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  1. Best RV Park - Texas Gulf Coast

    What was your suggestion? I must have missed it.
  2. Best RV Park - Texas Gulf Coast

    I wound up going to Drifter's Resort. Great RV Spot. WiFi did not work the entire time and the said they had WiFi before I reserved.
  3. Maiden of the Winnie Mini Micro

    I Kayaked Fish and entire week. Have to get home to family for thanksgiving. I will be back!
  4. Maiden of the Winnie Mini Micro

    I am on my first RV trip for 1 week in my Winnie Mini Micro 2100BH on the Texas Coast and doing Kayak Fishing. I can do this every day! Love it!
  5. Best RV Park - Texas Gulf Coast

    Thanks bja1234 on recommendation on Drifters RV Park. Do you know if they offer a Escapee Discount? Also Mntom I will check out Seawind RV Park as well. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice RV Park with plenty of space between RV's on the Texas Gulf Coast? Specifically around the Corpus Christi, Rock Port and Aransas Pass areas. Thanks
  7. Best RV Generator?

    Good point. That is why I think now it would make sense to get the 2 smaller generators.
  8. Best RV Generator?

    Thanks for all the replies. I think i am convinced to go with Smaller Tandem Generators. Thanks! This helps alot.
  9. Best RV Generator?

    I am looking into buying a Generator for my RV when Boondocking and keeping it on my acreage. Any advice? I have my eye on a Champion 3400 Duel Fuel Gas/Propane Generator based on my research. It needs to be able to power a 13,500 BTU AC unit. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the replies! sandsys love the shoe organizer idea. Thank you. rm.w/aview thanks for the backing up idea. StarDreamer my trailer is not attached and the photo was on a sloping driveway. Kirk Wood thanks for the advice. I am strongly considering joining as a paying member and will look into the X-scapers.
  11. Thanks Grumpydoc. I appreciate your reply and advice. I was thinking of the coast. I was looking at maybe Majestic Oaks RV Park outside of Rockport. They had openings last time I checked. Very sad situation with the impact on the coast. I was in Rockport for a week this summer with my family and went Kayak Fishing with my older daughter with a guide.
  12. Hello Everyone. This is my first post. I am starting a new chapter in my life and decided to take a break for a year from working full-time and explore some new hobbies. Those new hobbies are Kayak Fishing mainly on the Texas Coast and RVing. Both which I am brand new at doing and to be honest, a bit overwhelmed trying to figure how to start but at the same time find it fun and challenging. I just don't want to make any mistakes that may be costly financially or my safety/well being and that of my family. On the RV front, after much research I decided to buy a Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH. This one is the brand new 2018 model with 2 bunk beds, slide out 4 person dinette and queen bed. According to the RV Dealer his Winnebago rep told him I am the first person in the USA to receive this model. This will be towed by my F-150 Pick Up truck and it handles towing fine as my truck is rated at 9,200lbs tow capacity. The trailer is about 3,800lbs. My towing experience is from the dealership 50 miles away and towing around town to get used to towing. To get to my questions I am looking for Advice on joining an RV Club. I am looking hard at Escapees. Also looking for any advice on a first time RV trip in or around south Texas as I live in San Antonio and don't want to travel more than 3 hours for the first trip which I plan on taking with my Wife and 7 year old daughter the first week in January. Also one final question, what are the basic supplies should I bring on a 1 week RV Trip? So much to learn. Thank you.