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  1. NDBirdman

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    This hits me as funny in a way. Not the RV park, but we were once stationed at LAFB. Everytime we went near there, usually on the trip to Las Vegas, we laughed/chuckled at all the golf carts on the road and the old pharts. Now.... I'm one of those old pharts, would be perfect for me to end up spending time there. Careful what ya say as a very young punk, ehh? LOL Thanks for the site!
  2. NDBirdman

    DRV (Pre-Thor) vs New Horizons

    I have not researched this, so I will ask you and others here. Is there a site that lists what manufacturers use these frames? My RV is a 2002 and has a Lippert frame, so far no problem but we are looking ahead, going to shows, stealerships, etc. Is there a frame you would suggest is better? We are looking for an RV between 15-18K loaded, Not for full timing at the moment but will be heavily used, including snow-birding atleast 3 months a year/winter.
  3. NDBirdman

    DRV (Pre-Thor) vs New Horizons

    ROFLMAO!! Thanks, I got a great laugh from that! As funny as that is, it's a shame you see way too many of those in campgrounds.
  4. NDBirdman

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    Their site shows a 50% discount for travel club members. What travel club?
  5. NDBirdman

    Is 260K Miles too much to buy used?

    What type of places do you plan on visiting, tight/confined, wide open boon docking, RV parks, etc. Reason I ask, why look as such a small camper? I see Class Cs for sale all the time, many with 30, 40k miles. Has alot more room but not like a class A. I see those every so often too in that price range, again, with much less miles. Kirk again said it right, after 10 months, small quarters, are you leaving the boxing gloves at home? LOL Either way you go, I bet you end up with lots of repair work on the road making for an aggravating trip.
  6. NDBirdman

    Garmin GPS

    I hear the 770 is a great unit. I have ran off the gps that came standard in my Ram.... only to get lost/routed the long way/pissed off. Used the google map, found it more reliable but yet... I will probably pick up the 770 before we take off again, I like a bigger screen.
  7. NDBirdman

    Is 260K Miles too much to buy used?

    Welcome to the forum! Experts will be along soon, but my 2 cents worth: You get what you pay for. How inclined are you/hubby at on the road repairs? Breakdowns can get expensive rendering your pocket worthless. It could run for many years, it could break-down 5 miles out the gate. At this age/miles, IMHO, you are buying someone else's problems. I'll put it this way, how many cars/pickups for 10k do you think you could drive hard for 10 months across the country and have no problems? It's a crap-shoot. Even if it has a new engine as they told you, and feels good now, what about the transmission, rear-end, brakes, shocks, electrical system, etc. How well do you know the person selling it? Why are they selling? Old, retiring to a home, young wanting to pass off their money pit, replacing it with a newer one, etc. How's the body, paint? Any bubbling/rough spots under the paint anywhere? That's a sign your buying a very soon to be rust bucket, looks matter? Tires, they good, fairly new? That could be up to $1k repair shortly. You just traveling around, retired, um-employed looking for work, working out of van, lots to consider. I'm not trying to get info on your pocket, but you need to think hard about it with that inexpensive a vehicle your going to be living in. Could be good if it gives you no problems, could get very bad, ie strand you somewhere in the middle of no-where, only you can decide. Stick around, someone will be along shortly to tell me I'm full of it.... LOL Good luck and have a great time, lots to see and do! Edit, Kirk beat me to it, said it more eloquently. 🙂
  8. NDBirdman

    Colorado here we come!

    Nice house. The only problem I see.... there are houses near by.
  9. NDBirdman

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    Do these woodshops have lathes? I've been wanting to learn to use one, it's about the only thing I don't have in my shop.
  10. NDBirdman

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    I plan on looking at it before I use it again. Should be an easy for for me, we have the tools and technology. 🙂 I have a lot of locktite.
  11. NDBirdman

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    Well poop. My serial number is included. Guess I better find out what I need to do to get it fixed. Thanks!
  12. NDBirdman

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    Recall linky "The recall includes two models of generators, the Honda EB2800i and the Honda EG2800i." I had to go check after you said that, had not heard it. It does not cover the 2200i so we lucked out.
  13. NDBirdman

    Good Faith Down Payment?

    When I see something and make the determination I'm going to buy it, I ask them if they prefer a check, or cash. Then I drive off/pull off with it.
  14. NDBirdman

    Good Faith Down Payment?

    I would never do it. But to each his own. I'd rather show up and the RV be sold than show up and they say eff you, what $$.
  15. NDBirdman

    Are Lynx levelers a good solution?

    Can't say about a motorhome but I use them alot on my 2 axel 5th wheel. We boondock alot and use them alot as our chosen sites are rarely level. I think 4/each wheel on one side is the most I have had to use til now, held up great.