents on it but I don't have any issues drilling half inch holes in it if needed somewhere. Or should I just carry them without the tool box secured in the open truck bed? I was worried about the sun beating down on the tanks.
  11. We are off for a 25+ Day RV Trip in a F150 Truck Towing a Winnebago 21ft Micro Minnie Camper. Will be mostly in hot weather in Texas, New Mexico and Southeast Colorado. Our trailer has 2 standard 20lb Propane Tanks and I was thinking about carrying two extra secured in the pick up bed in a plastic contico tool box to shield from Sun. Is this safe or any other recommendations? We will be driving no more than 6 hours between RV and State Parks.
  12. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Hi Bigjim. Thanks for both of your posts. Also appreciate the warning on the High Finance Restaurant Closure and using a stove or grill with a shut off valve. I was considering bringing my charcoal grill but decided to now bring a small tabletop gas grill due in large part to your post. We already booked the KOA off of I40. Hopefully not too noisy.
  13. RedRaider89

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    AL F thanks so much for the suggestions! We will plan on doing both of those.
  14. RedRaider89

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    Thanks for the replies. My truck has a 36 gallon tank and I am getting about 15 mpg towing my RV so I only plan on filling up when not towing. I think I am just going to play it safe and get the fridge cooled down the day before the trip on Electric hook up and then go the frozen milk jug in fridge route between RV parks.
  15. First off I apologize for this newbie question. I have only taken one trip for a week which was a 2.5 hour drive from San Antonio to Rockport, TX in my new 2018 2100BH Winnie Travel Trailer. In June , my family and I are taking a trip with 6 RV park stops over 25 days with drives between 4 to 7 hours per park. I have tried searching on this forum the question if it is safe to run your propane to keep the Fridge Cool while traveling. I could not find any in the search results. Search results on google also gives conflicting information. Any advice if it is safe to keep propane on while driving and if not, what does others do to keep the fridge cool en-route? I have a freezer so was thinking of transferring frozen water bottles to the fridge to keep stuff cool while traveling if I don't run the Propane. Thank you.