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  1. I am learning new stuff here so, your threads and questions in my opinion are great! I get a chance to poke around now and again. I have found some links that I hope will be of some help, if nothing else but to shed some light on the subject at hand. I look forward to seeing your progress on this and, other projects. Link to the brake controller installation on a Peterbilt - http://hhrvresource.com/sites/default/files/dfiles/peterbilt330.pdf Here is the main page for the controller installation where the above link was taken from - http://hhrvresource.com/node/69 Brake Controller Installation from "etrailer" - https://www.etrailer.com/faq-installation-of-brake-controller-from-scratch.aspx I would presume you already have the "Hayes" information - http://www.hayesbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Hayes-13087Rev.E-.pdf I did see this article from "etrailer" about towing an electric brake trailer with a semi tractor. Thought it might be interesting to ask the group their thoughts on this setup versus the Jackelopee. https://www.etrailer.com/question-105250.html If none of the above helps, I apologize and give you a picture of Olaf at the beach.
  2. Another HDT spotted today, 1-5-2018.

    Greetings Sir! Sorry you had the rough start that morning. I can imagine going into anti-lock was a bit startling. You probably would not have noticed us anyway. We were just another four wheeler headed down the road. Safe travels, Jim
  3. Another HDT spotted today, 1-5-2018.

    We were on our way to the Georgia RV Show at the International Convention Center this morning when I spotted another HDT and fiver. We were headed up I-85, north-bound between exits 56 and 61 at about 1030 EST. The rig was a Volvo, red in color with flames on the hood. The fiver was mostly white with some trim coloring. Looking on the resource guide, I believe it was Chuck Donnelly. Here is a wave for you sir as I did not get a chance to do so earlier. Safe travels to you and yours.
  4. First HDT & Camper spotted - 12.22.17, I-10 East, AL #3.

    Haha! So Cool! It is a small world. Have fun in Destin and, I hope Santa is able to find you without any trouble.
  5. First HDT & Camper spotted - 12.22.17, I-10 East, AL #3.

    I think so. Our rate of closure was pretty fast though.
  6. Hey everyone! Yesterday I spotted my first HDT and Camper combo. We were on I-10, west bound in Alabama at about the #3 mile marker at about 1500 HRS. It happened pretty fast as there was a good bit of traffic and I did not see the rig until at about my 10 o'clock position. The rig was East bound on I-10. It was a darker red Volvo, perhaps a 630. The fifth wheel camper was pretty good sized. It was also a darker red with black stripe accents I believe. So, If that was you, I will wave at you now because I did not have time to yesterday. Safe travels to all, Jim
  7. Gee... That looks exactly like the same truck that is near me. LOL... https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/hvo/d/peterbilt-379-clear-title/6420987283.html Too good to be true I imagine.
  8. Pulled the triger

    Awesome! Looking forward to your updates.
  9. East Coast Rally December Update

    Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to the event, learning about trucks and meeting folks.
  10. She's beautiful - Congratulations! I too had to look at the name on the hood a little closer - LOL. And when you said "Sneak Peek" to me it read, "Sneaky Pete". Guess I'm a bit tired but, I thought you might have named the truck already which, I thought was cool!
  11. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    So the only thing I see in common is the Driver's Side Door Control Panel [switch]. This still does not address the locking issue of the doors locking with this switch removed. My under-educated WAG's, in no particular order... * shorted / grounded wire. * Bad / corroded / loose relay [possibility of three from what I can see]. * Bad Driver's side control panel [switch]. * Bad Door Lock Control Module. * Loose / corroded connection [pin or terminal] for power or ground. I know it's not really specific but, it will give you something to chew on while you are consuming an adult beverage and pondering the meaning of life.
  12. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    As stated, my schematic skills are lacking. However, pending on how power is passed through the Door Control Module, it appears possible that the door lock motors could be activated with either control switch removed.
  13. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    I found a wiring diagram. Not certain to what years / models it is applicable to but it may help with some trouble shooting. https://www.volvotrucks.ca/-/media/vtna/files/shared/body-builder/wiring-diagrams/volvo-12volt-2013-bp-includes-us17_21849527_08_1.pdf My schematic skills are lacking. I have not found anything that is obviously common to the mirror power and the lock power.
  14. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    As mentioned, perhaps a wire shorting out, or, a bad relay. However, I find it odd the system operates without the switch installed. Be that as it may, below is a link to a manual for interiors on the VN trucks. Perhaps the door panel removal / replacement section is applicable to your truck? I see it starts on page #9. http://www.hhrvresource.com/VolvoDocs/80-86/PV776-TSP133527.pdf Link to the manual for door latch handle replacement - Starts about page #50. http://www.hhrvresource.com/VolvoDocs/80-86/PV776-TSP144737.pdf Some random thoughts - Also check any pass-thru areas for the harness for damage. Check connector pins for security and free of corrosion. Check your grounding points. Check the battery connections. Find the relay / fuse / circuit breaker locations and ensure proper contact, free of corrosion and try resets if applicable. Beyond that, I am unable to find anything to troubleshoot the electric lock system and, even electric lock general information. Best of luck sir!