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  1. Thanks, I'm thinking of trying Big Bear. It's only a couple of hours away from me. Hopefully i'll miss worst of the holiday crowds as first night i'll be needing will be the 1st. With any luck most will have set off for home by then! While i have you here.... Have any of you fitted a roof rack/basket? My van is a 159"WB Promaster. After looking online i'll be postponing that for a while as they're $3000+, unless you know a cheaper option? I'd like to carry a spare tire but don't want to block up back doors.
  2. Bought my Class B, happy days, hopefully Now to find somewhere not fully booked for a couple of days at the end of this month. I think it may be wise to use a hook up site until 'Mo' & i are better acquainted.
  3. I think outdoorsy has breakdown coverage ect included, but as you say it would be time consuming. A cheaper option to consider would be to rent a mini van & buy a v large cheapish tent or two lol! And basic camping supplies, sleeping bags, propane stove. If you are planning on camping in parks you will have access to toilets, showers, bbq's, fire rings (depending on fire status). Also a car will get you places an RV can't..... You can always throw in a couple of nights in a hotel if camping gets too irritating. When you're finished put an ad selling it on Craigslist if you've time or put it up there for free it'll be gone in no time! Or drop it off at goodwill store. Maybe check out REI i think they may rent gear but i suspect it'll be almost same price as buying. Whatever you decide have a fantastic time!
  4. It had, check engine light on, brake stability light on, spongy patch approx 8" wide on the floor, water leak inside the RV, guy had ripped the generator out himself & patched where it had been. Tried very hard to convince inspector not to look underneath. Had no recent service or repair records because apparently "oh that's ok, it was all done recently, i don't have the receipts because i did it myself". Talking about all maintenance, brakes, tires ect. Seriously why would he not mention all these things when we talked on the phone. I understand he wants to make a sale but did he seriously think someone would just ignore all the issues & say oh well i'm here now, may as well take it! Also blatantly lied when i told him i was backing out. Saying he didn't know what the guy inspecting it was talking about, it has no check engine light on. I was sent photos showing it on! Waste of a few hundred dollars but grateful to have saved thousands. Live & learn.
  5. So this turned out to be a total bust. Major disappointment. Seller totally neglected to mention many many issues with the RV, not least of all the check engine light! Guess i'll keep looking.
  6. Well Al F. Turns out you were right on with the caution advice. On inspection this rig was nothing like he described. Engine lights on, spongy patch on the floor, water leak & quite a few other things . Waste of a few hundred $ but better than a many thousands! Seriously why aren't people honest in their descriptions? I mean did he really think that after checking it out i'd just say oh well never mind all the obvious issues i'm here now so may as well take it. I work way to hard for it to be throwing my money away! Major disappointment, guess i'll keep looking.
  7. Thanks this is a good layman term explanation. I figure half the fun is figuring it all out. I'll be experimenting a lot with it before i try any proper trips. I currently live in a static 5th wheel that is permanently hooked up so i've learned the lesson & got in the habit of one thing at a time on things like kettle, microwave, hairdryer, toaster, AC. So i'm not going into it totally blind. I tend to learn better by doing than reading about it. I'm hoping all the helpful advice given here will make my learning curve a little less steep 😁 I've done a bit of camping, so until i've got it all figured out i may end up camping in a tin rather than a tent! Be assured my first trips won't be into the middle of the desert with no cell service 😄
  8. Don't worry i'm going to have a 'Pro' check it out before handing over the money Thanks
  9. Thanks, i figured the AC & microwave but the TV surprises me. The seller says it used to have a generator on the undercarriage but that he never really used it so he removed it many years ago rather than carry the extra weight. I'd like the option to boondock for sure. I suppose a generator could come in handy for many things really. I think i need to do more reading to understand amps, volts, watts ect. 😄
  10. So i've just bought a Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser G26! Well i've committed to buy, papers not exchanged yet but i fully intend to have it as long as it checks out ok. It doesn't have a generator. Guy said he never needed it & didn't like that it was directly under the bed. At the moment it will just be used for a few trips, probably a week at a time at most. Would you recommend buying a portable one, if so which one? Or Should i splash out & get the type it originally had? I'm thinking the AC will probably be the only thing that really needs a generator right? Or does the microwave need it to? Will everything else run ok off the batteries? Do you think solar is a worth while investment? Thanks in advance for your advice & opinions.
  11. Thank you sandsys. I'm sure i'll have many more questions once it arrives
  12. Ok so i've taken half the leap. I've bought myself a 2006 Gulf Stream vista cruiser G26. I'm so excited! Here's hoping it turns out to be as good a deal as it seems, guess i'll know when i see it. I bought it on eBay & it's on the other side of the country! Yes i know that seems totally insane but these Gulf Streams don't come around too often, especially ones not ludicrously priced. Seller is happy for me to see it & decide if i like it, then pay. So we have a non binding contract at the moment. However for me to get time off work, pay a dog sitter (unfortunately he's to big to fly in the cabin), fly over & drive back i will lose almost as much money as it costs to get it shipped here. I'd love to pick it up myself if i could take the dog & my time getting back but that's not an option at this point. My thinking is to get it inspected & if the inspector(who will have a much better idea than me anyway) thinks it's good to go then i'll get it transported. Does anyone have a transporter service they'd recommend? I've had Uship quotes, they're all in the $3000 range or higher, which seems a lot to me. Any other ideas? Big thank you to all you posters Kirk W, Al F, fly2low, Jim K & others whose advice persuaded me not to settle for the over priced 1997 Pleasure way a few week ago. This is the one i've been holding out for for so long
  13. Thanks everyone lots of good advice. I'll probably go look at it just to get a feel of size, drivability ect. I had figured in having to replace all the hoses ect but hadn't thought so much of the appliances. Thanks Kirk for the explanation on the fridge, that makes it easier for me to understand why there is more chance of problems much better than it's just old Jim K That 1 line gave me a good perspective & has done the most to sway my mind. Been there done that & your line reminded me of it! Lol I admit it's just a 'i want & i want it right now'. I'll hold out for the 'right' RV at the right time. I've been keeping my eyes open for so long for the right van/deal & this one is so close to home. My want is getting ahead of my practical, sensible, common sense side. Thank you all for keeping me in check & my money in my pocket. I don't mind calculated risks but i hate throwing it away!
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