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  1. Anyone familiar with the 2018 Cigna health insurance option for those under 65? I am a little concerned/don't understand the relationship with NY Union 713 that sponsors the plan. I hear if you have an issue, you deal with the union, not Cigna. Any feedback would be appreciated! Scott Mickeleit
  2. Thank you all for your insights. Sounds like I need to start my HSA.....
  3. We are now going full timing and trying to determine whether to register in TX or SD through Escapees. We are pre-Medicare (by a few years) and would appreciate any feedback in investigating health insurance coverage/primary doctor in SD or TX prior to establishing our domicile. We want to be covered "out of state", yet I assume our primary doctor has to be in the state of our residency? Might SD have less expensive health coverage, with out of state benefits, or should we just go the TX domicile as there is better health care services/insurance programs in TX, even though we most likely would be utilizing health care services outside of either state? THANK YOU FOR ANY FEEDBACK: Scott & Kristen Mickeleit. www.thepacificsurf.com
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