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    Truck stops

    You can stop at truck stops, but yes you may get some angry looks. The issue is normally with RV'rs that open slides and take up two or more spaces. Yes truck drivers are now required by law to have 10 hours consecutive off (normally in a sleeper) after being on-duty for 14 hours, or after driving for 11 hours. This is why most truck stops start filling up around the time the sun goes down. The other issue is many companies (not all) but many have what is known as "Sitting Duck Policy" This does not allow them to park on off-ramps, or sides of roads where they can be hijacked, or in an accident etc. They are forced to find a truck stop. While truck stops cater to professional drivers, many years ago they realized they were missing a lot of business. So they renamed their businesses to Travel Centers and tried to pull in autos that pass by. But truckers are their bread & butter. They are not the best place for RV's to stay the night due to most truckers will idle, or high idle their engines to keep warm, or cool. So there is a lot of noise with the sound of 100 or more trucks with engines running. I've been on both sides, I am a professional truck driver, and I own a Diesel pusher RV. I don't generally get upset with RV's that take a space, as long as they don't have slides open and take up more than one space. Or I've seen RV's that can't back up and park over lines. If you stay at a truck stop, I would just advise to be respectful, and keep your slides in, you should be OK.
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