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  1. rm.w/aview

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    I think that bug, the habit of just going to amazon to order stuff, has bitten many. When comparison shopping I noticed exactly what you've mentioned with some price differences quite large. It doesn't appear to be consistent throughout the product lines though, which for me anyway promotes comparison shopping.
  2. rm.w/aview

    Where do I begin?

    People generally live in an area due to their employment so if you can secure employment without being anchored to one area then go for it. Folks will travel when they're on holiday but have to get back eventually, but the mobile workforce can keep going AND earn a living, and this what I encourage. There are spreadsheets & blogs involving the financial aspects, and many can affirm that RV life is less expensive than non RV life. And then there's a reason that people will move from their homes, the neighbors. Advantage goes to RV living in this regard. So if you can earn a living without being tethered to the same plot of dirt I encourage you to do so. You will experience what many can only dream about, and I believe these experiences can make us better people in that we are exposed to more environments, people, scenery, nature, and culture than the stereotypical 9-5er, and their daily commute, living for the weekend.
  3. rm.w/aview

    Tour Bus

    A tour bus driver with a bus full of senior citizens motoring down the road is tapped on the shoulder by a sweet old lady who gives him a handful of peanuts, which he very graciously munches down. A little while later she taps him on the shoulder again and does the same, giving him a handful of peanuts which he graciously munches down. After the fifth time of doing this the driver finally says, "Why are you giving me all your peanuts, you should enjoy some for yourselves." She replies that because of everyone's older teeth they are unable to chew them. "So why do you buy them then?" he asks. She replies, "Oh we just love the chocolate around them!"
  4. rm.w/aview

    7x16 Dual Axle Cargo to RV trailer project in progress

    Sounds like a fun project for you two, and from what I've read elsewhere your finished RV will be very nice & personalized for you needs/desires. A bit of trailer envy for me in that I've thought along the same viewpoints as the two of you before the affliction worsened. Have fun, shiny side up, & Happy Trails!
  5. rm.w/aview


    For decades I've appreciated that kids can be kids while camping. Parental control still exists of course but the children can ride bikes, play, explore, and maybe make new friends... sort of like recess but a bit less boisterous because they have all day & not just 30 minutes. In campgrounds, most families respect other families, and campers in general, and their quest for a nice time, and typing this has me wondering if the campground is in fact full of what the newspapers would call heroes. In an age when "Stay where I can see you!" is said frequently, campgrounds are a nice place to be. Happy Trails!
  6. rm.w/aview


    A youtube channel, Next Exit (with Bob & Pearl), shared https://www.zocdoc.com and I was surprised to be unable to find mention of it on this forum as its so useful. Happy Trails Folks!
  7. rm.w/aview

    RV shower head

    In my tests of weed sprayer vs bag-in-a-tree the weed sprayer wins. The bag proved heavy and had less pressure while the weed sprayer is more effective for the task. It also performs other cleaning tasks as well that involve mild soap & water. Understandable, it's the simple pleasures that can make a day. Parallel side note; I've known folks that said, "Camping in a tent?!? I was in the Army! You can keep your tent!"
  8. rm.w/aview

    I'm stuck - Class B or Class C?

    In coming back to this thread I see one response, and that in past tense. At least among this forum's participants the percentage is indeed very small. It's easy to spot RVs rolling down the road & when I see a high top van I'll look for the AC unit on top or out back though the furled awning is easy to spot as well.
  9. rm.w/aview

    B, B+, C?

    Is the registration on a Class B+ listing it as a Class C? If registrations use Class A, B, and C for motor coaches this may add to the various listings.
  10. rm.w/aview

    Quality Manufacturers

    So here we are, 2 1/2 years later (wow), and wonder what your research told you to buy 👀
  11. rm.w/aview

    Getting cash while on the road

    14 cards?!? Daaayyaaam!!! That'd be like sitting' on a brick!
  12. rm.w/aview

    Owners forums

    Just as an assortment of navigational aids can be more helpful than one source, forums of different natures can be as well. The maker of my TT has nine models to choose from so there's a one in nine chance that posts will be very vehicle specific regarding issues & modifications, even if the forum has a relatively small number of participants as this forum does. Each of the quite different RV forums that I participate in add value with information & entertainment along with some thought provoking ideas. Happy Trails Folks!
  13. Yes, and until then work with the trailers GVWR as a go to number & set aside the dry weight for now. GVWR - Dry Weight = CCC (how much weight your trailer can carry) This, and the further you are from maximum weight ratings the better, but many may be riding at or above. If you're overweight and have an accident, how will your insurance company respond? These weights are vehicle specific due to how a vehicle is optioned, including the drive train and tire size.
  14. rm.w/aview

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    I'm not sure why I get the result that I do when I click this link, however know that typing it in takes you there.
  15. rm.w/aview

    Basics of Boondocking

    Agreed. The issues of cost and practicality will nearly always present themselves, and they can stop or detour a project until a solution is found. This is where my mind goes, "What is a solution here?". I've always been one to ask why and as I read this thread I did it again. Individually we have our power needs & wants and I try to remember that it's much easier to conserve energy than it is to create it.