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  1. I won't get into this discussion on types. But I suggest if you are replacing yours due to age/whatever, find a safe allowed spot & try the old one on a small controlled fire. You/spouse get the real life practice and may be surprised at how little they really do.
  2. OK, I agree w/ almost all on this thread. But if you're going to discuss trucks with people who KNOW trucks, don't call the dang thing "cummin G s", or a "Peterb U ilt". Shows your ignorance or you can't read a nameplate. I feel much better now..................................
  3. OK, looks like the dreaded "headliner replacement" is on the horizon. Anybody done one? Vinyl, 1/4" foam, luan & Styrofoam. Factory sent me instructions on how to do it, & panels are relatively cheap. Can't find a shop competent to do that here closer than Elkhart
  4. Second on the PVC. But I would add another 2" conduit run alongside the frame front to rear. Rear camera, wiring problem w/ rear lights, etc all made easier. If your rig has open frame & no belly pan, maybe not necessary.
  5. If there is an obvious safety violation (like a badly wobbling wheel) they can (& should) even pull over & check the Popemobile.
  6. ARGO

    No Fan - heat/AC/Vent

    Or test the fan leads for power.
  7. ARGO

    New impact

    Yeah, but they'll usually cut a deal for cash.
  8. ARGO

    New impact

    I buy most of my tools at a pawn shop. Good quality name brands, will last for years with my use. And usually cheaper than Horrible.
  9. Tks! I'd love to get it sprayed, but I think the cost/benefit would kill it. I put a 1/2" layer of pink styro in a boat overhead & that helped the A/C a lot.
  10. Looks like I may have to replace several headliner panels due to a leak. Current setup is vinyl over 1/4 foam, over wood and 3/4" Styrofoam on top for insulation (?). Well, there's gotta' be better, has anyone done anything different? With the headliner down, now's the time. Search on here came up 0
  11. I have always been told that tires stored for months should be lifted off the ground or concrete. My rig's tires are on boards in a storage lot, never had any problem w/flat spotting etc.
  12. Do you smoke after sex? Dunno, never looked..............................
  13. ARGO

    brake controller

    Sure, you could leave both in there. But once you have Bludot, you won't go back. Besides, that won't help anybody towing YOUR trailer. I kept my Carlisle electric/hydraulic brake system if anyone ever wants to buy my trailer. But after several times of ("GAWD, are the brakes EVER going to come on?"), I had had enough. My trailer is easily 22K dry, and it takes some stopping.( I might note I have full disc brakes on the trailer, which are not "self energizing" on the leading shoe like drums. ) A lag time of a couple of seconds seems like an eternity to someone used to driving professional. I had had enough
  14. Uh, I hope you meant $110 thousand....................................
  15. ARGO

    brake controller

    Well, if you dump the air in the emergency tank on the trailer, anyone can move it. But no brakes. Enough to get you to a safe place, repair shop, etc. And BTW, if you have Bludot & disc brakes like I do, you should be dumping the air as soon as you disconnect, calipers don't like that long term pressure.
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