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  1. When I retired here in ND, I sold everything, bought a truck and was in the process of buying a new camper when (unfortunately) my wife was offered one of those jobs of a lifetime, she took it so we stayed here. Point is we were headed back to NM. Miss it greatly, it is indeed the best place we lived and we have lived in Europe also. We still want to spend our winters there abouts, did I mention we miss NM! If we had not developed camper problems, we would have ended up there after a visit to a few other southern states. It is an awesome state with sooooo much to do/enjoy. We prefer the southern part of the state but anywhere we have visited in the land of enchantment always impressed us. We will be back!
  2. We spent many summers tent camping in the forestry there. Very nice, great reprieve from the heat at lower elevations. High Rolls is not quite as high but would drop a few degrees, the cherry festival was awesome. Watch out for black bears, they used to be fairly common there. Mainly pests, just keep your camp clean of food/crumbs, etc.
  3. We lived there from '85 through '91, every winter was cold. We lived in Alamogordo, the further north or higher you went, the colder it got. Even though the snow only lasted a couple days before it melted, it happened too many times to enjoy. Saying that, it is still a heck of a lot warmer than the minus 24 degrees we just experienced. Just make sure your tanks/water lines are protected from freezing, you just never know in NM.
  4. Mine did for a short time. We let them be together supervised for a few days, took about 2 weeks for them to be real comfortable with each other. Mine was a Britney, breaking him of going after my chickens was really hard... LOL. 2 days before our dog died, he was laying in the room and the kittens were laying against him cuddling. I kinda think they sensed something was wrong and was giving him a lot of loving, he ate it up. So yes, they can become friends, just slow starting.
  5. Just a quick search brought this up, not much info except maybe a stinky plant/factory possibly going in nearby. https://community.fmca.com/topic/13222-free-stay-an-rvers-paradise-spring-ridge-estates/ Other than that, never heard of them.
  6. Too bad! If long term stay spots don't have fishin near-by, well, it's just isn't a great spot to be for myself and many others. Sorry you can't see the connection.
  7. Sigh..... all this talk about cat'n.... now I want to go fishing bad! Guess it's time to go punch some holes, ice is running between 12 to 18 inches. With all this crazy snow we've had, good thing we have a UTV with tracks. So far, best long term summer place to stay, one is private property and the other is a lake stocked with walleyes/northern pike and I rarely see another sole. If anyone is up my way, contact me, I will gladly give you directions but be aware, it is way out there, be prepared for dispersed camping.
  8. I've seen these small moto bikes carried on a rack on the front bumper and camper rear bumpers. I would think that would make it easy to load? My wife can't ride a bike or I would look into those but alas, she can't. Believe me, I've tried. This is why I want a toy hauler to I can bring along a utv. Some states like ND, you can drive them on a road posted below 50mph, some municipalities allow them to be driven in town but from what I read, a lot of states forbid this.
  9. Might be good, but Red River between ND and MN is the best... LOL BUT, I would not recommend trying the grab method in this river. I do agree, cat-fishing is awesome! Our problem is catching them small enough to taste good, way too many monster cats here but I look forward to trying Arrrr-kansas cat'n some day. And fly2low, I'd be happy to share my favorite spots if you don't clip too many tree-tops getting here. 🙂
  10. Some of the articles I saw had a lot of ppl complaining about the transmission on that jeep being problematic. Not sure it would be dependable with weight on the bumper.
  11. Glad to help. I know nothing about your current car, can it be flat towed? Is it a stick shift or automatic? Someone posted a link on here a while back on how to see if a vehicle can be towed or not. It's over my head.... LOL Yup, you can disconnect your toad to back in but most camping locations have pull through sites, I use those as often as possible.
  12. So far I have found these to work great:
  13. LOL, someone must be hitting the sauce like me about now..... hehehe I don't know your financial stats nor do I want to, but here's my 2.4 cents worth. IF you buy the camper, then can't get financed for the tow vehicle, what then? Personally, if I was tight and had to do a loan, I'd get the tow vehicle first. Then forbid something stopping you from getting a camper loan, you will still have the newer vehicle to drive around. Can't drive a travel trailer last I saw. 🙂 Note: I bought my tow vehicle first, waiting til paid off to purchase a bigger/newer camper. We're retired on limited budget so I'm not talking out my backside, just *my* experience/thoughts. Another note, dealers are full of fertilizer. They just want to make a sale. IF they sold this one before you are ready, and I've heard it all before from them, there will be another one down the road when you are ready, maybe just not one that makes them $$ out of your pocket. Good luck!
  14. This: e-trailer is about the best I could find. When looking at a camper, make sure of the max, or loaded weight of the camper. Tire dates/conditions, etc. Old or worn tires will make for a very bad day. Good camper brakes are a must also. Have you thought of a class c and a toad, possibly your compact you have now depending on it's set-up? Probably get a decent used one for about the same ballpark and have more room? Good luck on your search.
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