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  1. Patriot Campers

    I've been interested in this company for four years now, and with each passing year they seem to tweak & improve on an already substantial product. And with each passing year I need to have one. In this video you can skip to 2:40 to get into the trailer itself, or watch from the start to witness the possibilities. https://youtu.be/Xg62nDsXuAQ
  2. Small Travel Trailer

    Thank you Kirk
  3. Domicile Question

    Relating to my earlier auto insurance reference, (SD $260 below national average, TX $188 above national average), Ohio is $399 below national average, with Maine being the only state with lower rates. Average across the states with 1 being the cheapest & 51 being the most expensive: 1. Maine, 2. Ohio, 9. South Dakota, 42. Texas, 47. Florida, 51. Michigan ( from insure.com )
  4. Domicile Question

    I always get concerned when too many folks push the choice that they made as good for everyone since it is a rare thing to find an issue that has only one answer that is best for all. Very true, and thank you both. Seeking & sharing information is all well and good, but one can generalize only so long. Eventually a call needs to be made to get specific information. When I get this I'll share in an effort to help someone that, like me, is looking at Livingston, Polk County, TX & Box Elder, Pennington County, SD. As I view the various threads I haven't seen an "apples to apples" comparison with pertinent information of this nature so I can only assume that it'll be helpful. Of course the choice is our own based on personal circumstance. Wow & Wow! This is a perfect example of the possibilities that exist and why general information only goes so far.
  5. Small Travel Trailer

    So how's your search coming along, Jeff?
  6. Domicile Question

    This is the case history example that I've hoped to obtain, short of calling our agent at Progressive and running the numbers. Aside of DMV information, I've had to extrapolate other's information and somehow adjust numbers to relate to us personally, and usually it is still a little vague. A sincere thank you for this information Joel Also, I wholeheartedly agree with you Kirk in that it is a choice based on personal circumstance. I've been meaning to get actual DMV numbers from each state and cross reference them with other numbers, so after doing so today and then seeing this thread I'd thought that I'd share, though in the end they're only the "numbered" side of the circumstance. What's funny is the way this enterprise mimics the game at a carnival where the players squirt water into a hole that makes the little cars, labeled SD and TX in this case, race to the top of the riser with this one leading then that one leading. It's a close race, and the winner is...
  7. RV Sales -- Good News / Bad News

    What may have been optional now seems to be necessary... mid week travel. Getting the walk-in sites at State Parks to avoid the reservable sites is easier mid week, unless of course someone plants their RV there mid week to ensure a weekend spot. Recently we were enjoying an area and stayed at a State Park for 1 1/2 weeks wanting to leave before the Labor Day Weekenders showed, always avoiding State Parks on a holiday in the more thickly settled regions of our nation. RV planting started on the Monday before the holiday weekend, and continued through the week. There were no people on these sites, just the RV waiting for the weekend. They apparently were unable to make a reservation and chose to pay for the walk in sites unused for the week to guarantee the weekend, up to $150 for that experience. Using some State Parks, mid week travel is less rushed at the dump station as well, as I don't have to consider the people behind me (there's no one) and can do a nice flush with the tanks.
  8. Domicile Question

    Today's discovery: Registering my truck ($108) & trailer ($90) in SD, excluding fee schedule I've yet to obtain, will cost more than twice as much as registering my truck ($50.75) & trailer ($45) in TX. I was able to get TX fee schedule and adding these to the cost = TX $119.50 vs SD $198 (no fees added). 198-119.50=78.50 minimum savings with TX. Regarding (car) insurance rates for comparative purposes; SD is $260 below national average & TX is $188 above national average... (annual rate fees of course). These averages favor SD by $448
  9. I fancy the Alaskan Truck Campers and similar to keep overall height and weight center lower which can be helpful on some backcountry travel, and agree that the trailer's not needed to tow the Jeep (in a sense it becomes a stores hauler while traveling) unless it's been designed/built for off road use solely.
  10. Domicile Question

    At a glance I'd say that Jerry is a new member of Escapees RV Club as well as a new member on this forum, given his member number & number of posts, so it's fair to assume he didn't see all the domicile related comments on the various threads. I read his comment, "no one recommending Texas as a domain state ever mentioned that", as describing conversations unrelated to this forum (he found out about it at a rally, after visiting the DMV). There just may be a large number of people driving rigs that weigh over 26000 pounds that are unaware of the Class B requirement.
  11. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    Cherokee Arctic Wolf
  12. Seeking 5er Recommendations

  13. $439 for the '16 F150 in Ohio
  14. FMCA votes to include towables

    The way I read this is 87% of the membership did not vote, so they chose not to vote or chose not to care, or both. The "caste" that Kirk referred to is one of the disgraceful idiosyncrasies of our species, and a dirty rotten shame.
  15. Our Custom Class B!

    The size of that pet partition that eddie suggested and that you had in the Subaru had me see locations on the unit where it could be cut to make storing it easier, and with the use of couplings and pins it can be put together for use. The couplings could be PVC pipe to start with (strength test) with the ID suitable for the OD on the pet partition, and of a length that would give substance to the connection, and the pins that complete the connection could be had or made from the hardware department.