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  1. rm.w/aview

    Surge protectors and adapters

    Anywhere between the external connection and your breaker box would do, and with additional cable/connectors truly anywhere that would be convenient for you to access.
  2. rm.w/aview

    how many flushes

    Agree with Kirk, it's an easy, less frequent process that requires little of me physically... park - connect - flush - disconnect - drive. My view is that the cassette toilet camp is not far from the poop in a bag camp, and having done all three methods I favor a black tank system. There are some that convert vans and cargo trailers into RVs and even here, before my affliction negated the action, I designed a black tank into the conversion, as well as fresh & gray water tanks.
  3. rm.w/aview

    how many flushes

    Estimate 1qt per flush with poop using more water and pee not needing any if the pee is first deposited into a container then poured into to the open toilet with the water off. Both types of deposits will consume volume capacity of the tank so the math is not as simple as 1qt water per flush = 36 flushes for a 9gal tank. For extending your stay as well as not having to pick up camp, a tote would be most helpful. @ amazon https://www.amazon.com/tote-tank/s?page=2&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Atote tank & @ camping world https://www.campingworld.com/search?keyword=black+tank+tote
  4. rm.w/aview

    The "right" RV for 3 with one of us an amputee

    For devices to help in the bathroom & shower... https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=toilet risers&cat_id=0&typeahead=toilet risers and... https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=shower seats YouTube has videos of walk-through presentations of various RVs including Grand Design which, from what I've seen, have large shower stalls. Some RVs have a seat as part of the shower design. Every campground that I've been in that had restroom and shower facilities are able to accommodate Sue. The toilet area has the bars that are needed and are mounted strongly to the walls and the shower area has seating with bars as well. Happy Trails! Here is an example of a walk-through presentation... and another Grand Design... Cheers
  5. rm.w/aview

    Best Downsizing Day Ever! And Alomost There!

    When you're finally done & gone it will seem odd to be just sitting at a camp as the recurring thought "I should be doing something!" echoes in your mind, and you remind yourself, "No, we're done with that. Honey, where's the Merlot?"
  6. It seems that you've created a confused viewpoint. Full time RV living with Livingston TX as home base through the Escapees is quite simply done. Licensing, registration, insurance, & the federal government will use and be satisfied with this city & county of residence. To reside elsewhere in TX and use the mail service is entirely possible, but the four entities will then recognize that residence and note that you're simply using a mail service. Many people try to apply the KISS principle to as many circumstances as possible and it certainly can apply here, although I'll amend it slightly so as not to seem offensive... Keep It Simple Sue 😉
  7. rm.w/aview

    The Best(?) Of RVs

    Just in case you were wondering which were the best, apparently it's been settled... https://www.businessinsider.com/best-rvs-on-the-market-for-under-150000-2018-10
  8. rm.w/aview

    The "right" RV for 3 with one of us an amputee

    Your budget allows for considerable choices of recent year models in both truck & RV, and any RV can be modified to your taste, especially with Esam being so talented. Campgrounds have a visitors and/or overflow parking area to accommodate you after Sue gets out at the campsite, and also if you have any groceries to unload as well. Happy Trails!
  9. rm.w/aview

    Emergency Motorhome Drivers

    It's a good bet that they're sharing driving duties with Dave driving in areas where she would be overwhelmed and she's driving in appropriate areas given her skills, which are improving every hour. By now she may be quite comfortable in the captain's chair. 👍
  10. rm.w/aview

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    I can relate to each of these opposing viewpoints, at least in part. Unless a friendship has been established I'll not approach a neighboring RV during the task sequence, I'm simply unaware of their mindset and/or propensity for distraction. But I also agree with Rich in that I've not been bothered by another RVer while setting up or taking down, seems it's just an extension of the social aspect that exists, unless of course the person is abrasive or presenting the lunatic fringe.
  11. rm.w/aview

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    This and what Kirk said just a few posts ago sum it up well. Plus when following a written checklist what if you lose the paper, of course when not following a written checklist what if lose your mind 🤪 A dedicated habit and task sequence with a double check of the double check works well.
  12. rm.w/aview

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    You are using a checklist I believe you are correct
  13. rm.w/aview

    Our first 2-month outing out west

    Sounds like you're having a great time! Your stops nearly mimic a trip we took, right down to the time of year & for the same reasons, and when leaving Estes Park we took RT 34 through the National Park stopping often as the pullouts were plentiful and large. Leaving the Granby area we made our way to I-70W stopping in Glenwood Springs for some food and the Hot Springs. In Utah, as we headed to Arches, we left I-70 at exit 204 and took RT 128, a very scenic route as is much of southern Utah (you are about to be amazed even further). Happy Trails!
  14. rm.w/aview

    Towing a truck camper behind a class A

    What is your towed of choice?