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  1. Grey Water Dumping

    I can't see what dumping of gray water hurts. I am in Quartzsite, Az now camping in an area with a lot of tents. I have notice while walking my dog that the tent campers are crapping all over the ground with toilet paper everywhere. Not even trying to bury it. I seem to think this is far worse! Broken glass, plastic bottles, seems to be a little of everything left behind here at these sites. What happen to pack it in, pack it out, including your toilet paper and crap!
  2. Those of you that are using an inverter/charger like a Magnum MMS1012 with 2 Trojan t-105 batteries what Charge Rate setting do you use? The above charger is a 50 amp charger. When dry camping with a generator I would think you would want to set the charge rate as high as you can so you can charge your batteries back without running your generator for 3 or 4 hours or more. I see Trojan recommends 10 to 13% of the 20hr Capacity, which would be 25 to 30 amps at the Bulk stage. Just wondering what everyone else does and how its working for you?
  3. Looking to install a Samlex PST 1000W Inverter in my TT. The question I have is should the inverters negative terminal terminate at the shunt for my Trimetric Meter or should it go directly to the battery? I will also be hooking up a Lota DLS-55 to charge my 2 t-105 batteries.
  4. Grand Design Reflection 313RLTS

    All though its not a 313 I love my RL2500.
  5. New RV Concerns with Battery

    Thanks Kirk...That would be great!
  6. New RV Concerns with Battery

    I bought my TT new 1st of this month at a 37% discount to MSRP. At that price they didn't want to do much extra stuff. They only wanted to give me 1 20lb propane tank, which I caught and made then put on 2 30 pounders. I wished I would of caught the battery, I would have made them change that. The WF8955 that came with my trailer had my battery back up to 80-90% or so of capacity in a couple hours of charging it with my Honda 2000. I am interested in purchasing a solar panel to help me finish the battery charging. Theres so many out there I just don't know which one I actually need and I would want it to be portable. I am looking into the battery monitor and will purchase that this week. Any ideas on the best place to purchase monitors, and panel would help. AL F thanks again for you input. I spent the night reading what you had given me. It was very helpful. I will be checking out the link you give me to the solar panel today. Question?? A inverter may me a must have for me. I sleep with a CPAP machine every night and would want to continue doing so while on the road without running my generator all night to supply 120v to it. Would something like a 750 watt inverter do the job? I can't imagine it would take the hole 6 amps to run it.
  7. New RV Concerns with Battery

    Thanks AL F. I am not entirely new to adapting to condition as they arise in a TT. And planning I have done a lot of that. I lived in a 24 ft travel trailer in Big Lake, Alaska for 2 winters before building my house in 2011. Though I did have electric but it was still a challenge! I believe my battery is a group 24 and my controller is an 8955PEC which puts out 55 amps DC I believe. I have been looking a the Trimetric monitor. My trailer does have a Furrion 95 watt solar plug on the outside and is suppose to be solar ready though that is probably not enough to do what I need. https://www.furrion.com/store/energy/net-zero-solar/95w-portable-solar-charger-p-944.html I am going to do as much boondocking as possible though.
  8. I recently bought a GD Imagine RL2500. It came with one 12v battery made by Deka, a marine master deep cycle battery. It also comes with WFCO 8900 series control center which has a 3 mode converter. I will be boondocking in the south as much as I can from about December to around the first of April. I have a Honda 2000 generator also. My concerns are will the one battery be enough power for over night camping assuming I will charge it everyday with my Honda Generator? I will be running my refrigerator on propane. The only other usage I believe I will have is keeping my cell phone and computer charged as well as some heat if it gets close too or below freezing and a little hot water from time to time. I have been thinking about installing 2 Trojan T105's also but if one battery will give me the power I need I am not sure I would need to. I have been running all the LED lights and a couple of fans and have had the furnace on since about 10:00 this morning and I have about a 1/3 of the battery left or at least thats what the convenience center says. Not my first experience in a travel trailer but not to experienced with boondocking.
  9. Inexpensive Snow Birding in Georgia

    I don't believe all this social security stuff really applies to me as I am full retirement age of 66 as of October 6 of this year. Now I should be able to earn as much as I want.
  10. Inexpensive Snow Birding in Georgia

    I would rather have full hook ups but I believe some State parks have full hook ups. I would consider them as more camping which would be OK with me. TCW...Thanks for the reminder/info. I am 66 which would be full retirement for me. I believe I can earn as much as I want.
  11. Inexpensive Snow Birding in Georgia

    Thanks Kirk....This has been helpful. I have applied for a couple parks. We'll see what happens
  12. Inexpensive Snow Birding in Georgia

    I don't no were Lake Murray is, but I am willing to listen
  13. Inexpensive Snow Birding in Georgia

    I am all for work camping. I just don't know how to get involved doing it. I have taken Kirk's advise and put i for a couple spots in the Georgia State Parks.
  14. Inexpensive Snow Birding in Georgia

    I don't drink at all! At 66 years old my partying days are over with for sure. I am just looking for a place to winter with my 2 border collies. Some place that has warmer weather, maybe fish a little, walk my dogs and just relax for a few months. Though internet or cell phone service is a must.
  15. I would like to get out of Michigan for the winter months this year and have been looking at southern Georgia or northern Florida. I have never been a snow bird and would like to try it this year for about 3 months. I have been looking all over the internet trying to find some inexpensive places to stay with my RV and my 2 border collies. Being on SSI I would like this to be as inexpensive as possible if that can even be done. I see some state parks are given 50% off but they only allow a 14 day stay and still may be to much. Are there any inexpensive place to camp in the area I am looking, or would they have all been taken by now. I am not really wanting to boondock or at least for not very long. I wouldn't want my living/camping expenses to exceed $1500.00 per month. Is this even doable or am I dreaming?