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  1. I don't know pappy.... lol Some people take a long time to decide on options/actions. I've been trying to decide for 26 years on whether to move back south or stay in ND. I figure I have 20ish years left to decide on what to do. I bet I end up moving back to NM, or just sell everything and go full time, sell the SnB sometime in the next couple decades.... LOL 🙂
  2. We have the 30 amp progressive in our camper. Ours in hard-wired into the elec. system, was very easy for me to put in. Highly recommend it, very inexpensive insurance. I know a guy that did not run one, cost him quite a bit of change to repair his campers electrical system when he got nailed with a surge.
  3. Probably right. The 3 TVs I have don't have RCA jacks, kinda figured there were a thing of the past. Mine all have HDMI in/outputs.
  4. Unfortunately, my TV does not have those outputs, I looked hard for them. I have to use the optical out, it cuts out the sound. When we get another tv, I will make sure it has the rca outs.
  5. I have the VA issued Resound aids. I misspoke a little, I guess. I could connect to my android phones but had to go through one of the accessories they provide. I did not like having to also carry the clip on device that acted like a go between for the phone to hearing aids. Without the clip-on bluetooth adapter, my hearing aids would not connect directly to my android phone. I also have the assy for the TV to hearing aids but for some reason, when connected, my TV shuts off the TV speakers and my wife could not hear the TV. For me, less is best. I won't carry around a little clip on to hear phone to aids. Just one more thing to lose, which I'm good at. Unless they have changed, and this pair of hearing aids are about 3 months old, Resound hearing aids will not connect directly to android phones. I also have the resound phone apps, love them.
  6. Only reason I went with apple iphone was my hearing aids. They are not compatible with android. I much prefer my android phones but alas, can't connect to me h/aids. If android ever gets the software/ability to connect to them, this iphone is gone. To load up all my music via itunes.... I had to get the 256 phone.... I consider it a pain in the arse phone, way too expensive for what it is. AND, very unhappy it won't mirror (cast) to any of my TVs like my androids do.
  7. Click on link Price inline with NADA, but I need one couple years old max. Good luck selling it.
  8. I googled it, went right to it. Looks like a nice place but too far from family in Kenmore for us. Might be a fun place to visit someday though. 🙂
  9. Good place to start on the camper : https://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2015/DRV/M-38RSSA/6541929 Go through the accessories, add them then hit continue at the bottom. Good luck on finding a dealer to give you a decent value on the truck/rv. Better off selling them yourself, IMHO Truck: https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/Trucks Post pics, or a link of pics for Camper.
  10. Fast food joints should make their drive through bigger to accommodate: https://q13fox.com/2019/12/06/woman-arrested-for-dui-after-rv-gets-stuck-in-taco-bell-drive-thru/?fbclid=IwAR3IzdCWPJr-0Vays5KszYhUchOrWXgSw3eX4mMxYvjOZ_i1RAZa9D5EeNU
  11. That's a shame, back in the 80s and 90s we went there alot. Any family that came to visit us always asked for a trip there to the big market. We loved it but have heard it's not a good place to visit anymore. I would love to see it return to the way it used to be, we enjoyed it very much. Last fall I talked to a Mexican family up here for the harvest. They said it is much safer than alot of the USA they go to work at. He said don't be rude or mix it up with one of the cartel ppl and you will have no problems. Basically, he said don't ask for trouble and you won't get it. I should have gotten their contact info, would have been fun to go visit them someday.
  12. Look at Country Smokers wood pellet grill/smoker on Amazon. It's identical to the Traeger. I have seen it on amyzon for $199, just have to watch the pricing. I plan on getting this one if/when it goes back down. I bet it's made by the same company as the Traeger one. I've heard nothing but good reports about it.
  13. Very true. I would run a shop vac hose under the seat from the other side (?), lay it next to the bolt and suck while it cuts. Wear goggles, you do not want to lose an eye!
  14. I bought a 90-degree air die grinder many years ago fairly cheap from harbor freight that would work. A good carbide burr on it would take time but would remove the head a little at a time. https://www.harborfreight.com/air-angle-die-grinder-32046.html I think I picked up the burr from NAPA but if I remember right, was around $70 but it has lasted a decade and still works like new.
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