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  1. rideandfly

    Generator Set-up on TT

    Great Tip! That's why I like this group! Lots of experience here! Just purchased a new EU2000i a few months ago. Believe the fuel valve and ignition are connected together, can't get to the gen-set right now to look how it's put together. Here's what Honda says: "Storing Your Honda EU1000i, EU2000i, or EU3000i for More Than 4 Weeks (30 days)" Storage Time: 1 to 2 months "Storage Time: 2 to 12 months (or less than once a month operation) Drain the carburetor following the directions shown in your owner’s manual. Close the fuel cap vent. Store in a cool dry area. Storage Time: More than 1 year (long term storage) Drain the fuel tank and carburetor following the instructions in your owner’s manual. Close the fuel cap vent. Store in a cool dry area." http://powerequipment.honda.com/generators/eu-generator-fuel-recommendations
  2. rideandfly

    Generator Set-up on TT

    Used to turn gas valve off and let it die for years and it worked fine. Had trouble getting the Yamaha to run properly after storage once, even with new fuel after getting all the old fuel out until I cleaned out the carburetor. That's when I started draining the float bowl on my gen-sets when stored over 30 days. Only takes a couple minutes to drain the float bowl on my new Honda EU2000i.
  3. rideandfly

    Generator Set-up on TT

    Had a Yamaha 2400 gen-set, nice quite unit, but about 80 pounds. It has a fuel shut off valve that I always used to turn unit off before storage, but the unit would not run smooth after storage for a year. Disassembled the carburetor and cleaned with compressed air, it started running fine again. Decided when storing over 30 days with the fuel turned off, to drain the carburetor float bowl. Wanted a lighter weigh gen-set, purchased a Honda EU2000i. For storage with the fuel valve off, I drain the carburetor float bowl when storing over 30 days.
  4. Linville Land Harbor close to Pineola NC has homes, golf course, and RV lots: http://www.linvillelandharbor.com/about-us/history/
  5. rideandfly

    Just a thought on depreciation

    We can sell our 2015 Oliver Elite II TT for what we paid for it. We purchased it used during 2016 for a little less than what it sold for new during 2015.
  6. rideandfly

    What's Your TT Set-up?

    Bet your Dodge/Cummins Diesel gets good fuel economy. We used to install Cummins in off highway equipment from 50HP to over 300HP. Had good results with them, too.
  7. rideandfly

    What have you done to your Travel Trailer lately?

    Replaced the Progressive Dynamics 4045 convertor section. It started charging at 14.4V all the time when connected to shore power when battery bank was already fully charged. It's not a hard job and took less than an hour, 5 wires and one bolt: New convertor section: New unit installed and now charging properly:
  8. rideandfly

    What's Your TT Set-up?

    We tow our 23.5' Oliver travel trailer with a Toyota Tundra 5.7L 4X4. It's a fine rig combination. The Ollie weighs in at 4950 pounds ready to camp with empty water tanks. The GVW on the Ollie is 7000 pounds. Most dual axle Ollies have 3500 pound axles, but Oliver built a few 5200 pound dual axles Ollies during 2015, ours was one of them. Installed Dexter EZ flex suspension system with wet pins and bronze bushings. Ollies have shock absorber/leaf spring suspension system. It also came equipped with 16" light truck radial tires. The Ollie has very good towing manners!
  9. rideandfly

    Did you watch the eclipse?

    This was the first eclipse we have taken photos of. Took mid-day Sun shots a few days before the eclipse, to learn about taking photos with the solar filter, then hoped for clear sky during the eclipse. Purchased solar film and a UV filter. Cut out solar film to fit inside of the UV filter and held on camera lens by hand, except during totality. Canon Powershot used with a 6' step ladder as a stand to rest the camera on. Solar filter placed on lens:
  10. rideandfly

    Did you watch the eclipse?

    Took these shots while camping at Tellico Plains TN. Hope to see eclipse during 2024, too!
  11. rideandfly

    Day/Night Shade Cord Replacement

    KodiakJack, Thanks, I like to document projects, before I forget what I did.
  12. Newer member here, wanted to post about this project. We have Auto Motion Custom Manual Framed Twin-Pleat Shades, #TPS-720. Had to replace two shade cords and wanted to share information from the project. Could not find any shade cord re-thread diagrams matching the Oliver's windows. Purchased 100' of cord from Amazon that's thicker, 1.5MM cord, compared to original 1MM cord. Did not use tape where indicated in the sketch because the thicker new cord was sandwiched very tightly between shade & frame without tape. Recommend using original thickness cord with tape, because on the longer shades I had trouble fitting the thicker cord and thinner original cord would fit easier. Thicker cord on right used: With larger diameter cord, threaded each hole one at a time instead of multiple holes: Copied the original cord routing: Night shade with new cord re-threaded: Job completed: If the night shade is being threaded (shade top of frame), taped side of shade is positioned at the top. If the day shade is being threaded (shade in bottom of frame) the taped side of shade is positioned at the bottom. Springs maintain tension on the cords. Each cord is fixed and taped in place where indicated in the previous post. Cord in shade handle is not fixed allowing the handle/shade to slide up and down on the cord. The cords from night shade are routed to the spring in the bottom of the frame. The cords from day shade are routed to the spring in the top of the frame.
  13. Yarome, Learning very helpful information here. Will make the battery cable and solar controller changes. Thanks again! Edit: Recommended changes made!!!!!
  14. TheLongWayHome, Appreciate the guidance. Yep, I wired the batterys method 1 and will wire the yellow GND to the charge controller from the other battery. The solar controller is 10A and using the original Renogy wiring looks like 14AGW 2C cable from controller to batterys. Everyone here is very helpful! Thanks!
  15. Yarome, Installed the Duracells last week and have not been camping with them, yet. Connected the batteries + to + to + cable to PD convertor and - to - with blade switch between battery - post and - cable to the PD convertor.