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  1. If he had'a driven faster, he could have saved the truck. Just sayin'.............
  2. Restoration work begins ...

    Marker lights- the front markers are same as Peterbilt long nose front fender side lites, and those have a chrome bezel. Rears are same shape/size but red
  3. Buying tires online

    AMEN! And that goes for potential spouses, too.
  4. Buying tires online

    Anybody with an RV (considering the age-out factor) probably shouldn't be driving it if they aren't smart enough to check dates when buying. I did, and they stepped right up and made it right.
  5. Buying tires online

    They are ST, trailer tires. Going on my TRAILER. I am not full time, and here in the NE it will be a month before I go anywhere, so time was not a factor. Mount/bal at a local garage that does not SELL tires still came out ahead. When mistakes are made, the follow up is what counts to me.
  6. Restoration work begins ...

    Correction on the taillights- that should be Econoline/Excursion, not Explorer.
  7. Buying tires online

    They are Goodyear Endurance, specifically for trailers not LT. The previous tires were Coopers, but LT and they did fine. But I like these better, more meat.
  8. I want to share a really good experience with the group. My fiver is a Newmar, with dual tandem axles. It takes 235/85/16 tires just like on dually pickups. I decided to buy tires online from Discount Tires Direct. The sales person I spoke with was knowledgeable, and I stressed these tires were to be used on an RV. I wanted FRESH tires, because the age is important. Well, when the tires arrived by UPS, I checked the dates. Three of them were 2017, but 5 were from mid year 2016. I contacted them about this, and was pleasantly surprised they would step right up to the plate for me. A pickup order was issued no cost to me, and the rep (Charlie Ellsworth) went above & beyond to get me all late 2017 tires. They are all here and I couldn't be happier. Would I buy again, Youbetcha! Note- I have NO connection other than this purchase, but this customer service deserves to be mentioned!
  9. Name this part

    Sibernut is gone, and with him all that knowledge................
  10. Restoration work begins ...

    Yep, perfect fit. Understand, the custom units like I bought for my (2003) KA require the newer style bulb sockets, and newer style bulbs. (And BTW, Ford black is ground and Newmar white is ground, don't ask.....). I also installed a 2014 Ford PU cab-back light w/all LEDS in place of the miserable Newmar high stop light. Requires a bigger cutout, but a careful man with a Dremel can fix that. It "just" covers the existing light/bezel combo nicely. Pics available
  11. Restoration work begins ...

    If you want to upgrade the exterior a little, those taillights are Ford Econoline/Explorer & nice units available. One thing I added you might think about is a MUCH bigger 3rd brake light.
  12. Remember- NO propane in Baltimore tunnels, go around the beltway E (toll) or W (longer & more traffic)
  13. Looking for generic rocker switches

    I can get you Volvo switches if you are patient. They may be labeled something other than what you want, but a couple of minutes with a VOM will tell you what pins to use.
  14. Aero hood truck mirrors

    If anyone wants to install them on a early VNL, be careful where you place the right one. The template & "where it looks like it should go" is usually too low to be seen from the drivers seat.
  15. HDT pursuit

    If you give your location, some HDT owners may be near you to discuss etc.