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  1. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Good info, thanks all!
  2. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Thanks DJW, we'll sign her up when it's time. DW was told by someone that if she signs up 6 months early, even though we start paying early, she will get a 30% discount on Part B cost, have you heard this? I wondered if that is for life, or just a discount til she hits 65? Or again, rumor b.s. She already has a civilian provider, couple different ones in fact as we don't use the military health care system for her. We don't have prime. Nothing wrong with prime, it's just that she is civil service, works in the base clinic and knows most the Drs/nurses. She's kinda funny about that, I don't blame her as she does not want them to know about her heart problems. We just pay the out of pocket and press on with pride.
  3. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    I'm not so much worried about it for myself at the moment, but for my wife. She turns 65 in the next 8 months. When she does, she has to select part B or loose TFL? Or can she wait until I turn 65 then we both do part b and still have TFL? Or did we loose it because she did not start immediately?
  4. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Hate to say it, but my wife and I kinda said the same thing. My point to him was, you were not dying, why the heck not call one of us for a ride? Also told him he should have made the call to the VA first. If I sounded like it was the VAs fault, that's my bad. I would have made the phone call first to get authorized but in all likely hood, I would have called my wife or one of my friends for a ride. I'm just saying, check first, the VA can, and has proven it, tell whomever to Eff Off it's your problem.
  5. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    I've seriously thought about not going back to them and just use my Tri-Care. Being retired, If I'm not near a VA facility, I should (?) be able to just file under Tri-Care if need be. I just turned 60 so a couple years before I get to go under Medicare (wife is older than me and will go on it pretty soon). I kinda wonder if I should back up the statements I've made and use Medicare & Tricare when I get there. The clinic here was good, had a great Dr but he retired. The one I have now is swiftly alienating most vets with her bad.... bedside manners so to speak. I do have a friend that needed an ambulance ride not to long ago. They took him to the hospital an hour away. When VA got the bill, they said EFF YOU! They said he could have made the ride to the VA hospital albeit another 1.5 hours away. They sent him the hospital bill and ride bill. Right now he's trying to figure out how to pay over $30k for just the ride. Yea, you have to be careful with the VA, know where they are and if possible, they do have a number to check in and get their permission first.
  6. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Ronbo, I can't answer your questions but will tell a short story about my wife's meds when she was hospitalized for heart problems. Fast forward, checked out and received prescriptions to control her heart. Tri-care fought the meds the Dr ordered and demanded she get the generic versions of it first. Her Dr even called them and told them that would not work, she needed very specific meds that generic side did not cover. They still fought, did not want to give them to her first, demanded she went the cheap pills first. In the end, a very good Dr my wife had won out in the end and we got her going good, semi straightened out. Just be aware of that if/when you go on tri-care, they will try to put you on generic meds, some are good, some are weak. Be ready to have Dr stand up to them for you.
  7. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    DJW, this is what gets my goose. I am also at 100% VA so I get all my care from them. As such, I and others in my group should NOT have to pay the part b, we should be exempt without our spouses loosing TFL. I have no problem with having to pay for my wife, or she paying for it out of her SS check, but to take it out of a 100% covered vet, is in my books downright theft from my pocket. I have not nor will ever use medicare or part b (hopefully). Granted that's not a lot of $$, it's just the point they do it needlessly so. Taking it from the wife's check, and mine, it ends up costing over $200/month for what is essentially a supplement.
  8. Truck Registration

    I will go out and look at the registration card, it's in the truck and we are getting hammered right now. All the card says is registered weight at top of box with the 16k typed in. I don't know if that is for GVW or GCVW. I'm just trying to make sure this newbie has his bases covered before I hit the road.
  9. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Mine is auto switching. :-)
  10. Truck Registration

    I have a 2015 Ran 3500 dually and a 2002 Park Avenue 32ft camper. My truck (new to me as well as the rv) is registered at 16k (and change) weight. Am I good, or do I need to change the registration weight? Truck weighs around 8.5k and max weight per manufactured for camper is 14k. Do I need to change the registration card to say 24,000? I have time to do it before I pull it again, just want to be legal across all state lines/laws. Per Dodge, my truck is good up to 27,400 so no problem there.
  11. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Cool, thanks ya'll. I should be good, I plan on putting in a couple banks of 6v golf cart batteries and a solar panel or 2. We plan on doing some boon docking eventually.
  12. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Thanks for the answer to my query. Mine has a selection of LP/Elec. I believe ya'll are right, I have choice of LP or shore power, one selection says Auto. If I select auto, then going down the road it will run on LP, correct? If so, it would probably run until both LP tanks are empty so I have nothing to worry about I assume. I have alot to learn and hate it is sitting in the driveway, covered in snow now... I want to get out sooooo bad!
  13. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    I am now curious about same question. Fridge runs off battery and/or LP. (mine) If I set it to run off battery going down the road, you said 4-5 hours. With the camper connected to the truck, will the 12 volts from the truck's system charge the battery going down the road, or are they not connected? If not, is there a way to connect the campers bat. system to the trucks so it can charge/run camper 12 volt system while connected?
  14. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Good point, I had forgotten about that. I wonder when turning 65, new ID, no longer Standart/Prime eligible, does a retiree also loose access to military Drs since they all become Medicare dependents now? I know a few retirees that still use base/post hospitals/medical care. Will they have to go through the hassle of finding a new Dr or can they stay as is, only the insurance company changes? I like the idea of loosing the social sec. number from being printed on the cards. It's not been on my drivers lisc. for a long time.
  15. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    I've heard through the grapevine if you don't get part b, tricare will not cover you at all? Do you know if this is true? My wife turns 65 3 years before me, next fall. Does she have to subscribe to part b, or is it good to go until I turn 65?