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  1. rm.w/aview

    Yamaha 2000 Generator vs Honda 2000 Generator??

    Good point and it's with this in mind that I'll knock off 25% of the listed capabilities of generators to obtain personal working numbers.
  2. rm.w/aview

    Yamaha 2000 Generator vs Honda 2000 Generator??

    Sporadic generator use vs generator dependency and the ability for parallel hook up had me look at Champion, and in doing so noticed that the parallel accessory has the 30A outlet leaving the two generators with their full array of 20A available unlike the previously noted Honda. Also noticed price differences among sellers for the generators and for the parallel kit. Stackable generators with a fastened 30A kit looks pretty trick. Their 50A kit also has a 30A outlet. Honking big A/C units have been put on notice.
  3. rm.w/aview

    Full timing early

    Thinking of these goals vs the goals of 40 years ago, can't help but smile. Congratulations! 🍦
  4. Good point & please allow me to retract my earlier reference to off the rails. In retrospect, we were simply on another set of tracks in the yard yet going in the same direction to the same destination.
  5. The way I read the wheast post was that the apology was for starting a thread that went off the rails. An update or follow up would be interesting as you mentioned.
  6. rm.w/aview

    Yamaha 2000 Generator vs Honda 2000 Generator??

    ^^^ well said & very helpful ^^^ 👍
  7. Everything is temporary 😉 The beatings citations will continue until moral improves 👀 1 of 2 solutions is to have a citation fund available, though the other solution is cheaper.
  8. rm.w/aview

    Beware - Bridge Tolls

    Thanks for the tip 👋
  9. rm.w/aview

    Couple of Questions for Experienced Boondockers

    Thought this could be a nice addition to the conversation.
  10. The statement may have been made in reference to Mark's earlier post as he quoted TX Driver's Manual. It's through the sharing of knowledge currently in possession among us that we learn and teach, whether participating or lurking, though the participants are at greater risk of exposing themselves yet continue in the quest. Some welcome correction and guidance while others will trudge along with their viewpoints, and while I did witness conjecture and subsequent judgement along with an aggressive question, I fail to see the vehement argument you refer to and am left wondering where your post fits in to the OP's quest and question regarding residency.
  11. These two comments are more closely related than originally perceived, and pretty much settles it.
  12. These two comments help clarify the ease in which I was able to be the traveler or boomer that JRP refers to years ago, before retiring, vs what our OP is trying to do in today's climate.
  13. Thanks JRP, this sums it up very well.
  14. And to a degree it does, but as a retired boomer I believe that our OP will continue the research into this as exemptions abound regarding licensing & registration and could very well apply to here in some form. While the letter of the law that was quoted by the Bruss rep is clear, there may be an exemption lurking in there, though apparently not easy to find. And perhaps for good reason. The wording in that quoted law concerned a resident of TX, OP is a resident of FL. I'm wondering if, though domiciled in FL, that when the apartment is rented and the required time frame is met if at that point our OP would then use the apartment to register for the driver's license, essentially then being a resident of two states while being domiciled in one, FL. The OP may be reading too much into the residency aspect of it all as folks have vacation homes throughout our land and are residents while there. When the job is done & the lease is up our OP will have to go to the FL DMV for a driver's license according to TX law quoted above, and perhaps this is part of the melee that our OP is wrestling with. As just mentioned, I wouldn't worry about it either. I worked here and there in the nation, as do many campers, from as little as 10 weeks and up to 18 months and remained a resident of my home state.
  15. State requirements vary and is the basis for seeking the specific wording associated to the OP's circumstance. Power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel mills, paper mills, and a variety of buildings in a variety of metros use boomers/travelers/itinerant workers to complete the job in a timely manner. These are all temporary jobs as the workers then move on when the task is completed. see above