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  1. TomNGina

    Train horns

    This subject cracks me up..... You know how many times I am cruising along the Hwy 287 Ft Worth to Amarillo TX 60 MPH on the train and hear these Train Horns from 150 yards away? I would like to have some quieter ones someday I do not need a full 152 decibels. After listening to the damned horn 30,000+ times a year for 39 yrs kind of tired of it......LOL Whatever you do don't get caught with the real thing many are stolen and it is a federal crime.
  2. TomNGina

    FB, HDT did I miss something

    I use all sights for what they are intended to be. Maybe I am more of a Lurker since I am still so new and climbing the learning curve. But as I learn about my truck and everything about it with the help of those that have shared their journey. It is here that I turn to the most and with the HDT pushing 64500 posts in the Escapee's forums pretty big fountain of information and accomplishment. I would post more pictures here but it is so much easier on the social media sights to post. Why because I am not restricted to file size and the ease of using the phone to accomplish what I would like to show. The phone is my computer, storage device, and camera all in one...... oh yea, I did say phone didn't I? It doesn't matter what subject I bring up there will always be someone more in tune and will correct me if I am wrong. Do I get butthurt? Nah just use the constructive criticism to find the real truth whether they are right or I find out they are wrong. All avenues of information are only as good as those who participate and everyone has something to offer if you are willing to keep an open mind and listen to what you read. Age, race, cultural area, religion, everyone has something I can use to be a better, smarter person if I give them a chance.
  3. TomNGina

    Funny how things change

    I found the same thing with our little truck 3500 DRW our Great Dane had to be on medication panting, drooling, hyperventilating. Just knowing that great big trailer was coming through the window after her. My wife shakes her head when I told her of the idea of an HDT thinking I was nuts. Now after our first trip Dog is off meds and after a few time climbs into the rig. She goes right up the ramp taking her place on the huge elevated dog bed happy as can be. To top it off, my wife saying she sure wished we could take a big trip right now......... Yes!!! Funny how things change.
  4. Good morning everyone!! Not sure if anyone is in the market for some great priced parts but eventually we all need to replace something on our HDT's. The site below is an eBay store I ran across and they have a website also that you can get a phone number and call if they do not have what you need listed in the store. http://stores.ebay.com/REI-Truck-Parts?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Being many of us have older equipment and myself being a preventative maintenance person I ordered a newly rebuilt compressor and air dryer for my rig. When I ordered the parts I needed to update my air system I figure I saved somewhere between 300 and 500 bucks.
  5. TomNGina

    Lock on fuel door

    The idea was for theft prevention and we all know that if a pro is going to be your target there is not much one can do. I contacted Iowa 80 truck parts on the phone and they contacted their supplier of the fuel cap cover when they referenced the fuel cap dimensions it came up a size for a Peterbilt fuel cap. So I ordered them with the coupon code that amounted to free shipping at 125 bucks. My storage yard has given me no problems at all for the 5 years I have been there. I also know I will be using the truck as my transportation to get to and from work when I head up North this late Spring. Anywhere the truck is it can be a target for an opportunist and why make it easy for them if I can make it harder to the point it is not worth the time. When we have as much invested in fuel as we do I feel it is worth the little extra work to make the easy target not so easy.
  6. TomNGina

    Lock on fuel door

    Hi everyone, I have tried to purchase locking fuel caps for my 1999 Volvo VNL610 but it seems that my tanks are not normal. The cap is around 5 inches across the top OD and a little over 4 inches ID where the threads are. I can't find a locking cap to fit it anywhere so I have been thinking about using a cam barrel style lock on the fuel door to help prevent theft. Does anyone have any ideas of what my options are or ideas that have been used to lock up your fuel? I am going to have to store the rig at our storage yard in the near future and like to keep my tanks full. Hate to lose 500 bucks because it was there for the easy taking. Thanks in advance for your help.......
  7. TomNGina

    Polk County Tax Office changes

    http://www.txdmv.gov/motorists/register-your-vehicle This is the way I get my plates renewed if you are out of state you will not have to have an inspection to renew but upon returning to the state you have 3 days to get the inspection done. If you do not have it done and get pulled over then your butt is well done as in fried. They even give you a 1.00 discount for doing it this way. Fixed after Big Jim pointed out my mistake. 3 days not 30 days to get your inspection after returning to the state.
  8. They have the proper cover for you, not at a great price but they have them. http://www.trailersaver.com
  9. TomNGina

    2005 Volvo VNL670

    Not sure what the big deal is with the Manual trans. To me, not that big of a deal. IMHO My wife told me long ago that the 40ft 5th wheel was the end of her driving career so the way I look at it, it saves me big bucks....... LOL That truck is a great deal should not have been around this long other than the 970K. But then at that price if a guy put it in the budget they could have a preventative rebuild done and still be flush in value for another 500K of life provided everything else is as good as it looks.
  10. TomNGina

    Friend lost insurance

    I am insured through Miller and Progressive I was told that I had to insure both the Truck and 5th wheel at the same time paid cash for the truck and set up the 5er on monthly payments. I was told that I had to keep the bobtailing to a minimum as with most policies.
  11. Well after trying to teach an old dog a new trick this old dog finally got my signature to show......... Now I feel like am more a part of the family for sure.....LOL
  12. TomNGina

    Now the fun part starts!

    Congratulations, Now the fun begins. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  13. TomNGina

    Hitch pin box

    John, I do believe that this is not all the way up into the frame just a quick view for my pleasure. He placed some support across the back of the box also so I have a place to put my cords when parked. Then he is going to angle cut the lower rear of the box so the sharp point doesn't cause a health hazard to my head when going under the front compartment.
  14. TomNGina

    Door mirror wiring on a 1999 Volvo VNL.

    Thanks, Jim I was going through my paperwork I received with the truck and found a wiring numbering system Volvo uses to identify the wiring. I am going see if I can find the color codes to go with the numbers in the manual. If anyone has an idea which direction I might want to head let me know. The new mirrors rock make the rig look totally different.
  15. TomNGina

    Hitch pin box

    So I found a young man that is in the welding business that was willing to take this project on. I can tell you that he has done an amazing job so far. We have some trimming on the back of the hitch to make it safer on the old noggin' should be done and picked up by Tuesday. Thank goodness I hung onto an old pin box from another 5th wheel I changed out for an air ride. We had the kingpin and plate all he had to do was cut it off the old hitch and build the box. It is going to have extra holes so it can be adjusted up and down to the perfect height.