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  1. Big5er I would have to dig it out of 3 feet of snow and put on chains to take it for a spin. I think I will try the flexible cutting board this year I can always back off the slack adjusters. This spring when I got the truck out I left both spin and skid Mark's on the cement. This year it will be on plastic covered dirt so hopefully what ever I do works.
  2. I just bought cheap Ebay and put it together. I tried wireless but was not happy. I got distracted a couple of weeks ago and now I need to replace a couple of cables, I think I will go with a long one and a short one so I it happens again it will only be the short one. I have 4 pin marine style and they work nice. It actually gives a nice picture and I have camera that cost about 10 and some closer to 30 and there is not much difference If I was buying a system I would wont a easyer monitor this one is hard to find the camera you wont. Also 8 cameras would be nice mine is 4 at a time. Jack has a system I have hurd good things about. RVH Life Styles I believe.
  3. I use extra cameras on magnets i just plug and unplug what i need rear of camper or hitch. I use 2 for the hitch 1 on the side 1 in tront of the hitch.
  4. Dave in 5 months that knee will hardly be on your radar. I was driving farm tractors around 1month. And trimming horses feet by 2, riding horses by 6 weeks and that would have been earlier but the wheather was ify. Your physical therapist will make all the difference in the word. Your second one sounds like what I had.
  5. I got it pulled apart today, up on the lift it would realy hop. The brakes seem to drag a little so I pulled them apart both rear shoes were not retracting. The rear piston was stuck hard I was able to get them to move with a punch and hamer. New shoes and pistons on order. Nothing else seemed to be amiss. If you want to spin the wheels at speed you have to pull fuse 11 to turn of traction control. Thanks again to all who replied I will update after I get it back together. Lance
  6. After one set of 4 or 5 bends, which are realy only one bend as they have you push against them then relax so they can go farther, my PT said that's enough for now and I told her I was about to ask her to stop and that I guess I was not as tough as I thought I was. She no she was realy pulling on it and that I could keep my opinion of my self, thank God because I'm the only one with it.πŸ˜‰ Dave I think you can stop worrying about being violent with your therapist it's like learning a new control and restraint or hand to hand combat move you are part of the process and usaly aren't surprised also they usaly move very slowly as they are trying to stretch you not brake you. Mine did a wonderful job and kept me talking the whole time. Besides if you are lucky yours will be half as sweet as mine was no way you could think of her as threatening. You will like the pool at least until you get out of it, then you feel tired.
  7. Phoenix, they are not sure what happened but the day after surgery as I was going into the shower I had so go up a small ramp maybe 6" long and the outside cord running down the back of the knee popped and locked the nurse had to help me sit down and then massage to get it unlocked. This hapend several times over the next couple of weeks. Then after I was outside walking I stubbed my toe it locked but as I was moving it tore loose it really hurt but never locked again. The consensus was the cord was trying to find a new home and it finally did. You are probably correct in that it comes from the butt muscles as stepping up on a block backwards as well as turning 90 degrees as I step up are 2 of the added exercises I do. It now only hurts a little when I bend the leg as far as it will go and then a little more. I will probably never get the range of motion you have achieved but it is coming about 130 now with a little help. The good thing is I can now walk as far as I want, shoe horses and do truck brake jobs. Sometimes it would be nice if it flexed more, and it will, but I could live with it as it is. I often use you for inspiration hope you dont mind. Lance
  8. Thanks everyone. I got back from vacation Thursday night and then had to get ready for family today so the car is still on the truck. I have had the car, actually got it for my wife's 70th, just under a year and it spent the winter on the Volvo in the shed. The test drive was down a dirt road past a cop's house so I never got it up to "full" speed the other night was the first time we ever got it to 55, the NY state speed limit. I will pull it off the truck tomorrow and try some of the suggestions. I will probably put it on the lift and run it also if none of the other things become obvious.
  9. Dave, glad things are going well and I also admire a 2 knee replacement recipiant. Tomarrow makes 5 months for me and this post. I just got back from 2 and a half weeks of horse campimg and I cant believe how much it hirts to climb stairs. I have had no isues wirh the knee but the cord running up the back of the knee has been a pain in the neck. I allmost never took the oxy during the day but at night I did for sleep, I was still able to only use 20. I tell people it didnt realy hurt just ached so you could not settle down when everything was quite. My father and I both over did but you probably wont 2 days in a row😁. It will all be worth it soon. Lance
  10. No. the tires may have 150 miles on them at the most.
  11. Mine also does this on the right side. Its very hard to brake free after an entire winter. I am considering cageing the brakes this year.
  12. You had an Elan too.
  13. I just got back from a 250 mile trip about half way back I happened to glance at my direct link brake control and it said 5 percent that is not what it should have said. I pulled over and found the conection was loose. After I fixed it I could tell the difference but I had driven over 125 miles with little to no trailer brakes on secondary roads and had not noticed. That's the real reason for a HDT!
  14. To make your thinking harder the HDT with the hitch behind the wheels will probably out handle a smaller truck even in tight quarters. Jack beat me to it.
  15. Its back on the truck at the moment but I would have guessed right rear. The wheel weights are still there and the rim is clean. I put it on the forum hopping there was not a known issue that I had not heard of.😁
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