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  1. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    Eddie, The $55K amount is what we expect to spend based on our lifestyle. We are both retired after each having 35+ years of working in the civilian sector and being in the military.
  2. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    They are definitely giving the test at Livingston. They schedule Class A/B testing every Wednesday.
  3. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    My wife and I both successfully completed our driving test for the Class B non-CDL license in Livingston this morning. We drove our Class A motorhome to the Livingston DPS location, parked in the designated location on the street and finished back-to-back exams. I thought the test was very fair, it was pretty simple, and the examiner was pleasant and professional. Here's a quick summary: We arrived about 20 minutes early and started the exam as soon as we walked in and signed in. The exam started with the examiner outside of the motorhome checking lights, turn signals, brake lights and the horn while I watched her signals through the windshield or mirror. She then entered the coach and we went into a parking lot where I did a series of turns to show I could maneuver the coach. None of the turns were tight or difficult. She then had me drive parallel to a curb on the passenger side, exited the coach, and watched from the rear while I backed up in a straight line along the curb about 25 yards. I kept her in sight in the mirror at all times and she told me when to stop backing. She got back into the coach and we did about a 15-20 minute drive. It was a combination of city (in Livingston) and freeway (US 59)driving, with one entrance onto the freeway and one exit. In every instance she gave very clear directions where to go and plenty of time to execute a turn or lane change. We then returned to the DPS office, and parked in the same spot. This was a pretty simple test, no tricks, and very painless. There's no doubt the folks in the Livingston office are accustomed to dealing with the RV Community and want to make the process of getting a license in Texas fair, but as simple as possible. They are definitely knowledgeable about the different tests and licenses required based on your RV. Glad we're done!
  4. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    We have been full timing for over a year now and have some history in addition to our planned budget. All in, we're looking at about $55K per year. That includes all spending of all types, including food, gas, spending money for fun, campground rent (we try to stay a month at a time in campgrounds), cell phones, insurance, etc. It does not include any motorhome payments. One thing working for us is that we are both eligible for VA benefits, so we only have some co-pays for prescriptions and visits to the clinics when needed. Not being eligible for Medicare yet would have given us a lot of additional expenses for health insurance.
  5. TX Class B exempt question

    We just took our written test in Livingston three weeks ago and have our driving test scheduled this week for our Class A. We were told to study Chapter 14. We studied and passed the test. Be sure to know some of the numbers around where to place emergency cones and where markers need to be on the sides and front of vehicles, that was emphasized on our test. Glad we looked at the Chapter before taking the test.