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  1. eddie1261

    Our forums have been spammed!

    Or they took the computer term "drill down" literally and though if they drilled down long enough they'd come out onto a computer on the other side of the world....
  2. eddie1261

    Our forums have been spammed!

    So the Chinese food joke went right over your head? Aw man,. Now I want Chinese food.....
  3. eddie1261

    Our forums have been spammed!

    Sad thing is that an hour later you get spammed again.....
  4. eddie1261

    Comparing stream rates

    Actually if you go to this video of his, his first words are "This is Ray from LoveYourRV".
  5. eddie1261

    Comparing stream rates

    Love Your RV is Ray, right? I do visit his site some. There are very few I put any faith in because they accept free products in exchange for good reviews. You can spot which ones are the shills because they have NEVER panned anything. Whatever they get for free is suddenly the BEST product of its type EVAHHHHH!!!!! I had a short history as a tech columnist for a small newspaper and I used to get routers, switches, software.... all kind of things. I would review them and posted the review, good, bad or ugly, and then returned the item. EVERY TIME. You can NEVER be 100% sure in your mind if the review is tainted or not when people accept payola. In exactly 2 cases I liked the product enough that after reviewing and returning, I bought one. One was a trackball, the other was a router. Software was tested and then erased. It's just how I am. I have heard WAY too many reviews on youtube done by people who show their technical shortcomings in the review, saying inaccurate things and obviously reading from a script. Just FYI, when I worked as an IT professional, I earned an MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and a CCNE (Cisco Certified Netware Engineer), so I know what I an talking about. I have been an email administrator, a network engineer building servers and configuring routers.... and some of those reviews I can just TELL they were prompted comments because they use the exact same terminology. One guy, reviewing one of those "hot rod" network repeaters (I will not say which one) used the word "great throughput" in his review 4 times, without every giving data to support that claim or explaining what "throughput" is, and it was clear to me he had no clue and was reading what he was told to say. I am sure he has no idea how to test throughput, nor the equipment to do so. Sam Spade will do that but I promise he had no idea how to use that tool. So now I believe nobody in reviews, especially the shills who take free products.
  6. eddie1261

    Comparing stream rates

    Nothing there I didn't either already know or was different from generic research, but thanks for the tip. Also, I really don't patronize pay sites if only as a matter of principle. What is going to bite me in the ass is the fact that being out on the road full time I won't have the internet speeds I have here in the S&B and have become too comfortable with. I doubt I am going to find 120mbps down/12mbps up while sitting in an RV anywhere out in the world, so I need to test downloads with my desktop tethered to my cell phone while it is on data to truly emulate how long that 48 minute episode takes on data. I have not done that yet.
  7. eddie1261

    Comparing stream rates

    The biggest thing about torrents is that the download speed is not a constant. It depends how many seeders are making the file available and how many leaches are trying to download it. If there are 100 seeders and I am the only one downloading it, I can get a 350mb file in a few minutes. And the seeders don't necessarily all stay online. You can start downloading with 30 seeders available, and you are getting pieces of it from all 30 sources, so you are cruising along. Then maybe half of them go offline and the transfer rate drops. It's a crap shoot, but it HAS to be better than real time streaming using cellular data. As I was typing this, I grabbed a 365mb file in 5:30. That file translates into a 48 minute episode of a serial I watch. 5:30 to get a 48 minute episode (with commercials stripped) vs 60 minutes to watch it streamed in real time. Seems like I am answering my own question. I am going to keep testing and chart the results.
  8. eddie1261

    Comparing stream rates

    Well, Joel, that didn't even come close to addressing my question, which is comparing downloading a file vs watching it in real time while it is being streamed, but hey, GREAT JOB getting your plug for the WfiRanger into that completely irrelevant reply. Keep selling at every opportunity, even on my posts!! If I have wifi present, why would I care about download rates, as that has nothing to do with my cellular data? Particularly because you apparently think I am an idiot who doesn't know WAN from LAN as you said in my Chromecast post a few months back. FYI, I wouldn't use a WiFiRanger if you gave me one free "for testing" (like you have done with all the usual suspect internet shills). If you did, I would test it and send it back when I was finished and then post an HONEST review. I won't be a shill for anybody. I don't post positive reviews of things just because they were given to me for free. It's called integrity. Reviews outside of that cast of shills are 1 and 2 stars. The people have spoken. Now, back to my question, for those who care to contribute.... Is streaming a 3 hour show going to use more, less, or the same amount of my cellular data than downloading a 1.2gb file of the same show 2 days later and watching it off the network? Note that nobody is talking about wifi. This is all about cell traffic.
  9. eddie1261

    Comparing stream rates

    To get just a bit more specific, one of my must watch shows is Live PD on Fri and Sat night. It's 3 hours, minus 48 minutes of commercials. So 180 - 48, so 132 minutes of show. If I wait to find a download of it, that download is typically 1.2gb. So I have to figure out what 3 hours of streaming in real time would cost in data transferred vs what a 1.2gb download would cost. I made the assumption that a 1.2gb download would take 1.2gb of data, plus some amount of overhead as the torrent seeders are assembled. If watching 3 hours of real time is substantially more than the 1.2gb of download, I will just watch it a few days later. I have about 4 of those "must watch" shows that total 8 1/2 hours a week. And even The Big Bang Theory pops up a day or 2 later in a torrent so that's another 30 minutes I could d/l rather than watch. Those shows are usually 325mb downloads vs 30 minutes of real time streaming. That's the "cell data math" I have to work out before I hit the road. I am trying REALLY hard to not have to buy a DirecTv plan and all that expensive hardware.
  10. I spent about 2 hours trying to find this answer on the infrawebz and found nothing substantive about it. Someone here may know. Pick a show, say "Bob's Burgers". If I am sitting in my RV streaming that through Sling or DirecTVNow or whatever streaming service I may use, say that 1 hour of that stream uses X amount of cellular data. Now, let's say that Ned in Nebraska records that show, snips the commercials, and puts it on youtube, in the same resolution, every week the day after it airs. If I watched that same show on a youtube stream, am I going to use exactly the same X amount of data? Without knowing how I would even go about testing that, my initial guess is yes, it would eat the same amount of cellular data. Just taking a shot here that someone may offer different logic.
  11. eddie1261

    No more Verizon 3G mifi

    According to my friend at the local Verizon store where I go, when 5G hits around the new year all of those hacked jetpacks will be killed It's more about them killing off the pay as you go type accounts, which is how those jetpacks are hacked. Flashed is a more polite word for hacked, but they are reprogrammed (flashed, if you will) in a way that has those jetpacks appear to be those old drop phones and those are what they are killing off. But I am just relaying what that guy told me. I don't have one so I don't care.
  12. eddie1261

    Cheap places to live...

    Aging is mandatory. Getting old is optional.
  13. Birdman, are you one of those unfortunate people who is in that small group that Verizon just kind of abandoned? I think it was like 1500 people that were in a group that got their traffic by reseller and Verizon was going to stop selling data to be redistributed. How is your signal normally? Have you ever read it by decibels? Even in this big town I sit in my house at -104 and I am fairly close to a tower. I CAN get near a tower where I see as low as -70 but the point of me asking is to get a handle on your signal strength so I can make a mental note of you being 30 miles from a town. The upside of that small town thing is that while it may not be a higher capacity tower you may also be competing with fewer users.
  14. Did the salesman use those exact words, 15gig and then they WILL throttle down or that the 15gb threshold make you susceptible to tower deprioritization? Almost everybody who addresses this topic says you WILL be throttled, and that is not the case. Your agreement, like my agreement, says you MAY be throttled. Not you WILL, you MAY. If you are on a busy tower, you may see throttling. If you are on a not so busy tower, you may NOT see throttling. I have tested this by watching TV over cellular until I deliberately went past the 22gb limit and I have yet to see throttling. Ever. Though I am in a city of 200,000 and connect to large capacity towers. This is not even close one size fits all.
  15. Do you need 4 lines like he has? If not, I couldn't either. But his needs are not my needs.