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  1. Sorry but your album would not open on my phone. It states the name of the album and that there is 81 pictures. But the photos do not open.
  2. RV4g is quite expensive.. They are selling the same plan that is on Ebay for $25.00 a month. $87.00 for a sim card is also a lot.
  3. Those with smaller absorption fridges rarely have serious problems. It is the large Norcold 1200 series that is bad. AS for extended warranties on a residential fridge: Some retailers will sell you an extended warranty that will be valid. We have had a factory installed Jenn Air side by side in our Dynasty for 10 years. I would never go back to a propane fridge. But one must be made aware that today's residential fridges are not like your mother's fridge. They usually do not last 10 years. repairmen will tell you that the average life span is maybe 7 years. They also will tell you that most of the time it will cost more to repair than buying a new replacement.
  4. Very tastefull. Nicely done. Is that a water heater above the toilet? That certainly does not meet any codes for an RV!
  5. Kirk's LED shop lights are no more efficient than a T8 4 ft. flourescent. I am surprised as usually the LED is far more efficient.
  6. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/07/court-violating-terms-service-not-crime-bypassing
  7. Terms of service violations would never make it into a courtroom. ATT has enough people hating them without trying to be high and mighty.
  8. DocJ is correct. However if you consider that Cell companies do not follow their own rules nor the rules of the FCC. They advertise unlimited internet using a meaning of the word unlimited that is not in any dictionary. This is not by accident. They know full well that it is a form of a lie. But if it means more business they do not care. In this case being discussed no one is stealing the internet service. Users are just expanding the service from one device to another and paying for this service monthly Certainly no worse than what cell companies do every day. It is not illegal. I would suggest that ATT does not care or they would quickly close the loophole. many thousands of users have done something similar with the Mobley
  9. Surfside: Thank you for taking the time to type all that info. You are a kind soul! BobbyB
  10. Surfside: Please tell us more about that ATT $35.00 plan. Is it the hacked plan that is sold on Ebay? Thanks
  11. I have 2 desktops and a laptop that are still on Windows .. Windows 10 just seems to be problematic so I stayed with 7. But I lost my Hotmail when MS changed everything. I tried Em client but it crashes all the time. I have been using Outlook.com on my cell phones tablet and widows 7 computers. It is not only slow but ill designed. I tried some other email clients such as the one from Firefox and was still not happy. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. There is a long thread on IRV2 about visible. The OP is a tech guy. He has written a document that shows how to use a certain router. Very inexpensive. When using that router the speeds are not limited to 5 mpps.
  13. I would like more info and have questions. The op should post his email address.Really dont like negotiating in a public forum. Not good for the buyer or the seller. Seems to be a very nice unit.
  14. Ifyou really want sell more info is required. Those brochures are generic. Your unit might have more or even less options. Sounds like a nice coach. Have you thought of posting your photos on a public site and providing link? Which Cummins do you have? ISL ,ISM or maybe the ISX..
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