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  1. Extended Warranty or Not?

    I agree Eric...these things take a pounding and sooner or later something big is bound to break down.
  2. Extended Warranty or Not?

    Great article Kirk, Thanks
  3. In the next couple weeks we will be taking delivery of our new 5th wheel. The dealer is pitching us on their extended warranty. I have heard that it is best to look at purchasing an extended warranty after the manufactures warranty expires and to purchase on the open market rather than through the dealer. Any words of wisdom or advise on this subject? Thanks, Kelly
  4. Sliding 5th wheel needed?

    Thanks capt307 and Chalkie for the tips.
  5. Sliding 5th wheel needed?

    Lot's and lot's of factors go into the tow capability as there are many variables....what is the truck, is it a 4X2 or 4X4? is it regular cab? super cab? what is the UVW of the trailer etc. etc. Anyway back to the original topic I listed the fixed 5th wheel on Craigslist yesterday afternoon and sold it within 3 hrs. Will be getting the slider. Thanks to everyone for their feedback.
  6. I see....I'll contact them directly and see what happens. Thanks again
  7. Sliding 5th wheel needed?

    Thanks for the info J-T. Since my under bed setup is B&W I will have to stay with B&W for the slider if I decide to go that direction.
  8. Sliding 5th wheel needed?

    I agree about the weight. Having been in the transportation industry it is very easy to become overloaded like a high percentage of the rigs out on the road. Then combine under inflated tires, broken suspension parts etc. it's a recipe for trouble. Thanks for your feedback Mark.
  9. Sliding 5th wheel needed?

    Thanks to everyone for the info....not too worried about the capacity of the TV....it's a F350 Powerstroke SRW with 27565R20 tires and rear air bag lift kit......yes it's a short bed, thus the concern.......just somewhat nervous about the max jack knife capability of 80--82 degrees. If anyone has a short bed with a fixed 5th wheel I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts and experiences. Thanks again everyone!!
  10. Sliding 5th wheel needed?

    We will be picking up our new 42' 5th wheel in a couple weeks. I currently have a B&W fifth wheel but it is not a slider. After doing some calculations I think that I will be able to jack knife the trailer to appx 80--82 degrees safely without the trailer running into the truck. With that in mind I would like to ask those of you with experience if that is good enough or should I spend the $1500 or so for a slider? I have read on other RV forums of people stating they have sliding 5th wheels but have never used the sliding feature. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Kelly
  11. Thanks Vicki....we are waiting for our new forest river (Cedar Creek Hathaway 38FLX) to come off the assembly line in about 2 weeks. If we get that same 30 days for $1 through FROG we will give it a try and let you know how it works. Since forest river is endorsing them that is encouraging. Still interested in hearing from anyone else who may have info/experience/membership with this company.
  12. I found this group called rvgolfclub.com while searching the net. Sounds similar to the Harvest Host model. The way it works you pay an annual membership fee of $99 then receive access to over 400 golf courses through out the U.S.A. You get to boondock overnight at the golf course parking lot and also receive discounts on meals, green fees, lessons etc. I have not been able to find much in the way of independent reviews, just quotes from "satisfied" customers on their website. Would appreciate hearing from anyone that has first hand experience with this organization. Thanks, Kelly
  13. 3 Oaks and a Pine RV park, New Orleans

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback and ideas. We will be coming off a boondocking stretch so we are looking for something with full hookups and close to the french quarter. Sounds like 3 oaks and a pine is an option but are interested in hearing about any other parks in the area.
  14. Has anyone stayed at the 3 oaks and a pine rv resort in New Orleans. Is it safe, clean, easy access to the French Qtr ? Does it have a shuttle to French quarter or good Uber service? Are there any parks near New Orleans you would suggest with easy access to the French Qtr? Thanks, Kelly
  15. Full Time Insurance

    we also are domiciled in Colorado....we have done research and Foremost insures FTimers. You can call 719-784-3434 ask for Molly...tell her you were referred by Kelly and Julie. Good Luck!!