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  1. strawberry joe

    gcwr location

    Where can I find truck ratings info for gcwr? all the various vehicle sites give gvwr only. I want to know at what years do newer trucks start showing higher combined weights. tyvm
  2. strawberry joe

    Tra-Park - Pecos

    Pecos is the arm pit of the nation....Tra park is about what you'd expect in the middle of that depressed area...How bout that airport?...that's a joke planes fly in real close too.
  3. Selling our 31' artic fox travel trailer. Its been a great trailer for us, I just don't need this much trailer anymore. Large living room slide, queen bed, 2 fantastic fans, with rain sensors. Trailer also comes with a completely rebuilt Hensley Arrow hitch. Power front jack and four stabilizer jacks. 4 recent tires, all systems work, Located in Robertsdale Alabama Do not need help selling..cash sale only.
  4. strawberry joe

    fifth wheel hitch purchase...weight rate

    Here are my weights such as I have atm. truck is 1998 dodge dually 6L diesel 4 speed auto w/overdrive. Last weigh in fully loaded was 8520 (truck only). gcwr = 18K pin max = 1200lbs. gvwr = 10.5k gawr front= 4500 gawr rear= 7500 Trailer weights are Gvwr = 9568 Uvw = 7518 Ncc = 2050 So seems to me an 18k hitch is correct as 18K gcwr is max....correct ?
  5. strawberry joe

    fifth wheel hitch purchase...weight rate

    so then a 10K hitch ? or as 16k- 20k hitches are plentiful around here, any reason not to get one of these ?
  6. strawberry joe

    fifth wheel hitch purchase...weight rate

    Hi all, buying my first fifth wheel hitch. so how do I determine what I will need ? 5'er has 9568 as the gvwr. Truck loaded/weighed is 8520... Seems to me I need a 20k rated hitch? is that correct ? thanks Joe
  7. Hi all, I use several books to help me find low cost camp sites. I like " Free and low cost campgrounds " for one.....Problem i run into is the description of a potential campsite will not give the length of sites...just a generic description. So then you don't know if it is worth while to drive in 20 miles or so to determine if its an acceptable place to camp. My question is ....how do you folks deal with this problem ? thanks for your imput Joe
  8. strawberry joe

    water pump LOUD...help please

    Ok guys thanks, as the pump is 12 years old i'm thinking the rubber mounting feet may be dry rotted.....this issue has developed...normal pump noise i understand..but his is not normal. off to find some foam rubber....still wondering what would make it noisy on a full tank of water and not noisy on a lesser full tank. thanks again, Joe in potosi wi. coe park
  9. strawberry joe

    water pump LOUD...help please

    Hi all, lI have not used our water pump in the past...on this trip I have been using tank water pumped by on board water pump. I fill tank up to full to the top. Now when pumping/demanding water the pump has been extremely loud. water pressure is fine. As water is used the pump finally settles down to the normal dull roar. So what can this be?...Seems like perhaps air getting into the system....but there is no spitting of water..or perhaps is due to my filling tank too full ?? any insight is appreciated, Joe __________________
  10. strawberry joe

    wisconsin summer ?

    hmmm...i'd love it...just never thought about the south west in summer...haaa too close to yuma i suppose, was the thinking joe
  11. strawberry joe

    wisconsin summer ?

    Hi all, I live on the gulf coast in alabama....looking for a place to hide from heat and humidity for the summer months. Like may-sept. I spent last summer in upstate N.y. and it was wonderful. Problem being...tough ride getting there and need to do something different. so question is...will the northern parts of Wisconsin do the job for me, weather wise ? Seems like it should do..but what are summers like there ? thanks