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  1. We installed a new Loveseat Recliner from RecPro.com. The old couch it replaced was awkward and uncomfortable. Now we'll be able to lean back and watch movies and maybe even take a quick snooze. https://www.thisnewoldrv.com/blog.asp?ID=2161
  2. The tear-out took several days. Tons of staples in the old carpet. Just about every vinyl tile had to be custom cut. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk7-Ui7v2vU
  3. This carpet looks tan, but the original color was silver/gray. Mr. Sunshine has done a number on it over the years. The linoleum is just darn ugly. More details here: http://www.smittysrv.com/thisnewoldrv/blog.asp?ID=2142 This is the exposed base that was under the dinette and couch. I installed just enough vinyl to give the slider one final test. Since I was unable to remove all the carpet under the slider, it now transitions from the edge of the vinyl onto what's left of the old carpet. I put whatever I could find laying around on top of the slider floor to add some weight as a test. I also sprayed painted the exposed carpet with some flat black paint to make less visible. Check out this little video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYa_9BekuJM
  4. My wife hates this headboard. She saw someone on a DIY channel putting ship-lap board on a wall in their home to get that rustic look. She watched a DIY show about ship-lap boards and changed it out: http://www.smittysrv.com/thisnewoldrv/blog.asp?ID=2140