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  1. NDBirdman

    Auxiliary fuel tanks for Ram 3500 DRW

    This is what I'm contemplating for my 2015 3500 DRW Megacab. If you have the shortbed like mine, you have to be careful of the front of the rails clearance.
  2. NDBirdman

    Do any of you have Direct TV?

    I see that. The app on my phone screen is named screen mirroring tv. There is a lot of tv apps in the store. I just looked in the google play store, it is called Mirroring Screen for WiFi Tv. The cheapo best buy tv (was actually a freebee, they were giving them away if you bought a new cell phone/plan which we bought 2, got 2 tvs free... sorta... LOL), under source it lists mirror as a choice. My phone and TV is a Samsung if that makes a difference. I am pretty gadget/phone/puter illiterate but this app is so easy even I can run it. Last night I went to the verizon corporate store and upgraded to the unlimited plan so as long as I'm not on an overloaded tower, I get no throttling after 70 gig. Played around on it last night, I can stream Direct TV, Amazon Prime and Hulu with ease and view on the cheap 42" tv, has great HD resolution. The app is free, try it, if I can do it, anyone can do it.
  3. NDBirdman

    Do any of you have Direct TV?

    Screen Mirroring Tv is what the app is called I use. Works great and is free. TV in RV was a $200 42 inch, has a great picture for the price. Make sure if you get the tv it has mirror built in. Cheap way to watch tube on the road, as long as you watch your data on your phone. Should mention my phone is an android software phone. Don't know if it is the same for other phone software.
  4. NDBirdman

    Do any of you have Direct TV?

    I have verizon also. I went to the verizon play store and downloaded an app called mirror. The cheapo 42 inch TV from best buy also has mirror on it. I have the direct tv app on my phone also. I load up the app on the phone, connect to the tv and everything on my phone screen shows on the tv. When we go out, as long as we have a signal, we can watch all our shows on the tv. It's easy to do. The only thing direct tv does not give me is the local stations on the phone which is fine by me.
  5. NDBirdman

    VA clinics

    I have nothing but good to say about my VA doctor, until he retired... LOL. He earned it, but he was VERY good and treated me very well. The Dr that replaced him had lots of trouble getting along with vets, even drove a few away. Saying that, I absolutely love her. She has treated me quite well herself. Our clinic has PAs also, I was just lucky and got assigned to her. I think the biggest problem the vets had with her, is it's a her. I could see some not liking her accent, hard to understand at times, but I will not hold that against her, she's been good to me. The hosp., 1.5 hour away, can be hard to get into, but there are a lot of vets here. I see the biggest problem with the VA system is the Bull**** politicians messing with $$ and regulations, hand cuffing what they can do/provide to vets. It has got better, but has a long ways to go. IMHO I lost a friend a couple years ago, he depended on the VA system. He could not get the care he needed very fast which ended up costing him his life. I don't blame the VA, sorta, but the politicians that refused to fund the VA properly. The hosp. was overwhelmed with patients and not enough Drs and beds to care for the huge population of vets. By the time they could get to him, send him to a civilian hosp, it was too late.
  6. NDBirdman

    Keystone Raptor

    I have looked at them from afar, thinking of getting one. Saying that, I did sleep in a Holiday Inn once.... LOL... sorry. I spent a week camped by a guy that was living in one. I asked how he liked it, he said it's nice, but he wants to sell it. Says he has had slide problems and leaks. His dealer (was from CA) did not want to fix it right even though he bought it from them new. I think it was a couple years old. He was on his way to the manufacture facility, they were going to fix his problems there. I still may look at one myself. If your looking for a used one, there is one a few miles from me that is like new but 4(?) years old. The couple bought it loaded, I think it's a 43 footer, used it a couple weeks to camp in, then hubby died in plane crash. It has set every since. It is, or was, sitting at a dealership in Lakota, ND if you are interested. I did look at the inside, it looks showroom new.
  7. NDBirdman

    RAm 4500 DRW Question

    Salespeople will tell you what they think will have you driving off the lot. Look at them, let them feed you their baloney, then leave. After deciding on what you are going to get, go on the internet, look at the ratings, abilities, etc yourself. Honestly, I have found many an RV that was built well within my 3500 DRW capabilities. My set-up, by manufacture recommendations, can haul up to 17,400lbs. I don't need a 20-25k camper, can find what I like, well built, even some as toy haulers 5th wheels. Do you need a 45ft monster? I currently pull a 32ft, plan on next year or so upgrading to a big, 36, max 38 foot, built well, under 17k pounds. My truck has the 6.7, not HO eng. 68... tranny with 3.7 rearend. It pulls like it's not there. I recently did a 3k mile trip, averaged by idiot meter, 12.4 miles per gallon. The ride on a 1 ton is stiff, I can imagine the bigger the ram, the stiffer the ride. I would not be very happy if the ride was much harder, I'm going to figure out a way to make mine softer. Come to ND often? Drop by, we'll hook up the camper/truck and I'll let you take her for a spin down the road, see for yourself what you think about this small truck.
  8. NDBirdman

    RAm 4500 DRW Question

    IMHO, if I was looking at an RV that heavy, I would look into a HDT. Lots of nice ones here with beds built to also haul a small car/truck, etc. If your buying a new Ram, I will go out on a limb and say you can get an HDT all set up, with car for a lot less than a 4500/5500. And most will outlast a new Ram. We picked up a 3500 DRW Ram, my set-up lets me, within manufactured suggested weights, pull up to 17.4k. I have no intention of ever going heavier than that. IMHO, you would be happier with that weight with an HDT (heavy duty truck). Good luck in whatever you end up doing!
  9. NDBirdman

    Park snobs?

    I would not worry about those jealous site see'rs. Last time out we parked next to a couple with a real nice 5th wheel, was a little jealous of their toy hauler. I even said nice looking rig to him when I saw him outside. Then we had a nice conversation about his experiences as a full-timer. I did not mention, or laugh at his truck, was nice, but was a cheby... LOL. Most people I run into always smile/wave and say howdy. There is always a few that just grunt and ignore you, look down their noses, etc. I just smile and think, grouch must be having a poor day. Our RV is very nice looking, but is 16 years old. So far, all I've heard is nice looking camper so I have not experienced what you have, so far. I'm surprised I have not heard the over-kill comment about our truck yet. While not new (2015), it is a Ram 3500 dually. We could pull our rv with a smaller truck. I have an interesting story behind how we got this truck ready if we were to get asked/queried about it. I have had people after I tell them how old it is give me info on how to take care of and old trailer, best way to clean, chemicals to use/not use, etc. I have not run into the jealous people like that yet, hope I don't. Might change in a few years, after I pay this truck off and buy a new RV. Just enjoy what you have, as long as it makes you happy, who cares what those arse***** have to say.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely be watching for this. We hit our limit just about monthly.
  11. NDBirdman

    Forum Behavior

    Agree'd, it's a pain but I thought maybe it was my browser. Back button used to return me to the same spot every time, now it takes me back to the top every time. Irritating but not going to keep me away, sorry folks.
  12. Thank-you for your service! Enjoy your retirement, it's well deserved. Can't help you on small/light campers, this is my first year as a weekend warrior, my 5th wheel camper is ~14k depending on what I put in it.
  13. It's incredible the people I have ran into that wished, now at our ages, that they would have stayed in and did 20. There were times at re-enlistment I almost got out as I always had jobs waiting for me at home. Each time I had to weigh the options, each time I came to the conclusion that I was not working a job, but serving the country and having a blast. Now, years later, I will say it was a decision that I will never regret. Even with a stint in Saudia, Kuwait and a few other places, it was hard, but I have done harder jobs after retirement. My military service racked my body to the point I'm disabled some and always in pain, but I will always be grateful I was afforded the opportunity to do 20. Would I do it again, Hell Yes!
  14. NDBirdman

    33 yrs with no disability pension

    Highly recommend using one of the serv. orgs. I have used both DAV and VFW. I feel if it were not for one, or both of them I would have been kicked to the curb with a low rating. DAV got me up to 70%, couple years later as my problems only worsened, VFW got me kicked up to 100%. I don't recommend anyone go it alone when going to the VA for anything. I swear the folks doing the *boards* act like whatever they give you comes out of their own pockets. Anytime I hear someone mention they were in the military at one time, I introduce them to a VFW rep. I do remember on my military out processing briefings, they told everyone it did not matter, problems in the past or not, get a copy of all medical records and file with the VA, if for nothing else it put you in their system for care down the road. Good luck with yours, and as said, don't hesitate, GO to one of the orgs, they ARE there to help you!
  15. NDBirdman

    generator help

    I bought a Honda 2200i to run our camper. When I bought it, I wanted to know if one would run my ac or if I needed to buy the companion. I fired it up, turned on the a/c and it worked just fine. Turned on the overhead fan, left the fridge running on ac and everything worked fine. It was 90 degrees out so I figured it would be a good test. It cooled our rv down to 75, fan running, fridge running and the inverter/gen ran just fine. I had the switch set to eco mode also. I don't think it ever slowed down from full run though but the noise did not get bad at all, nice and quiet generator. Total run time, 4.5 hours before tank went dry. I did not try running anything else, did have one overhead light on, did not try the microwave. My rv is a 30 amp model. The progressive EMS I installed behind the fuse panel did not like the generator. Would not pass any 'lectricity until I turned it off. So, should I make the neutral to ground jumper plug to eliminate this problem, or just leave it off when running the generator? I may just leave it as is for now, we don't do much dispersed camping and really don't think we will do much. Biggest reason I got this is for the occasional dispersed camping, is to supply power to 2 CPAPs. On eco mode, it will run them all night, windows open and small fan running if needed. Back to the OP, I think your small camper would do fine on a Honda 2200i since mine is a 32 footer and it works great. But, my elevation used so far is 1,100ft. Find a friend that has one and give it a try. If your close to me in ND, I'd let ya use if for a couple nights for a test run.