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  1. If you want a break from the reading, here is some watching. Found these when we did a youtube search for ourselves. AND So as the second video shows, and something that you may already know, you can take the car to the border & park just before crossing on foot. An earlier start to the day may keep you out of the long line to cross back north. With some luck you may be able to get your dental done before March 2 to free up your travel plans.
  2. rm.w/aview

    To TOAD or Scooter

    So would you have an update? Did you keep the Camry & use a dolly or did you get a scoot?
  3. In general, and especially in light of ^this^, the rules remind me of Home Owners Associations and how they're administered and perceived. An all or nothing approach is easier to enforce but may please fewer people, some will stay & some will not. We can hope that it's park by park & not across the country, this would be fair to those with preferences.
  4. Perhaps if the enclosed trailers were painted or wrapped to match the motorhome they wouldn't be considered blight. After all, one is the home & one is the garage, and having the appearance of belonging to each other could help when viewing the neighbors a scant few feet away.
  5. rm.w/aview

    RV for commercial use

    Some neat rigs in the search result for mobile barbershop
  6. rm.w/aview

    Are Lynx levelers a good solution?

    Rated for 40,000 pounds as per their website
  7. rm.w/aview

    How much difference does toad weight make?

    Could this be helpful? http://www.motorhome.com/download-dinghy-guides/
  8. rm.w/aview

    Crimp or sorder

    ^ Same here, but those leads are exposed to more abuse than the RV cable connection and it's just a few turns of an allen screw (though I have crimped ring connectors) for the connection vs the connection we strive for with RVs. Keeping the cable from movement at the connection is key. With the tight connection on the welder and the cable being wound up and stowed, there's quite a bit of movement at the cable end. I've read where soldering does a better job at keeping moisture out of the strands vs the heat shrink which is used to give it all a finished look.
  9. rm.w/aview

    TRAFFIC ALERT / Interstate 10, east of Houston

    ^ Absolutely ^ Thanks!
  10. rm.w/aview

    Homebuilt MH

    Sure must be fun driving from that pilot house way up there.
  11. rm.w/aview

    Information Gathering

    Yes, it is realistic. Add up your driving days (allow for stops) to reveal the time available for the places you'd like to visit. If nearing the end of your trip and getting pinched for time, perhaps drop off what destination(s) remain. In the end you may have precisely the amount of time that you need to enjoy the destinations that you have chosen. Or you may do what we have done near the end of road trips as we came to the end, haul ass back home
  12. rm.w/aview

    2017 Dynamex Rev 24RB

    My reference to 50% to 75% was regarding the truck's towing capacity. The towing cap can be found online at Ford, GM, or Dodge Ram websites. I have a Ford so am very familiar with how detailed and informative this site is, as well as a pdf I'll try to link here.. https://www.fleet.ford.com/resources/ford/general/pdf/towingguides/Ford_Linc_17RV&TTgde_r6_Nov8.pdf Some folks say that these numbers are optimistic and are achieved under ideal circumstances, but it's what we have to work with and staying under the printed towing capacities by 50% to 75% creates a nice safety margin for towing. As well as stopping, the braking power of a vehicle is not mentioned in tow capacity charts and we're left to assume that if a truck can pull it then it can stop it. Again, being well under the towing cap of a truck can only be beneficial here. Sorta parallels the phrase you may have heard, or will, "you can't have too much truck". As mentioned, all vehicles have a GVWR and it's wise to stay below that weight, as well as staying below the GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) of a specific tow vehicle, this is found in the owner's manual. The GVWR you'll find on a sticker on the door jamb of both truck and trailer as well as on the side of the trailer. The cargo capacity is what you can carry and stay under that number. Cargo capacity is very vehicle specific as it depends on how the vehicle is optioned as these items have weight.
  13. rm.w/aview

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    I've been looking at this option as well.
  14. rm.w/aview

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    Have a look at the Companion Hitch from B&W as well as their other offerings, some nice choices there.
  15. rm.w/aview

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    I stopped in two Honda Motorcycle Dealerships and asked, both said they don't sell generators so call ahead before you go.