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  1. I believe it is going to get a lot worse yet before the sun rises again (metaphorically) . This arrogance of the American ppl, and most the world, won't happen to me, I won't be affected, I don't care, I'll survive, survival of the fittest, my race is better than your race, blah blah blah..... is exactly why we need to prepare for our future, our children's mostly, which is learning to speak Russian, Chinese (yes I know it is not the correct name of that language), or perhaps, what-ever language the Islamic nations use...... WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES! The above is NOT political, the above is where we are headed if we don't pull our head out of our arse. Wear your dayum N95 mask! Be a part of the solution, not a part of the crowd (lack of) mentality. I believe in science.
  2. How big a smoker do you want? I picked up a Traeger imitation, Country Smoker. It's portable, does not have Wifi but I don't need that. I have used it a few times, just picked it up last Christmas and so far it does a great job. It's not light, but I can carry it. It's not for doing big amounts of meat, but for a small group, it works great. And, MUCH less in purchase price for doing the same job. I also have a masterbuilt elec smoker at my SnB, it has never been very consistant smoking, have to baby sit it to keep the smoke going, probably send it to the scrap yard shortly.
  3. This is a good idea in my opinion. I have one of those, I charge anything over $50 on it. When I get home, I pay it off electronically so it never builds interest charges. I have just about enough points on it to pay for a new rifle on it (Cabela's). There are stores that don't like them. I have one I deal with that will add 3% on top of the total because they refuse to pay the CC company to accept it. I've since changed stores, but you have to watch to make sure they (merchant) are not quietly doing that to your total.
  4. I carry maybe $500 when camping and find I usually return home with most still in my pocket. As much as I hate electronic cwap, I have found it much more convenient to use my debit card and my credit union re-reimburses me for ATM uses when I find it necessary (albeit rare) to hit them. I put a daily limit on my card just in case someone got their thieving fingers on my number and used it. A quick call during business hours will allow a bigger charge to go through when needed. Come to think of it, I'm still carrying the same 5-$100 bills I took out from bank 2-3 years back.
  5. If staying in one place makes ppl happy, good for them. There is no way in heck I could do it. 2 weeks in one place drives me nuts. 1 week and I have seen most everything I wanted to in that area. I'm not a full timer, just a future snow birder (delayed because of the virus) but I could not imagine being in one place that long. We had planned our moves out for last year and looked at this coming winters, hard to find somewhat warm places in winter it appears, but is doable (alot of dispersed camping). We are planning a 2-3 month stay around Seattle one winter to spend more time with our grand-daughter but I'm willing to bet staying that long drives me nuttier than a loon. I have a SnB I won't be selling, kinda like the winters here until we hit a month of minus zero temps with wicked wind-chill temps. Summers.... why would I leave, I love gardening and small scale farming. About the only reason I would spend more than a few days in one place would be the fishing.... yea, that pretty much drives what I do. Ice fishing here is awesome, but I'm getting off track. Good luck with your choice.
  6. Should not be very hard to do. Minimalist is the way to go. We traveled around Europe for 4 years, myself, wife and 2 young kids in a 6-man dome tent and large car. Only carried the necessaries and picked up perishables, etc as we went. Well, was not 4 years total travel time, more like weekend here, week there, I was active duty military. Was fun! Enjoy the trip!
  7. 3-wheelers have their place. That is NOT in my garage. I have friends that ride them, they are handicap'd and can't hold up a bike. I have a Harley-Davidson now and love it. I have owned Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Susucky and prior HDs. It's your choice on scoot manufacture. Saying that, I have rode my friends trikes. It was enough to convince me I will never own one. Personally, if I want more than 2 wheels, I'll buy a convertible car/jeep/UTV, etc. You lose the motorcycle feel on 2 wheels so what is the sense of having one? Don't get me started on those snowmobiles with wheels..... what a joke. But, in the end, do what makes *you* happy.
  8. I've seen many families, including ours, break apart over estates. We told our kids we are spending their inheritance, we earned it, *we* are enjoying it. My parents (father now passed), I told them to spend their $$, take trips, enjoy what you have earned. They were more concerned about what they could leave behind. I told them leave us out of it, we don't need or want it. Take trips, enjoy yourself. Didn't happen and the fighting is on the edge, waiting for the day the others think they get some $$. Problem is, with the fighting already on the edge, my mom wants to split it between myself and a grandchild. I don't need/want this headache. I keep telling her to spit it up between all the grandkids. Fights coming.... grrrrrrr
  9. At the moment, we only camp 2-3 nights, occasionally a 3 week trip. My wife and I have 2 Verizon above unlimited. I watch at most, 2 hours a night but normally, 30 minutes to catch up on FOX news. We have not been throttled, all videos, Netflix/Amazon Prime/DirectTV come across just fine, not choppy. If weather forces us to stay inside, we will watch a movie or 2, still no problem. When we start snow-birding, we will pick up a satellite but that depends on where we go, some campgrounds have cable tv set-ups. If we get it figured out and spend a lot of time snow-birding dispersed, then definitely pick up a satellite. I'm one of those that needs to pay attention, to see what the political thieves are doing/stealing/destroying our freedom so we need to be connected. {<--- not political statement or rant, leave it alone, ty}.
  10. If I'm home I will try to take a pic of mine tomorrow. My slide motor is no where close to the gears on my slide-outs. The pins (bolt/nut) is out to the side a couple inches from the slide gear where the tube goes to it. I have a shear pin on each gear, probably 12 foot distance from each other and a long shaft connecting them, via a shear-pin. You could have a bad battery, I just replaced one 2yrs old. Motor could be bad. Can you connect a gen or other power source to your camper and try?
  11. Is the shaft from the motor moving? I just fixed mine, your gears look identical to mine. Right where the shaft goes in was a shear pin (bolt). I replaced mine and it works great now. Actually did it this morn. With my shear pin busted, using the crank could not move the slide as its before the shear pin. Good luck!
  12. Been a little while since I posted about my problem. Have not bothered working on it because of the virus, I was in no hurry to lay on the ground and work on it, way toooo many other projects took priority. Anywayz, made my mind up this am to look at it. There was no access panels near the shear bolts but a panel in the back was big enough to get my big head and flashlight in. Yup, it was a shear bolt, missing so that was it. I cut an 8x8 square hole and was able to get to it easily. Installed a shearbolt, now she slides all the way in/out with no problem. Looked it over good, could not figure out what caused it to break. Looked over at the other side, looks original so I figure before we go far I will cut an access hole for that too. All in all, it was easy to fix so we are ready to go! Although we could easily have used the camper with the slide in, just makes it nice to have the room opened up. Now if I could get my garden put in this easy.... LOL, and the painting, need to replace 10 lower level windows.... yesh... I need to go fishing! Thank-you very much for all the info/insight on my problem. Camp on!
  13. Wife and I gave up on plans for travel this summer/winter. I just filled my coup with some chicks again so no travel for a little while for sure.
  14. All our travel plans have been cancelled for the year. Stinx, we have a young grand-daughter we miss but with them being in what my son in law calls ground zero (Seattle), we will just have to be happy to see/talk to them on messenger. We took a drive friday to check out our camping spot bout 1.5 hours from home, no one has been there, the fish are biting so we are talking about spending some time there camping again shortly. We rarely see anyone there, it's a very nice dispersed site on a nice little lake. We also have a section of land north west of us no one else is allowed on so we are going to spend time there, again also dispersed but not a problem, it's the way we like it. It will give us alot of alone time to cut lots of firewood for our house as we used up most our stockpile this past winter. It will also give me time to assemble a tractor I have in pieces there, always something to do... LOL Our plans to snowbird next year has been shoved under the rug for now. I doubt we go anywhere around people until a vaccine is created. My wife is very high risk due to health issues, I'm also in the risk group due to age and minor health issues. Just not worth taking a chance. Next year, maybe. Time will tell. We are fortunate, our place is in the sticks so avoiding ppl is easy and we can go out and about without going stir crazy.
  15. I have a Progressive in-line power monitor. If it drops, it would cut out. Has not happened to me, yet.... I did not put in the soft-start for the AC, bought camper used so I don't know if I have one or not. I would not use a genny/shore power without a power monitor, have heard too many nightmares about frying equipment without one. https://www.progressiveindustries.net/ems-hw30c Cheap insurance.
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