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  1. NDBirdman

    backing a fifth wheel vs motorhome

    Practice with cones is a great idea. Concerning pu/5th wheel. When I first took mine out, I went to an empty parking lot and slowly turned sharper and sharper having my better half watch the truck rear window and camper corner. Best to know just how sharp you can turn forward/backward if you don't want to replace a lot of windows. Mines truck is a shortbed, older camper so not as much relief on the corners for sharp turning. I use an Anderson Ultimate, some use slider hitches for short beds, either works. I also picked up a set of walkie talkies and have my wife watching whilst I back but that can be fun in itself... LOL Practice a couple times and it becomes second nature but like I tell people, just take your time, the spot will still be there if you back in a hurry, or take lots of time. Enjoy! Yea, blind spots, I go slow and keep a finger on the mirror adjustments. If I'm not sure what's there, I stop until the mirror goes wide. 🙂
  2. NDBirdman

    Truck and RV question for mountains

    Chad gave you some great info. Does your truck have exhaust brakes, towing package? Depending on years, the 2500/3500 runs about the same drivetrain. The 3500 would do good set up right but mountain driving that weight behind a 2500, can be done but I would personally say, trade up. You will be much happier in the end, even happier in a dually as far as stability/braking ability of the truck. This is all IMHO. My camper is close to yours, I sold my F250 and went with what I now have. Good luck, be safe. Edit: I would make darn sure my brakes worked well on the RV. Mine are manually adjusted, I check them often, which I need to do before going out again.
  3. NDBirdman

    Are there changes ahead for the commissary & exchange?

    That thar is downright funny! They do eliminate waste/cost at the lower levels only to blow more on the top.
  4. NDBirdman

    High End Trailers

    Don't take my comment wrong, we hope to move up to a Montana some day. I consider them fancy/high end with the prices on them. 🙂
  5. NDBirdman

    High End Trailers

    It's not a high end camper? We've always looked at it as a higher end camper from our standpoint.... LOL Different strokes for different folks.
  6. NDBirdman

    Are there changes ahead for the commissary & exchange?

    I read it, don't see where it would really make much difference. Are they thinking of making the BX/Commissary more like a super WallyWorld? I would go for that.
  7. NDBirdman

    Driver's License Question

    Check before you go in. Some states will not let you retain the Commercial Class A if you don't have a current medical card in hand.
  8. NDBirdman

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    If you put the controller on auto, run on gas or elec, if you close the tanks off during travel, will not this fridge continue to run on elec. as long as battery has a charge or it's connected to your vehicle?
  9. NDBirdman

    Have You Named Your RV?

    We call ours Money-Pit #2.
  10. NDBirdman

    Tire ?

    Mine does too. Does Sailun tires offer LT tires? I got these tires, ordered through Walmart for a good price. So far they are great and they are 10 ply LT tires, very well made. At the risk of being repetative, I again would suggest an axle alignment if you plan on keeping this rig very long, replacing tires often will get pretty darn expensive. IMHO
  11. NDBirdman

    Tire ?

    What tires does your camper manufacture suggest? Mine called for LT tires so I put Michelin Ribs on. Little spendy but hopefully the last as long as we own our rig. Before I put new, expensive tires on mine with your wear, I would have the axle aligned, sounds like they are off a little.
  12. NDBirdman

    New Member wanting to say hi

    I bet we run into you this summer. We plan on spending a couple weekends there. Nice area for sure. I tell folks that visit Norf Dakoota to bring along lots of deet. Last year was not bad but usually.... katy bar the door.
  13. NDBirdman

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Agree'd, Por 15 is great stuff. Don't get it on you or the floor. I used it to seal up an antique's gas tank, drop'd a teaspoons worth on the garage floor. Tank is holding up great, zero rust. The spot on the floor, I spilled 6 years back, is still there...LOL
  14. NDBirdman

    Florida to Alaska

    I don't know if mentioned yet/before, but if you buy a new one to full time in, your camper warranty might be void? Trucks, you can still find a used one a couple years old with 2-3 yrs of warranty left, and can buy extended warranties from the dealers. Pretty good drop in price from new. Mine was 2 years old, still had 3 yrs left and had very little miles on it, like new truck. Campers, if you take your time and look around, you can find less expensive ones for 1/5th the price of new. I found one, used twice a year, one owner, looks like show room new. Just saying ya don't need everything new/new big price to have a great rig. Happy camping!