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  1. Forming LLC in Montanna

    Phil, I'll hook you up with a good lawyer! "Corporate sponsorship" in an event, the stated question (21) has absolutely no connection with LLC ownership. One is relative to the event and the participation in it and other is relative to a LLC asset. A good lawyer and a judge would throw this out in 10 seconds.
  2. Other Full-time toyhauler to consider. DRV Full House - you did say you wanted big! Or you can go the custom route with New Horizons or Space Craft Manufacturing. ($$$), but as big as you want and with real insulation. Don't believe all the sales and website BS you will get on "Arctic/Cold weather packages". May sure you have double pane windows, good door(s) and the under side of the slides are insulated (rare). Air infiltration will probably be the biggest issue in maintaining inside temperature. Also check that the garage is also insulated. Most toyhauler are not really built for FH and the cold. Keystone Montana High Country has an interesting new unit - 380TH. Might be trying to one up Grand Design!
  3. 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Questions

    The online one is the same! At least the 2017 Momentum one. https://www.granddesignrv.com/owner-support/publications/owners-manuals
  4. Arizona vs Texas.. in what order to take steps...

    Any suggestions for pre-65 healthcare insurance for 2018 for full-timing? SD, TX, ... (not FL)
  5. The Class-less Class

    Welcome to Colorado. Since you are in Northglenn (one word!) and like breakfast, you have to try First Watch on the other side of I-25/120th from Delectable Egg - https://www.google.com/maps/place/First+Watch+-+Northglenn/@39.913124,-104.9897037,17z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1s120th+%26+I-25+Northglenn,+CO!3m4!1s0x0:0x493c54d478ae1451!8m2!3d39.9131242!4d-104.9875148 Menu https://s3.amazonaws.com/cos-firstwatch/FirstWatchLOCMenu/LIVE2H-16.pdf Try the Million-dollar Bacon (special not on the menu), if they have it - may want to consult a cardiologist first
  6. Arizona vs Texas.. in what order to take steps...

    Thanks Zulu for the links. I hear you are the forum's "designated" healthcare guru! Congratulations! Of course Clark county not included!! 72% of the population! They are still only quoting 2017 prices at this stage, so will have to wait. I had found the Kiplinger info, but in digging into it found that some of the information was dated (the article is from Oct 2016, research probably earlier). The Tax hungry politicians change tax laws regularly!! But did find one state that did drop taxes (the shock!!). This site seems more current on state sales taxes and also has individual city/county date:- http://www.sale-tax.com/ The Registration& Title Fees site is a great find. I had been wondering in the mire of data on each state site. Legalize and obfuscation appear to be their first language!! Kirk, Thanks for the Nevada proof of Residency info. Most states appear to be going this way with 2 or 3 (my last MDV visit in Colorado required 3).
  7. Arizona vs Texas.. in what order to take steps...

    Zulu, We have only started investigating domicile and just added Nevada to the mix (with Texas and maybe S Dakota). Have found lots of info (inc. Escapees) on TX & SD, but little current data on NV. Also under 65 so need to find 2018 health insurance options. Any suggested reliable sources of data, NV domicile and healthcare? Also want to find out if any wacky CA rules wondered over the border!! I understand that NV has a 30 day in state residency rule for DL proof of residence. A RV Park address on a receipt will suffice. Just need to understand all the rules and options before deciding. Still have time until Spring 2018.!
  8. Forming LLC in Montanna

    Phil, My argument was not about LLCs, it is about people decisions to pick a domicile location because of taxes as a primary decider. People do it all the time. It's why we have State laws versus Federals laws and people have the right to choose to where they domicile, when they may never actually live in the state or minimally. There is not requirement to spend 7x24 in a State!! Other than the obligation to show up to renew their DL, and some states even do that my mail now. It that legally or morally wrong? I would suggest probably, but I will not judge! Likewise, corporations choose states to register in one state (e.g. Delaware) and actually have their main office elsewhere? Why? Is that wrong? People (1%ers) with money may have residence, assets, property, etc. in many states and choose a different state to declare domicile for taxes or other legal reasons. May use LLCs to protect those assets. While they pay property taxes to those individual states, they are not obligated to pay income taxes to them. Legal OK, morally wrong? All I'm suggesting is that people should not judge or declare a legal instrument (e.g. an LLC) or the person using them morally wrong. I would suggest that there are lots of legal reasons to use a legal tool to optimize your financial standing, if used correctly. You may not chose those same routes, but it does not make it legally or morally wrong. A full understanding of the facts are always the best evidence! May of those facts are personal and would suggest they are not shared on forums. As always talk with a competent lawyer before making legally/financial impacting decisions. Web forums should not be the source of legal advice. Or judgement. Gerry
  9. Testosterone, J.C. Whitney and income levels

    Henry, Your next project!
  10. Forming LLC in Montanna

    Phil, Are you suggesting that all the FT RVers that declare Texas, Florida and S. Dakota as their domicile state should stay home (current State) and pay income tax to their current state? Just a different example of tax avoidance, that is perfectly legal and even encouraged by those states.
  11. Testosterone, J.C. Whitney and income levels

    And then you can continue to boost you T with the interior while decreasing your $
  12. Testosterone, J.C. Whitney and income levels

    There is ALWAYS more even you Volvo guys can do with that extra T.
  13. Forming LLC in Montanna

    Tax avoidance (generally a good thing) is not the same as tax evasion (getting caught has consequences). If you as not sure which one you are potentially headed into, talk with a competent tax lawyer, in the case of an LLC an LLC lawyer or a tax accountant. Getting your personal tax guidance from a forum is a sure recipe for future tax problems.
  14. +1 Most "managed" fund managers cannot beat the average return on an Indexed fund.
  15. 1998 Freightliner

    Ken & Kim Another great source. The National HDT Rally is in October (8-14) in Hutchingson, KS, with lots of seminars on HDT subjects and lots of samples to see. A huge base of knowledge in one spot for a week! I'm a potential newbie HDTer too and will be there. Details here: http://nationalhdtrally.com/