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  1. Great, thanks! This is helpful. A lawsuit is the last thing that I want to do but I may require some at least legal advice.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a lawyer with experience in RV manufacturing cases? I don't want to post details about the issue at the moment, just looking for a lawyer who can provide advice and possibly representation. Thanks!
  3. Wow, I figured this was a pretty unusual problem but hadn't really considered how unusual. Having the weight-bearing part of the truck camper disintegrate means there's no way for the camper to be transported anywhere without destroying all the plumbing/basement systems. It's a mess! Thank goodness it happened while the camper was on the jacks and so the basement didn't take the full weight of the camper.
  4. Ah, no, I believe you misunderstood. I'm not saying anything negative about the manufacturer I'm dealing with. I was just struck that both you and 2gypsies implied that it could be expected that, in general, a manufacturer wouldn't respond to a structural failure in a 2 year old rig. I was surprised by that.
  5. I agree with you both - thank you for the feedback! It's a stressful situation because of the logistics and the location where the camper is stuck, but my impression was that the manufacturer is doing all that I can reasonably expect right now. I feel better now being able to tell that to the people around me who are even less familiar with RV stuff than me. I'm surprised, though, that any company wouldn't care if a 2 year old rig disintegrated. Really gives me pause about buying a replacement camper. I never dreamed that any respectable company would walk away from that. Who buys a camper with a one-year lifespan?
  6. I have a 2 year old truck camper. (I'm not going to mention the manufacturer by name because I don't want to generate negative publicity unnecessarily) I have been pleased with the camper and had no significant issues before now. But, on the 19th, the camper appears to have had a spontaneous structural failure. The basement fell off. Based on the photos that I sent to the manufacturer, the service manager agreed that nothing appears amiss or broken other than the structure that detached spontaneously. I can't tell if it was a design flaw (are others constructed this same way?) or whether there was a manufacturing error and the camper structure wasn't built to standard. The camper cannot be transported at all because the basement is unstable/off. I reached out to the manufacturer on the 20th and have been waiting for them to decide what to do since then. They e-mailed me this afternoon and said that they could send the truck camper factory line supervisor to the camper's location the first week of October. The whole situation is compounded because I was in the middle of selling the camper. I have medical issues that have limited my travel during the past year. Then my truck got a terminal diagnosis in early July so I decided that I needed to sell the camper since buying a new F350 would be too costly for my current medical situation. I'm so glad that this didn't happen just after I sold the camper to someone! But I am $1200 out of pocket from having to stop the sale. Plus, I may not be able to sell the camper at all until next spring now. I had been intending to sell the truck camper and buy a small travel trailer from the same manufacturer that is towable by a vehicle I already own. The camper is also not where I live (thankfully, it fell apart while in a relative's driveway) so I'm going to have to go home for medical care and then return in October to meet the manufacturer's team. I've never had an issue like this before and was hoping to pick your more experienced brains. Is the manufacturer's timeline reasonable? Is there any other resolution that could be pursued? I'm grateful for any advice!
  7. I have 2 6V AGM batteries and a total of 160W of solar panels. "HP Series Smart Solar Charge Controller" is the name of the controller on the manual. The model number on the unit is SR-HP2440-B and I found a page via Google that seems to suggest it's a SRNE, @Yarome http://www.pandelta.com/brands/srne-solar/108-brands/srne-solar/247-srne-sr-hp2440 The label on the unit says the current is 40A. Thanks!
  8. Obviously, I'm not very savvy about electrical stuff. I have an HP Series Smart Solar Charge Controller with an unintelligible (at least to me!) manual. I'm not sure what "load working mode" the controller should be set to. The choices are: 0 Pure light control mode (it's currently on this) 1-14 Light control + time control (with settings for 1 - 14 hours) 15 Manual mode 16 Debugging mode default 17 Normal on mode I've been on shore power since having a new solar panel installed and just realized that I don't know if it's set to the best mode. I'd appreciate any advice!
  9. I've used RDP RV storage. It's a bare bones gated lot (no electric, uncovered) but right by IAH and the owner, Ralph, is very nice and does pickups/dropoffs in the area. I paid $68/month. Like DonCoyote mentioned, Escapees in Livingston also allows short-term storage (I think it's up to 90 days?) in their sites if space is available. Can get electric if needed. All sites uncovered. I couldn't use the Escapees storage because I needed transportation to/from IAH.
  10. Nope. I exercise common sense but I don't fear the world or other humans. I check my surroundings before I open the door if I'm somewhere unfamiliar. I do have a back-up camera on the camper that has a display that I can bring inside to see/hear around my door and I've done that once or twice when unexpectedly overnighting at a rest stop. But that's all I can think of... Glad to make a new friend!
  11. I'm a solo female traveler. I'm a minimalist. I prefer to hang out in the woods. We should be friends! I LOVE my truck camper! I've never had a van so I can't speak to that but my Cirrus 920 + F350 dually is perfect for me. Pros for me were that I've got a comfy bed that always stays a bed, great kitchen with plenty of food storage and cooking space, self-contained for winter camping, 4x4 (used it just today when Garmin suggested a crazy routing out of a state park & I gave it a go because why not? I've got a 4x4!). Oh, and it's easy to load/unload the camper. I do it frequently. I have had obnoxious men set up lawn chairs to spectate (really, multiple times) and heckle the little woman driving the big truck but they shut up pretty fast when I load first try. Another pro - the camper and the engine are separate. Very easy to get a F350 worked on & I can keep my tiny house at the same time. Truck campers are less common than Class B or C's so there aren't as many people with experience with them but I encourage you to take a look. Lots of options. I'm pretty top-of-the-line in my Cirrus. I have a friend who loves his Four Wheel camper and is downright spartan.
  12. I'm in the same position currently (travelled out of country via IAH). I initially planned to leave the RV at Escapees in Livingston but couldn't work out transportation back to IAH. The RV is currently parked at RDP RV Storage by IAH for $68/month, no electricity. It's really just a gated parking lot. I had a lot of trouble finding somewhere near IAH for RV storage < 6 months.
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