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  1. Anchor babies causing the increase...............................
  2. The darn things seem to shatter & break frequently. After seeing $100 plus for new ones, I made my own out of aluminum sheet. More than a few years now, and looking good. PM me if you want a pic. Any sheet metal shop can bend you up something for probably less than 2 new ones (if you could get them).
  3. Buying it in the business name requires daily mileage logs splitting out any personal use. The write off would be apportioned same as the usage. Get a GOOD accountant 1st.
  4. ARGO

    Cool Truck

    Look at the wheelbase as a lever. At one end, the driver goes up same as the front wheel. In the middle (conventional) driver goes up half the distance on a bump.
  5. If you are putting them on a Gen1 truck, sit in the seat before drilling. The template makes the R side too low to see.
  6. Nah! Like 2008 Newmar 45' DP for $19,000, no mileage shown but a WOW photo.
  7. I've been noticing a glut of RV's on Craig's list up here, all are "too good to be true" and have minimal info. Or, the ad starts with a description no RV'er would use, like "lovely slide out with flower boxes" . Anybody else seeing this stuff on Craigs, or is it only here?
  8. Well, in "the old days" when I was truckin' & it was a cold night, I had an electric little heater. Power? I stole the special plug from a phone booth & spliced it in, pulled up to any phone booth for heat.
  9. IMHO, anyone driving an air braked vehicle should also know how to do a DOT type check.
  10. ARGO

    Drom box potential

    My truck has a factory weedburner that I exited out thru the fairing. Fuel tanks aren't close. One caution- I had to narrow it 10" to fit between the fairings up close to the cab. Mail me at canvasgeezer@yahoo.com for other details & pics.
  11. ARGO

    Drom box potential

    That bed is interesting except for the rust between the box/bed. I too wanted storage for bikes/tools/toys, but I singled short. Absolute max was 52" behind cab for clearance. Went & got a 48" Pete sleeper box, & turned it around so big opening is facing back, & fab'ed a door for it.
  12. Costco has some wierd rules on tires. Like, they will only put the new tires on the vehicle position they came off of. No, you can't buy new for the steer axle if the old ones came off the drive. "OK, I'll be back tomorrow for my free rotation". Sorry, have to go 5000 miles first. Bought my last set from Tire Rack, had no problem finding a shop to do mount, & cheaper.
  13. I'm thinkin' batt on the trailer was dead. Driving plugged in brought it back up, & safety came on.
  14. Electric brake "emergency wire" safety pulled out?
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