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  1. Problem seems to be they all want to remove roof, drop in headliner and replace roof. Can't do mine that way, HAS TO BE done from inside & shops are scared. Too much like work I guess. Want to stay east of Miss and south of Baltimore, Elkhart's too cold in winter.
  2. Still looking for a shop to do my ceiling replacement, suggestions welcome
  3. I permanently hard wired mine into the coach.
  4. ARGO

    Purchasing Fuel

    Same problem w/ swipe at the pump. My Costco card limits the discount to the price of 75 gals of gas. So I keep the swipes less than that. It will give me the discount on multiple purchases same time/location. But have noted a problem when you hit $75 on the nose more than once, it thinks it's a duplicate transaction. So I vary it by a dollar or so.
  5. Point being, that sometimes a short will cause multi-thousand $ damage found after initial repairs were completed. Save EVERYTHING until you know you are 100% fixed, in case of an escalation.
  6. Just slightly off topic, but "animal damage" is usually covered under the comp part of ins policies. Read yours, if the damage shorts out the ECM or whatever, you may want to use it.
  7. Yeah, and if you wanna' see a REAL stampede, walk in wearing a cap says "I.C.E." and stand back.
  8. Tks for all the input. I love dogs and don't want to seriously hurt any animal. But MW, me & my guys come 1st vs any threat & I escalate to meet it. That said, some people need to leash their kids.......................
  9. Tks! BTW, if me or my guys are attacked, I'm not inclined to be "friendly", I'll go nuclear.
  10. OK, I apologize in advance. I'm looking for the final consensus on protecting yourself and pet from a loose aggressive dog. Now I've spent 20 minutes searching "dog" with words attack, protection, deterrent, defense, spray and every other darn word I can think of & pretty much the same posts come up which are irrelevant. Please, someone tell me what to search to get what I want or direct me to the thread (which I know is on here many times). SHEESH!
  11. You might make a list of heavy items in the coach, & where they are placed. Have a generator? Which side? Tanks? etc On the weight thing, find a moving/storage place. Many of them have scale w/an outside display, and no curb to prevent doing one side or wheel at a time. If you don't need "certified", a box of donuts usually does it.................
  12. Reminds me of the song "I know a heartache when I see one"
  13. Good luck! Meanwhile, if'n I had a pull, I druther be to the right than left.
  14. I had my 635 pretty much gutted for the rebuild, ran all the stuff across the floor & up the door hinge post
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