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  1. What did you put in for the ethnic question?
  2. ARGO

    Volvo Sleeper Project

    My yard here in MD would probably have it. BUT- I got one for Toterman (RIP) several years ago, & it was a bitch to get the bolts all out. FWIW, understand the factory unit is WAY overbuilt and heavy w/ serious latching/lifting mechanism, etc.. Depending on the loads you expect to put on it, building something like in boats or lower end RV's would be a lot easier. That's 2 seats opposite each other, table top sits on a pedestal. Remove pedestal & top fits flush w/ seats for temp bunk
  3. We also will reluctantly cancel. It's too long a trip for one of us to get sick & make it back home. The rumor is that Tennessee is still evolving from local witch doctor health care...................
  4. My 4WD 2014 was much higher than my 2WD 1994, and sat high in the rear. Dropped shackles in the rear made it sit level for minimal bucks & an hour labor.
  5. Just got a quote from local spray-on guy, 7 large for 38' fiver. Dividing 7G by years I expect to continue to drive plus questionable resale value added to a 13YO coach doesn't factor out well.
  6. Coach is in the shop, all roof caulk removed. Shop suggests I might consider the bed liner type stuff as a permanent solution. Anybody tried it, and comments welcome on cost, etc.
  7. Cripes, I put in "HUMAN" & it was happy w/that.
  8. ARGO

    Becoming Hermits

    Wow, you guys started out with paper?? Just leave a little pressure in the tank, "Instant Bidet"
  9. In our sailor suits- we used to do that with a hot water bottle under the T-shirt, and grasp our chest at a bar. Then fight over the big pieces...............
  10. First off, you'd get more light from a votive candle that the stock lights. If it's for aesthetics, go for it, but there's better lights available.
  11. Geez, the first year I could go, too. Carl, you made the right decision. I'm still considering going if I won't be alone. Maybe a lot of alcohol will hold it at bay..............
  12. "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone....."
  13. Not compared to 2 x 1800 hp diesels inside a 27' pipe
  14. The "common" spoon, fork or thongs used for serving from dishes WOW, I didn't think this was "that" kind of rally!
  15. It was taught that urine is a sanitizer used in an emergency........
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