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  1. You could try Petloader. I use them to get my big dogs into the cab, & they take like 250lbs
  2. .....trade ya'...........................
  3. I only have a 150, but wanted it to sit level. Dropped spring rear hangers was a cheap solution.
  4. Wife wants the shuttle they offer, and I don't want to be looking for parking for an HDT. But tks.....
  5. I haven't before, but wife wants to go to Naishveel before the ECR. They're not bashful (KOA).
  6. I don't know if there are "better", but I added a final "The turd stops here!" additional manual valve just ahead of my dump connection for leaks.
  7. ......and when would that have been?
  8. Lots of sensors. It could be low air warning, stop light activation. If it is leaking between the "collar" and the plastic, replace. If it is leaking where threaded into the block, maybe it has loosened. You may get lucky and a deep well socket will fit.
  9. I'm far from an expert. But I have a Jetpack and Roku I'll bundle & sell!
  10. It has been my experience that following drivers (other than professionals) don't realize how quickly a rig can stop, given the right circumstances.
  11. I think I've had Corona-virus Oh wait- that was a hangover.....
  12. A group I was with did a beer tasting. Everyone brought an "interesting brew", we put them in paper bags and graded them, with appropriate comments, like "an oaky taste with a finish like scrapple", etc. And the winner was..............................
  13. "Give me a lever & I'll move the world"- one of the Greek geezers If you use a winch or any tension'd wire thing, throw a blanket over the cable.
  14. A jacknife seat out of a KW studio sleeper works too.
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