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  1. It's not that I'm looking for the benefits of two different states, I'm just wondering if using an out-of-domicile-state mail service throws a huge wrench in the works, which, according to this article I just found, it does: https://www.escapees.com/articles-and-blogs/entry/signed-sealed-delivered-address-domicile It sounds like it can be done (mail service in TX, domicile in NM), but it's murky with a lot of extra paperwork that I'm sure most people won't know what to do with. I'll just have to find a service with an NM address for now.
  2. Yeah, South Dakota health insurance costs even more than Texas. Florida is slightly cheaper than TX, but nothing else about Florida suits our situation.
  3. The mail service address would become my "home" address. Everything from my health insurance to the IRS would think that's where I live, hence the concern. I'm not sure why TX would not expect me to register vehicles there if that's my only home address...
  4. Our house is on the market in New Mexico. We had assumed we'd declare domicile in Texas as soon as it's sold, but the more I research, the more complications I'm finding. We're self-employed and in our 40's and thus dependent upon ACA health plans. One downside to TX is our coverage will be worse for a much greater cost. My wife has a lease on an office through the end of the year in NM and we'd also greatly prefer to keep our storage unit in NM, which will make it difficult to be safe from NM still claiming us even if we do everything else in TX (driver's license, vehicle reg, bank, mailing address, register new business). So for now we're going to stick with NM. My question is, if we use a mail forwarding service such as Escapees with a TX address, is that going to start a whole chain of events with TX expecting us to register our vehicles, have to switch to a TX health plan, etc? I'm feeling like we're gonna get snapped in two with NM and TX tugging on us if we use a TX mail service.