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  1. Jeffk

    HAM "shack" setup for your RV

    I live currently in an older 1994 class C. I have installed an iCom IC-735, and an IC-2200 just by the dinette. Running a mobile multiband on a mast off the back of the RV with some ground radials dropped on the ground while parked. It works but is a pain to change bands. KC0NIB
  2. May God bless my little class C when we go full time in the fall of this year that it never has any major issues and truly I am going to only be houseless like the rest of y'all. Camp on.
  3. Jeffk

    Can We afford to full time RV?

    Believe it or not, we intend to full time it in my class C starting in September. I will be initially subsisting entirely on social security checks so I will be getting rid of lots to make sure I have little to have to pay for. I'll do some work on the road to supplement but we expect to cover ALL expenses including groceries and gas at $1400 a month tops. I'm told by many, this will actually be easy.