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  1. Thank Ya'll my my kids are 6 7 9 yes, seems to be a desire to live free' er
  2. My thinking is that because the kids have never been in the US system, no one would know either way right? what do you mean by "Satisfied with your address"? Looking at the individual state requirements, some say mandated subjects required but no assessment required, and a 1 time notification . If subjects are mandated but no assessment, how can they control that? thank you for your reply, very Much appreciated
  3. Ok, So I just moved my family back from the Philippines, just moved us in the RV to my land in La. Currently claim Wa. as home state, DL, taxes, etc. My kids (6,8,9) were in private school in the PI and have never attended public schools in the US, I want to keep it that way as long as possible, plan to do some traveling but not for a while, although that can change easily. So as long as no one is trying to be a do-gooder, and I don't stay in one place to long in a restrictive state, I should be good right? This makes things tricky when you are trying to establish friendships for the kids and Adults. Any suggestions? And what is this umbrella private schooling? Also, when it comes to HS diploma/college, how would that transition work? thanks Mark