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  1. ARGO

    lost all trailer power - SOLVED

    95% of all electrical problems are bad ground. Since that is the one thing in common to all your lights taking a dump, I'd start there at the plug. (Usually the center pin)
  2. I make MANY sunscreens for boat salon front windows. Use Phifertex Plus by Textilene, find it online or www.sailrite.com will probably have it. 90% sun reduction, should run you around $ 14/yd + shpg 54" wide in several colors. If you are quoted a LOT more for it, I can get it shipped to you but the freight would be from Longuysland. (That's in NY) I made one for Mark & Dale bruss a few yrs ago, he installed.
  3. ARGO

    New gear ratio

    I went from 3.73's to 3.23's. Just a little too far I guess, but I can hit anywhere between 55 & 65 in 9th (Autoshift .74 OD/22.5). It can supposedly do 97 now, but the great thing is passing a semi at 65 & hitting 10th as you pass...................
  4. ARGO

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    In auto insurance, we dealt a lot with "diminished value". That is the lesser percieved value someone's car has JUST BECAUSE it has an accident on the record, not because of poor repairs. For a start, I'l tell the dealer you want a 10% discount of the *retail* repair cost toward the purchase price & see what happens. Or, call the mfr & ask when the next one is being built, or one in stock somewhere else.
  5. ARGO

    Price of Diesel fuel

    Watch the Costco card. I was told if you fuel more than 75 gallons at the GASOLINE PRICE ANYWHERE, you lose the 4% discount. Diesel is more than reg gas now, so do the math before fueling. However, if you shut the pump off and re-enter the card, it becomes 2 separate transactions. And do not make the mistake of getting EXACTLY the same amount twice, the card kicks it out as a duplicate transaction.
  6. ARGO

    Up and Down Vibration at Speed

    Desert miner mentioned U joints. Once upon a time, I bought a new Pete, had the same problem. Warranty paid for it, but after EXTENSIVE speculation/investigation, it turned out the U joints were 3 degrees out of phase in the d-shaft. 3 degrees doesn't sound like much, but could easily be missed when they were checking the dshaft for other things.
  7. ARGO

    Retrofitting air ride on fifth wheel axles

    Air source the truck? You might change your mind if your undercarriage is not accessible. Air line, leveling valve, etc. Why not call Colaw or another salvor & see if they have a Mor Ryde cut off? I love mine. https://usedrvparts.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/c/rvsalvagemotorhomes-partingout.pl https://colawrvsalvage.com
  8. ARGO

    N-14 had an ear ache

    As I have suggested before, ask your engine's dealer "what part goes bad most often" aside from filters. Then carry one. I have an N14 and have always carried an EPS.
  9. ARGO

    National Toll Pass?

    MD has just announced a move to "NO CASH", EZpass etc only by 2019. No EZ? Bill to your plate + 50%
  10. ARGO

    Stumped. RV won't start, not a battery problem

    95% of all electrical problems turn out to be bad ground. Have you tested the + post to anything on the frame w/ a meter. Not making fun of your situation, but some porta-pot humor "Here I sit with a broken heart. Took my last bennie & my truck won't start" and under it "That was stupid. Start truck FIRST, THEN take bennie.................."
  11. When will you be at Gbg? GBG campground is one of our favorites! Tell Robert "chicken man" said Hi!
  12. ARGO

    Going for a short Run tonight

    Make sure your ins Co covers you BT on jaunts. I dropped Progressive because of that, not covered unless "directly related to use as an RV" . Or, buy something at your destination FOR your RV, could slide by. READ your policy.
  13. ARGO

    Truck bed install

    I used thin reinforced rubber similar to mud flap material. My aim was to prevent the 2 pieces of metal rubbing each other bare & rusting between them, not expansion etc. My bed is side bolted thru the frame rail.
  14. ARGO

    Spare parts special tools to carry

    First, a reply to the topic- Call the local garage for your particular engine type, and ask what goes bad the most. Mine is an N14, I carry a engine position sensor besides the usual belts. If you really want the straight poop, buy a box of donuts & go there, ask to sit w/ the mechanics on break, PRICELESS! On a second note- small noisy dogs were created in God's wisdom as a "food species" for real dogs. Cats were created as a "food species" for certain ethnic restaurants.
  15. ARGO

    Detecting a air leak in a sealed system

    I'd like to know how he gets the air lines off with pressure on the system.