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  1. Lance A Lott

    First Build

    This is what I did on my Volvo but so far it is not working properly. I had to repair two of the cables do you know what the ohms should be? I am still recovering from a knee replacement so I won't be able to work on it for a few more weeks. 5k
  2. I think it's so you don't drain your truck battery when parked. Don't expect a lot of charge to the house batteries with a number 10 wire it will help top off but if they are down a lot it will not bring them back up unless you go a long way.
  3. My surgeon put something in the knee, they used ultrasound to guide the needle. There was something in the iv and I had a spinal. I think I remember them telling me to sit up for the spinal, if I do then that's the last I remember until my wife woke me up. I was breathing on my own for the operation. After they started the iv I didn't care what they did to me. Two hour latter I started this post, maybe I should go back and read it to see how out of it I was.
  4. Mr Cob I am 2 1/2 weeks post replacement and have been completely off oxy for 3 or 4 days I was off it for days then had a set back with pt and had to take one. I would not wont to drive a truck yet but could drive a car no problem. I have had trouble with the back of the knee down into the calf as my leg was so bent. I was finally put on muscle relaxers for post pt and that has helped a lot. The actual operation was a pice of cake. I should have done more stretches before surgery and I wish I hadn't broken my thumb 4 days prior. When they offer you a portable urinal to take home take it you will want it. I am still sleeping in the recliner but spend days on the bed, when I am not exercising. That will be your job by the way exercising that is. So far I would do it again except for pt there is almost no pain. Actually the pain was never very bad mostly dull aches. Good luck Lance
  5. Lance A Lott

    New impact

    Cory a impact gun would kill it fast. Maybe once the nut is loose a regular drill but its not recommended. They have a handle about a foot long and you will be able to turn them off easily. You only go a few turns maybe10 then use a regular socket wrench or any drill or inpact to spin the nuts off and back on.
  6. Mine is a 08 and I just bought it last year and expect to get 20 more years out of it. There is a almost identical Asian copy.
  7. My dad has had both knees and a hip done now the oxycodone made him see wall colors that were not there and set of his his anxiety. As I recall he couldn't sleep. And of course there's the wonderful constipation. So far so good for me but I am already taking the minimum dose they recommended. I promise not to bore all of you with my progress!
  8. Thay must have me on a low dose because I haven't noticed any thing from the oxycodone, at least stuff people would take it for "fun" are looking for. Phoenix I have got to hand it to you doing both at once, or maybe your wife, mine is running her self raggid with me the kids the wood boiler, the 93 year old mother and the two other lady's we take care of. It sound like you were much worse off than I was. Your results give me encouragement.
  9. I was told 15 years ago that it would be 5 years 10 on the outside before I would need a replacement but I was so young they wanted to go as long as possible. The last year has been the hardest by far , the pain and limping would come and go. Today makes you question why I had it done. My father has had both done in the last couple of years, by the same Dr. I am sure it take a while to do any heavy work on the truck they tell me pt,pt,pt is the secret. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. Just had my right knee replaced about 2 hours ago. Now I can work on the Volvo again! Well in a month or so. We will probably have snow atleast that long anyway. I have to figure out why the abs dose not work, the left front brake grabs and I need to install the premium shifter and lots of other stuff, the longer I lay here the longer the list will get. I also want to make a binder to show law enforcement. Maybe I will even have time to post build pictures from last July.
  11. You can use a series parallel switch to go from 12v to 24v I am not sure if they are continuous duty or not I think Serplus supply has them. Both my parents use cpaps I will try to ask them what they do. I know some can bemused onn12 volts.
  12. You might want to check with your agent I have had several different companies and other than liability the tow vehicle policy has never covered the trailer. This is a very common and expensive misconception. There is a point at which a vehicle is worth so little that between the deductibles and the probable increase in premiums, if you file a claim, and the higher cost, that it is not worth having collision coverage. For me that's some where below 5k. A 1k repair could cost you $1500 in higher premiums over the next couple of years.
  13. Lance A Lott

    Wheel torque

    I have torque sticks for smaller wheels and I did not calibrate my air gun, I have found them to work just fine and they are much more accurate then just stopping the air gun. I plan on getting one for 1" gun I will let people know what I think of it in late spring, in Vermont that's June.
  14. Lance A Lott

    Wheel torque

    Unless your none drive axle has no deferential, a dolly axle, then it is a drive axle. Under normal conditions when a tandem truck is traveling down a straight and flat road all 4 wheels are receiving approximately the same amount of power. This changes on corners and slippery conditions. There are three differentials in the usual tandem set up one per axle and one more for the divider. The wheel that spins first is the one with the least traction. By taking of one wheel per side you could create a difference in traction between the two drive axles, this might show up in tight turning or on slippery roads or mud. Some have removed a wheel from each drive axle, the concern is side loading of the bearings. There is debate as to the importance of this in our application. I have done this with my 3500 when traveling far and light
  15. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
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