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  1. Windows 10 Updates Killing Me

    Those steps will vary depending on what build of Windows 10 people have. It STINKS that Micro$oft changes things so often because then their own online help pages, which are not updated, are wrong.
  2. I don't understand the "why" of that. I have had DirecTV in my home before and it was one dish aimed at one place screwed into my roof and I got everything. Am I not aiming at the same satellite when on the road?. Again. DVR matters not to me. I watch the same stuff every night, A&E, Food Network, and on Thursdays a CBS feed to see The Big Bang Theory. I don't know of other people's lifestyle but when the shows are on the I want to see I am home. I watch nothing of value, meaning the TV is on in the background but I am not watching, in the daytime. I mainly don't want to be drilling holes into my roof to mount stuff. Every hole is a potential leak.
  3. I have been watching this discussion and I have a question. If I understand, the SWM means single wire multiswitch, and that is what allows use of 2 tuners so you can DVR a show while watching another. Correct to that point? What do I need to buy for 1 TV and never using a DVR? Is it necessarily less money to have a system with no DVR in the mix? I don't really DVR much of anything, especially since on any kind of cable or satellite those shows rerun every 3 hours anyway. Plus if I want to see something I will make sure I am there to see it. Joel, you really know this stuff. For someone like me who doesn't DVR and knows close to nothing about satellite, what antenna and receiver do I need? Even when I go to DirecTV and read, the nuances of all those model numbers mean nothing to me. Someone sent me a link to buy a dish but with my luck if there are 2 of them I will buy the wrong one. Also know that I would be just as happy with an antenna that I put outside when I want to watch TV, so roof mounting is not a necessity for me. One guy did a youtube video about some antenna that cost him $2600. My used Toyota cost me $2650! I don't have $2600 for an antenna....
  4. CPAP

    Mine may have a transformer in the case, but there is no brick on either the O'Sullivan or the Resmed. From wall to CPAP. Not even a detachable cord. You may have just never had a model that was wired that way. I have been using one now for 21 years, and I am on my 3rd. Well, USING my 2nd, and I have a spare. So not "all" of them have a brick. I have had 3 that do not.
  5. CPAP

    What is throwing me off on this topic is what you actually mean by "it's 24 volts". When you use it at home on a 120v home electric system I have to assume you plug in a standard 2 prong plug into a standard wall jack and what you are plugging in is a transformer pack that connects to your CPAP? I have 2 of them (daily use and backup) and neither of them has any kind of transformer between the wall and the CPAP, so they are straight 120v units with which I will need an inverter to use off a 12v battery power feed. Is that what you mean? Or does somebody make a "For RV use" CPAP that runs only on 12v or 24v but not 120v?
  6. Wifi booster? or antenna? help!

    He does those videos with such a straight face that people buy into his nonsense. Did you see the one about how you can get all the HOB and Showtime channels you don't pay for my putting a blank DVD on your cable coming out of the wall? He is really very creative with his videos. He was getting so much mail saying "It didn't work" that he had to go back and label his videos "This is a joke. It is not true." Here is that video.
  7. Wifi booster? or antenna? help!

    Did you look at the date on that video? Theo Joe is known for his funny youtubes.
  8. Who maintains the Escapees website?

    Apparently nobody. I have contacted them 4 times and they have never once responded.
  9. I have no room for attachments. It shows that I am at 100% of my quota. But there is no way to delete them from my list of 19 attachments. Since we also can't delete posts, I can't go to the post that contains the attachment and delete it. I now need to send something to someone in a message and I can't.
  10. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    Wow. Suddenly I feel destitute.
  11. Millenicom is back

    Doesn't any company's SIM work in any jetpack type device?
  12. Buyer beware. If you believe Apple telling you that the check is in the mail, so be it. Apple will walk away from this clean.
  13. Mobile Hotspots

    Just for your sake of clarity as you go forward with this research, the term "hotspot" is generally applied to the ability inside your phone to become the data distribution method. Meaning your other devices log into your phone and your phone is what is using the data. The external devices are a different situation completely. Unity, Jetpack.... They are a separate SIM card, pretty much a second line, for another fee. It's like having a second line that you can only use for data, not for making calls, where the hotspot is still your phone that you can make calls with. You nay have already known that but often in threads like this those terms get used as if they are the same thing, and they are not.
  14. Mobile Hotspots

    There is no limit to how many gb you use but there is a possibility that once you cross (I believe) 22gb you will be subjected to data speed capping if you happen to be on a congested tower with a lot of users who have not reached that threshold. You'll never get a message saying your data cupboard is bare but if they slow you down to 600kb speeds you will notice it if you stream. And depending on how you use your data you may never see this happen. Just my dime. The other threads about this topic covered it in real detail.
  15. Flying Js and other truck stops

    Be really careful at a Flying J. Jimmy Haslam may come out and force you to accept Browns tickets from him....