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  1. I live currently in an older 1994 class C. I have installed an iCom IC-735, and an IC-2200 just by the dinette. Running a mobile multiband on a mast off the back of the RV with some ground radials dropped on the ground while parked. It works but is a pain to change bands. KC0NIB
  2. May God bless my little class C when we go full time in the fall of this year that it never has any major issues and truly I am going to only be houseless like the rest of y'all. Camp on.
  3. Believe it or not, we intend to full time it in my class C starting in September. I will be initially subsisting entirely on social security checks so I will be getting rid of lots to make sure I have little to have to pay for. I'll do some work on the road to supplement but we expect to cover ALL expenses including groceries and gas at $1400 a month tops. I'm told by many, this will actually be easy.
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