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  1. Excessive Internet Data Usage

    That is symptomatic of a mail client that polls for new mail at a given interval. I wonder if that interval is adjustable, or even better set to manual poll only, where it does nothing until she hits send/receive?
  2. Excessive Internet Data Usage

    Can you explain Office 365 to me, as I have never needed or cared to research it. Why does an Office package use data? Is everything cloud stored? (If so, can't she turn the internet connection off while she is "doing nothing"?) I have Office 2013 for my spreadsheet and word processing needs and it has no dependence on an internet connection. Apparently 365 does. And again I ask, is she using it on her phone or on a computer? That part of your post just threw me as to why something like Office is using data. I only know Office to be a totally benign kind of app.
  3. Excessive Internet Data Usage

    For a lot of these data use questions and comments it would be helpful to know if you are actually browsing on that 2x3.5 inch screen on your phone or tethering to a real computer. Web pages delivered in mobile versions are typically less detailed and use less data. For my personal taste though, I don't see a cell phone as a replacement for my computers. I do read mail and occasionally do a quick web search for something, but normally nothing is so important that I need to see it immediately and I make a note to myself to research it when I get home. My fat fingers usually can't make precise screen touches and I hate pecking on the glass like a chicken to type in passwords and such. Besides which, I already wear glasses. Trying to use a cell phone as a primary computer would find me blind in a year. I honestly don't know why I have a fairly well featured phone. Nobody calls me, I have nobody to call with enough frequency that my Google phone number through the computer wouldn't cover it. I guess all those years as an IT nerd conditioned me to have nice toys. I am typing this on Sept 23rd. This month I have had exactly TWO calls that were not robodialed spammers. No family, very few friends, all of whom have been well trained to text or email rather then call.... But that's just my reclusive, hermit self....
  4. I am pretty close to pulling the trigger on a Radio Labs CastiFi wifi antenna and repeater combo. I have watched what video is available and my online question was actually answered by the guy who owns the (small) company, but geek to geek the technology of this thing is sound. It's a beautifully built piece and the aesthetics of it are great. Nice to look at. I have my own mounting ideas but your creativity can come into play on that. You can check them out here if you like. Here's the ad image from their web page. You can find a few vids on youtube of users demonstrating and the range and boost seem solid. You EXPECT the owners to crow about it, but one of the user videos is from a guy who is not very computer strong and he demos it like a boss! Radio Labs CastiFi
  5. It is interesting and probably a good PR move on behalf of Verizon, but ultimately, if there are capacity problems as of Oct 17th, they will still be there on Dec 1st as well. I'd hate to be in that position but it really doesn't look like they have a lot of options. I have a feeling that Verizon may go as far as to say hat if a customer can prove they are first responders of any type that they can keep their service no matter what. Those folks I can understand and would hope that Verizon is willing to accept the losses to keep people safe. Remember, this is an average of less than 100 customers per state involved. It can't be that hard to validate less than 100 customers. Quite happy living in a big city where I don't need to be concerned with stuff like this.
  6. God forbid we ever get news from "Riverside", which is present in 46 states!!!
  7. I think it is Sydney Montana, which is about 75-80 miles form the Canadian border, given that Montana has so much wide open space and the article kind of centered on Montana.
  8. While you may not see a sort, don't you read customer reviews before you buy anything? What stinks for those people is that they don't have many, if any, other choices. So 8500 people, carrying 19,000 lines, are going to hate them, but they don't care. They still have over 145 million customers. The tried to sell some people service, and it didn't work out. I worked at a DSL provider for a few years. DSL is distance based. If you are not within 18,000 feet from a switch, it isn't going to work. Yet they had so many people complaining about it they launched a campaign to sell what they called "Best Effort", meaning "We'll wire you despite the fact that you are outside normal operating maximums, but it may be intermittent". And a bunch of people bought it, and we at the help desk had to be the bad guys who got the angry callers who lived 25,000 feet away and should never have been sold DSL. But that company at the time had 4.5 million customers, so they didn't care. (That was also the last time I had a job where I had to deal with outside customers. Thanks god!) This is kind of the same thing. 8500 customers in 13 states, only 650 per state, is not huge in the big picture. It is huge to THEM because they may not have cell service, but I am sure that somewhere in the business decision came the concerns about bad press. Can anybody being objective blame any business for wanting to stop losing money?
  9. Researching Class C Motorhomes

    Look at it this way. It would have been better than a "DEscent", right?
  10. Dometic Refrigerator Problem

    Ignition probe? I have no idea what that is. And there is NOTHING online for this 17 year old RV. The support guys at Forest River don't even know because it's so old. When you look online, there are like 25 different 2000 Sunseekers. I have no idea what I have, and none of them really give any definitive way to identify. Like most technical information, everything is written assuming you already know much about the subject vehicle. Many are like "Ok. First you buy a plane. Then you fly it." without ever touching on that pesky subject of "How to fly a plane". I think I will just have it checked/fixed when I get it winterized. I don't know enough about this to be taking things apart and my wrenching skills are non existent anymore.
  11. Dometic Refrigerator Problem

    Okay Kirk. With my fridge on and the leads pulled off that valve, they read 12.9VCD. Then I turned the fridge off and tested with the meter set for ohms and it read 50. I also note that a small brass screw on that valve will rotate 45 degrees, from straight up 12 to turn to the left to 9. Apparently that must control the amount of propane going to the fridge. So I rotated it to full open at 9 o'clock and I could hear more gas hissing through it. I then tested the fridge again, and again, I hear the pop of the igniter, the fridge doe snot light, and there is NO check light. Just to make sure of that check light, I turned the gas off, tried to start the fridge again, and he check light came on. Apparently I am not getting a spark. It works great on AC. The flue is really warm, and the water in the jug is very cold.
  12. There is nowhere near enough business to be gained by Verizon for them to even consider updating the infrastructure to handle more traffic. Those 8500 customers are not all in Montana. They are in 13 states. Notably states that have a lot of wide open spaces and/or mountains. Alaska, Idaho, Montana..... The irony is that people want to live in places where the nearest neighbor is 25 miles away for whatever misanthropic reasons they have, Nobody is going to build a cell tower just for their house. Of course that is an extreme and ridiculous over simplification to make a point (reductio ad absurdem) but it's true. With solitude comes sacrifices. I have no data but I suspect Verizon got a lot of customers specifically because of their unlimited data plans. Now with the preponderance of the towers in Montana being AT&T towers (as I read somewhere), that means those customers are getting their data from Verizon as provided by AT&T, so the customer is paying Verizon for that data but Verizon is paying AT&T for it. There's no money in it for them, so they are cutting them loose now that they are taking advantage of unlimited data. Their main issue, which speaks to how small the local are, is that there is no more capacity to add new customers without expansion, and without increased revenue, and only minor levels of customers who could be added , there is not enough income potential to make it worth their doing it. Quite a circular problem. I saw this exact thing at that internet provider where I worked. Customers wanted faster internet, but the infrastructure upgrades would have cost so much that it was projected that it would take 25 years to recover due to the number of potential customers in an area that was housing saturated. All about bottom lines, like every other business.
  13. A ha!!! Adams County was t he magic words! I will research tonight and make calls tomorrow! If that is the case I will head down there. 5 hour drive from my city, but I'd make an overnight trip of it with the dog. Edit: Just did some research and Adams County does NOT permit living in an RV parked on a lot or in storage. Darn! (Not the word I wanted to use...)
  14. Help Me Spend My Money

    Whenever I want to blow a lot of money I just start dating again....
  15. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    This is almost like a thread about how long you keep a sick dog before you realize he won't get better and put him down to allow him to be out of misery......