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  1. Welcome to the forum and.. Bye!
  2. Enjoy! We love that area but last time we were their we had kiddies at home and tent camped. Was a very fun trip! I put this app on my iphone, seems pretty good. Have not traveled using it yet but it shows most campgrounds, etc. I looked at the route we take from ND to WA, looks like a lot of choices. I think it will be easier than stopping, loading up laptop and messing with different web-pages. It shows locations and will load up that website if they have one. I like the option it has for calling the campground from the app also. Have a great trip!
  3. Thank-you for that link! Makes sense and will help me when I set up a separate bank to run both our CPAPs separately from the house battery.
  4. I kinda agree with you. If someone is living full time in their RV, then it's just a movable home, I could see those addicted to TV doing so. If someone is using an RV for a vacation trip, then sitting in front of a TV, why go? When a spot/area no longer excites you, you've seen all you want, move on to another spot and continue to explore. Saying that, we do flip on the tube at night as I'm addicted to the news and a couple shows (which I can do without). Other than that, it remains off. We prefer to sit outside and watch nature, talk to each other, cook outside, play games outside, walk, etc which is also why we hate staying in a camp-ground (sometimes a necessary evil). Directly in answer to your comment, it gets me too! They *need* the outside TV/Stereo system to be glued to. Yea, with my average lately, I'm sure someone will hate my answer. All I can say is, Don't worry, BE happy!
  5. Ya'll might want to look at the 2nd page of

    It has gone way over the deep end and has a racist post on it.

  6. Heading to FL right now I seriously doubt you would have finding a site to stay except around major attractions. Winter when the snowbirds head down is when I here you need to make reservations a year or so in advance. You could probably find a site or 2, inland away from attractions. As far as reservations and my merry band of old pharts, we have only made one reservation, I knew it would be hard to get into, sits on a popular pay fishing lake and not far from my mom, south-west of Indianapolis. We'll go there again as the other options was staying atleast an hour from mom so I will reserve and pay the price We have a farm 1.5 hours away from mom I can stay at but we like staying on the paylake, it's interesting to say the least and 15 minutes to mom. Every-where else, we wing it and have not had a single day/nite we could not get into a campground. If you sit down with a map and figure out how far you drive each day, it might be possible for you to call/reserve 2,3 or 4 days ahead of your worried about where to stay along your route. Also, check around/look at Famcamps (military), there are some, and I think in FL a couple that are open to the public, military has priority but not hard to get into some of these also. I will state for the record, we don't go to touristy areas, boon-dock in the sticks, no major attractions near by so we get in easily every night we travel. As a last ditch effort, you can *usually* find a Cabela's/Lowe's/Menards/Walmart to spend a night parked when all else fails. We so far, knock on wood, have not had to do this yet BUT I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it as a lot of ppl on here will do just that when traveling from one spot to another. In my neck of the woods, I can always find you a place to stay a night or 2 but I must get along with ya... .LOL, I don't share my homebrew with just anyone.
  7. Never thought of that. This sounds like a win-win! Or open an account at his bank ahead of time, have teller transfer is $$ to your account while you are both standing there (rpsinc's idea). Either way, this would be very safe.
  8. A won-ton dually is very stabil and worth it. Mine holds the road quite well when being passed by big trucks and with side/front/rear heavy winds. A 5th wheel RV is more stabil if moving/pulling a lot. I would not rule out a little bigger camper to get a toy hauler with separate garage, you can put a lot more back there than your motorcycle. Measure your motobike, you more than likely can get away with a garage of 10ft putting you down to a 37/38 foot camper and with it being a 5th wheel, it will pull like a shorter TT without the wind/tail wagging inherent with a TT. Whatever you decide on, watch truck and RV weight limits. Some of these toy haulers are crazy heavy and surpass my 3500 DRW manufacturer weight limits. The real weight factor is what the wheels/tires are rated for and what the brakes are capable of handling. Just my 2-cents worth as I see you are experienced in hauling a TT. IMHO edit: With a toy hauler, you can get a drop down bed making it also a separate bedroom for that 3rd person, some have a toilet/sink for 2nd bathroom in the garage with washer/dryer connections.
  9. IF you go this way, tell him you cash the check and keep the RV until the bank says it cleared. Usually 3 days. Saying that, I've had a jacka## try that on me, did not fall for it. Probably a scam, the printers these days can print out a pretty convincing copy/fake check. Best to have him hand you the cash in front of the teller and have him/her check the bills for counterfeits. Those can be pretty convincing too. You'll pay off the remainder of the loan? Where have you been all my life?? I saw you posted same time I did, good. I was in NV once, had a retailer hand me a $100 bill. I was visiting and brought hundred $$ bills with me to spend. His bill looked good, could not tell the difference, had the micro thread even. Said, hold it to the light. I did, what I saw was a bleached out $5 printed over with $100 info. I could not tell the difference. Told me it (at the time) was the current scam to hit the casinos.
  10. Welcome to the forum! I just looked that up, pretty interesting, might check it out when my local store gets them back in stock. I'm also looking at the cane one, would like to protect from a little farther away from those teeth.
  11. I know your trying to be.. funny, but I'll explain my side. Most, unless ordered specifically with other brakes systems, come with drum/pad brakes. Some adjust automatically, some manually. Mine are manual. What happens when someone, not mechanically inclined, adjust his/her brakes incorrectly, or forgets and does not adjust them every 2k miles? They loose efficiency. What happens when they do a lot of hill/mountain towing? It's called brake fade. This is when you need to make sure, call it over-kill if you will, but you need to make sure your tow vehicle can slow down/stop/control your rig. As per my rig, I made sure my truck was over kill. But, I have yet to find a down grade I can not control with my truck, stay in lower gear, let the engine brake do the work and stay off my brakes as much as possible. This also means I'm not using the trailer brakes as much as possible. Now, that's just *my* point of view, tell me if I'm wrong? I'm open to all opinions without getting fussy, someone might even teach this old hard-head something new. I also did not post this to be argumentative, just as a teaching reply, teach me if I'm wrong. 🙂
  12. I would examine the inverter's documents, it should state what gauge wires is recommended. Then examine the RV wiring to see what size is available to tap into, then go from there. IMHO
  13. While I'm not a newbie, I don't do it full time. If someone see's me doing something wrong, or the hard way, or look clueless, PLEASE step over and help me. Not all of us are hard-headed and do appreciate the help. I might even offer you a beer or glass of wine if I have any. AND, like it or not, if I see you are frustrated or needing help, I'm there, get grouchy, I walk away but I do try to help. 🙂 As I was once told, the time to fix something is when you see it.
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