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  1. ARGO


    Wife & I call it Co(pulating)Pilot. Explore new roads less travelled! Laptop Truck on a 12" touchscreen in cab
  2. ARGO

    HDT/hitch for tow behind travel trailer

    If Air Safe still sells the 4-bag model shaped like an "H" I had bad experience w/that. I think they changed hands since then.
  3. ARGO

    Volvo D12D high idle

    Liquid or dry bulk unloading, heat & cool in the bunk if no APS years ago.
  4. ARGO

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    I'll bet you were one of the guys that found a couple of pounds of pressure somebody (?) left in the sanitary tank, too
  5. ARGO


    Well, they got rid of Sibernut darn quick, why not this idiot?
  6. ARGO

    Our HDT T-boned leaving Moab, UT

    FIRST QUESTION- "are you accepting liability?". If so, get time/date and in writing if possible. They might send someone out, but still refuse to pay. Ask your Co to send someone out if they waffle **at all**, could be months before they step up to the plate. Yours is obligated to act, you can always withdraw your claim if the other Co accepts the loss. .
  7. ARGO

    Parts for volvo mirror

    Plenty of mirrors at my yard, but only a few older style like mine. NONE with the 2 separate mirrors on the same arm. Didn't talk to the head guy, but if those are the ones you want I have a picture of them.
  8. ARGO

    Parts for volvo mirror

    I am going to my yard TODAY. They bought a whole fleet of VN's a while back, and are parting most of them out. I can ask prices and if they will sell shipped. Mine is a 2000, don't know how many different "gen"s there are. But I can take a few pics for those interested. Where are you guys that need one?
  9. ARGO

    Need tires thoughts?

    Well, tires age out as you see. I go to a truck salvage yard that I deal with, and buy a whole axle of tires (4) . I try to find fresh kill with polished wheels, and trade all 4 mounted for the ones off the donor. Save a bunch of $ on the mount/bal. Last ones I got were Kumho, holding up real well. $800 exchange & they swapped them for me at the yard.
  10. ARGO

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    Why not a used box? Anybody with some big metric tools can replace one, just need FEA afterwards. Where are you?
  11. ARGO

    lost all trailer power - SOLVED

    95% of all electrical problems are bad ground. Since that is the one thing in common to all your lights taking a dump, I'd start there at the plug. (Usually the center pin)
  12. I make MANY sunscreens for boat salon front windows. Use Phifertex Plus by Textilene, find it online or www.sailrite.com will probably have it. 90% sun reduction, should run you around $ 14/yd + shpg 54" wide in several colors. If you are quoted a LOT more for it, I can get it shipped to you but the freight would be from Longuysland. (That's in NY) I made one for Mark & Dale bruss a few yrs ago, he installed.
  13. ARGO

    New gear ratio

    I went from 3.73's to 3.23's. Just a little too far I guess, but I can hit anywhere between 55 & 65 in 9th (Autoshift .74 OD/22.5). It can supposedly do 97 now, but the great thing is passing a semi at 65 & hitting 10th as you pass...................
  14. ARGO

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    In auto insurance, we dealt a lot with "diminished value". That is the lesser percieved value someone's car has JUST BECAUSE it has an accident on the record, not because of poor repairs. For a start, I'l tell the dealer you want a 10% discount of the *retail* repair cost toward the purchase price & see what happens. Or, call the mfr & ask when the next one is being built, or one in stock somewhere else.
  15. ARGO

    Price of Diesel fuel

    Watch the Costco card. I was told if you fuel more than 75 gallons at the GASOLINE PRICE ANYWHERE, you lose the 4% discount. Diesel is more than reg gas now, so do the math before fueling. However, if you shut the pump off and re-enter the card, it becomes 2 separate transactions. And do not make the mistake of getting EXACTLY the same amount twice, the card kicks it out as a duplicate transaction.