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  1. Is this what you are referring to? https://www.campendium.com/camping/covid-19-state-by-state-campground-closures-responses/
  2. NDBirdman

    Grand design

    Let us know how it works out. I've been looking real hard at GD but have no personal experience with them.
  3. Hot green tea with honey is good. Asparagus, covered with olive oil, sprinkle a little salt on and grill.... dayum, it's just awesome! Your missing a darn good eats! IMHO, yea, it's not for everyone. 🙂
  4. There is/was no need to report tp was being run at, non at all except to fan the flames. Media has the ability to pick/choose what they feed the sheeple. You can call it state run media if that is what floats your boat, I call most of them a certain party run/controlled. No difference. In the past few years, they all have an agenda and so many have been caught lying all for the mighty $$. Media needs to get back to REAL journalism and stop this baloney they ALL are now doing.
  5. I think it was fanned hard by news stations reporting items stores were out of. If they had reported stores were running out of frozen artichokes, there would be a run on those. People are sheeple. We keep an average 6 months of supplies on hand as a norm (only because we are out in the sticks and winter, we can get snowed in for quite a while), not falling for the shortage craze going on. Remember what happened when it was reported there was a .22 cal. shells shortage? Sheeple went nuts trying to hoard what they could find. I understand those full timing in campers can't do this but we will survive, IF we don't let this drive us crazy... which most days I'm accused of being a nutcase by those that know me personally.... LOL
  6. THANK-YOU!! Yes, the media is blowing it out of proportion. It brings them $$ by attracting more of an audience! And if you don't want to turn this political, let it drop. My attitude is just that, MY beliefs. Ya'll put your beliefs up, I will put mine up, simple as that. NOWHERE did I say it is not bad. NOWHERE did I say you could not believe whatever YOU (all those complaining about my beliefs, not just you hems) want to believe. NOWHERE did I say don't take precautions. YES, I believe in medical science, atleast those without a political agenda. I apologize to those thinking I'm trying to shove my beliefs down your throat, I'm not BUT, don't try to shove your's down mine, I will spit it back up and not nicely.
  7. Bingo! Caution is the key word, not panic. I like your list, alot of common sense and suggestions there. We are not on the road so it is a good time to continue, for us, to work on our home, paint, continue working on re-modeling. Soon as it warms up a few degrees, I will do some much needed work on our camper. Might put traveling out of state off a month or so.
  8. I see there is a lot of Chicken Littles running around. I feel bad for those that catch it, AND the flu. YES, we are taking precautions by staying out of town and away from people but that is pretty normal for us anyway. Those that are in panic mode are not the brightest folks around. The ones taking caution are more stable. Panic only breeds more panic. As far as selfish, your dayum right we are! Seriously, I don't give a poop about Chicken Littles.
  9. Welp, ND has joined the panic. All schools ordered shut down til 20 March, NO public gatherings above 50 people allowed. I'm sure hoping this does not drive ppl to my boondocking spots, I don't like company when camping on a nice, stocked lake.
  10. Yes, you are! How many deaths EVERY YEAR from the flu and how many deaths from covid? Don't care about your percentages, I care about the end result. FLU kills more every year. I'm not interested in cdc or any other government spin on this crap. Believe what you want, YOU will not change my mind, period.
  11. Lots of shows I would like to attend have cancelled, due to my family/wife getting nervous we have cancelled our Seattle trip in April. I think we are going to spend the spring/summer boondocking in our state, going to RV dealerships during the week (looking for new camper) etc. We plan on avoiding anywhere with crowds. If it were not for my wife's underlying health issues, we would just go as normal but.... This virus is not as bad as the flu that happens every year, media has just hyped this up as well as other groups but I'm not going there.
  12. When we bought ours, we were *handed off* to the finance guy. The look n his face was priceless when he asked how we wanted to finance and I told him I had the cash. He whined about no need to be there because he was not going to make any of the commission. The salesman had just left for the day so he had to *handle* us out the door with our new to us camper.... LOL Enjoy your new camper. It's fun to deal with stealerships!
  13. I would definitely have paper in hand and your states tags/registration on it before I tried driving it cross country as well as copies of your states regulations concerning your new to you truck/RV. Not sure I would want Johnnie Law chasing me after blowing past a weigh station, or spending the afternoon in the station trying to convince them of anything. Might take you a little longer to get it home, but worth avoiding the hassle. Have you ever drove a large truck? If not, it will show and that alone will get you picked on. Have not read most your posts, don't know if your experienced, if so, ignore my post. Truck an auto? If stick, have someone show you, they don't shift like a car/light truck and can get you in trouble pretty quick. Engine brakes? Don't use those bob-tailing. Bob-tail, that thing will be light in the rear, watch the ice/rain/sand on the road, etc. IMHO I'm a retired pro-driver, those are just some of my concerns but it has been 10 yrs since I've drove more than a grain hauler around the farm. Just my 2-cents worth. Have a safe drive and enjoy it.
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