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  1. I’d be interested in this. Would the warranty be any good?
  2. I’ve had 3 Chinese tires blow out in the last six months. (One on the RV and two on a cargo trailer.). Coughed up a few extra dollars and bought American made Goodyear Endurance. Those 3 tires were the correct load range and pressures, speed and temps were not the issue. It is my habit to buy American and I am rarely disappointed.
  3. Well, we poured the pad on Tuesday. 3” of compacted limestone and 5.5 to 6 inch of concrete with rebar mesh. 10’x40’ I would have liked to gone bigger, but my DW reminded me that every $ spent on this is coming out of house money. We’ll build a stick n’ brick one day. Thanks for.sharing your thoughts on this project.
  4. Wow, now there is valuable info on details. As they say, the Devil is in the details. Thanks, guys!
  5. We’d be on it for a month or two with hookups. The soil is soft and drainage is an issue. The excavation will reduce the runoff issue. If I pack roadbase, does it hold up over time, or will it erode and crumble?
  6. We’ve just retired and are full timing. I’m working on developing acreage in East Central Ohio and would appreciate any thoughts on a pad for the 38’ 5th wheel and the 22’ truck. An excavator is leveling off a site where we had a 38’ TT “hunting cabin”. (it’s tongue was on the ground, bumper 4.5’ in the air). Do I need a concrete pad, or two strips for tires & jacks, or would just six pads for jacks and tires suffice? Would a full pad discourage mice? We’d be on it for 3 or 4 months a year. The old TT had a sheet of plastic under it that kept weeds at bay, I could do that with the 5er too. This isn’t a “money no object” project, but if the benefit of a full pad was great enough, we could do it. Any pitfalls to avoid or additional things to consider? Wiley
  7. Dennis, You mentioned long wait times. Do you mean hours, days, weeks, or months? I'm remembering the stories of guys dying while waiting to see a Dr, is why I ask. I can see waiting for hours for a walk-in with a non-critical illness. My PCP has that at times. I'm 2 weeks out till I can see a gastro Dr. just for a consultation and I've got good insurance, so I get that they aren't sitting around waiting for us. I'm just wondering if the VA is a viable option until Medicare kicks in 3 years down the road. Or maybe I should get catastrophic coverage also. Thanks for serving all those years. Wiley
  8. Thanks guys! I’m more confident after hearing your experiences. And if I have any trouble at the VA, I’ll just tell the nearest ER that I identify as an illegal immigrant and get free care! Ha!
  9. This Navy vet is retiring at 62 and going full time. I have a VA card that i got about 5 years ago for ID purposes. I’m a vet, not a retiree. ‘75-‘79, not wartime. Does that make a difference in the healthcare system? Is the VA system someone who travels around the country can use?
  10. Well, I made a slight adjustment on the cables, and yes, a small adjustment made a noticeable difference in the movement of the slide. There is a piece of metal “angle iron” on the leading edge if the bottom of the slide. I took it off and trimmed a little off where it dragged across the flooring. Crude but effective. I hope it didn’t just mask some other problem. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I got into the cable adjustments and made some improvement, but it still rocks forward on retracting. I took the tension off the slide topper and it didn’t make any difference. I had hopes for that idea, it made sense. I noticed that the outside skin on either side of the slide, near the bottom where the mechanism is bulges out on retracting. Startled me! I’m going to give a local independent shop a whack at it. I’ve heard good things about him. I’ll keep you posted...
  12. I have a '12 Open Range R412 recently purchased from a private party. The kitchen slide tilts inward at the top when retracting, enough to scrape the flooring. It settles fine when fully open or closed. I see adjustments on the cable system, just reluctant to mess with it without some guidance. I've got mechanical skills, but this is new to me. Any suggestions?
  13. I'm negotiating the purchase of a 2012 38' Open Range, and it comes with a jack for the king pin. I'm not seeing a lot of value and I am seeing a fair amount of weight and used up storage space. I'm also not experienced at this, so I'll ask those who are... Keep or sell?
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