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  1. Kenny Heaton

    Considering an HDT

    Thanks @4Girls&aMan and @beyerjf that gives me more confidence. I have looked and haven't found a motorhome that I feel fit our family well. We really like having a fifth wheel. And we also don't want to drive or maintain multiple vehicles. I've been paying attention lately and most of the places we've gone I see class C's and some class A's finding places to park so you could easily park an HDT. Our desire for a in rig bathroom is just what you said, we don't want to stop more than we have to. In our case we have two little ones that predictably be asleep when someone needs to go to the bathroom and if we stop they wake up. Thanks again everyone
  2. Kenny Heaton

    Considering an HDT

    Thank you everyone for your replies and information. Sounds like having a vehicle with the room we want would end up being too big for a daily driver. My wife and I will have to talk about if we want two vehicles or not, or if sticking to simple and short is the better option for us. Having a smart car on the back isn't an option until the kids are out of the "house". I know some people do use their HDTs are daily drivers. Is this less common? How big of a truck are people comfortable with driving around town? Other than parking our current truck doesn't seem that big and my amazing wife is able to fit it in some really tight spaces. Jack, thanks for you video, very informative. I think half of what I know about HDT's I got from videos of yours or Greggs so thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I hadn't seen that particular video yet and it cleared up my questions about hitch placement. Chris, It's nice to hear someone else is in the same place we are. Trying to find parking for something 30' seems stressful. I understand why you got a separate car. I'd love to see pictures of your setup.We are currently in California headed to Washington State where we will be till August. Kenny
  3. Kenny Heaton

    Considering an HDT

    My family and I have been full timing and traveling around the country for almost 10 months in a fifth wheel pulled by an F-350. There are six of us and we are quite snug in the crew cab. We are considering upgrading to an HDT/Toterhome which we think would give us more space and convince on the road as well the ability to pull a heavier fifth wheel/toy hauler. I wanted to verify some of my assumptions to see if it will really work for us. Some of the convinces we are looking for are things similar to what you'd find in a class A or C like more leg room, small fridge and running water and we'd really like to have a small bathroom. I'm seen such things in larger toter homes but not in standard HDTs. The other catch is we still really like having a fifth wheel and being able to unhook and and drive the truck into town. So I guess my first question in, are there HDT's that will fit a family of six down the road which can have a small kitchenette and bathroom (with a closing door) but still be small enough to use as a daily driver. Our current truck is 22' so we are used to driving something bigger but my wife doesn't really want to try to take something 30+ feet to Target or to a restraint. (My wife is the primary driver and she does like big trucks). The other thing we are thinking of doing is putting a lot of our storage on the deck. Keeping in mind we want to be on the shorter end (as far as HDTs go) how much room realistically do you have back there before it interferes with the fifth wheel? Third question is related to hitch placement. I've see a log of Hitches on HDTs place behind the rear axel. I was lead to believe the big advantages of a fifth wheel were that the hitch and pin where directly above the rear axel and this provides better towing and prevents sway. How does this work or change things having the hitch further back? Thanks for taking the time and helping us decide what's best for us. Kenny