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  1. This was sold very quickly. Sorry for not updating.
  2. With a great deal of sadness as I type this, I have made the decision that my full time RV life is just not practical for me. Between health reasons, which call for me to be near my support system, and the level of preparedness that is so foreign to me, it is best that I just sell the RV and move on to the next idea. I have a 25 ft Class C. Don't let the age fool you because it only has 34,500 miles on it. The drive train is strong. The people who had it before me babied it, and since I got it a year ago August, it has never left my driveway. I would like to get out of it what I owe, which is $17k. Incredibly clean. When I got it they replaced the Generac generator with an Onan 4000. I also had a few things fixed, like one broken interior light, the defroster fan was not working, the fridge wasn't working on propane. All of that was repaired. The house batteries were new when I bought the RV and I run the generator once a week to keep things charged and moving! The RV is located in Northeast Ohio. Come and get it! PM me with your email address for photos.
  3. Though this specific thread may not be the right place, I have been active in it with many of my "regulars" so this is as good a place as any to post that I have made the decision to put the RV dream to rest and stay in my house. Between the massive amount of credit card debt I would take on to get the RV ready with the towing package, the data equipment and the solar, the declining health (particular my vision) that can't be slowed down, and a general sense that life on the road would not be comfortable for me with my aversion to socializing and my comfort level with my life as it is, I think this is the best choice. I think some people belong in an RV and some don't, and I am in that second group. Much of what I see in the dozen or so blogs I follow fall into a few well defined categories. One is a group that is far better set financially than I am. The second is the far more social than I am. The third is the group that still have the house to fall back on. As I sat and thought this through the last few days I realized that life in an RV for me would be exactly what life is in my house. I would be the same loner I am now, but with no music studio, no yard for my dog, and living in a space the size of my bedroom. And. most importantly, no fail safe space to come back to if I hate it because my house will have been sold. "Trying it out" is not an option. I can afford either a mortgage or life on the road, but not both. I have 20 years left on my mortgage! I will probably lose big on my RV, but I would have barely broke even selling the house, too, and moving from 1100 sq ft into 40. So thanks to everyone who tried to help, but this patient died on the table.
  4. Oh, okay. Couldn't tell without you quoting the original. But the upside is now you know my story too!! LOL!
  5. Retention manager it is!! Just FYI, when this all goes live hopefully in late spring, there will be no "at home" I will be driving around in "at home". And local channels mean nothing to me. I haven't watched local news in 20 years. By the time it hits the news at 6 and 11 I have already read about it on the internet. I mean, in the era of cell phones, why do they give traffic reports on TV? If I can see the traffic report, I am home. If I am sitting in traffic and have one of those spousal units who cares that I am going to be late, I can call her. TV news is really worthless in my eyes. Newspapers too. Everything in today's paper happened yesterday, and I saw it reported 20 minutes after it happened. I need one receiver, don't care about locals, or a DVR. I don't DVR. I'd rather SEE. The thing I am trying to wiggle on is the initial layout. Some guy on youtube has a video where he paid, wait for it, $2600 for his ANTENNA!!! Unless it comes with hookers, I am not paying $2600 for an antenna. I remember a gentler time of consumerism where people wanted your business so much they supplied equipment. Alas.....
  6. I am not on the road at all yet. This is all pre conversion fact finding.
  7. I want live TV, not shows that are recorded and streamed a week later. The Browns games are not anywhere but Sunday Ticket on DTV. I saw all of that but then starts the talk of "With this antenna you can only do this" and "This antenna doesn't find THAT satellite." Let me explain something about the black cloud that follows me around. I could walk into a store, go to the line of 50 carts, break into that line somewhere to get a cart, and THAT cart is the only one with the broken wheel. So if there is even a choice of 2, and one is right and one is wrong, I will buy the wrong one every time. And then have to deal with sending it back, hoping it gets there, deal with double credit card billing.... Just telling me Winegard sends me to a web page with 25 options. 24 of them probably wrong. Tuesday I am going to make some calls and say exactly this: "I want a system for my RV that will allow me to get DTV in the western half of the USA so I can watch football. Give me the number of a receiver and the number of an antenna." And I'll see what they tell me.
  8. Can you perhaps tell me a model number of your receiver so I can scan ebay and other reseller web pages? And I was not aware that DTV could/would allow you to use your own equipment. I have not used them for 20+ years and at that point it was in a house, and THEY sent me the equipment. Back then they used the coded access cards like the credit cards we have today. I would imagine by now they use something similar to how an ISP sends signal to the MAC address of your router. It is possible that even back then I could have shopped for this stuff in a store but I just called DTV and then sent it to me. Setting it up was simple, and aiming it was no problem. 215 degrees azimuth with a 38.5 degree declination. I don't know I still remember that, but I do. I just want simple. I want an antenna that will aim itself at the push of a button. I was told HD Traveler, but the DTV web page doesn't show anything with that exact terminology. Someone once posted about an antenna he paid $2600 for. For $2600, I'll aim a cheaper dish by hand. For $2600 they better send me a personal assistant to travel with me and aim the thing. $2600 is 5 months of my current mortgage payment. I am NOT paying 5 months worth of mortgage payments for an antenna. I spent hours over the last year looking at all these DTV receivers and there are like 150 of them. Let me explain my luck to you. If there were TWO of them, and one was right and one was wrong, I would guess and buy the wrong one EVERY time. I'd like to buy the right one the first time. Thus the request for a model number, totally uncluttered by the techno jargon that goes with it. Because remember. I just want to watch football.
  9. Really? The 2 RV stores near me have them for as high as $750k. Of course they are like the Taj Mahal on wheels, but they are out there. As far as the $150k, everything I own, including my house, RV and car, wouldn't total $150k. Not even $100k. What does a big Kenilworth or Peterbuilt cost to haul those huge RVs around? That was my point.
  10. This is typing on a screen. Being with actual people is exhausting for me. Funny thing that all those years in music I was on stages in front of hundreds of people, but being in a room with 6 or 8 now makes me extremely nervous, short of breath, and I have to get away from it. I will go to an Oktoberfest party later this month, but the host is one of that small group of friends, so I will make my appearance, eat that fantastic food he will be cooking, and make my exit, all in the span of maybe 45 minutes. The usual suspects that attend this thing guzzle the beer quite heavily and I don't want to be around that. People who know me in real life understand that my entire life is computers, the internet, music, TV (including sports) and my dog. Take any one of those away from me and it is physically distressing. When this dog dies I have already arranged for someone to come and stay here for a few days because I don't know how I will handle that. It's said that everybody has a "forever" dog one time in their life. This is that dog for me.12 years and counting and I can't imagine even staying in this house without that dog. I got her very shortly after moving in here and the dog and house are one cumulative entity to me. I haven't missed a Browns game since I started watching at age 7. I am 67 now. When I was in Vietnam (well before VCRs) my father would record the game on 8mm film on a hand held camera and send the game to me. The guys would all gather in my room to watch it. Back in the days when the NFL blacked out home games that did not sell out for a 75 mile radius, we would drive 85 miles to Erie PA to see the game on a TV there. So that is very important to me. I am quite quirky, and I accept that. If you would hear the songs I write you would get a handle on me. I sent a demo copy to a local girl singer for critique. Her reply was "I listened to this whole CD and these lyrics are so sad and painful that I am glad I don't have a barn with a high beam to throw a rope over. What HAPPENED to you?" LOL!!! I don't dislike people as human beings. I just don't like being with them. (Google: PTSD)
  11. Why would that get a "Wow", Kirk? Is it not true? When is the last time you lived in a dangerous ghetto like I do? Hearing gunshots 4-5 nights a week. Reading about pizza drivers being shot in the leg so they can't run away and the phones taken so they can't call police. Twice a week. So tell me how someone who has a lot of money can really understand someone like me on SS and a VA Disability? I wanted to go RV so I cold get out from under this mortgage (I am current and everything - just tired of paying it) and the bills that go with it. This house is an anchor keeping me in a place I don't want to be. The thought of moving to a new place every months sounds great to me. But as I go through posts about phones, internet, tv, solar.... it is far more discouraging than encouraging. I am quite aware that nothing is free, but when I have people sending me recommendations for RV parks and such that are $1000 a month.... Seriously? That's more than the house I am in now. $1000 a month to park a vehicle.... Someone sent me something to the effect of how most RV parks are horrible and cramped and all of that and the email included "We couldn't even extend our 4 slides it was so cramped". Well, boo frickin' hoo that you couldn't extend your 4 slides. That's not the park's fault. If you buy a 747 you need a runway long enough to land it. Now, to be realistic, where I have to live is nobody else's problem but mine. However, we DO live in an economic system quite similar to the caste system in India. And I am in the next to the lowest caste, one below average, one above destitute. I live fairly well by comparison for someone who grew up in an inner city and had nothing. I don't have that higher plain to compare my life to because I never lived there. When you wear the same shoes to school for both the 5th and 6th grade, you tend to get used to having nothing. So, no "wow" when I make a simple, yet truthful observation that there are people who post while sitting on a much higher perch than a lot of us are on.
  12. I'll be totally, completely honest right back at ya and say that you may be right. A huge percentage of posts in any of the RV forums I have visited all talk about the whole "beers around a campfire" thing and I think I'd rather have a root canal than do that. I have exactly 4 friends NOW, after 67 years of life, and don't anticipate that I would suddenly become an extrovert because I live in an RV. I DO want to see the country, mainly the southwest, but I now need to sit and soul search about how I will feel not having the luxuries I have here. Maybe I should focus on moving to another house in a better climate and do week or 2 trips when the mood hits me. This whole RV thing is starting to turn into more than I want to deal with. Northern NC has always appealed to me..... I mean obviously people have the freedom to do whatever they like but there is often a sense of "This is what we do so this is right" in some of these forums. There is often no sense of awareness that a poster may have $20,000 a month to work with and a reader might have $2000. As soon as I see a post that shows someone owns a $150,000 truck pulling a $400,000 RV I can tell that they are wealthy and don't relate to those of us who just get by. Those posts I tend to pass over without even reading. I don't want to be a big rig truck driver. I just want to park somewhere, see deserts and mountains (things an inner city boy never saw) and be left alone. I just can't afford to both own my house in Ohio AND be out and about paying RV park rent. So I need to decide which I prefer to do and proceed. And watch football.
  13. Man, all of this crosstalk is starting to dissuade me from even going into the RV life. KA, KU, KY, HD, SD, ADHD, arcs, dishes, domes, roof mount, tripod, satellite 119, satellite 110, R2D2, C3PO......... I just want to watch football. I want to look at my watch, say "The game starts in a half an hour", push whatever button aims my antenna, be it a dish or a dome or a laser beam, and the Browns game comes on. I don't want to have to care about definition, what satellite number it comes from, whether I am east or west of the Mississippi, local channels (which I don't watch NOW) none of that. And I am not going to be climbing onto my roof with a compass and tools to aim stuff. I will likely never even see my roof once my build is done. I pay other people to do things on my roof. I can't climb ladders. I just want to watch football. Is this whole satellite thing THAT hard or do people complicate this beyond what it has to be? The idea of RV life enticed me because I want to put behind me days of being stressed and thinking 24 hours a day. I am SO enjoying retired life where the phone doesn't ring every 5 minutes because some dumbass doesn't remember a password, or 17 people all calling me at once to tell me the mail server burped. (I am aware. Don't you think MY email did the same thing yours did???) My happiest days are when I have nothing to do and if I choose to I can just sit and exist. I don't want to be bothered with some satellite being decommissioned and a new one going up to replace it. Those are details I do not need to know. I just want to watch football. I want to find the right path where I can go to some website, find what I need, send them money, have somebody send me a box labeled "This is the stuff you need", have somebody install that stuff, and sign a DTV contract if I must. Do I have to buy hardware from DTV or will they will just provide the service to my own hardware? I don't care about DVR because I never record anything. If I want to see something I watch it when it airs, as I have no life anyway and I am near a TV at all times here in my house. I don't anticipate that my life will change much when I go RV. My residence will have wheels, but I am still me. I won't suddenly start drinking again and go to bars, start going to expensive restaurants every night for food I can cook better, suddenly get the urge to have a gambling problem and spend my time in casinos... ..I spend 99.9% of my time alone. At home. (Well, my dog is here....) I just want to watch football. Can't this be easy? I would LOVE for someone cut through the static and say "Get THIS antenna, THIS receiver box, and go watch football. All these conditions and parameters... "No. You want to buy the new fancy 27364JPX3B receiver and the Binford XPL9132 antenna because it does THIS". Man, there has to be a simpler path from my eyes to football..... I would buy "RV Satellite TV For Dummies' right now if such a book existed.
  14. I don't want to buy what amounts to a whole second cell phone plan. I don't need anymore calls and texts. All I want is a data plan. With no more phones, no more tablets.... I have so much of that stuff I have been giving them away! And to do it how ATT says I have to do it I will be adding an entire 2nd cell phone plan. The cost of the plan, the cost of the device and the cost of DTV now adds up to almost what a real Direct TV plan will cost me per month so I may just as well do that. I don't know yet how much data I am going to chew through until I test watching TV for a night on data. I make maybe 5 phone calls a month, send maybe 100 texts, and use maybe 200 mb of data right now, but I am still living in my house. As someone, I think it was Dutch, pointed out, given the time frame here of me not knowing when I will leave the house and go to full time RV living, these plans may change 10 more times. Verizon currently has us hanging from a ledge with the rumor of a truly unlimited data plan, though I will believe that the day after I see the Beatles reunite for a concert and the 2 dead ones come back to life and play the show. All I keep hearing is "A lot will change when we roll out 5G", yet nobody can say what.
  15. I have a computer filled with movies. That has little to nothing about what I am trying to do. Zero to do with what I can do when I have no cell service. But, hey, you tried to be helpful and for that I am appreciative.
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