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  1. Big day tomorrow!!

    Thanks, Pete, I will add this information as a must have. I do have the complete original manual in a three-ring binder. Wow, there is enough reading there to keep you busy in the bathroom for a couple of years...... I would love to attend the ECR in April but since I have to work for 1 year and a half yet. I am going to be headed to the Panhandle of NE for a couple of months to collect my productivity bonus for the year. I want to get back home for the Summer to enjoy our backyard one more time before we sell out next spring. Since I am going to retire after June 7th, 2019 it will give me another full year to add to my retirement based on fiscal year. Then I hope to have the good graces to attend many of these rallies.
  2. Big day tomorrow!!

    The truck has been through multiple inspections. 1st one was all the neighbors climbed right on up and we had a block party right there in the street. Then this morning got the state inspection done again everyone at the shop had to take a look. Then to the scales and stop by a couple of places to have the front end steering looked at since it was kind of hard to handle at times in the rutted roads and where the crown in the road was large. Found a shop three blocks from my house and they lifted it up check it all over and found nothing wrong everything looking great. The tires are wearing even but then checked the tire pressure and let out around 10 pounds on each of the fronts to 100PSI. Also learned a few things that might have made the truck a little squirrely the rear tires I was told take around three thousand miles to wear in with the truck, then they will become more stable. Also, the wind may have had more to do with it than I thought. Overall the truck is ready for a title change and registration Monday have to go to work tomorrow or it would have been tomorrow.
  3. Big day tomorrow!!

    ROTFLMAO Good one both slightly used I bet..... What a kick in the butt brought her home bucking some pretty bad winds the whole way. 1000 miles bobtail 12.7 running 68-70 MPH over all mileage. I am very pleased and looking foward to having something to blow some money on since I got rid of my Harley. Come on Birthdays and Xmas!!!
  4. Big day tomorrow!!

    It is already done and is currently titled as a motorhome in the past 1st Oregon and then AZ now heading to TX. I need a scale ticket, Inspection, Fill out some paperwork and take 2 photos one of the inside of the truck and one of the outside. Pay the for title transfer, registration, and sales tax done deal. I was going to convert a former commercial tractor but that was going to be a much bigger task and require more of an unknown budget.
  5. Big day tomorrow!!

    As more of a lurker around here, I have enjoyed all the topics and things to learn with yet more to learn. I am leaving in the morning for AZ to pick up our new to us truck. Funny thing is, 6 months ago I would have never considered this as an option to tow our 41.5 ft. Crossroads Redwood. After doing a number of things to our current 1 ton Dodge dually it just didn't feel right towing. So I decided to seek out and go on the hunt for an M2 Medium sized truck only to find out the prices were not conducive to being able to retire without a big truck payment. That is when I stumbled onto the HDT option and how many in the HDT community are so close and not afraid of sharing their story as an option to consider for a tow vehicle. Well now I will be one of those owners and it has been one hell of a journey to get to this point no dought. Find truck, check, Drivers license upgraded, check, Insurance, check, Flight secured to go pick up, check, packed and ready to roll, check, now time to hope this leap of faith I am taking works out as good as I hope it will. So with that, I want to thank everyone here for all the input and selfless hours of posts in helping each other with everyday problems and ideas that come to each and everyone's minds. At high noon tomorrow, I become part of the family and proud owner of a 1999 Volvo VLN 610, Detroit D60, 12.7 Ltr, 10 Speed Eaton manual trans. singled and ready to take on a job towing my future fulltime home with retirement around the corner. Looking forward to learning more and tricking out our new rig to make this community proud carrying on this new way of thinking. Some say the dark side but I say let the light shine bright and build a tradition that gives one the spark to follow all of us into the safe zone. Sure hope I can get some rest tonight I have a bunch of miles to put in over the next couple of days!! Which to be honest I haven't felt like a kid waiting for Santa in a long long time. Is this normal?
  6. Volvo newer front fender mirrors

    Thanks Sailor, Drove over the road back in the 80's when I was laid off at the RR. As far as the dark side I do believe that it is coming into the light as we continue posting....... And thank you "MsChrissi" for such an informative post on this subject.
  7. Volvo newer front fender mirrors

    Sure glad I am not the only one, a day late and a dollar short, finding deals like this at 150.00 a set. I will have this even at 249.00 a set on my list of wants and needs for sure. 10 days to becoming an HDT owner and then the fun begins with tricking it out. After my last trip driving our old 1 Ton Dually all I could think about is what it would have been like in our new to us HDT. Thanks to all here and Happy New Year.
  8. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    Thanks! Big Jim, the only thing I was trying to convey was the process I went through to get legal to drive in the state (TX) I live in. Since I just went through it I feel it was a dog and pony show that not even the state employees don't really have a clue how to run. Like so many things today you can't talk to anyone in person it is done all through a computer and for those of us that are old school sometimes it is hard to figure out which door to kick in to get an honest answer. If anyone has any more questions about what I went through and you will need to get through the process then feel free to PM me I would be happy to help you out. Happy New Year Everyone....
  9. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    OK, the class A license has been around for years I get it now...... I had my first Class A in MN a few years back in 1982 the difference being it was a commercial license not a wannabe. Guess the information I received was only as good as the supposed qualified person told me.
  10. Volvo 780 horror story's

    One thing that I was informed by a mechanic that works on all makes and models is the cost of repairs if you need anything major. He showed me a Volvo with a Volvo engine that needed a new head because it was cracked. 8-12 grand to fix it. Cummins, Detroit, or Cat around 4 to 6 grand to repair the same problem is what he told me. Then he told me the D60 series would be the best for mileage. Not an expert by any means but when I told him what I was leaning towards doing he got a big smile on his face. He thought the HDT route was a great way to go pulling the larger RV's of today. I am new to this HDT thing but after our conversation and asking some others they seemed to make total sense.
  11. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    OK sounds good to me all I know is I am legal now got my new class AM designated in the mail yesterday when I got home. Looking forward to heading to AZ to pick up my HDT in a couple of weeks.
  12. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier been on the road for the last three weeks with some major suspension problems to deal with on my 5th wheel 2 broken springs but that is another story. I went to the Childress Drivers license office to inquire about a special license for a class A motorhome. The gal there told me that they came up with the class A and B exempt law in the last couple of years. So it would have been around 3-4 years ago that I had this conversation. Texas has always had the Class A, B, & C classification license but the exempt part was the new part. Now this could be wrong but this is what I was told. The main reason is the state doesn't want unqualified people driving these big rigs around without some extra tested driving skills. Like I said this exempt part of the law could have been in effect for years but the DL office employee made it sound like the exempt part was new. That way you didn't have to have the full CDL with yearly medical same way with temp workers helping in the ag industry they want tested proficiency understanding that it is temporary work a couple of times a year. Well the practice question was 6.5 ft or 80 inches if I remember right and it is 96 inches or 8 ft. which is the same as many RVs out there. Federal HWy's are 102 inches or 8.5 ft. anything larger requires a permit.
  13. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    Took my driving test Dec. 7th for my class A non-CDL but went through many of the same things everyone here went through. One thing I wanted to mention was there is a place on the TX DPS website that has a listing of the offices that do the Class A exempt test, not all offices are set up to do the driving part of the test. CDL locations amount to about 25 statewide and if you look at the list there are around 40 to 50 locations that are listed to give the test we need to take. The written test can be done at any office so pick the closest one available. For instance, I stopped by the Gainesville office to take the written because the office by my house less than a mile has insane lines starting an hour before they open every day. I then chose to schedule my test at Bowie, TX some 60 miles away because of Bowie being a quieter town to take the test not having to deal with the traffic and crap in DFW. Same thing as above I arrived 45 minutes early and walked into an empty office with all my insurance and registration for both my truck and 5th wheel in a folder. I put the trailer information on the left side and the truck information on the right side of the folder. Handed it to her she looked it over then grabbed her coat locked up the office and we took off taking the driving part of the test. I did have to do the straight back and parallel backing part test but not an issue if you screw it up you have a possible 30 points you can lose before you fail. The main thing is watching your speeds and stopping behind the crosswalks looking at both incoming streets and alleys and follow the tester instructions. The biggest thing that can fail you is breaking the law since we are all experienced drivers for the most part. I failed the merging into traffic because I pulled into the slow lane a little early so as to get my spot with a car approaching at a high rate of speed not allowing me to merge. To be honest with you I will do that every time instead of getting cut off and having to run on the median because some idiot doesn't use a lick of common sense or has their head in a cell phone. Since this law has only gone into effect a little over 2 years ago. I would say 90 percent of the drivers on the road in TX today pulling large RV's or driving Class A's do not have the proper DL. I am going to move into an HDT next month and for sure wanted to have all my bases covered before embarking on my new adventure. Also, there is another post on this site that has a link to a practice test for chapter 14. It is a great way to get ready for the first written part of the test. One hint though the max width practice question has the wrong answer I knew this but when I took the test it was the only one I got wrong, go figure.
  14. Semi Confused -LOL get it semi Ha! Ha!

    Cory, I am like you just getting into this HDT thing. A couple of things, Craigslist is your friend where you can score some of the tools you need to start on this project. Then also check out pawn shops for used tools. Trying to purchase all this equipment new is crazy for just one or 2 projects. Then find your local metal supply business and get to be friends with them they will become your favorite shop. They might even give you some ideas as far as companies that scrap out a lot of metal from projects they do. Might be able to score some material for real reasonable. Also might try some scrap yards as they might have some material you can use. The idea is to keep Mama happy and feed your need without breaking the bank or hurting it very much. You will be surprised how on the cheap you can do this with some thinking outside the box. Tom
  15. 2000 Volvo 770 $18K: SOLD!

    For the price of this truck and set up I could have painted it to match my Redwood. ARRRGGGG Maxwell Smart the high jump skier at the beginning of the Wide World of Sports we both missed out........ :>( Patience will persist I am still on the hunt for anyone that might have something like this they are ready to depart with....... Please feel free to contact me via PM.