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  1. Which gen set is more reliable

    When I get it I"m going to figure out a way to put a larger tank on, maybe 2 of that size connected.
  2. Which gen set is more reliable

    I'm planning on getting the VIAIR Constant Duty Onboard Air System from amazon. Looks to be a good system.
  3. How Much Payload Can My F350 Carry??

    This is why I sold my Ford and went with a Ram 3500 DRW. By their charts and door post sticker, I could not haul much.
  4. Looking for generic rocker switches

    https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=rocker+switch One of my favorites: https://www.amazon.com/MicTuning-ACSSB-Rocker-Switch-Sasquatch/dp/B00N5998YW/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1517949821&sr=8-14&keywords=rocker+switch
  5. CPAP

    Just looked at my wifes and mine's brick. Mine would be easy to run off a 12 volt system, it requires 12v at 4.5ah. My wifes... hers requires 24 volts at 3.75ah. So, I could easily run mine off a good deep cycle 12v system whether a single 12v, or dual 6v batt's. My wife's, I could run off a system connected in-series. Doing so, now I have in my opinion, too many batteries sitting in the bay just to run CPAPs. I have seen online a batt. system to run one for a night, but it's for 12v CPAPs. I did not look for one to run a 24v CPAP, time for more research. Problem is, I would need to connect to shore power or generater, or inverter to charge the portable batt. pack for mine daily. The one I'm using is my spare, I drag it around for hotels/hunting/fishing trips. My wife has only one. I just looked at my CPAP's brick. LOL, my main CPAP is the same, 24v 3.75ah. Yeesh..... What kind of battery system would need if we both take along our main CPAPs? 4 12v batts set up in a parallel series or have I lost it? From my thinking, am I just going to have to set up a batt system on an inverter for CPAP machine use only with solar chargers.... This much thinking is giving me a head-ache. Maybe I will just have to limit our camping to sites with shore power, that would sure end alot of our plans on where we want to go. I sure don't want to have to run a generator all night for power, that in itself would be a pain, the extra gas and noise... grrrrrrr I need a beer, it's 5 o"clock some where, right?
  6. That's a fact. Depending on the size/year/manufacturer, they are expensive to upkeep/repair. They have lots more torque than gas, infact if done right, diesels can be some serious horse power/torque monsters way surpassing gas albeit expensive to do. More expensive to buy in vehicles new also. That being said, I drive one. Me thinks this is way off topic, if so, plz excuse.
  7. Interesting site, thank-you!
  8. Bike over truck bed, with 5ver

    It is easy to put a hitch on the front bumper. Then you could use that bike rack on the front. A hitch on the front bumper comes in pretty handy at times. IMHO
  9. Bike over truck bed, with 5ver

    I don't have a clue myself, but I would ask the question. At your tightest turn, how much room do you have between the cab and the corner of your RV? Seems like I have also seen folks with bike racks mounted on the front of the truck/camper?
  10. CPAP

    Thanks for the replies. I look closer tomorrow, wife has gone to bed and I don't want to turn on the lights to disturb her. From what I gathered from mine, the little power supply (120 to 12) said it puts out 12v and 4.5 amps. I also checked on line, I guess I can get a different power cable that connects directly to 12v. I did not know I could do that, more research on that in the days ahead I guess. That would be great if I can do that with our machines. They are 2 different brands but I'm assuming her's is the same. That would be great if I can just use a set of 6v golf cart batteries to supply all the power, no additional inverters.
  11. CPAP

    Saw one mentioned on another thread so starting this one, don't want to hi-jack another. My wife and I both use CPAPs. Our RV is wired in the bedroom for 120 which is fine for when hooked to shore power. We have several parks around us with no power, so dry camping will be done alot. Probably do some boon docking and when my better half retires in a couple years, more than likely becoming snow birds. I will run an outlet to the bedroom specifically for the 2 CPAPs. My question I guess is how many 12 volt deep cycle batteries will I need on this circuit? I will also need an inverter, don't have one yet. This will be a set-up dedicated for this purpose so no other power leeches, I hope. I might change the set-up it has now later to run the rest of the RV with more power. It has one 12v deep cycle and small inverter currently to run a couple lights/fridge, etc.. I don't want solar on this RV, maybe on the new one we get when this money pit, er, bank payments are done on the truck. Guess I can add, I will be picking up a 2k gen set so I can run battery chargers as needed although I would prefer to not have to run it. A bat. set-up to run for 3 to 4 days would be good if it does not take a large bank of batteries.
  12. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    Best I can suggest, load it up like your going camping and drive across a scale that shows what each axle weighs. It might surprise you. What is the trucks GVW? Here's how I figured mine out: Weight of truck: My weight: Passengers weight: Pet's weight: Amount of fuel times 8lbs per gallon: Weight of extras in cab, clothes, food/drink/etc: Weight of hitch: Weight of any tools carried in truck: If tires are bigger than stock (oversized), figure out how much heavier: Add that, then subtract from GVW (on sticker by drivers door) and it will tell you how much is left for pin weight. This is different than what truck can pull. I have seen lots of 3/4 tons pull bigger/heavier trailers, many can do it easily. Flat land, no problem, but I would not want to pull over-weight through hills/mountains. In the end, it's up to you. Heavy, can wear your truck, brakes and tires out much faster. Not trying to sound negative, but ya gotta be safe.
  13. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    Figure at 20%, which is low, and your at 2480 unless my math is off. Depending on the camper, it can go as high as 25%.
  14. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    What's the pin weight for the camper? I figure between 2600 to 3k. What can you haul in the bed? Have to also figure in the hitch weight, weight of yourself/passengers, fuel, pets, anything else you carry in the cab. It can add up fast. I had a 3/4 ton pick-up and after I figured up what I would be at, I sold it and bought a 1 ton dually. GVW is lots different than GVCW.
  15. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    I tow with a 2015 3500 DRW, never a problem. Know the vehicle you tow with, weights/braking, etc and you will be happy. I drove semis for many years, I don't personally see needing a tractor to pull an RV. Too each his own.