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  1. Of course, with my particular love of solitude I would want the structure sitting dead in the middle of a 1 acre lot...... How I would love a 1/2 acre buffer zone on every side of me..... After living my life where houses were 10 feet apart.
  2. You are correct in assuming that was a typo. I did mean to say counties. What makes me shake my head is that depending on the climate where I land, I WOULD build an oversized barn with a high door to allow the RV to be parked INSIDE the barn in colder months, with electric, water and sewer on premise. It may just not be in the cards for me. I suppose a place out west, where I pay $250 a month for park rent, might be a better option, considering that after building that barn and having those utilities installed I would be paying at least that much anywhere else I go. I may as well go where I can avoid these cold Ohio winters. There is always the option of higher elevations during the hot summer months. Whether that means south or west, anything beats the shores of Lake Erie in January!!

    Wow! YOU told ME, eh? That was less funny than the joke. Let's just all say you have no sense of humor and move on. Buh-bye.

    Yeah, YOU told ME... LOL!!

    In a true "duh" moment, with accompanying palm to the forehead, it occurred to me that the TV will be fed by a computer connected to it by HDMI, so there will no longer be a need to cast anything. If I can get it to stream it on a laptop or a table, I can also get it on the computer and not need to stream it. Again, "duh". And again, this may all be moot if I go the Dish route. I am strongly leaning that way because it would extremely inconvenient to be finding Browns Backers clubs 16 weeks every year, and drive potentially long distances to the bar where they meet to watch the games. Dish with NFL Sunday ticket will bring those Browns games right to my RV. Hopefully by the time I can afford all this stuff and get on the road they will be good enough to win a game or two. Though the way it has been looking, I may have a couple of 2-14 and 3-13 years in there..... What kind of team is it when 2-14 is progress?
  6. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Sorry, but I disagree. When someone smokes for the VERY first time it is not an addiction. That is a conscious choice to take up that awful habit. Whether they allow it to become an addiction, that is a different situation. If yo don't want to risk an addiction to something, don't start using it. Nobody is born addicted to nicotine, unlike crack or other blood transmitted substances. I drank like it was going out of style for 25 years, but I was not born addicted to alcohol. I started drinking when I was 17 by choice. I perfected the craft during my military years, and at age 42 I decided to quit. I may or may have not been an alcoholic. I can say that I never went to AA and quit myself by the same power to choose that saw me start. I still went out with the guys. I just drank ginger ale and did not have any less fun being sober. In fact, I either had more fun or it may just have been that I could remember it. But that is a debate I don't want to get into. My point is that people can put vices aside if they really want to. Discipline and mental toughness wins those wars.

    In a Walmart I have wifi from the Walmart. My primary focus is TV. You have DirecTV, so your data must be used for things other than TV, mainly internet. My main thing will be retraining myself to not have the TV on in the background like I do a lot of now. I sit on the internet all day doing not much constructive, so that can be scaled back too.. It will be a whole new world for me to NOT have home internet at 100mb down. My heaviest data month ever was 228mb, and I have had some kind of smart phone since the day they came out. Blackberry, then iPhone, then Droids, then Windows phone, then Droid again. Now I have a Droid phone, a Droid tablet, and an iPad. And all these computers... oy. Once a nerd, always a nerd. Come a long way since the early 80s and 300 baud dial up modems. Thinking back to when I first started, running Unix and a program called Lynx that got me into the all text internet. Then Mosaic came out and we had a graphic internet. I love technology! I just finished writing a song with a guy in England. He sent it to me. I did my tracks and sent it back. He added some more stuff and asked for some vocal changes. Did those changes and sent it back. In 3 days we had a song done from 3600 miles apart. Now we are talking about internet and television in mobile vehicles. I have a feeling I watch a lot more TV than you. And in fact I probably watch a lot more TV than most people. I want my data to be the absolute last resort for TV. That's why I am going to have to be very selective as far as where I stop. The wifi antenna and repeater I have on order does a good job when there is line of site. Add in buildings and dense trees and it drops off like they all do. This is why most of the SKP parks are not going to be good options for me. They are WAY too far from civilization. I tested what I bought (A friend has the exact system) and it worked very well to find and connect to open wifi up to 2 miles away. 1 McDonald's and one car dealership. I saw more networks but once I connected to those 2 I stopped playing so he could leave.

    That being the case, does your employer expense your work related data fees? I remember once being brought into a video conference on a Saturday when there was a somewhat significant amount of data corruption and they wanted some suggestions as to the fastest way to do the disaster recovery. The first thing my boss said was "Eddie, either promise me you will remain seated during this conference, or go put on some pants." How well they knew me.....

    YOUR terminology is fine. In other posts by other people the term "hotspot" is often used to mean "That black plastic thing that has a SIM and acts like a wireless router" when th real use of "hotspot" is "using my phone to distribute data". I have the same phone you do but I cast using Chromecast rather than a Samsung Smart TV. I will assume here that the use of the Chromecast is not the same thing, which I deduce from the phone and TV both being Samsung devices. Can you shed some light on how Verizon knows where I am casting to and what I am using to do it? Is Miracast a Samsung exclusive app? I don't have it because I don't have a Samsung TV and thus never had reason to explore it. It may be in the Samsung folder on my phone and I just don't know it's there. As I have said elsewhere, just on Friday and Saturday night I watch hours each of Live PD. That alone might blow my data limits. Add in Sunday football, Monday night football, Thursday night football, The Big Bang Theory on Thursdays.... also The First 48, COPS..... I am going to need that satellite TV. It may also be worth investing in a Samsung Smart TV that I can stream to and not have it charged against my data. My pans now are for a 32" ProScan to go into the RV, but I can change those plans any time.

    I snipped all of that mainly to keep my reply brief yet still make sure I was responding to your post. Can you go into a little more detail about your specific use? I deduce that you work as a telecommuter but you say nothing as far as whether you also use data for TV viewing. Assuming a 40 hour work week, thus 40 hours a week of data connection, that is probably not as intensive as streaming TV programming, so I get that what you have works for your work usage. My data will be 99% for streaming TV. Not youtube videos, actual TV, like on SlingTV or a similar streaming service that delivers the programming I want. I will chew through 45gb of data in a day if I have to use data. Do you have satellite TV as well as your internet that you state costs you $250 a month? (You are also working and have income to offset that. I am an OLD retired IT guy.) And as I said in an earlier post, this becomes moot if I get Dish Network. My typical month of data usage now is like 150mb. I just don't use my phone. I don't even know why I have this expensive phone with all these features I never use. Well, yeah I do. It's because I'm a nerd and have to have the latest greatest and shiniest.

    It's not the Mobley that would cause a problem. ATTs Mobley vs Verizon's Jetpack is like saying "My D-Link router works better than your Netgear". They are just data distribution devices. What makes the Mobley work so well for you is "We are modest users. We do not stream." Exceeding a plan's threshold is going to potentially result in their throttling your service no matter what device you have. If you are on a busy tower and you are the ONE user over threshold and the rest are not, you will see deprioritization (As they like to call it because they believe in their mind that they do not throttle. But it janitor/custodian, or ghost/spirit, or home equity loan/2nd mortgage....) I will be through my 45gb in a day or 2 if I have no wifi or satellite TV service, particularly with the park's rules about "no streaming". So it really is a case by case thing.

    I read a lot of these posts and it sometimes gets blurry because not everybody is using the same terminology. A lot of people refer to the Jetpack type devices as a "hotspot". When YOU say "hotspot" Doc, do you mean it as "my phone is the data distribution device and other things are logging into my phone", because from my experience that is the correct way to use it. What I DON'T quite get, again because of so many posts all saying different things, is the distinction between hotspot data, "normal" data use just on your phone, and Jetpack data. (And again, do you say Mifi as the older day term for the current term Jetpack?) From what I gather, your plan has 15gb of data PER line and another 15gb on the Jetpack? Again, my confusion comes from the garbling of the terminology. I too have Verizon unlimited, which we all need to agree means nothing more than "We won't shut you completely off, though we will turn you down to a trickle once you hit the threshold". I do not yet have the Jetpack, which I will buy when I hit the road in spring. I will check but I thought I had 22gb on my phone and 15 more on the Jetpack I do not yet own, but that is still only 37gb and I could easily go through that in a couple of days of TV if not one day. Thus I am likely going to bite the bullet and get Dish, albeit kicking and screaming the whole time. I don't go out much at night, and there are things I simply don't want to miss, like sports, Big Bang Theory, and Live PD. Even my daytime activities are limited by physical issues, and I doubt if I will ever just sit outside in a lawn chair and stare. A lot will depend if I am in a park or boondocking. For my RVing tastes, I have no problem with being a Walmart guy, where I know I can get wifi to stream TV, though the presence of Dish would render that consideration moot. Hopefully I can cobble together a Dish system from second hand parts and not have to pay them a million bucks for equipment. I do NOT want a dome on top of my RV. I know how to use a compass and by finding the correct azimuth and declination online I can aim a dish. Just need a southwest exposure and a tripod.
  13. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    At best these are ballpark figures anyway. Nobody has the same lifestyle. I don't dine out now. I won't start while RVing. I don't go to movies. I pretty much do nothing and I don't see myself suddenly starting. A lot of this includes that old debate that I am sure you long time members have been through dozens of times about what you consider full time RVing. I follow several youtube channels and see how different people live, and only those that are extremely well appointed financially really do a lot of moving. Some of them are just flat out rich people and those I don't watch much because they go out with their 3 kids and go to expensive amusement parks and eat expensive meals, often spending more in that one day than I would spend in a month. This is why so much of my focus is on what I can do for television reception. I want my sports, I want my cop shows, etc.... Just put me on the last slab in an RV park where nobody will bother me and I will be happy. I once described my perfect home as one built into a notch carved into the side of a mountain. As long as I have high speed internet and cable TV, and once a week a helicopter lowers to me a basket with the food I ordered, I'd be happy. So in my case, gas, RV upkeep, lot rent at a place somewhere the weather is decent, 6-8 months at one place and somewhere else cooler in summer, the freedom to go for week long trips when I feel like, and as little driving as possible, I should be fine. $1000 of "house" bills every month get replaced by the RV payment, however I settle my TV conundrum, and a lot more for fuel, I SHOULD do better than break even. WITH the freedom to go see stuff. I know I will not have the idyllic "nomad moving from town to town" thing a lot of people dream about (and I did too) but I will get to see more in the RV. 50-75 miles at a time. Almost every reply mentions something similar to "every situation is different", and that is absolutely correct.
  14. Buying a cover

    Mine MIGHT have a little crown to it. I just got it and have only viewed the roof from an upstairs window. Once I get my collapsible ladder I will go up there with something flat and lay it across to see if it crowns or not. If they do in general, I can't see this one being the one in the world that doesn't.
  15. Buying a cover

    It would be expensive when you consider that all I want to do is keep the snow from being directly on the rubber roof and that the melting snow runs off the tarp instead of pooling on the roof.