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  1. Deal breaker right there! Sounds cool though. I am going to try to optimize my RV for accessing the interwebz, so with luck I'll be able to do Netflix/etc. like I do now.
  2. Allentc2

    To TOAD or Scooter

    I have not started RVing yet, so my opinion may not be worth much. I HAVE gone through the Toad/NoToad/WhatKindofToad process though. While I agree with Solo18 that proper planning prevents plenty of pitstops, I also realize there may be times/places when I want to leave the RV where it is and take something smaller. I have ridden motorcycles in the past, and thought something small might be ideal. I was leaning towards a TW200 myself, for small errands or sightseeing in the boonies. What pushed me away from that is age. LOL My knees are already tired. I don't want to throw a leg over a bike or soak up bumps on a small-wheeled scooter (which might not be good on crappy trails in the boonies). I also haven't given up on the idea (perhaps over-optimistically) that I may not be RVing by myself. LOL So I found a good Jeep Wrangler to be my toad. It'll be easy to set up for towing, relatively cheap to operate, can go about anywhere, and won't be a PITA when the weather doesn't cooperate. Just my $.02.
  3. Allentc2

    Any CamperForce vets?

    Thanks for the input everyone! Sounds like it may be worth trying out at some point.
  4. 2019, it's an option. BayStar2019_2.pdf
  5. Allentc2

    Any CamperForce vets?

    I was talking to the Amazon guys at Hershey last weekend. Sounded like a pretty nice gig. Anyone have any experience? What was the campground they put you up at like?
  6. I went to Hershey where they had a 3408 (which has w/d hookups) but I really wanted that computer desk/buffet table thing. LOL Plus I wasn't sold on a w/d being mandatory for full-timing. I guess we'll see by this time next year. LOL
  7. Allentc2

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    After multiple readings of the packet on Escapees, it SOUNDS like I can do the following.... 1. Get insurance thru a TX insurer (and I need to look into future, full-time RVing insurance BEFORE I insure the Jeep) 2. Get proof of insurance. Fill out packet using Escapees mail service addy. Send all that along with PA seller's title, photo ID (in my case, military ID card) and mucho dinero to Polk Co. auditor 3. Once registered and titled, get plates (I gather personalized plates are gotten online?) and drive down to TX in a reasonable amount of time for inspection and to get driver's license. Sound right?
  8. HAH!!!! Fellow future alumni!!
  9. Allentc2

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    I thought you had to show proof of insurance in order to register. And I'll check on the other insurances. Thanks!
  10. Allentc2

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    I did but honestly....they seemed a little rushed. I tried to explain my situation, the lady referred me to the packet here.
  11. Allentc2

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    Well, this insurance info is good to know, but I need to know about registering this Jeep. LOL
  12. Allentc2

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    My impression from talking to the rep down there is so long as I'm 'sticks n' bricks' at the start, and I insure the toad FIRST (as doing the RV first makes it the daily driver and about 3x more expensive) he really didn't care. I'm sure it is easy to do in person, but I'm about 13 months away from that (according to plan). I suppose when I pick up the RV I could run down there for a week and do it all at once, but I'm just wanting to register the Jeep right now.
  13. Okay, I have read and reread the bit on domicile and establishing residency in Texas. What is confusing me (admittedly, not hard to do) is the order... Step 1. Get the mailing address. Check. Step 2. Establish professional/social connections. Check....I think. Been talking to the State Farm agent about insuring the toad and RV (in that order, I might add). Step 3. What in the heck do I do first??? Driver's license? But I have to establish residency (which is, I thought, done at the conclusion of Step 6??) to get the license, correct? I was going to insure the Jeep I've just purchased via private sale from an individual in Pennsylvania, then get it registered/licensed in Texas, but I'm not sure I can do that. The Polk Co. auditor referred me to the packet here, but that looks to me like I need to submit a Texas DL. Or do I send any photo ID, proof of insurance, title, the forms, and a bucket load of cash (I still think paying sales tax on a private sale is BS LOL). My reading comprehension fading as I get older, that has to be it.
  14. I'm really leaning towards the Bay Star 3401 floorplan, so no W/D for me I think. But thanks for all the input. I am so excited about the idea of being mobile. And I'm optimistic I can avoid the really skeevy laundromats.
  15. I have not yet actually purchased my RV, but the dealer (in California) has a similar process. I actually will go to Nevada to take possession of the RV in order to not pay all the CA fees and taxes. And I do hope to register my coach in Texas as well, so this is super helpful.