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  1. Heard so many mention lack of space @ statte parks - is this true with the nationals too?
  2. At what point does a trailer get too long? Honestly ive never pulled anything bigger than a 25', 7000 lb boat - truck and trailer were about 45'. Wife and i plan to retire and go full-time by next year. We have found a mid bunkhouse open range (371MBH) that fits everything we need, but is right at 42' long. Ive heard people cant park them and if they can they cant find a place to. Thoughts?
  3. The 2017 F350 is SO much more capable than its predecessor. The 6.7 deisel now makes 440 hp and a ridiculous 925 ft pounds of torque. The SRW is rated @ a whopping 21,000 lbs for 5TH wheel towing by ford themselves (dually 28,000), and seriously who's going to haul that much weight for leisure? I plan to haul about 16,000 fully loaded with mine and have no fears whatsoever. And when i'm not towing i dont hafta deal with all those dually setbacks. There are plenty of ways one can make RVing dangerous - just pay attention to the ratings and weigh the thing to make sure. And especially make sure you have quality tires on the road. God Bless Texas Cookie!
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