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  1. You could put some silicone calking in to try and stick the nut to the floor, one would assume it fell straight down. Or spray foam.
  2. Lance A Lott


    I replaced my tires with the next larger size and kept one old one for the spair as it was much newer. Many cars come with different size spares, the only possible problem would be if you are over loading the spare because of the new bigger tires. Of course you are supposed to have the same tire on the same axle. So dont try to get it inspected that way.
  3. Once the seat is out no matter the method used you can spot a tab to he bolt to hold it while drilling.
  4. I know many, many, people who tow 2 horse with small dressing room horse trailers with 1/2 ton trucks. They would hold a snow machine fine and still give you the gooseneck for sleeping. You might even find a small living quarters(LQ) if you look around. Also as has been said not all 1/2 ton trucks are the same, my neighbor pulls a 25 foot or so travel trailer, it has bunks and looks good size, with a Toyota, when he traded he got the same thing so he must be happy. I will not speculate as to his gvw.
  5. How about these? You could use several if you felt the need. 30pcs M8 Rivet Nuts Stainless Steel Threaded Insert Nutsert Rivnuts m8 Flate Head https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DK8JM6J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3rX2DbGQ4TKZW
  6. Can you get a sawsall between the floor and the seat? You could drill it out by holding the head with vice grips. As was said you will probably have to access the nut for replacement any way so can you cut the nut off? Or put vice grips on it. I thought I had posted this but it didnt go through. After seing your picture I have two thoughts. Drill a series of holes in the side to make a slot to get the sawsall in to cut the head off or just cut the base off untill the head is cut off then weld the slot shut afterwards. Is the seat off the base?
  7. Lance A Lott

    Brakes Frozen

    Mine does this also it takes a couple of months. I want to try the thin flexable cutting boards but it will be a pain to get them in. I have also consided cagging the brakes again a pain.
  8. Can you get a sawsall between the floor and the seat? You could drill it out by holding the head with vice grips. As was said you will probably have to access the nut for replacement any way so can you cut the nut off? Or put vice grips on it.
  9. Glen if you take it literally they dont want you putting power into battery bank while using the product. If this is what they mean it sure would not work well with a solar set up. I am unsure of your battery setup but if you are using 6 volt in series the first two will give you 12 volts.
  10. I wish I could get my thoughts on paper like this!!🤠
  11. Wire size and length equels line loss, those are your limits. For long runs you need larger, smaller #, wire. I have never tryed to charge a toad, so I dont know how much the brake unit draws, but have keept many house batterys in horse trailers charged. With taillight wire or even a dedicated hot, that may come with your vehicle, you will get some charge for your toad but it will be limited. It may be all you need, that will probably depend on how often you run the toad. You can run a dedicated wire that is the corect gage, there are charts on line, and it will deffinatly keep the battery full even if you dont run the toad for weeks. I asume that a day or 2 of use will leave you ok with just the tail light wire charging the battery. By the way I would try for the dedicated charge wire to protect the tail light wires on your horse most rvs and trucks come with one. This would be different than a large wire you install your self. Either way you need to protect the toad from over charging, a very young me found that out 30 years ago. Good luck I am sure someone with spacific experiance will chime in to help you.
  12. This is being featured on our local news, here in Vermont, and may be updated long after it has faded from the national news. If something comes up that is relavent to us I will post it.
  13. I am not sure of everything that is being replaced, but I know flex pipes, fluid and the bearing as well as differential fluid will all be new I am also assuming new caliper and pads. Dad was hit by a stolen truck fleing a crime on the way back from the airport this afternoon, he is fine and his Mazda Miata will need a fender, hood and bumper but is drivable after some work with a 5 foot bar so he didn't learn anything about the rv today. What a week for my parents.
  14. They found a shop to do the work, they will be getting the parts today. Not sure what exactly but dad is having the flex lines replaced anyways. Because of being broken down dad flew to Arizona to meat me to look at property in Show Low Arizona we both flew out Friday and met at the Phoenix airport. Drove to Show Low and back Saturday.I flew home Sunday and dad goes back to Alabama today. Mom is in a motel in Alabama.
  15. That's the trouble all right. If they were home we would fix it our selves. Unfortunately they need a service center that can work on mdt or hdts, they found out that your average GM dealer can not work on the mdts so they will be taking it to a truck facility when they find one. I think its a 08 and only has 28k or so, that has resulted in many items that have gone bad due to sitting. Brake hoses and calipers are very subject to failer because of sitting. They went through a bad bought of algae this spring because of sitting.
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