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  1. So I'm starting to wonder if I'm overreacting. The levelers it has are the Lippert Ground Control levelers as seen here: https://youtu.be/F7T9YFkaymA?t=1m25s and https://www.lci1.com/ground-control-tt . These may be even more stable than any blocks of wood I could put underneath because when we activate them, they go down and put up the tongue and you use the RV with the tongue up and the levelers down. So if it can support us inside, it should be able to support the unit without us.
  2. OK, sounds like general consensus is to: Get a stack of 12"x12"x2" wooden squares to screw together for the tongue to stand on, and it should hold the weight from the front and not move. Then use the x-chocks with rubber chocks for the tires. That all sounds pretty straight-forward. Sure appreciate the fast and detailed responses from everyone!
  3. The rubber chocks won't slide on the gravel with the weight of the RV? Just curious.
  4. That's encouraging to hear! Any idea if I should leave the stabilizers down, or just put some wood blocks under the tongue and let that suffice...?
  5. We were so excited to find a house with an RV pad so we don't have to pay storage fees...only to discover it's a bit steep when actually using it! I have X-chocks between the wheels, but the ground is a fine gravel that does allow some movement overall, which makes me nervous. Maybe it's heavy enough that I don't need to be, but I'd rather be cautious than sorry. My first thought is to get some concrete blocks to put under the tongue jack and maybe dig down a little bit to stabilize them. And I could add rubber chocks to the wheels too. Then put up the stabilizers? Anyway, I'm not too handy when it comes to building, so would love to hear some solutions "anybody" could do/buy to keep this safe.
  6. I think this is what you want: https://www.resortparks.com/guides/RPI 30th member guide.pdf
  7. Since I wrote the original post above, we've spent one year traveling full-time. We ended up getting RPI and C2C, but not TT. We found overall that we LOVED the RPI parks especially. They always had room for us, always had a stellar price (~$10) and we're safe and clean. While traveling, our rule of thumb was to always look for an RPI park first because we liked them so much. That said, like TT parks, they are many times a little off the main course, so you have to account for that. For the price, which for us was something like a couple hundred dollars, it paid for itself in less than a month.
  8. This looks very similar to TravelingMailbox, which is what I ended up going with. I couldn't be happier. I love it so much that I'll probably never use a home mailbox again, even if we get off the road. The convenience of being able to get all my mail online, deposit checks, etc, pretty much makes physical mail obsolete for us. TM also released an app like this one a few months ago, so I can securely do everything from my phone too. I still recommend Escapees Mail for those who need different services from me, but for my needs, TM was the way to go (see earlier post).
  9. Boy this thread has suddenly gotten more life nearly two months after I first posted! So just to follow up for anyone who may care, after looking hard at several services and talking to RVers, I decided to go with TravelingMailbox.com. For me, it boiled down to what I wanted from a mail service. Escapees is a STELLAR service if you want very strong mail forwarding with the ability to get some add-ons that may benefit you. In my case, I wanted a service that would automatically scan all my letter covers without charging me extra, securely shred what I don't want on cue from a browser window, scan in what I do want to a PDF in Evernote, deposit checks, allow me to tie in a business mailbox at no charge, and occasionally forward a piece of mail. To me, this is more like a personal assistant. As far as sensitive information goes, this isn't a paramount concern to me as all my mail that's confidential is electronic anymore (such as Barbaraok said, my 403b paperwork is all online). And the few pieces that aren't electronic, I can just have them forward without opening. But that said, I also chose to go with a well known service with positive reviews in the industry. There are too many small/new outfits that could be untrustworthy/still need to prove themselves. Much thanks for everyone's input. Great discussion and help all over this forum!
  10. No sales pitches, blackout times, etc when using RPI? Is it a pretty painless experience?
  11. We're going full-time in a month and I've been looking at ways to save at campgrounds as we travel. We've joined several clubs that are no-brainers--Escapees, Good Sam, Passport America. But I'm discovering that many of the PA parks, which have the biggest discounts, have HUGE exclusions. Does anyone have experience with Resort Parks International and/or Coast to Coast? It seems these are the best deals out there if you don't want to spend thousands for a Thousand Trails membership. For about $300 or so I can join a Home Park, then stay at participating parks for $10-$15/night with RPI or C2C. BUT are the RPI and C2C $10-$15/night deals subject to huge exclusions in real-life practice? Or am I setting myself up to getting a high-pressure sales pitch at any RPI or C2C park I want to say at? It seems to good to be true, but unlike PA and TT, I can't find much talk online about RPI or C2C, positive or negative. Would love to hear from some full-timers about real-life experience with RPI and/or C2C, or other solutions I might be missing.
  12. We just got our TT with an Equalizer hitch. This last week we stayed in a park and half way through our stay we needed to dump and so we had to pull in the slides, pull up the levels and rehook up the Equalizer hitch--the latter being the most difficult item. Is it safe/fine to travel without the Equalizer hitch sway bars installed if we're just moving to the dump station and back in a park? Here's our specs: 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 dually 2017 Rockwood Windjammer (this unit is about 10,000 lbs max filled) Thanks in advance!
  13. Excellent! Thx for the clarification. As I figured, this process will be much easier than I thought it would be!
  14. Actually, I was surprised to see that almost all of them offer this except Escapees. For just $5 they'll take a check you receive and forward it to your bank, marked as "For Deposit Only." I wouldn't have even thought about this as an option until I saw it on all the other services. No doubt! No, I just mean the cost of the mail service alone. I can tell the Escapees membership itself is a crazy good deal and seems to have a great community. If anything, I was surprised it didn't cost more!