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  1. Lance A Lott

    Deck is done for now 16 days of work.

    I see that only one of the pics posted, i put about a dozen up o well. I will work on that. Although it may be a couple of weeks very spoty cell service where we camp. You have to look on the ground for X marks were others got it. Dolly I singled it short at 182 if fading memory is correct. I will post wheights some time. I hooked up the trailer brake charge line as a air hose and caped the other one now if i leave the trailer brakes on it will start in 1st or second. I cant wait to get the upgraded shifter programed.
  2. Lance A Lott

    Deck is done for now 16 days of work.

    Well a little over two weeks and its ready to use. Just in time too I think Nadine was going to call the devorce lawyer. I will try and add a finished photo tonight after I get back from the Gymkhana. Hopefully we leave tomarow am for two weeks of horse camping in the Adirondacks. Click For Full-Size Image.
  3. Lance A Lott

    Windshield Replacement

    Well I hope you guys are happy, you cost me $185 dollars today! And what do I have to show for it? No chips, scratches, or any other blemishes. I was going to have four chips repaired this week then I read this post. They weren't here 45 minutes and I called them yesterday to get the cost. Thank you
  4. Lance A Lott

    Most of you probably don't, but

    I have looked into those as well. Two people that I have talked to love there's.
  5. Lance A Lott

    Changing batteries

    The first tracter we had when I was maybe 10 was a International Cub, it had a positive ground and was 6 volts. I just didn't want to confuse the issue, as I believe the question was for a negative ground system. It was not a very good system and I had to crank start far more times than it ever started off the battery. We had a International riding lawn mower, after i left home of course, that had a generator that was also the starter.
  6. Lance A Lott

    Changing batteries

    Most odd electronic problems come from bad ground. This can be caused by corrosion at the terminals, a broken or missing (not put back on) wire and loose conection. The term ground refers to any thing that is connected to the negative terminal of the battery. This would include the frame and most metal in the cab. There are wires going from the frame to the cab to keep from loosing ground with the cab mounting points. Some components have there own dedicated ground wire as they are electronically isalated from the rest of the vehicle. Of course a sink hole in your back yard could also be missing or loose ground.
  7. Lance A Lott

    First Day deck progress

    I have a lot to cram in a relatively small space. we dry camp with horses so we need lots of water and a tank for black water transport as well as storage. Tube takes up a lot of space so I am using plate.
  8. Lance A Lott

    First Day deck progress

    Started my deck today, I only have three weeks before I need the truck so I will have to work fast. That's the bumper sitting on top, I was just too pooped to get it on tonight, I will have to pull the truck out and use the tractor any way. Click For Full-Size Image.
  9. Lance A Lott

    How do I delete this thread, I figured it out?

    My problem is I get them to work once and then can't remember what I did that time. If you remember how you got the correct result perhaps you can put the sequence in this post. I wonder if I use the search correctly my self. For example I am looking for a new gps and I tried garmen versus Magellan gps and it would come up with threads for one word only. I am sure there is a thread on how to use search already I am just not smart enough to find it.
  10. Lance A Lott

    3.58 Rear End Axle Means?

    Yes engine rpm changes with each gear and most transmissions have a 1 to 1 gear ratio and when in that gear the engine and the tail shaft will be turning at the same speed. A overdrive transmition will alow the engine rpms to be less than the tail shaft. Each vehicle and load will have a sweet spot, most of them will be at a lower speed than we want to go. The most cost effective way to save on fuel is to slow down, but with all this power who wants to do that.
  11. Lance A Lott

    3.58 Rear End Axle Means?

    Mines 2.62, too hot to double check, with a D11. 3.58 mean your engine turns over 3.58 times for each turn of the tire in what ever gear is one to one with your transmision. The old farm trucks I drove as a kid had 5. Something rears ans some were even lower. My ton truck has 4.11. Most things you can due to change the ratio will probably cost more than the fuel they will save. This of course depends on the cost of materials and if you pay for labor, and how many miles you travel. When it's time to replace the drive tires you could go larger, there are tire comparison charts on line.
  12. Lance A Lott

    National Parks' New Dog Rules?-Updated

    We have several deer and elk farms in Vermont but as far as I know they are not for hunting. In Texas and I assume other parts of the country they have deer and other game ranches where the animals are contained with perimeter fence but otherwise roam free.
  13. Lance A Lott

    Ishift not starting out smoothly

    Does it do it every time you take off or just after the parking brake has been on? Mine had one brake that would stick and it realy slammed when it took off.
  14. Lance A Lott

    Genny Size

    I went with two Champion 2000 watts each and combined them two 4000. I found it did not work that way. Sometimes they would run the ac and sometimes not. I had done the construction type and they are too loud and use way too much gas. My parents have a Honda 2000 and it will run the ac one out of five times but it runs full throttle. My fifth generator was a Yamaha. It about 6000 watts and will run both the generator and the microwave, it's quite and very efficient. It cost less than all my fooling around, and I only have one to maintain. Yamaha makes a 3000 watt one that uses power from the battery to help start heavy loads, my neighbor has one and loves it. Once you have one that is quite you will use it a lot more than you thought you wood.
  15. Lance A Lott

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    Its very hard to find at the pump in Vermont, they just put all new pumps in at the bigger station near me and no def pump. I think it is because of the weather. If the tank was not heated it would freeze 10 months of the year! When it first came out there was some question as too if it would stay fresh in bulk.