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  1. Lance A Lott

    how many flushes

    Is there room for a compositing toilet, i understand some who boon dock use them.
  2. Lance A Lott

    how many flushes

    You could drain the fresh water out of any camper then put seven or eight gallons back in and see how many times you can flush. But it will depends on how much water you use per flush, you can flush with the water off several times between wet flushings just use windex as a rinse. People with a composting toylet get a week or two out of a small container google them. When we have used a port o potty you can get several days out of a small one. Good luck
  3. My inlaws had a camp in Lubec that they sold in 1985. I was only there once but they loved it there. It was on the ocean. good luck
  4. Lance A Lott

    Compressing compressed air

    I know you didn't won't to use an electric compressor but if you put a check valve then a T to a 12 volt pump then your quick conector the pump will only come on when you turn it on with a switch. No tank for the electric pump.
  5. Take out the pump and put in a ball valve, for now. The water is going through the pump some how. The ball valve will keep you from having a flood. If you have room you can use it instead of a check valve.
  6. Lance A Lott

    Towing a truck camper behind a class A

    I remember being told that the windshield on a school bus takes 40 hp to push it through the air at 60 mph. There will be a big difference it how much power it takes to pull each 1000 pounds on a flat or up a hill. There must be info on Google.
  7. Lance A Lott

    Smart ABS tone ring fixed

    I bought Nadine a 2008 Smart Car for her birthday, it has 120k on it and the only things wrong with it was the horn and abs lights on. I put a remote horn button in and repaired the tone ring. There is a good utube video on taking the axle out so I won't go into that. The ring was cracked due to rust, the only rust on the car all the paint and stickers, bolts are pristine. I cleaned the ring and the axle shaft to bright steel then I braised the ring between the teeth. I filed of any excess bras and J B Welded it back on. So far if works great. Now I can get it inspected. We will be running the car until Thanksgiving whether permitting so I will be able to tell if it will hold up. I will have plenty of time to get a new one over the winter if it fails. this was a very easy fix I would think most HDT owners could do it them selfs. If I had not done such a good job cleaning everything I probably would not have needed glue, I would have been able to,heat the ring and slide it on. I am confident that the braising will hold the ring unless it rusts again. Now I need to do something about only having on key. I am thinking about a keyless entry kit with push button start. Any experience with putting one in a Smart?
  8. Lance A Lott

    A good GPS unit?

    If I had a point it was a gps, map or what you were told by someone is only a guide, maybe a very good one, but still only a guide. As the driver you have to be prepared for directions that are wrong. I use a gps, Google maps and paper maps and I ask advice from others. I put all that together and end up where I want to be, usually. As for my comment on self driving cars that's just something that scares me. If a professional trucker can follow a truck gps onto two dirt tracks with grass between then what can go wrong if the computer is relying on the gps to keep it on the road. I realize that was not what the OP asked about and I probably should not have commented. I will need a new gps in a year or two and am actually very interested in what people are using and what they like. I understand some now have voice typing and are much easier to understand. Both of those features would interest me. Being able to set waypoints would be nice as well.
  9. Lance A Lott

    Can you gravity feed a RV water heater?

    By the time you get that 5psi up to the shower head your going to be down to 2.5 psi unless you take a shower laying down. Replace the inlet and outlet plastic pipes with hoses for a cloths washer, make at least one loop in the hose and get the longest ones you can. Also the Acumulator tank will make a big difference. There are pumps that make almost no noise as well. Also the variable speed pumps are much quieter. Ok I am not trying to make anyone mad. Water does not compres so with out some air in you system your pump will have to run most of the time. The air that stays in the hot water heater helps a little with that as well as with expansion from heating. With a blader tank you won't need to be concerned with expansion unless you have a check valve between the water heater and the supply line.
  10. Lance A Lott

    A good GPS unit?

    There was a news story about a driver who drove there Jeep into lake Champlain because the gps said so. A farmer I know herd a truck coming down his logging road, turned out to be a fully loaded semi his truck gps sent him there. Sure makes you wonder how bad self driving vehicles will be.
  11. Lance A Lott


    The trailer brakes remain unchanged so you can continue to pull it with anything you did previously. If you make changes to the trailer at the same time that answer may be different. I got mine from Mrtruck.com I had removed my obd plug to do something and did not get it back in tightly, I did not have trailer brakes for 250 miles. With the hdt I thought they were just out of ajustment. Manual braking worked fine. I felt stupid but the truck never had a problem with the trailer.
  12. Lance A Lott

    Weboost Drive Sleek

    Some stainless is magnetic and some is not so take a magnet with you when you go shopping. Keep in mind stainless is not rust proof it is rust resistant. If your rv roof is aluminum then you will definitely want stainless, or epoxy the antena on maybe even use a pice of aluminum as a sacrifice pice between the roof and the antena. Back in the seventies we had several magnetic CB antenas and if failing memory serves they did cause rust. you might find cheep stainless ata recycling center.
  13. Lance A Lott

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    Cory the Donvals are very easy to put in. A sharp knife is all you need. It takes about 5 minutes. Got them for the seats as well and for the rear air springs. They are wll worth it. They really stop the cab movement. They would be a good birthday present. Happy Birthday.
  14. Lance A Lott

    Options for family of 6

    I would think seating for 4 in back would be easy if you are not going to title as a motor home. Getting all the requirements in for that and still have good front visibility might be hard. Perhaps putting some of the requirements behind the seats and the Seats up on a platform with storage underneath would work. The larger sleeper would be good for that. The rear seat in my ford van seats four. OP indicated he would not be doing the work and my ideas tend to get expensive. A TT and car for six on the deck is a option. OP also mentioned Canada aren't they strict on length?
  15. Lance A Lott

    Options for family of 6

    https://www.rvtripwizard.com/rv-info/state-road-laws.php this may tell you about riding in a trailer.