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  1. I feel Aridzona is just as unfriendly! Stationed there for 6 years, remained an IN resident, paid IN taxes every year. Left AZ, went to NM for 5 years then went to Germany. 2 years living in Germany, I get a threatening letter from Aridzona demanding I pay back taxes for all those years. Took many expensive phone calls, many letters, sent copies of tax forms (luckily we had them still and with us) twice to get them to realize I was military and a non-resident of AZ and did indeed pay *my* state taxes to the state I was a *legal* resident of. What a pain in the arse! I will forever avoid that lousy state and spend my tourist/tax $$ elsewhere. CA... never happen. Dislike that state even worse.
  2. Had that happen to me. After I retired, I really enjoyed the freedom. Got a lot of things done I had always wanted to do. One day, it hit me, just what the heck am I going to do now? Went out, met a couple neighbors and went to work for one of them part time farming. That satisfied me for a while... then that got old... now what do I do? LOL, just ask my wife, she came home one day and the first floor of our house was partially demolished. Kinda made me a job that has lasted for a couple years but that too will soon run out, almost done.... LOL. I hope she really enjoys retirement, key is, find something to do so you don't go stir crazy... been there, done that. You should see the huge garden I dug up... LOL
  3. Congrats to your wife! Just make sure she has enough to keep her occupied with all that free time.
  4. NDBirdman

    Audio system recommendation

    Our factory radio/cd player works just fine for us currently. It switches between or uses both sets of speakers, livingroom/bedroom. I was looking at something for an upgrade, am wondering how something like this would work, if you can connect it to a TV or not? Would that work? We're not audiophiles, we both suffer from hearing loss. Work for op's requirements (and ours)?
  5. NDBirdman

    Since the nest is empty, let's fly the coop!

    Welcome to the forum. We too are only camping a weekend here, week there. Wife still works. When she retires this fall we plan on becoming snow-birds but I don't see us ever going full time. We have thought about it but no way will we ever sell our SnB, the location, size, love of gardening/fishing/hunting that we can do from here will keep me here til the end. Renting our place, never happen. Don't need the cash, don't need the repairs caused by others, etc. We do some boon-docking, We find it much more pleasurable than an up-scale (uppity) RV park. We may have to stay in one in Seattle every once in a while but won't make a habit of it. Won't do box store parking lots either although some do and enjoy it. We have never, or so far, had a problem finding a place to camp for a day or 2 on our trips with no reservations. We like to travel maybe 300 miles a day but wife is on the phone calling after 200 or so miles down the road. I find researching a place to stay nightly or couple weeks at a time fairly easy using the internet. Google is your friend. Just a few I use, there are many planners/sites out there. Good luck! RV Park Reviews Trip Planner with free campsites If Military More
  6. NDBirdman


    My opinions on guns... NEVER pull one unless you are willing to turn your hard earned $$ over to lawyers. Never pull one unless you are willing/able to kill the attacker. Never pull one unless you are willing to die, they just might be quicker (ya'll have to admit, at our ages, we are not very fast anymore)! Therefore, I don't carry one unless I'm on the range or hunting. On canes, I DO NOT carry one as a weapon, nor do I recommend anyone do so. I meant to say, when I do have to use one, it is just a tool at hand I can use as defense when left with no choice, but I learned to do so correctly. I use one when my body refuses to co-operate. Which is way too often...lol. Like I said in previous post, I can get more $$ and property, can't get another life. But, to each 'is own. Does that gun (or other self-defense mechanism) give you enough of a *feel good* to put your freedom, your or loved one's life in jeopardy? Money's cheap (and I never carry enough $$ to hurt my finances if lost), life isn't. Saying that, I will tell you a short story about my SnB. We live way out in the sticks. One night I heard someone jiggling some windows and door handles wanting access to my home. I took down a 12 gauge pump from the gun rack, not loaded nor did I load it, I stood by an upstairs window and racked the shotgun. It was loud. Never did see whom-ever it was but was funny, heard, who I think was a drunk, falling all over stuff trying to leave as fast as they could. Even so, if he hurt himself running away on my property, I bet some no account lawyer and liberal judge would have taken me to the cleaners. The only real recourse I have/had to protect my wife/self/property, was to post all my property tight then call the sheriff and wait while they steal, damage, etc. Thing about ND, if you don't post your property with signage, ANYONE can come on, hunt, carry, shoot guns on it, walk, whatever, they are legally free to do so by law so who is in the wrong if you protect yourself? Because of stupid laws like this, and I'm sure other states besides ND are brain dead on these issues, I won't carry or use a weapon for self defense, at home or on the road. My dog can growl pretty convincingly, but he's all bark, no bite. Saturday I bought a new pistol, love the shooting sports, not for self defense. There was a sheriff there so I quizzed him about transporting un- loaded guns through out the US in my RV. His answer was quite enlightening to me. I won't put down his reply here, only suggest if your truly interested, go talk to a LEO in the respective state, every one is different. Saying this, I will say there is a LOT of misinformation floating around. Don't let that little piece of metal in your pocket make you feel invincible, sitting in jail, it won't help you one damn bit! In this great country of ours, even thieves have rights (not political, just fact, I'm retired military and protected those rights). I'm sure there are many that don't/won't agree with the way I feel/see it. What I said above suits me, if not you, it's your right to believe whatever you want. We are after-all, free individuals to believe/assume whatever makes you happy, you have to live with the consequences of your actions. Edit: sorry for getting off ops topic. I think Kirk just hit the nail on the head. Back to the same bat channel, same bat time!
  7. NDBirdman

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    Me either! That's why I went with andersen. The ball is right up to the kingpin. No 2 foot leverage, chains not required but optional.
  8. NDBirdman

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    I use a type of modified gooseneck and love it. I'm referring to the Anderson hitch. Yup, some folks love them, some hate them. Puts no additional stress on the camper king-pin. Hitch assy, on or off in less than 5 minutes and I can load/unload it by myself as it is light. Rated up to 24k. If I were to change this out, I would go to a goose-box. It also adds no additional stress to the RV frame. In the end, it is all in what you want. I can have a clean truck bed real quick. There is no way I would use the goose-neck adapter they sell. I can see that thing doing some serious damage to the RV frame.
  9. NDBirdman


    Careful when you try this. Get close enough to do this, perp might be close enough to shove that knife in. It's easy to shatter a wrist from a distance. Now, if he has a gun, different story. Give up your $$ and walk away to live another day. I can replace $$, car/truck, etc. Ask any LEO what they can do with just a baton. Most anyone can get this type training if your worried. I say, just be situational aware. I will also repeat an old adage: Only a person that carries a gun NEEDS a gun. Yes, I have more guns than the average person but I don't carry them for protection.
  10. NDBirdman


    Along the self defense line, I occasionally must use a cane to walk very far. I have seen martial arts classes that teach how to use one quite well as a self defense tool. What say ya'll about a wood cane for self defense? Legal around the world, used properly can bring someone down pretty quick. I would call it a legal club? I will also add, anytime I am away from the RV, or SnB, I walk with a walking stick. 4 foot long, fairly heavy, leather cord for wrist on one end and a metal (dull) point on the other end. I could see using this quite easily as a club, spear, etc and I guarantee this thing would do some damage to an attacker.
  11. NDBirdman


    He's looking for a new home... LOL I wanted a toy hauler so I could fix up the back and bring more along but my better half says I'm in no way bringing along 30 chickens.... LOL Our tiel is enough.
  12. NDBirdman


    Our next small pet will either be a rotti, or sheppard. I don't see a problem, but to each his own. We also travel with our pet birds. 🙂
  13. NDBirdman


    I have had a dog since I was born. I can't fathom ever being without one. Got a Britney sitting at my feet as I type this. They are not large, but I guarantee you this little (45lb) pup (11 years old) can and will act like a 100lb monster if anyone/thing messes with myself or my wife. He is small enough in our 32ft RV he does not get under our feet, EXCEPT at treat time... LOL
  14. NDBirdman


    I carry a shotgun for animal deterrent only when boon-docking at my favorite lake way out in the sticks where we have never seen another camper. Any other time, a snap of the fingers and threat is over. I have not met anyone, criminal or not, that has not backed off and left while facing a snarling set of teeth (and he's a small dog). Best threat deterrent... know your surroundings, road rage, just avoid the idiot and when you can't, again, snap my fingers. But, to each his (her) own choice, just be safe.
  15. Don't count out a dually. Before I upgraded my TV, I did a lot of reading on each manufacture's web site on weights. Some won tons are very little over 3/4s. Then there are levels of DRW set-ups, tranny/gearing/eng. etc. I did not go with the max weight set up as I don't plan on going that big. I did choose a 3500 DRW over a SRW because there was quite a difference. Although my current RV can be hauled with a SRW, I do plan on getting a bigger RV, maybe this winter, next at the latest. I'm only looking to go 38ft max, but alot of those will push my limits (17.4k is max RV weight for my set-up). Current RV is a 32ft, the size is good, IMHO, for the 2 of us but I want a small toy hauler. I guess my point should read, go bigger than what you think you need as replacing it later if/when you upgrade your RV would just add an unnecessary expense later. Another point: DRW is alot more stable in windy conditions than a SRW with a big sail behind you. Saying that, there have been times when I parked my DRW for the night because even those can get blown around with the right wind.