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  1. 2Auberts

    Volvos for sale

    This chart is from the Volvo brochure on the ishift 2612 transmission that shows gear ratios for overdrive and non overdrive version.
  2. 2Auberts

    Now the fun part starts!

    Nice truck. Congrats
  3. 2Auberts

    Heard A Good One Today.

    I would wear one.
  4. Hope all goes well and you get your HDT for Christmas.
  5. 2Auberts

    Went off the deep end....

    We need pictures.
  6. 2Auberts

    Getting the band together at the National HDT Rally?

    No musical talent here, but LOVE popcorn and good music. This is gonna be a good week.
  7. 2Auberts

    2017 DRV- Good Bad What To Look For

    Alie & Jim, We have been considering a "Luxe". https://www.luxefifthwheel.com/. Have you looked at them and if you have please share your insight on why you wouldn't consider them as an option. Roy
  8. 2Auberts

    New Project

    Very nice! If you ordered it singled, why did you have to get the commercial hitch?
  9. 2Auberts

    National HDT Rally Registration

    Registration complete. Looking forward to meeting all of you. Nuke-E, we will be flying in so have hotel reservations near the fairgrounds. Roy
  10. 2Auberts

    National HDT Rally Registration

    I've been lurking since the Hershey Rv show last year. We are 2 years away from becoming full timers who were planning to pull a custom LUXE 39FB with an F450 but not anymore. The wealth of info posted by all of you have convinced me that an HDT is the only way to go. We've booked our trip to come attend the rally, now just need registration to open so we are official. I'm really looking forward to the education and meeting some HDTers. Roy & Sonja