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  1. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Tks for the tips. Cummins N14, Jake brake no air actuator. Checked under truck extensively, max brakes both on & off w/wheels blocked. Air ride hitch has positive shut off valve. Keep coming with the ideas pls.
  2. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Used the Whisper w/ headphones, entire truck. Found several small leaks, but nothing like what would result in complete air loss in that short a time. Now for the good news- the seats and rear suspension stay up maybe 18 minutes longer than the #1 tank. Should I buy a lottery ticket?
  3. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    I'm 10 miles north of the Baltimore killing zone. I can air up the truck by engine or compressor, but "in the still of the night" cannot hear any. OK, I'm old & deaf but I can hear the Whisper and it doesn't alert even way up. I'll try the trans top again, but seems like the only area I haven't gotten RIGHT UP NEXT TO are the tanks. I'm ready to submerge the truck & watch for bubbles...........
  4. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Sorry all. Volvo 610 w/Cummins. (Therefore no ex brake controller). Yeah, it's an AS, I'll try the trans top more thoroughly (again). Rear susp- tks, but have a pillow under there for naps because I check it so much. Ditto on the fan clutch, tks.
  5. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    I have been over this truck with soapy water, and even bought a Whisper. Found some small ones, but this thing still loses 90% air within a couple hours, both tanks 1&2. There were mentions of leaks at the tanks from rust. I have douche'd them several times, and stuck the Whisper in every crevice and hole close to the tanks, no luck. Now understand, I put this thing together almost every bolt & screw, damned if I can find it. Checked ALL the obscure fittings in the pass thru, under the dash, air seats, ad infinitum. For those that replaced tanks, what was the clue? Don't want to drop them if I should see/hear SOMEthing first
  6. Generator front cover on motorhome

    Try "Git-Rot" on it 1st. It is a penetrating resin that will form a better bond to the wood than regular resin. Then fill.
  7. Bobtail mileage

    Tks guys. Guess I'm doing good at 38,000 gross.
  8. Bobtail mileage

    I'm contemplating a several hundred mile trip to get a trailer with my VNL. I rarely go very far w/o the whole rig, anybody got a WAG on what mileage they see? I realize every truck is different, but a difference between BT & towing a trailer will get me in the ballpark to see if I should pay a transporter instead. (BTW, boat on trailer from Orlando to Balt)
  9. Lowering the exhaust stack yourself

    My VNL came with a weedburner factory. It is a drum right behind the right fuel tank, and shot under the frame. Wanting to avoid the dust storm, I flipped it over & cut a hole thru the fairing to exhaust out the side. Still a little dust, but so does your fan if it kicks in. (If you want my VIN to price it out PM me, but it says "Volvo" right on it............) Bikes, Fiats, Mazda Miata's can give me the "international sign of contempt" all they like, I'm LEGAL and there's always somebody not happy about SOMETHING.
  10. Pressure Pro Info

    Same situation with PP . 2013 unit, 2 sensors bad now. Probably go the $70, since we are going to the Tampa show in Jan. I'll shop for a newer unit there. If you've shopped, what looks good to you?
  11. Volvo 610 Upper Fairing Mount Holes - Water?

    Mine are all dead holes, no leaks. I'd get up there & poke something in there to be sure. Some "technician" may have run a 3" long bolt in one sometime................
  12. Filter or Strap Wrench

    OK, other than the mess- why would you care if you tear up an old filter? You shouldn't be using it to put the new one on, anyway. I had a fuel filter plug on the road, and finally drove a screwdriver thru it to get it off when NOTHING else would.
  13. Dump valves

    My valves are either cable or shaft, but so for (13 yrs) they are OK. I bought a thetford glue-in valve, and put it in the line just before the outlet. For less than $10 I can now say "NO S***!"
  14. There is a good reason RV windows have radius corners. The square corners in a house-type window would be a start point for cracks. Research the RV surplus/salvage places for RV windows, much cheaper.
  15. I removed mine and turned it about 25 degrees so I could enclose it. (Yeah, there was no wall between it & the bed/sink/shower area). No biggie at all. I have a couple suggestions: 1) leave the carpet & install a night light in the room 2) If the wife doesn't want to pull it, tell her to go ahead & do it her way, knock yourself out. Can you tell I'm tired of "we" need to do it this way when it turns out to be "me" ?