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  1. Awning material

    Don't know if anyone is still interested, but as an old Upholstery / Awning guy. the best material for awnings is acrylic.The best of the best is Sunbrella. 5yr no fade warranty. I also made boat covers out of Sunbrella acrylic you can pull them at 80MPH and they will not tear as long as they are a good fit.
  2. What have you done to your MH today?

    Changed oil,filter,and air filter on generator then hooked up tow and went to Waurika lake for 2 weeks. now time for engine oil change. Sitting out under the awing enjoying a cool drink with my beautiful Bride of 37 yrs enjoying the cool day at the lake.when the spring in the awning broke, Boy that will scare the begollys out of a person.So now have to change out the spring.
  3. What have you done to your MH today?

    Got the toad we wanted,2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee already set up to tow.Got tow bar and all with it.Found out a friend had sold his rig and still had his tow car.I ask him about it and got it for a very good price so now I am set up for real...
  4. Rule #1,Do not fall in love with anything with wheels on it. Shop around and find what you like and then look at the used market.there are some very nice units out there for a very good price.When you find one you like, hire a good inspection done by a good inspector.The things he finds that are a problem give you leverage with seller to lower his price.Then offer a really low buying price.You never know,he may take your offer.Worked for me!!!! Rule #2,See rule #1.
  5. Have you been to Cabela's?

    We had a few long days but that was because of the Sun and Moon interfering. We had no idea the Eclipse was a big deal. We were in Jackson Wyo. 9 days before event and could hardly drive thru town. Did not know the Epi center was about 20 mi. north of Jackson. We ended up at US Forest Service camp ground 25 mi. NE of Jackson.10 mi off the end of any paved rd. Boondocking big time. If there had not been a couple of campers there we would have not known a camp ground was there. Other than the road ended there.The adventure was worth the rough road to get there.We also found out the Epicenter for eclipse was less than 1 mile from where we were.Had to drive back out the next morn on an unpaved rough rocky road in the rain. A curvy up hill, curvy down hill, No place for a novice RV driver road. But We made it OK. By the way ,we watched the total eclipse in a Walmart parking lot in N Platte Nebraska. We Love Our New RV Life.
  6. What have you done to your MH today?

    Almost have MH cleaned up after our 29 day jaunt around the western country side.I think we hit 13 states. had a great time. saw some really beautiful country,And got to spend quality time with My sweet bride of 37 years. A real plus to me was no TV. Wife didn't like it much at first but after a few days she didn't mind at all. We drove a lot of miles and no probs with rig. Just tried to keep an eye on everything. Have a short list of things to ck before taking off every day and at every fuel stop. Can't wait to get back out again.
  7. What have you done to your MH today?

    I always said that about our old Hitchicker 5th wheel and my wife said" it's our pig and it's Paid for "
  8. What have you done to your MH today?

    Nice to know I'm not the only one putting perfume on a pig,I just bought a 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee to pull behind our 01 Holiday Rambler Endevor. We just got back from a 4500+ mile 29 day trip without a tow,Never again.Too many places we did not get to see because MH just too big to get around in some areas.
  9. Have you been to Cabela's?

    Just pulled back in today from 29 days and 4300 miles on the road. What a way to go. In Nebraska on I 90 I think, We stopped at Walmart, was not the best area of town. A young couple with 3 small kids were also looking for a place to stop. They had a phone app that showed all the places to stop and one was Cabela's. So we followed them and what a suprise . They had 6 RV, or P/U trailer spots located close to building. 6 dog Kennels. A small corral For horses. water available and a dump station for RVs.Also a dumpster for trash. Gonna have to do some shopping with them.
  10. What have you done to your MH today?

    2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor,36' gasser. Last rig, 1994 Avaion 5th wheel 31.5',Pulled with 2005 Chev.4X4 been camping in something or other for 36yrs.Trying to go full time.
  11. What have you done to your MH today?

    Received Escapees stickers today, Rushed out and put them on MH. I think it's an improvement in looks and value.......
  12. What have you done to your MH today?

    I kind of hate to bring this up, but maybe it will save someone a headache. When we bought the MH, in one of the storage cmpts.there was some grey foam pipe insulation and I wondered what it was used for. ????? Well I found out the hard way when I walked around the back of MH and hung my head on the corner of BR slide out. So I now have a scar from bridge of my nose to my hairline. Gonna get a couple of those bright colored swim noodles and put in so everyone can see what I didn't.
  13. What have you done to your MH today?

    Been out messing with MH today. Rechecked all fluid levels,Tire pressures,Air suspension air pressure,Started generator and ran it for a few min. Oh and my super glued windshield wiper spray nozzle looks like it will hold up, at least for a while.I think all I have left to do is fill up fuel and propane and we are ready for our first long trip.Shooting for Tuesday departure.
  14. Headlight Database

    I have a 2001 Holiday Rambler Endevaor 36' gasser, Headlights really yellow,Was looking to replace them,So wrote down the numbers on the lens and went to CARiD.com and found out they are same as 97 Ford Explorer. Ordered both headlights and both parking lights for a little over $100.00. Vets also get 10% discount.
  15. Adding extra hot water tank

    Hook up your compressor and blow out burner and ign, area real good. Sometimes spiders or dirt dobbers will get in and plug things up enough to block or defuse air or gas flow and heater will not light.