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  1. Thanks for the update 👍 ….. and X2 with Bob here
  2. I know people that are very, very happy with eco-worthy and Renogy suitcase solar kits. Every thing you need in one folding package, and with today's technology you couldn't go wrong as far as quality. The kit contains the solar charger mated to the panel and is readable when the kit is deployed. Using the port that your trailer has it is simply plug and play. Amazon has sales periodically even though the current prices are not bad, always good to know you got a deal though. Though much information has been shared, seems we took a roundabout way to answer your initial question both here and in the travel trailer section sorry
  3. Here is something simple yet helpful Solar set ups can be very simple or very complex, depending on end user and their needs/desires, but you'll find that it's not a complicated matter once the appropriately sized components are purchased.
  4. Try weeroll.com and aluminumtrailers.com (ATC).
  5. Seen your thread in the TT section Ben, but it regarded portable solar panels so I passed it by, I have enough to deploy at camp Adding to the above, and personalizing it, I began with a battery monitor to show my power usage. After that install, every light went on separately then together, as well as the other items that would draw from the batteries to determine the energy use. Later discovered that my typical energy use off grid brought the battery down to 65% state of charge after 5 days, and that the factory system took too long to recharge so I put in a 50A smart charger fed off a new breaker (9 hour charge time cut to 2). On solar, I'll aim for a 3:1 ratio, panel watts to battery ah, to allow for variables. Locate cable and wire size calculators and put together a parts list based on the previous posts. Determine the space available for rooftop solar, take measurements, locate a route for the wire feed, and a location as close to the battery bank as possible for the solar charger. I suppose the first step is to know how much power you need and use, and then build accordingly. You have heard "you can never have too much truck" and some apply the same view towards solar, limited only by space and funds. Off grid, you draw off the battery and the solar replenishes it, so you can see how the ratio of one to the other can affect your lifestyle. edit: among the sources I've used is genuinedealz.com and inverterservicecenter.com
  6. Maybe this pic can help... http://www.morryde.com/products/90-cre3000-suspension-system?return=%2Fproduct-category%2F4-suspension That axle should not have moved toward the other.
  7. Keep them kids on a leash 😜
  8. rm.w/aview

    Roadside Stop

    So needing a break from the road and a good cup of jo, I stop in and head over to the coffee pot and see that the coffee is as black as asphalt and about as thick. I ask the lady behind the counter, "How old is this coffee?" She replies, "I don't know, I've only been working here two weeks."
  9. Stick to purchasing on an as needed basis or you may end up with unnecessary items taking up valuable space and weight. You may need to plug in for power, you may need to dump tanks, you may need to use water, you may need battery power. Your personal needs and desires will arise after using the RV. If you have a plan or objective then go for it, which may be what the YouTube folks are sharing. Remember that it was their plan and not your need, though you may have similar ideas, and that they're turning out videos.
  10. Interplanetary aliens are wondering which species is the dominant one in this nation. Business owners can add another sign next to the No Shirt No Shoes No Service and the No Weapons On Premises and the No Loitering and the Parking For Customers Only and the No Smoking with a No Dogs. Customers are plentiful and on their way while those that need to adjust will, or go elsewhere, just as Kirk mentioned with the use of a cane.
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