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  1. 2018 VNL 740/760/860

    Have you or anyone you know recently spec'ed out a 2018 Volvo 740/760/860? Any insights or spec sheets you would be interested in sharing. Seems to be a lots of changes from the prior Gen, PM OK. Thanks
  2. Satellite and GPS Antenna Ideas?

    I know you only asked about GPS and Sirius Radio antenna but you might also consider cellular and wi-fi? A couple of possible solutions there:- Panorama LGMM 5-in-1 Thru Roof Vehicle Antenna for 3G/4G/LTE, GPS, WiFi - Black Also available in white LTM Fleet Management by MobileMark
  3. Satellite and GPS Antenna Ideas?

    Scrap, Where is it mounted and how are the wired run into the cab?
  4. Spacecraft...

    Greg Wallman comes from the construction industry, but I have no other details. Any background or in person experience would be good.
  5. 2018/19 Winter in Arizona Recommendations

    Thanks Dan. Will take a look next week (AZ scouting trip). That area (AZ/CA border) will also be our boondocking shakedown when we finally get going in December/January (2019). Slowly moving from our time in Hutch, but had a few setbacks. The RV is now in design and build will not happen until Oct/Nov. Looking for the HDT next. And a ton of other activities (sell house, downside, retire, ...) before we get to November. It will fly by - as I'm sure you remember. Gerry
  6. 2018/19 Winter in Arizona Recommendations

    Thanks Al for the great insights and advice. I will check them out on my scouting trip. It's sunny in Colorado too, but 18 degrees and several inches of snow on the ground!! Hopefully this time next year we will be looking and feeling somewhat different.
  7. 2018/19 Winter in Arizona Recommendations

    Thanks Al, I'll cruise through the area next week to do some scouting. Any specific locations in the Yuma and Quartzsite area to look at. Never been there and would like to maybe try it this time next year (2019). I understand there is a festival at the end of January (this coming week), including a HAM festival (I'm a HAM too). I believe Quartzsite goes from a village to a "major city" in Winter. Must be interesting navigating that (Google must be confused!!). Gerry
  8. Washer / Dryers

    The current Energy Star top rated energy efficient dryers. 27" electrical LG DLHX4072 About $1,439, 1.965 kWh/load (avg.), 7.3 cu. ft. capacity 24" electrical Beko HPD24412W About $1,200, 0.625 kWh/load (avg), 4.1cu. ft. capacity. 27" Gas Samsung DVG54M87 $??, 2.420kWh/load, 7.4 cu. ft. capacity
  9. Washer / Dryers

  10. 2018/19 Winter in Arizona Recommendations

    Thanks Bill. A lot to investigate!
  11. 2018/19 Winter in Arizona Recommendations

    New RVer going full-time, but not going until November 2018. Looking for recommendation for RV sites in Arizona. Will plan to scout them out while at the Escapee Boot Camp Feb 2-4. Large RV - 45' with truck (HDT) and car. Pull-through is always nice! 50A FHU. Appreciate any other Arizona guidance beyond the RV locations.
  12. HDT Rally Site update

    Dave, Because of a conflict with the Albuquerque Balloon Festival - OCT. 6-14 2018 Gerry
  13. smart or RzR for your HDT?

    The Smart and 2 seater Rzr (S 900) are both 106" long and can be put on an HDT bed, side loaded. But what is you wanted both. Choices, choices. But what if you did not have to choose! How about combining them both!!! https://utvactionmag.com/new-2018-smart-utv/
  14. Alternative to Winegard Rayzar

    And no skylights or roof fans!!! That is why I was stating the 4" limit while traveling. Any venting will be side exhaust or 4" or less on the roof. This is a custom build. Air conditioning and exchange are done with mini-splits with the condensers in the basement!!! Not your average 5th wheel!
  15. Alternative to Winegard Rayzar

    Thanks for all the inputs. That was what I'm afraid of - no automated solution and just a hand crank. Can't use a hand crank in our design - too tall and can't use in the bedroom. Actually no A/C units on the roof!!