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  1. Check with a nearby RV dealer. Hotshots bring RVs to dealership and head back to factory to pick up another. Might find a guy willing to move it on his way back for a few $$.
  2. Takes about 30 minutes for mine to go through every time. I live in ND, when I go to MN to buy one at Cabela's they sell me one then won't let me walk out with it (last time was 6 months ago). They say, by federal law, because I'm not a resident of that state, they have to send it to a licensed FFL in ND where they will have to run the back ground check again before releasing it to me, for a fee. That is MN to ND, don't know how other states are. They also say having a concealed carry permit, they still have to do it that way.
  3. Found this, forgot I even had it book-marked. Pretty good for western states, zoom in on the area you wonder about and put pointer on a camera icon. I believe it is a current shot of the area, shows road conditions. (Clicky here)
  4. I don't know if it's possible, but if I was only able to carry one big tool, I'd want a NOVA wood lathe. Maybe some hand tools to size the wood to a manageable size. Most lathes I've seen of size had some sizable weight.
  5. Not a direct answer to the OPs post, but I have gone to this site ahead of time to get a license: Online license
  6. I once met a guy with 2 campers, he pulled one, his wife the other. The TT back was cut out and a big door in it's place. The TT was a wood-shop complete with a small table saw and various wood working tools. I plan to carry an assortment if I get the TH I'm wanting.
  7. So, when they say " Camping is restricted to no more than 14 days per year. " is that for all trust lands, or for each trust plot? If you stay on one plot, is that it for the year, or can you move to a different plot according to their map? Looking at the map link above, that covers a lot of area.
  8. Tried reading some of their stuff, don't understand most. Are these lands like BLM, pay for a permit and camp? Or are the permits only for *stepping* on state property? What is this land actually for?
  9. Cool, thanks for the update. I'm a little nervous about taking my granddaughter on her first road trip. Little over 1,450 miles, don't need to run into that slick stuff and giver her a ride she might enjoy while scaring the wits out of myself and daughter! Now to do the heat dance for Montana! From ND we are heading south but the first week or so of November... will be making that trip back to Seattle. Sure wish I could have been fortunate to have a better time of year to drive this trip. Sure wish my daughter was not afraid of flying... LOL, but it is what it is.
  10. Well, I feel like a clueless imp... LOL Thanks for the suggestion! I use to live in Minot, had no clue it went all the way to the bottom of TX. Wife and I just discussed it, she did not know it either. We have put it on our list of snowbirding travel. It might just be fun to get on the same road and just drive it to the southern end even if it is TX!
  11. I sure hope it melts fast.... I will be going through there this coming monday on my way by car to ND... Don't want to be stuck on the road with a 10 month old.... COME ON HEAT!!!
  12. My ideal area is where I can ride my Harley 365 in 70-75 degree weather!
  13. It will go by very fast.
  14. Yea, but driving a car back a couple days later. I think it's going to be fun.... LOL... I hope.
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