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  1. Good ideas. My sis just brought something up. What exactly are those iphone watches capable of and the range? Could they are are they capable of hitting/dialing 911?
  2. I've seen a few campgrounds that offered hard wired phone service, or landline to your spot. You pay for hook-up/service like you would in a snb. Our camper is wired for landline service from the factory, even came with a phone. Would that work? Would probably limit where you could camp and require long temp campsite would be my guess. Other than that, I usually have no problem getting/staying on the net with verizon unlimited data plans but I have been in spots with no cell service. But, I would not depend on it for my financial needs.
  3. Question for those that have loved ones that have started falling, breaking bones but insist on being independent. My mom first fell and did a face plant in a parking lot last fall. Not much damage other than seriously bruised up face/hands. A few short months back, she tripped over a small crack on concrete, fell and broke her hip. She laid for a while before help showed up, kids all at school or work so she was alone a bit. Now, after a partial hip replacement, she trips on her own cane and goes down again. Laid/crawled for 2 hours before she was able to crawl a phone to call for help, was not carrying her cell phone, now has a broken arm. We are getting seriously worried about her now. She refuses to go to a nursing home, won't leave where she is. We live almost 1,000 miles away so we can't check on her hourly and she won't move here. We did manage to get her into an assisted living home but after one hour, she walked out and said not going to happen. She still has most her facilities so can't force her to go anywhere. We could hire someone to stay with her during the day but she won't have it, does not need/want a.... baby sitter. My niece and her hubby and 3 kids live with her, or should say she lives in their house now so she's only alone when the kids are in school, both adults have day jobs. We want her to maintain her independence but something has to be done without treating her like a 3-yr old. Anywayz, I have been looking at Life Alert (not very impressed with them), Mobil Help and Mobil Guardian. Does anyone use one of these or experience with loved ones using one? Any strong suggestions one way or another for an alert system? Definitely want one with fall detection since she does not seen able to stay on her feet. We (the children) are open to any/all suggestions.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Like said, need much more info.
  5. Last time they visited this site was the day this was posted. I smell a skunk.
  6. I have no problem dry camping, all I need is a jug of water for drinking/cooking and a good batt. to run the furnace off of. I just talked to the Lake Pleasant RV Park in Seattle, they are just about booked full. They stay open year round. We're still debating, I'm willing to bet we end up taking a sleeper car (train) there again, it's fun. The killer is the near $1,800 it cost for 10 days motel stay there..... ouch!! Just about the same for the train ride, atleast we have a vehicle there we can drive so no car rentals. Oh-well, our grand-daughter will only have one 1st birthday. I'm hoping to winter there next year if we have a newer RV, they are picky about the age of campers, their price seriously reflects this.
  7. Good reply but she has not been back since 28 April. We seem to get a lot of fly-bys on here.
  8. Plays his shovel better than I can play my Stratocaster.... LOL
  9. That's truly our hope, we want to be done with snow and negative temps, we're not getting any younger! We've done this train route before, actually 2 months back and it was enjoyable.
  10. We are trying to decide about traveling with 5th wheel camper from our home in NE ND to Seattle area, is it feasible or folly. We would be traveling starting down hwy 94. I don't like traveling on major highways but think it advisable late in the year. Would leave ND appx 6-8 Nov, returning end of the month/first of Dec. Would it be doable or would I end up stranded in the mountains somewhere? I don't want to pull it through snow/ice, I have had some not very fun rides doing so when I drove tractor/trailers (have not drove this route in a truck). My other options are take the train sleeper car, or drive our car this trip.
  11. Understand totally! I've been retired for 10 years now but my wife has 6 weeks to go. I think she is counting the days, if not hours, been a long road but oh so much fun! It's about to get more fun!! 10 days after she retires we are starting off with a SD pheasant hunting trip, then to Indy for my mom's 80th. Then we need to decide how we are going to WA. Kinda worried about traveling across the mountains with a camper.... might finish off with another train trip, then back home and decide where to spend the coldest part of our winter, Jan/Feb. Oh the choices.... LOL Might even trip towards FL if we can find a spot, away from the saltwater and tourist traps.
  12. Cool, you gave me something to think about! I just wish I had found a long bed.... LOL Atleast I have a 28ft flatbed trailer to haul materials with. Maybe I'll just concentrate on finding a new(ish) toy hauler. I'm leaning towards the GD Momentum 351. I could handle that with my RAM.
  13. Welp, done and done. Was easy to fix, did not have to run to town. Gears were just fine, problem was the cross-over tube was sloppy, shaft is solid as a rock. Shimmed with a washer and slop/noise is gone.
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