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  1. If everything checks out and I was in the market, I'd jump on it. Good price! https://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2016/Excursion/M-35E-340hp/6550633/Values
  2. Surprised you have not heard of it. They all break down in the middle between the bladders. When you call them, they send you a wedge shaped piece of foam to put under them and a new piece of foam to place between the bladders. We did it several times over the 10 years we had one, their quick fix was always short lived. The valley develops between the bladders leaving a depression one or both of you end up rolling into during the night. This tore my back up, always woke up in pain. I'm not the only one, has been going on for a long time. So much that they know about it and try to fix it with cheap worthless foam. The happiest day in my life was when I threw that dayum thing in the trash where it belonged. Good luck with yours.
  3. Those things are great, until you start experiencing the valley of pain they all develop. Threw ours in the dumpster, never again, we went through all their fixes/suggestions. We bought a Zinus 8 inch memory foam Green Tea for RVs from amazon, so far so good.
  4. Agree with lots said here, need lots more info! Read-read-read. If you want to domicile out of NY which would probably be best in the long run, read up on those threads. On your way to the southwest, you could visit/stop/get set up for domicile in SD, one of 3 states rated the best for full-timers from what I've gathered from the folks on here. I can't personally help you on that, I'm just a part timer going snowbird soon, I'll probably never leave ND permanently. I've lived in the southwest, AZ and NM for 12 years, it's a great area, you'll enjoy it! BUT, it does get hotter than hell during the summer depending on where you land.... LOL
  5. Anything is doable if the circumstances are right.
  6. I could be, probably wrong so don't take my thoughts as facts... LOL Have you thought about a small wooden folding A-frame type sign, easily set up/removed? Maybe put on the front and back (I'm not sure of proper name for them) a flag holder attached to RV, put a couple advertising flags with info/name/etc in them instead of a flag when you are parked? Something like: RV Pole Holder Do you have a ladder on the back/side of your camper? If so, a PVC pipe clamped on and insert an advertising flag/pole in that?
  7. Welcome to the forum! I think your out of luck. That tow capacity includes all the clothes/food/cooking gear/water, etc you need to live. I'm thinking about 1k lbs for that alone. That leaves 1,700 for camper weight. For full timing... I would not try it. If I may suggest, sell the tiny car, get a truck or small motor home. Maye a small teardrop style camper but I don't know what those weigh. A small enclosed trailer hauling camping gear to include a tent? IMHO
  8. You can go to those campsite websites and do earth view. Locate that site and see if you can fit. I have seen alot of campsites that could not handle our 32ft without sticking way out in the roadway. There's usually a reason they are limited on length. Good luck!
  9. Is a motorhome classified as a motor vehicle? I've wondered that too, alot of Class As we've looked at over the years had couches with seat-belts. Maybe they fall into the same category as a bus? I drove school a bus for a while, I was the only one with a seat-belt. Always believed that needed changed but that's just my opinion which of coarse has never counted... LOL Now that I mentioned school buses, yes I understand the seatbacks are high to protect the kiddies from flying forward. I had an idiot driver cut over in front of me hard and very close to cross over to go onto an hiway onramp. So close the car vanished in front of my hood. I slammed the brakes so I would not hit them, would have hit if I had not hit the brakes. The kiddies all flew forward into the back of the front seat, some of them getting hurt. That is why I am an advocate for mandatory seatbelts in buses. Rant over.
  10. No idea, but have to ask. Since it is a business RV, has signs on it, are you required to have a CDL? I've heard of people getting nailed for no CDL and getting big fines. Just asking, don't anyone have a cow. 🙂
  11. Hitches are made for short beds as well as long beds, just shop around. I have a 6ft bed and use an Andersen hitch. It is a much lighter hitch, just as strong as the big heavy hitches. My use of this hitch comes mainly from the weight. I can lift it in/out, move it about, etc because it is only around 40lbs. The big/heavy hitches go up to/over 300lbs which also figures into what your truck can handle weight wise. Also, consider a goosebox. It is a modified and safe version of a gooseneck, only needs a ball in middle of the bed. As for the truck, 3/4 ton, check manufacturer weight recommendations. It's really not 100% about what the truck can haul, more like what is the truck safely capable of controlling in a strong wind, how well the truck can *stop* the weight, etc. Ok, a short note about your choice of truck. F250, if you must get that small of a truck, DO NOT BUY THE ONE WITH THE DIESEL 6.0 ENGINE!! I made that mistake once, never again. It's one of the main reasons I changed over to RAM.
  12. In the Great state of ND, ALL people, regardless of age, even us old pharts, are required by law to use seatbelts. They can/do stop you and give you an invite to see the judge or pay the fine, your choice.
  13. I say very unsafe for them and the operator. I would venture a guess to say it is not legal anywhere. I don't care what the pick-up/HDT is, IMHO, no! Welcome to the forum Donette!
  14. If your referring to mine, your way off base. My rig runs 5k under my max fully loaded which it rarely is.
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