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  1. Costa Mesa Calif

    Thank you for the suggestion, we tried them. We are staying in Yorba Linda. The drive to visit my gamily isnt that bad. Cant beat the rate for seniors here either. Other then all the ants the place is nice.
  2. Costa Mesa Calif

    We have stayed there. For us its great. Centers around where my family lives. During the mo nth of the fair, they don't let you stay there..Thank you for your help.
  3. Costa Mesa Calif

    Thank you for that recommendation. We have tried, all of those. I was hoping someone knew of a place that was little less known. Like casinos or golf courses.
  4. Costa Mesa Calif

    They have two that are full. Thank you for your help.
  5. Costa Mesa Calif

    We are going to be in Costa Mesa Ca for 3 weeks visiting my sister. We usually stay at the fairground, but the fair is going on the time we will be there. We have checked and called every where we cpuld find. Anyone have any suggestions?