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  1. With Veteran's day approaching, I hope all of you who qualify have taken advantage of the Verizon discount. & Tks for your service !
  2. ARGO

    Wire type

    OK, I am not NEAR as qualified as you guys on AC current. But I AM cheap. I ran a 30A line about 150 ft house to dock straight pull. Bought a spool (500ft) of copper stranded and cut it in 3 pcs, color coded the ends & pulled it all 3 pcs together. Cheaper than buying 3 conductor wire pre made.
  3. ARGO


    Lots of trucking co's tried them, MANY have gone back for several reasons. Myself, with the light loads we have on the drive, I'm worried about lockup on hard braking in the wet.
  4. I'll be away till 11/4, but I can probably come up w/ a used one. To match it, you need the EXACT plug config from the center section or any section you want, there are different ones used.
  5. ARGO

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    JPL, how long you be in Myrt? We arrive 10/27 for a week at MBTP.
  6. ARGO

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    If it is converted to a "Multi-purpose vehicle" by using form VR 95, you don't need a class A. Current CDL book says not needed for vehicle w/ "living qtrs.". Whether or not they get you for air brakes, who knows?
  7. ARGO

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    So like I said in a PM to Sailor - DON'T LET THEM SEE IT, EVER. Take the title and form VR95 down, not the truck.
  8. ARGO

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    Been thru the whole circus. Answer: Yes, you can. I'm in White Marsh, PM me for a phone #. Buy me a coffee & I get diarrhea of the gums. 2000 VNL610 converted here to see. Where are you
  9. ARGO

    Why convert to single axle?

    Two comments- one, when you say "stinger" I envision what a car carrier has, down low. Don't think that's legal for anything BUT a car hauler. Second, being in the northea$t , if I needed the weight capacity I'd remove the front driver & add a lift axle, tolls would pay for it.
  10. ARGO

    Auxiliary fuel tanks for Ram 3500 DRW

    A used square boat fuel tank would be a lot cheaper, look at Craig's under boat parts. Lots of shapes/sizes avail. Here's a local example https://easternshore.craigslist.org/bpo/d/fuel-tank-35-gal-marine/6679574353.html
  11. ARGO

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    And another nice DE park at Indian river, all pull thru's. If you go down I95 thru Balt, NO propane in the tunnels, go around
  12. ARGO


    Wife & I call it Co(pulating)Pilot. Explore new roads less travelled! Laptop Truck on a 12" touchscreen in cab
  13. ARGO

    HDT/hitch for tow behind travel trailer

    If Air Safe still sells the 4-bag model shaped like an "H" I had bad experience w/that. I think they changed hands since then.
  14. ARGO

    Volvo D12D high idle

    Liquid or dry bulk unloading, heat & cool in the bunk if no APS years ago.
  15. ARGO

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    I'll bet you were one of the guys that found a couple of pounds of pressure somebody (?) left in the sanitary tank, too