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  1. ARGO

    Friendly Dog Repellent

    I have & love my dogs. But God in His wisdom has made some species as food, and their noise is to help predators locate them quickly.
  2. I did run my rig into the scale on Rt1 up near Pa. Guy with stripes came out & asked what I was doing here. I said "If you chased me down & asked if I knew what ALL meant, I would have no answer" He said "Don't come into a scale again"
  3. I have had this system in my Volvo 635 for several years, and it works well. I'm considering going to a smaller screen item and wondering if there'd be any interest in my system. It's a 12" Elo monitor running off a SFF PC. I'm using CoPilot truck 9, and the big screen makes it real easy to program while driving. Big buttons, bumpy roads, old man, etc combine to make it easy to work. Any interest, pls PM me. Whole working setup maybe $125, would need an inverter to make it work. Pics available as set up in my truck, a working system.
  4. ARGO

    Coach Batteries

    Not 6V, but best price on grp 31 truck start batts came from local Volvo dealer, $68 w/core.
  5. ARGO

    Buss bar

    Pre-made jumper wire, very heavy to connect start batteries w/ 4 connections. My pics are too big to post here.
  6. ARGO

    Buss bar

    If the batteries are next to each other, why not just use a Volvo battery connector?
  7. ARGO

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    Can't help your "clumping" problem- but we bought a Samsung refrig w/ the built in ice maker. All I can say is they oughta' make one more then shoot themselves.
  8. ARGO

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    After I wiped the dirt off the wire, I see it is red & white, so that's the hookup. Tks for all the help. My new alt has the remote sense post, but the pos wire shows direct connectivity to the + post of the battery. Waiting for Delco to call me back, thought I saw I could connect the + wire to the remote post in that case.
  9. ARGO

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    I can't tell by the pic if the other end of the "link-looking" wire comes out of the loom, or is loose & goes to case. Mine is a loose wire, eyelet on each end. Does it matter which end goes to + ?
  10. ARGO

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    Now THAT'S my Christmas present! TKS!
  11. ARGO

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    Actually, it WAS a 33si. Delco said replace it with a 36si, which does have the fourth post for the battery sensor & more amps. This wire looks like a fusible link, w/ a lump in it, was on the 33. Tks!
  12. ARGO

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    As I posted earlier, my alternator went bad. (Delco 33si) Got a new one installed, lost the pic I took before removal showing a small jumper wire between 2 of the posts. Can anybody take a pic of theirs for me? Pos & Neg no problem, but the wire doesn't show on Delco's diagram. Really don't want to fry the new one. Mine's in a 2000VNL W/Cummins N14, but jumper probably on any big alternator. Tks!
  13. ARGO

    "Walking the Sticks"

    I'm 6'2", & learned on a B61 Mack w/ the cutaway cab (remember those?) & a duplex.
  14. ARGO

    I-Shift trans goes sour

    Update w/ facts- 687 K miles, but more than 5 years............
  15. ARGO

    I-Shift trans goes sour

    No, I said "several" because I didn't know the actual mileage. I know if there was a warranty in effect, this guy would be ON IT. He owns 14 Volvos, and this one was bought new several years ago, could be a mil by now. Just stunned by the price.