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  1. Would careful placement of an incandescent bulb be helpful behind the refrigerator as well?
  2. Scheduling stops

    Perhaps enjoy New Mexico by using their State Park Pass... $225 for a year of free camping. Even using it for 1/2 year is about a dollar and a quarter per night and up to five and a quarter if you spring for some luxury.
  3. Your weather's similar to ours in north central Ohio, 4 miles from Lake Erie, and it seems that the cold season is starting later than in the past, no guarantees though. I'd be enjoying the southwest for Christmas and, if need be, schedule your NY doctors for the warmer season. If you're staying someplace that shuts off the water for the season, that could be a good gauge on when to travel.
  4. Escapees RV Club has a very informative & helpful website as do some members of this forum as you'll find out when you have a question on ANYTHING concerning RV Living. Welcome to the Tribe!
  5. Yes by all means, join Passport America, a great way to spend less for the same thrill.
  6. Good advice here, the Escapers would be invaluable to you with the friendships and information that's particular to you. Quartzite AZ has a huge RV event that usually contains a booth that fills work-camping jobs around the country as well. On youtube, RVerTV has much Quartzite info and another channel, cheaprvliving by Bob Wells, focuses on helping people and highlighting their success stories, such as earning a living as a nomad and various RV's that people choose and why. More good advice. This far in life you've had experiences and made adjustments along the way. RV living simply continues this idea as you and your little one live a life that many wish they could. ^!!! THIS !!!^ Research overload is common to many of us. Get a spiral bound notebook and title the pages, then fill 'em up with your notes as you go "all over the place". Your quest will become less intimidating and more informative & enjoyable as you obtain info here and through youtube videos and internet searches.
  7. How much do your basics weigh?

    Greetings & hope this helps; I weighed the truck while it contained everyday truck items at 5040 pounds. I weighed the same truck with trailer attached while the trailer had only the essentials as in two full propane tanks, 30 amp cord w/EMS protection, sewer hose/fittings, potable water hose/filter, wheel chocks, and jack pads, (all tanks empty)... truck weighed in at 5600 lbs, (hitch & tongue weight noted, not quite 14%), & the trailer weighed 4200 lbs. Once more at the scale with passenger and two weeks worth of provisions and personal toiletries for 2, with 25 lbs of camera gear and 50 lbs of tools, had the truck weigh 5960 lbs & trailer weighed 4460 lbs, tanks empty. If I omit the tongue/hitch weight and include the weight of one passenger, (170 lbs), the truck gained 360 lbs & the trailer in travel mode gained 260 lbs. I'll note that our clothing prepared us for cold, wet, and warm, which was just about right.
  8. Southern Utah

    On the home page at the far right on top, but the question tells me you've not started your account. On the top bar, view "Delivery Options", "Payment Options", and then "Place An Order".
  9. Nervous but jumping in

    I agree with you, money has no value until you spend it, and can feel the joy in your last sentence.
  10. Nervous but jumping in

    I like your thinking, but after decades of backpacks & tents, I'll use an RV... and occasionally scissors, don't remember the last time I shaved
  11. Nervous but jumping in

    Monthly payments for the past 22yrs plus the last check to pay off a $75K house added up to $250K, and things being what they are, after selling the house we will have thrown about $150K down the pit. Even more money thrown down the pit.
  12. Yet another noob

    Greetings; I see where Phoenix RV has a 4x4 lifted option for their line of Class B+ in lengths from 21' to 31'. Knowing that you're not going for the boulder crawls, but still would like to go in a little further, this is a nice blend of comfort & ability. A video on youtube @ cheaprvliving that was put out 8-15-17 I believe shows where you may find yourself making photos & memories, and an earlier video shows him getting stuck in the desert and wanting a 4x4. "Adventure van man" has a pleasing way of making videos as well. His is 2 wheel drive and he has gotten stuck on a seaside beach in Oregon, which might be where another youtuber got stuck in his Class C as well. As long as you're shopping view it all. There's so many types of RV's that you will certainly find one that fits you're intended purpose and locations. I've read where people buy certain vehicles because it makes a statement of who they are or perceived to be. Personally, vehicles are tools for an intended purpose where form follows function. Good Luck & Happy Trails!
  13. Do others seek medical care in AZ from Mexico??

    You betcha, avoid crowds whenever possible.
  14. Why we want to resume RV living

    I like your viewpoint, and add that flying and the other modes of public transport have scheduling issues that can be inconvenient, as opposed to travel plans dependent on current weather, or public land time limits. Happy Trails!
  15. Do others seek medical care in AZ from Mexico??

    I was too free and inaccurate using the phrase "health care" when I was thinking meds, dental, & eye care. Sorry. When we're in the area we'll certainly be doing the same as you, lunches included.