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  1. Packnrat. As new!!! That’s shocking. No allowance for 18 years wear & tear 😕 Humm I really will have to look closer at figures. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hi All, It's been a while since i visited last but think i've finally found one i like! (class It's has Alaska plates but is currently in Utah. It's priced around $20,000 Can anyone tell me roughly how much it would be to register & insure in California? It's a 2001, will it still need a smog test & does anyone know if Alaska registered are already smog compliant? Thanks
  3. I am not planning on doing a lot of stealth camping & will more than likely be in appropriate places. I'd just like to have it as an option if i'm doing a long trip & needed to break for the night. I really want access to be able to jump out of bed and drive away without having to go outside in case of a dodgy situation. I'm not expecting any trouble but it would ease my mind to be able to do that if necessary, so a trailer is not for me. Thanks for the advice, i'll check out some smaller c's
  4. Hi Eddie 1261, Thanks for your input. Funnily enough just a few months ago i did have to use a bucket for 5 days at home! LOL. Like you say you CAN do a lot of things, it's more a case of do you want to. I'm keeping my eyes open for ready made RV/vans with what i want at the right price. I've time to wait for something that suits. Gym membership might be a good idea, i always thought it much more expensive than $21 so i'll look into that to when the time comes. I probably didn't phrase my original query right as a lot of people thought i meant not having a toilet. I was always going to have a toilet, the shower was more what i was inquiring about. I'm about the same as you on the cooking front, baked potato is my speciality
  5. I wouldn't have thought that, i'd assume if it was turned over once in a while it'd still be good to go. Thank you for that insight, more things for me to consider! I'm glad to be learning this stuff before putting my money down
  6. Thanks all. Kirk Wood don't worry if i find something i like i will be sure to get it inspected. I already found a guy who goes through everything inside & out & writes a report for $160. I was also thinking the price is a little high, that said the miles are fairly low for comparable van that age & even newer. I'm thinking likely a pass on it. Ta Jeff & Suzanne i've posted the same question on sprinter source to
  7. Hi Blaze, it's been awhile since i checked in too I had originally wanted an empty van to convert myself. However like you i'd have to get someone to do the plumbing & electric first & as you found out it is ridiculously expensive. I'm now considering a van that's already been converted so all the 'fiddly/important bits are already there, then just working around it by changing doors, cabinets ect. to a layout that works for me. I'm very adaptable & willing to give up some wants for others. I'm a little bummed & gun shy at the moment as i almost made a huge mistake. I found an excellent van at an excellent price that on initial research checked out as legit. The old adage too good to be true was niggling away in the back of my head so i was being very careful but you know sometimes you really do just luck out. Anyway i won't bore you with the long story but after some intensive searching & a little red flag at the sellers avoidance (all be it well disguised) of a yes or no question i discovered it was indeed to good to be true I informed the man i would no longer be buying the rv as in my experience mileage tends to go up not down with age. I was so close & all excited. All in all a lucky escape i guess. Good luck in your search & let me know if you find something
  8. So i've seen a 2002 sprinter conversion for sale. This the ad title - 2002 Mercedes Sprinter RV Road Bear Euro GT conversion van Has anyone any knowledge of the Road Bear company. I've tried researching & they just come up as a rental company. Obviously 2002 was a while ago so maybe they used to do conversions before. My question is if they did do the conversion, did they have a good reputation for quality work? Also from photos van exterior looks in good shape, it looks like a full conversion but it's hard to see the inside & there's not really a good description. It has 109000 miles & they're asking $26000. Do you think that's a fair price? I know nothing beats seeing it in person but it'll be a fair long trip to see it so thought i'd ask you opinions first. Thanks
  9. Blaze Keep us posted on what you find out pretty please. Yarome, Pat & Pete I like your style! JimK you're giving me things to think about, thanks
  10. Thank you all. I'm kind of on the same train of thought as JimK, small but comfortable. I would like to be able to be totally self sufficient. I've always managed to make do with what i've got. Obviously i would have some form of toilet, be it cassette/porta potty or whatever, i was more questioning the necessity of a shower. I think i've been getting side tracked by my tent camping experiences, while having no bathroom is ok for a bit, it'd be very different story long term. Kirk Wood your point of it's meant to be fun & enjoyable is my deciding factor Yes i can make do, but i'd rather make do more comfortably especially if it's going to be for an extended length of time! I never even thought about when i get sick (as it rarely happens, thankfully) but yes for sure i'd be wanting my own sanctuary then! Remoandiris I've looked at the truck slide in campers but would like something a bit less obvious for street parking if necessary. I'll not rule it out though, i'm big on keeping my options open. You all make a good sounding board, thanks
  11. Thank you Greg I wasn't aware truck stop facilities were open to use. I just assumed they were truckers only. I've a lot to learn
  12. Thanks Rob. I've thought about that, which brings me to my next question. Do those toilets not smell after a while in such a confined space? Slightly icky question but i'd rather find out sooner than later lol.
  13. Hi, First time i've posted anything! Just looking for some opinions, as they say in psychology there's no right or wrong answer, we're all different So eventually i'll be getting on the road, i'm planning on traveling all over the US, me & my dog, lots of state parks ect. I'm still open to change but have mostly made my mind up on a Sprinter. My main question is should i be getting a van complete with shower, grey & black water tanks ect. As i'd be living full time in it i'm thinking a bathroom is kind of a necessity, but as money isn't falling off trees maybe i should compromise and be looking at van conversions without the bathroom? Is a shower really worth the extra $20,000 price tag Those of you that don't have the bathroom what do you do? Those of you that do do you really use it? I've also been checking out buying a van then paying a company to fit it with what i want. However from the few i've looked at it seems as if the price would pretty much come up to the price of a pre-fitted used one.... I assume equal weight distribution would be a factor if i was to 'build my own'. Well i'll leave it at that for now but i'm sure i'll be back with many more questions over the coming weeks. Thanks
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