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  1. Jim Gee

    Insuring a Sportchassis in Massachusetts

    Yup, I tried Good Sam / National General and they don't sell in Massachusetts either!!
  2. Jim Gee

    Insuring a Sportchassis in Massachusetts

    Just tried FCINSURANCE website and as expected, they don't write policies in Massachusetts!! I guess I need to move!!
  3. Jim Gee

    Insuring a Sportchassis in Massachusetts

    Well I tried Erie and they don't sell insurance in MA. I contacted a different local agent in my hometown and they will be able to provide me insurance for my Sportchassis at a price I don't like, but at least I will have insurance!! The cost will be around $2,600 per year, ouch!! They also said I don't have to move my RV to the commercial policy so that cost will be the same (around $500). So if anyone else is looking to insure a MDT in MA, good luck and be prepared to open your wallet very wide!! I leave tomorrow morning to drive to NC to pickup my 2009 Sportchassis, really looking forward to it!!
  4. Jim Gee

    Insuring a Sportchassis in Massachusetts

    Placed a call to Miller Insurance and left a voice mail. Then tried to get an online quote through their website and received the following message: At this time, Miller Insurance Agency does not write insurance for the state you have selected. And the search goes on..........
  5. I'm in the process of purchasing a 2009 Sportchassis (M2-106 GVWR 19,500) and have run into an issue trying to insure it. After searching this forum for insurance companies, I called several insurance companies mentioned and most have said they do not insure in MA. So I decided to go through my local insurance agency and they said I would have to insure it as a commercial vehicle. I currently own a 2015 3500 GMC Denali Dually and it cost me around $1,100 a year with full coverage. (The GMC is registered with commercial plates but a personal policy) My local agent told me today it is going to cost me $3,048 / year to insure the Sportchassis!! I then asked if I needed to move my 2017 GD Momentum toyhauler to this policy also, and he said I did as it has to be on the same policy as the truck that is pulling it. OK, so how much is that going to be as I'm only paying around $550 / year for the toyhauler as it was on the same policy as my 2015 GMC 3500. He told me my toy hauler will now be $3,410 for a total of truck and trailer at $6,462 per year!!!!! My question is there anybody else on this forum who insures a Sportchassis and a toyhauler in MA and what do you pay?? I have an excellent driving record so I know that is not the reason. My insurance says it is because the Sportchassis has to be registered as a commercial vehicle on a commercial policy. TIA, hopefully some else has run into this before and can provide some insight.....