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  1. Haha Eddie, I don't mind. So while I did go to college - it was not for what I ended up doing as a career. I was with the company for 6 years before buying it from the previous owner. I'm actually only 30 We also have an IRA and 429 accounts set up for our kids so money is being put aside for them each month regardless - and THEN we travel and live off of what is left over. And we are currently debt free We bought our first home at 23 and it appreciated in value. We're not going to travel forever, only a few years and then we will likely settle down again. We aren't by any means going broke and throwing away our life savings to travel and buy an RV - we are just missing out on a few years of real estate investment.
  2. Thanks guys. My husband and I actually did buy a house when we were 23 and made a good amount off it when we sold it a few months back. We were in the process of buying a new home - because we see the value in real estate investments - but realized that we would rather keep the money we got from selling the house in the bank, to have some savings and not just have to put it all towards another house - and continue to save. The idea of being weighed down by another mortgage just does not appeal to us and we LOVE to travel - so this way we also save money on our trips bc we aren't paying as much for lodging as we normally do. We actually do own our own business that does well, which is why we can work remotely and with any luck - we always have that as an asset (the company is 15 years old and going strong).
  3. Thank you so much for the warm welcome!
  4. My family is considering living in a rv for a few years before settling down with a brick and mortar home. It my husband and I plus our two and a half yr old twins plus our two dogs. We plan to have a home base rv park where we pay a monthly lot fee and then travel for three or four weeks every couple of months or so. Anyone out there who has gone that route care to share what your monthly expenses look like? Or anything we might not be considering? Or anything you would have done differently? Does anyone regret not investing in a house? Vs as my father puts it "throwing your money down the pit" ? Im excited for the adventures, and the values we will be able to focus on vs what a normal home life brings - but also nervous for the unknown. i should mention we have jobs that allow us to work remotely so we will have our normal monthly income coming in.
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