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  1. WGroleau

    Legal aspects of U.S. State tax

    Yes, lots. I just didn't know the right search words. One of them has three hundred addresses in thirty countries, but they are very expensive. Some of the inexpensive ones don't offer all the services.
  2. WGroleau

    Legal aspects of U.S. State tax

    That's why I came here. Over there, folks are reluctant to believe that I don't have a house and a car. Although one person did drop a hint that indirectly helped me find this place. No, I wouldn't complain about $8/month if that was the actual charge. But it was that plus a charge per piece of mail after the first ten (or some similar small number). And then there was the issue that the ones I looked at were not in low-tax states. (Except one in Miami). MyDakotaAddress sounds pretty good, and it gave me a good search phrase to find others. Lots of others. Some of them are ridiculously expensive¹, and I haven't yet found any as low as MyDakotaAddress. I prefer Texas. ¹One says it's $50/year in the web search results, but click on it and it changes to $180/yr.
  3. WGroleau

    Legal aspects of U.S. State tax

    (A) I do understand, and so far, Indiana has NOT complained. But people were telling me that changing your address to redue taxes is fraud unless you really do live there. (B) What are some of these mail services? I only know about four of them. The only one of the four that's ubiquitous is Mailboxes, Etc. and they don't do very much. The other three are physicaladdress.com, virtualpostmail.com, USABox.com The lowest cost was eight bucks a month with limits less than the amount of mail I actually get. I get a lot of mail I don't want from financial places. One of them thanks me twice a month by e-mail for signing up for electronic delivery, yet they keep on sending the paper. When I need proof of income for a visa application or something, two of them won't let me get it online; they insist on mailing it. IRS also refused to let me download en electronic copy of my tax info; had to get it by mail.
  4. WGroleau

    Legal aspects of U.S. State tax

    That's certainly not unreasonable. But if SD says "He spent the night here, therefore he's OURS," what's to stop Oklahoma from saying, "He spent seven nights here, so he's OURS" or Indiana saying, "He rspent twenty years here and he's not getting away that easily!" :-) I'm only half-joking—my wife's pension from New York Public Employees is labeled EXEMPT from state taxes. But Indiana said, "Nope, if they won't tax it, we will!" One problem, though, is contracting with someone to handle my paper mail. I've just checked five commercial services. Four of them charge too much, and none of them has offices anywhere but Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. The fifth one has offices everywhere, but very limited services.
  5. WGroleau

    Legal aspects of U.S. State tax

    I do not have a vehicle that requires registration. My primary transportation is bicycle or walking. I only use fossil fuels when there's an ocean in the way or when time constraints require. Being retired, time is rarely an issue. I have been primarily pedal power since four years prior to retirement. Nor do I have to worry about insurance costs. Currently all my "business" is in Oklahoma, though I did register to vote in Texas since I was there the last five months of 2016 at a college. It may not be worth the trouble of "relocating" as I only sent Oklahoma seven dollars last year. But I do need to get someone else to handle my mail. My mother doesn't need the aggravation. Plus she's not online, so she can't send me a PDF of anything important. "Hit the road" to me just means traveling. Doesn't imply a particular type of locomotion, nor even a "road."
  6. I know that I can "establish residence" in any state I want, but I wonder about the legalities. Details of my situation on another forum, but the summary is that I am homeless by choice since October 2014, and have "lived" in several U.S. states and six other countries. One article recommended Texas, but some of the reasons don't apply to me (no vehicle to register, only a bicycle, voting irrelevant since Texas is overwhelmingly Republican). Anyway, it's the legalities that concern me. I've been told that changing my mailing address to reduce taxes is fraud. But I own nothing at the current address except a few things not-yet-discarded in storage and it's not the address I retired from.