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    Gone (with a strategically placed jack-pad to guard against foot placement)

    Heck, as long as she's going to be standing out there, have her hold the rabbit ears for the television too
  3. Van or Truck Camper?

    Thanks my friend
  4. Van or Truck Camper?

    The generic term of top heavy refers to the center of gravity being higher, with the associated weight & structure, in a truck/camper combo vs a truck alone (or with trailer) and its effect on handling. It's nothing that can't be overcome or adapted to as it is simply a loaded truck ride handling circumstance. You mentioned Rancho shocks, what're thoughts on Bilsteins?
  5. Van or Truck Camper?

    These sources of information can be helpful... https://www.truckcampermagazine.com & https://www.hellwigproducts.com & https://www.sdtrucksprings.com Your focus may be on products that affect handling. If either of these pages are unavailable, use a word search with the search engine of your choice Hard wall or hard side truck campers will have more of an affect on being top heavy than pop up truck campers, and this differs between manufacturers as well. Over the road this top heavy characteristic will be felt in curving & twisty roads as this weight also has momentum. The products that are available lessen or eliminate this in normal conditions. During off road use, depending on terrain, this momentum is more noticeable and these products will benefit you here as well. These various suspension modifications are simply bolt-on, like air bags & shock absorbers & the products mentioned in the links above. Bear in mind that certain trucks may be quite capable in their given configuration, but these products may still be considered improvements though they may not be considered required. The variables include your camper weight, your gear weight, and the other items that effect suspension & handling, as well as what you're looking for in ride characteristics. An example is air bags for the rear suspension and/or the 5th wheel hitch that some folks apply. Another is suspension modifications done to 5th wheels & travel trailers. These improved upon an already capable system, and probably improved ride characteristics and trailer longevity. Trucks will have a cargo capacity which includes people, dogs, clothes, tools, and whatever else will be in the cab plus whatever your carrying in the bed. The manufacturers brochures will be optimistic on the numbers given to consumers regarding cargo capacity. Know that a vehicle's options plus what you normally carry will carve into this number. The number to start with is found inside the driver's door area, and is specific to each vehicle (the brochures only help focus on a certain category of truck, i.e. 3/4 ton, 1 ton, single rear wheel or dually). Regarding the truck camper, use the GVWR as your top end number. Lacking this you'll do the math on what your camper will have fully loaded plus the dry weight so commonly found in spec sheets. The more you look the more you see & learn, it's a fun & eye-opening process. All the best to you.
  6. Van or Truck Camper?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the picture of Doug's truck camper that's contained in the link that Linda provided explains why there's difficulty in readily removing the camper from the pick up. Go to the link and on the right side is "Travelin' Man" in Categories. There are pictures of his red truck & camper in action that may be helpful in coming to a conclusion.
  7. Full-Timing with Cats

    Already being a good traveler is a much greater benefit as cats adapt to environments (and each other) but the traveling can be traumatic. Especially with you there for comfort, apartment or RV shouldn't matter, it's another day with ma If you shop at WalMart for kitty there shouldn't be any difficulty w/litter & food, and gather & keep all documents for kitty as most somewhat densely populated areas will have vets. We have agreed to be pet-free a while ago as our cats aged out for the sake of finances, convenience, & emotion (we cried so many times over the decades as old age nabbed each of about a dozen cats, I don't want to even think about doing that again)
  8. Van or Truck Camper?

    Van pros: Driver seat to home access, interior storage options, & cargo/passenger van can be built as a home to your desires. Van cons: Ground clearance, 4X4?, and when compared to pick up options there is less power and a smaller GVWR. Truck Camper pros: Ground clearance, 4X4, power and higher capabilities re GVWR. Truck Camper cons: Height clearance depending on model, top heavy (noticeable off road... aftermarket items for controlling this), storage limitations (creative carry can compensate, especially with the larger cabs) The areas that you like to frequent may dictate which vehicle would be best to choose. The further from pavement, the deeper into the woods, & the farther into some areas require more vehicle capabilities. At this point I'll add another pro for the pick up/truck camper with the addition of a proper winch that's rated accordingly. I'd favor 4X4 done by the factory or licensed by the manufacturer over some aftermarket shop build.
  9. FT Cooking/Baking

    Probably looking for a reason to have a smoke
  10. I found this video by Wandering Wagners on youtube and at the time the asking price was $40K, but their latest video has an asking price of $32K... OBO. https://youtu.be/x8l9ehoQyE If this video is unavailable a youtube search for Wandering Wagners will reveal the latest video, "Fulltime RV Update", stating $32K at about the 4:15 minute mark, and an earlier video that shows the truck titled "Selling Our Truck". According to previous videos, they're located near East Harbor State Park in Ohio.
  11. FT Cooking/Baking

    Same here, stowed though, as we always run the ground meat we purchase through its attachment two or three times, makes a huge difference. We figure since we already owned it we may as well keep it vs buying something else, and it hasn't given us grief traveling about.
  12. FT Cooking/Baking

    Some appliances will be easy to let loose, but don't be so quick to let go of the ones that you're on the fence about. Your Class A will have cargo capacity that can be measured in tons, so after a reasonable timeframe has passed you'll be more acquainted with what should stay or go. When we need counter top space beyond what our RV provides, which does just fine for the everyday, we'll use a 2'X4' folding table. Now this is a general use utility table so we'll put a cute red & white vinyl(?) table cloth on it whenever food stuffs are involved.
  13. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    Among the reasons to do a lot of looking & research is that with each view a new item may present itself & you'll learn yet another thing about RVs. They all seem to do the same thing with pretty much the same items, so the difference is in the details, like floor plans, storage, roof, & spec sheets. It's not a difficult task and as the information you gather piles up you'll be smarter & happier with your choice of RV, especially if you are totally honest with yourselves with what you want & how you'll use it. The local dealers may have the variety to pick from, but don't disregard a little drive to get what you want. As you research manufacturers you'll be using the "Locate a Dealer" tab on their websites. Beyond a proper Pre-Delivery Inspection on a potential purchase, I wouldn't put to much thought into the service department of a dealer, choosing an RV Service Center instead as the former exists to sell RVs & the latter exists on their reputation of service.
  14. Slides

    It can be as easy as adding it to the conversation that starts with, "Wow, nice rig! I really like that...yada yada yada. My, that's a pretty big slide. Do you leave a window or door open when operating it?" As RVers we generally like to help or be of use to each other, much like this forum, and with that conversation on slides the help might be for both the current and future owner of that RV. As a guy, I get the view of your DH but, as my DW will tell you, if I see something harmful I'll stew over a way to be helpful tactfully. After all, I have the time
  15. Slides

    The Owners Manual states that a window or door be open to account for the pressure change so in inclement weather the jalousie window will be opened or, as is predominantly done, the door will be opened. The manual states that window seals are vulnerable to this pressure or vacuum effect when sliding in or out. Perhaps there's an unawareness on the RV owners part of these consequences.