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    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    I've seen that as well, but I also viewed this https://www.jeep.com/jeep-capabilities/towing.html when I go to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited portion of the tow ratings and find a standard 6200 pound tow rating. In another area of the website I found that 7200 pound rating that came with the Trailer Tow Group IV which contains the material you've listed above. Based on what I've seen you have a 6200 pound tow rating with your Jeep, to be verified with your owner's manual. I've done this with my trucks in the past as well, cross referencing Vehicle Tow Ratings with the information contained in my manuals for my specific motor/drive train set up. Do you have the 7 pin plug for a trailer on your Jeep?
  2. rm.w/aview

    Extending my receiver hitch

    This is where the Trailer Toad could be helpful http://www.trailertoad.com/ I can't find the article that had a customer with a pick up/slide in truck camper with about 3 foot of overhang in the back, with an extension & Trailer Toad followed by a 30 cargo trailer if I remember correctly. His over all length was roughly 65' and he asserted that the Toad was exactly what he needed to safely haul his business around with the truck camper in place.
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    Trails Collection...another gem

    Thanks for sharing this as it is most certainly going into our file!
  4. rm.w/aview

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    So I went deeper into the Jeep website and found the Trailer Tow Group IV package that gives a 7200 pound tow rating, so I can see where the confusion is. If you still have the window sticker from the sale of your Jeep that will list your packages. You've already contacted the dealer that may still have the vehicle's specs and options listing on file, perhaps another follow up here. The papers that you've received at the sale transaction of your Jeep should list what you've bought relating to how your vehicle was optioned, a Tow Package of some sort will be listed here.
  5. rm.w/aview

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    Manufacturers tow rating listings can be optimistic. And I'd be cautious with a camper dealership giving you a tow rating number as it opens up more possible sales for them as they can fit you into more trailers. Maybe a more stern DO NOT listen to a salesman's approach to your vehicle's tow rating. Your manual is where you start, as you have done, to find your vehicle matching the listing within. A heavy duty cooling system is part of additional towing capabilities, along with an oil cooler and possibly suspension upgrades, commonly known as a Towing Package with vehicles that are normally used for towing. https://www.jeep.com/jeep-capabilities/towing.html This is what I've found online and wonder how this relates to you and your manual. Also bear in mind that the Max Payload is very vehicle specific depending on how your vehicle is optioned as the bling adds weight and also includes the tires, but let's focus on the towing for now. The door sticker, as you have found, will not give tow rating numbers, only the cargo capacity relating to your specific vehicle. We will get through this and be more knowledgeable when finished.
  6. rm.w/aview

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    In review I realized that I overlooked your question. You can use the unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) or dry weight and then add in approximate weight values (water = 8.3 pounds/gallon) of your food, cooking items, clothing, etc. In the past I've found that the trailer gained about 250 pounds for a week long trip but the fresh water tank was empty and filled at the park. Travelling with water is a personal preference and depends on your travel plans. I use the GVWR of the trailer in my weight considerations even if I won't get that heavy for the same reason you gave regarding your Jeep's towing capacity, want the ability but not near the max weight rating. Same goes for the truck/trailer relationship as I shoot for a trailer GVWR at 50% of my truck's towing capacity knowing that if I exceed that a little that I'm still comfortable with the numbers, again not wanting to be near or at the maximum weight ratings. Depending on the terrain that you'll be travelling, getting as high as 75% of your tow ratings can be tolerable, but as mentioned above your Jeep will be carrying some weight as well and this all adds up in the wear & tear factor on a vehicle. View your Jeep's Cargo Capacity on the sticker at the driver's door and then find a CAT Scale to get a weight of you & the Jeep with the typical stuff you normally carry to get an idea of how much more you can through in the Jeep.
  7. rm.w/aview

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    I agree, now is the time to become familiar with these terms, their meanings, and their relationship with each other, you'll be a smarter shopper. Also become aware of what to look for in a used travel trailer. Dealer selection is understandably light in the Albany area this time of year, but look for them to load up for spring sales, perhaps there's one brought in on trade in the spring/summer or perhaps a new one for yourself that meets your financial parameters. Online shopping is one way to become familiar with the various RVs as you examine the spec sheets at the manufacturers websites, again relating to the numbers, but also to view floorplans and construction techniques. YouTube will also be very helpful for you as well. Nothing beats actually getting into the RV to size it up, sit in for a while, observe the galley, and basically pretend for a little while to see if it's right for you. You can do this at local dealerships (just browsing thank you) though they may need to be with you to unlock the RVs. RV Shows are a great way to become familiar with what interests you. http://www.rv-clubs.us/rv_rallies_shows_events.html There may be one close enough for you to consider (this list may be a partial one). Clearly an overnight stay or two may be required when considering the miles, but it's winter in Albany and you've got RVs on your mind so make it a little event. I've been to that Ohio RV Show in Cleveland Ohio at the IX Center and know that at exit 231 (231A southbound) on I-71 at St Rt 82 there are motels that are a short drive from the IX Center. There may be other RV Shows for you to consider as well, again only to become educated and familiar with RVs while having a little fun. Good Luck & Happy Trails!
  8. To begin to reuse the RV after the winterization using the pink antifreeze, sanitizing the lines and fresh water tank with 1/4 cup bleach per 15 gallons water has worked splendidly with no taste or smell whatsoever after two system flushes, coupled with the knowledge that the system has been sanitized and not simply deodorized. Honestly, the water smells fresh at the sinks and shower with no indication that the bleach or antifreeze was ever used in the system.
  9. rm.w/aview

    Buying Advice

    A Class A or a Class C towing a Jeep is beginning to shine brighter after some thought. The motor home will take you in far enough and the Jeep will then take you to the wall, being well suited to the task. Then all the comforts of home when you return.
  10. rm.w/aview

    Buying Advice

    Perhaps this could be of interest or food for thought... https://cascadiatents.com/ And then there's toy haulers... http://northwoodmfg.com/toy-haulers/desert-fox/ that provide space for gear inside the trailer as opposed to the truck as in the first example.
  11. rm.w/aview

    TV set up

    I understand, just cannot relate, and will certainly not give a sideways glance as it's the diversity among us that keeps life fresh
  12. This video is very interesting, the lithium battery testing description within the video is astonishing. The beginning 3:45 is interesting, or skip to that point to get into the meat of the video...
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    Joining Up

    This little old lady decides one day that she wants to join a biker club, so she goes down to the local club and knocks on the door. The door is opened by a huge biker that is covered in tattoos. "I'd like to join your club", says the little old lady. The biker is amused by this so he decides to play along, telling her, "OK, but you've got to meet the requirements first. Do you have a bike?" The little old lady points to a Harley and says, "Yeah, that's my bike there." The biker is surprised but says, "And do you smoke?" The little old lady says, "Yeah, I smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and when I'm shooting pool I'll smoke a few cigars too." The biker is impressed and says, "And have you ever been picked up by the Fuzz?" The little old lady says, "No, but I've been swung around by the nipples a few times."
  14. rm.w/aview

    TV set up

    With the understanding that you are movie fans, Linda's reference to Redbox sounds appealing. But, based on your itinerary, I wrestle with the notion of television when on a short holiday to a land that can occupy every waking hour.
  15. rm.w/aview

    vent cover for Airstream

    I have used a Camco Vent Cover on a 14" vent as the included brackets facilitate this and have also used a MaxAir Vent Cover for the same reasons, and have found that the MaxAir will retain it's white color whereas the Camco developed an off white color rather quickly, though it did match the neighboring skylight so it wasn't that odd to see.
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    Off-roading rig

    But when it has to be speed...
  17. rm.w/aview

    Off-roading rig

    That looks like a Rock Bouncer...
  18. rm.w/aview

    Fulltimer RV Insurance

    Yep, that's the process. I also expected South Dakota to be the lowest cost & Texas to be high end based solely on averages & hearsay, so was delighted to get actual quotes that showed a level playing field. Another aspect not to be overlooked as it too is an annual cost is vehicle registration costs, and these can be found at the state's websites.
  19. rm.w/aview

    Fulltimer RV Insurance

    At Escapees.com rest the curser on Benefits then slide down to Commercial Members, click then click on View the Commercial Members Directory. There do a keyword search for insurance and note the applicable ones and their contact information. The zip codes that may be relevant to you are... Livingston TX 77399, Box Elder SD 57719, Bushnell FL 33513. With these zips in hand, be honest when calling for quotes in that you are not sure where you are going to live and insurance quotes/costs are a major factor in your decision. Good Luck & Happy Trails!
  20. rm.w/aview

    Algadones Dentist

    Two videos may be helpful for you... and an earlier one...
  21. Now here's something to consider Jake, and you probably already have. Consider this the maiden voyage and do some trip planning regarding possible sites to overnight at on your way back home. Look to Allstays Pro, freecampsites.net, Campendium, State Park locations, and an Atlas showing rest areas (I use a Truckers Atlas) for possible en route overnight stops. Some of these online guides will show Cabela's, WalMart, & Cracker Barrel locations that are friendly to RVers, and can also provide food and the comfort station. Be sure to ask first to confirm at these last three suggestions. You have a couple weeks to plan the trip, and your route may be a cold one for all I know, but with some preparation this could be a fun way to introduce yourselves to your new RV.
  22. A padlock that can fit through the ball latch also works, and a receiver lock to keep it all attached to your truck so they don't use their empty receiver to fit with your stuff.
  23. rm.w/aview

    newbe here

    Congratulations! Happy Trails!
  24. rm.w/aview

    How long should batteries last

    You'll like this! I mounted mine to a nice piece of wood that I finished using a small L bracket, looks very cool next to the bookend on the shelf. Very accurate, useful, & informative read outs. Items like this should be common among RVers.
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    Location of the tank can be found using toilet location. If the tank is not visible underneath, remove what's blocking your view. I'm unable to see the picture that you posted.