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  1. There is a long thread on IRV2 about visible. The OP is a tech guy. He has written a document that shows how to use a certain router. Very inexpensive. When using that router the speeds are not limited to 5 mpps.
  2. I would like more info and have questions. The op should post his email address.Really dont like negotiating in a public forum. Not good for the buyer or the seller. Seems to be a very nice unit.
  3. Ifyou really want sell more info is required. Those brochures are generic. Your unit might have more or even less options. Sounds like a nice coach. Have you thought of posting your photos on a public site and providing link? Which Cummins do you have? ISL ,ISM or maybe the ISX..
  4. One of the nicest write ups i have ever seen.
  5. If you have a large DP Coachnet eill send a Landall unit yo trailer you to the nearest qualified facility. Some of the other services di not offer those units. Towing a large unit requires the right equipment. Frames and suspensions can be damaged if proper equipment and procedures are not followed.
  6. James: Thanks for the explanation. Lots of hoops to jump through but once done it is no big deal. Are you in an area where there was Ejido land? Do you have the pictures? Your listing has expired.
  7. That posting has also expired. I don't think fidecisimos are for 50 or 99 years. More like 20 years. You have to pay an annual fee and lately that is around $500.00. I have never heard of title insurance in Mexico. Before buying any property in Mexico it is wise to have the notary check to see if it has ever been Ejido land, If so the property can be seized. Great living but one has to be careful.
  8. Our Monaco has the same toilet. A real water hog. But the holding tank is not under the toilet. They have a new model that uses less water. However it is very expensive. I forget the price but over $1000. There are no inexpensive macerating toilets. I have not found a solution.
  9. I do not know if wire nuts meet the RV code. On our 08Dynasty MH they used wire nuts but all are taped as well. I was taught to always use a plier to twist the wires first. If you don't like wire nuts there are some cool alternatives. You can find them at Home depot. They are a small plastic block and you simply strip your solid wire and insert. You can get them with various wire capacity. I think some of them are approved for stranded wire. I am sure an electrician will jump in and correct me!
  10. I hate to post this. I do understand that ATT does not offer a true unlimited. But there are sellers on ebay that offer a plan. You pay them as little as $20.00. You get an email with iemi and instructions on how to sign up with ATT. You pay $29.99 directly to ATT. It is a pay as you go plan. I have been watching this since May. I did a bunch of googling and went on some obscure forums. Here is what I learned. ATT had a plan for I pads. It was similar to the Mobley deal. Unlimited! Some people are using 600 gb a month! No throttling. Apparently an ATT employee showed someone how to get this plan.Is it illegal? Probably not. Is it wrong. I think it may be. But no worse than some one who puts his Mobley sim in another device and uses it in his home. But like all things that are too good to be true it will be short lived. You have to use an ATT device unless you know how to set up something else. Originally you had to have an Ipad to sign up online. Now you just put it in any tablet. I don't know if it works in phones. I think there was someone in this forum who referred to a company that charges about $65 a month for the exact same setup. That is all I know. I would still like a recommendation on a hotspot. There are some discussions on Howard Forums about this setup. Thanks
  11. I would appreciate some advice on a new hotspot. I am going with one of the ATT unlimited plans. I see various models of the Unite device. Is there one that works better than the others ? Thanks
  12. I think that in some areas we must consider that the land has become valuable. If the owners do not get their ROI then it becomes time to sell and the CG becomes Condos or a housing development. We too have noticed that $25.00 sites are gone and the average is around $45.00. All those RV's that are being sold have made campsites harder to find.
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