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  1. I have a gooseneck, I also use two cameras one in front and one 90 degrees to the side. This allows really good vision, ofcourse I can do it with mirrors and getting out to check but why?
  2. My parents have a class C on a 5500 GM with a Duramax they pull a 18 foot trailer with a Mazda Miata and lots of tools. They are close but not over the combined wheight.
  3. We used a bilge pump to fill 55 gallon barrels out of a lake, I dont remember that it took long. I think you can even get them at Walmart.
  4. I use a galaxy tab 8 and copilot with the US maps downloaded to a sd card, it works as good as or better than my dedicated truck GPS. I dont like paying for it every year but I use it on several phones and a couple of pads so the cost is spread out.
  5. You can use your drive wheels as a winch, if you have a locker just one will work if not you need straps on both sides. Getting stuck is a big pain!
  6. I have a gooseneck and receiver hitches on mine I used a B&W flatbed hitch. There are pictures of both gooseneck and 5th wheel on this sight try a serch. They all seem to be rearward of the 5th wheel mounted on a plate it should be possible to use the plate the 5th wheel mounts to. My receiver is part of my bumper others have used universal hitches and others plates like you see on the back of a dump truck, or built as part of the flatbed.
  7. Looks like you need a 180 amp resetabull breaker because the harder the winch is pulling the more amps it uses., if you are loading a Smart it should never use that much as your under 2000 lbs if you use a snatch block to double the line it will pull half as fast and half as hard.
  8. I have done this many times, I have even used a tow chain snaked in front of the tire. It works really well if you can start just cant get up a small slope. You can also thry dumping the air and then chaining up the axle without the leveling valve then air up the added wheight will often help especially if its the rear axle that will be off the ground. A couple of year ago I was stuck, the front tires had sunken and then the ground froze, and it was ice under the farm tractor so It wouldn't pull. I put the loader on the truck frame and lifted the tractors front end, it backed right out, make sure the bucket it not going to slide on the truck.
  9. I cant speak for other states but in Vermont you are supposed to keep the plate and then return them to dmv. I have had vehicles for over 40 years and have never returned a plate but I have never sold one with the plate on it.
  10. I understand that monogamy vision is not allowed for a cdl. That was supposed to say mono but as this started about spelling or typing mistakes I decided to leave it. I have a form of dyslexia that make spelling, not reading, very hard for me and as the above example shows spell check is not always your friend. I tend to leave n and m in between words from hitting the space button. So mistake on.
  11. I'm a little late to the party, yearssss ago I walked into the shop at one of my jobs, it was full of blue words the mechanic looked at me and said ok tire expert I have worked all day on this loader tire, you do it. 5 minutes with the voice grips and it was on. I also use dish soap it wont hurt the rubber like oil can. I also like to powder the inside of the tire and the rim for tubes. Some times I air up the tube and sometimes I don't. It depends on whether I think it will fall between the tire and the rim. Putting the rim in the vice helps a lot even if you have to use a bolt through the hub with a nut to tighten it down.
  12. Charlie is there any way to get instructions for those of us who cannot attend?
  13. You would have to cage the brake before they stuck and with the parking brake off or it would be very hard to do as you would be working against the spring. Block the wheels first. If it is already stuck you can usaly get it free with a big hammer then cage the brake.
  14. How long does it sit? Mine will hang up after a month and a half or so but if I move the truck 6 inches every month there is no problem. The shoes sticks to the drum. I have considered caging the brakes so the parking brake cant come on, but its easyer to move it.
  15. Does a vehicle have to be registered in Texas to be sold? It doesn't in my state and the new owner has 15 days affer they register it to get it inspected. Also the second the title is signed the registration is void, so the new owner has to go register it before they can take it home. Just trying to educate my self.
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