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  1. Lance A Lott

    Donvel front axle spring application

    Yes, I think that is the only way you can. They are very simple and instal very quickly.
  2. Lance A Lott

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    Kirk you are correct I don't know what I was looking at, probably should of had my glasses on. Or kept my mouth shut. The pictures did look awfully low in the front though.
  3. Lance A Lott

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    The one in the video had coils, on front.
  4. Lance A Lott

    How much difference does toad weight make?

    Every pound will make a difference but 1000 pounds is going to be hard to see. If it puts you close to your combined gross vehicle weight it may be more important. The cost of traiding vehicles may be much more than you will save in gas. I defiantly see a difference between a empty horse trailer and one with a 1000lb horse in it. But 2 1000lb horses dont feel twice as heavy. On edit my 3500 Desiel gets 14 to15 empty 10 to 11 pulling 13k 12 to 13 pulling 9k. Gas might have a bigger difference.so my change is about 1 mpg per 3k so maybe 1/3 mpg for 1k. So if my math is ok and gas is 2.50 gal thats about $750. In 100k. Only one thing to think about.
  5. Lance A Lott

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    I was curious so I looked these up online the one in the video sure looked close to the ground and the tire.
  6. Lance A Lott

    Solar controller recommendation

  7. Lance A Lott

    Majority RV & Retirement

    How is the price of land? I have horses so would need 20 acres or so. I remember being in Nashvile at 99 degrees and 99 percent humidity is this common? Personally I would rather pay sales tax than property or income. The biggest reson I am thinking of selling is 600k farm taxed at 12k a year. After I stop working there will be no way to pay that much.
  8. Lance A Lott

    Donvel front axle spring application

    I am also singled short, I put all three sets on at once as well as the steel deck so I can only say it rides a lot better but not what made the most difference. I do know that the cab is now very steady.
  9. Lance A Lott

    Donvel front axle spring application

    Chief I have wondered the same and how much improvement you get. I have drive, cab and seat donvels. Please post after you install as to your opinion about them and if they are worth the upgrade.
  10. Lance A Lott

    Solar controller recommendation

    With the way you plan on wiring tour a trimetic would work well. Check out Handy Bobs blog.
  11. Lance A Lott

    Ground hog lied

    I have a celler troll that will work for anyone but me, just put some Mt Due bottles on the roof you wont s cleared and send him up. I will provide one way ticket.
  12. Lance A Lott

    Ground hog lied

    Dollytrolley, I now know where I am not spending the winters after the last kid is out of school! The wife and I hope to start traveling summers sort of looking for a place to settle. I lean toward both summer and winter places, but with probably 4 horses and my parents that may be doubtful. Perhaps a winter home where the folks and 2 horses can stay while we roam for the summer. I have relatives in Oregon but they never mention snow. I cant remember where they are it's near the Washington border. They cross a big bridge to do there shopping. My wife got rained out of Death Valley once, before I met her. If you put her and Pat McManus together in a tent the animals would start to gather two by two.
  13. Lance A Lott


    Once you salvage it you don't worry about insurance any more, that is part of the decision you make if you decide to rebuiled.
  14. Lance A Lott


    I wonder if it's regional the canadians that stay in Texas at the same camp as my parents get there work done in Texas or Mexico so they don't have to do it at home. The Canadians who live near me come to the states for medical purposes. Many of the Canadians I know are dual citizens as there parents came to the USA to give birth for the Express purpose of there children being able to avail them selves of Us medicine. However that would be a very small group go try and make a judgment on.
  15. Lance A Lott

    Ground hog lied

    Here in the ski capital of the east a early spring means you can mow the lawn the last week in May instead of the middle of June. Dollytrolley if your kids want to ski send them my way, three days of rain and warm temps, ended this afternoon, and we still have 1 1/2 feet of snow, and I am at the bottom of a mountain.