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  1. I'm wondering, We're preparing to relocate to Florida and will need TV service. I'm thinking of going with satellite if I can use the same account & or hardware in the MH which has a Winegard Stationary Dss Satellite installed on the roof. From what I hear there is some type of a west coast chip & and east coast chip needed for mobile use in different locations. Never having had satellite I'm in the dark. I really don't want to pay for cable in a house if I'm not there 6 months out of a year. Thoughts & suggestions ??
  2. Smokey27

    Getting into Full timing

    We're retired, still own a stick house and RV when ever the mood strikes, so I guess I'm labeled at a Part Timer ??
  3. Smokey27

    Torn Between Two

    Thanks ToddF, We were at the Hershey show last year and fell in love with the Holiday Rambler and that started the whole thing.
  4. Smokey27

    Torn Between Two

    Thank you all for your responses. I realize everything is based on ones point of view so I'll go with the research I've done and pick the #3 rated RV on just about every manufacturers rating I've read.
  5. Smokey27

    Torn Between Two

    Wife and I are ready to purchase our first RV. We're newly retired and ready to see this country. After numerous months of shopping, comparing, & researching, we have come down to 2 almost identical Gas class A's. Both 2017s from the same parent company, The Fleetwood Bounder 36Y & The Holiday Rambler 36X, Drive train & system capacities & price all identical. My indecision is in a few differences. The Bounder has the XL package, the benefit being a Onan 7.0kW Generator, a 50amp power cord reel, separate screen for the side & rear camera system. The Rambler has a Winegard Stationary Dss Satelite & Washer/Dryer Combo. (Wife & I agree the washer isn't a must) All in All the only thing that is hanging me up I guess is ... is the 7.0 generator that much more of a benefit ?
  6. Smokey27

    Cabinets Locks

    Put it in your pre trip check list.
  7. Smokey27

    Preparing to be a NEWBE

    Thank you all for the advise. Hope to see you all out there on the roads real soon.
  8. Smokey27

    Preparing to be a NEWBE

    I'm about to purchase a 36' Class A motor-home to travel the country with my wife. I will most likely be purchasing a 24' enclosed trailer to tow my SUV & motorcycle. The motor-home is rated to pull everything but my question is with CDL licensing. My mechanic informed me any trailer over 10,000lbs needs CDL. I know this is a GRAY area between Commercial & Recreational Use. ANY INPUT would be Greatly Appreciated.