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  1. Lance A Lott

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    My wife hasn't driven commercial for 16 years but still has her cdl every couple of years she has to self certfiy that she is not driving commercial. This year was a renual for her and the DMV clerk reminded her that she would need a physical if she went back to driving commercial. I wonder if this verys state to state?
  2. Lance A Lott

    Volvo "Console" Ideas please

    At the top of the HDT main page there is a link to post pictures, no size limit.
  3. Lance A Lott

    safety of Walmart

    Not all of the north east is anti gun Vermont is still very friendly, no permits required for open or concealed carry. Until this July the only state gun law we had was no loaded rifle in the car, that was a fish and game law. If you want to see some fun be a spectator at a cowboy action shoot or if you like horses a mounted shoot. By the way you have those in Europe as well.
  4. Lance A Lott

    Class A RV and Car Seats

    Install your own belts bolted to the frame. You might have to change the seat, perhaps a bucket seat out of a van.
  5. Lance A Lott

    An honest question about dash cams and the GPS in it.

    Could,you do two one in the upper left and right of the windshield? If you can use inside cameras you will have better luck in the rain.
  6. Lance A Lott

    Question for the newbies.

    A lot like putting a automatic in neutral when you can't stop on snow or ice. Just in case it has never happened to you, the front brakes lockup and the engine keeps pushing you and you can't steer or stop. I Knew not to hit the brakes for a front blowout but never thought to give it more gas. Got any other tips like that.
  7. Lance A Lott

    double towing

    Put a ball on the roll bar on a Jeep and hitch up the boat and off to the boondocks for the weekend. This may prove to the wife that the memory is not all gone.
  8. Lance A Lott

    double towing

    There once was a 5ver made for I think a VW Bug. I saw a picture a long time ago might have been some other car , but you could turn the car all the way around under it and push. Of course my memory isn't what it used to be.
  9. Lance A Lott

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    You can shave over a foot with a Volvo 630 vnm I am singled short and my bed is 11feet and the truck is 25 feet, I think. It does have a smaller sleeper but I plan on putting in a dinette.
  10. Lance A Lott

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Ours is no longer looks like that, 11 people made a good dent in it. By the way 2 degrees this am last time Nadine looked it was up to 6, got up to 14 in Burlington, Vermont braking the record for the coldest thanksgiving. We have about a foot of snow, supposed to rain this weekend, should be fun.
  11. Lance A Lott

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Phoenix Thank you for the information. Hope you have a happy thanksgiving.
  12. Lance A Lott

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    At the beginning of the HDT section (this section) there is a link for posting pictures.
  13. Lance A Lott

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    I always knew my understanding of air bags was a crude one thanks to you it is getting smoother. I have no need to be an expert but I like to know that I have some knowledge and a source of reference behind what I say. Thank you very much. Do the bags with a girdle in them work the way I think they would? A little more like a progressive coil.
  14. Lance A Lott

    Canada HDTs

    I got mine in Texas not a spot of rust on it.
  15. Lance A Lott

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    In my state your load can extend 3' behind your vehicle without flagging. Then you need to flag the load I am not sure what the total lenth after that is. You can put lights on the load, as your load has its own lights you would just need a plug between the truck and the car. We have extended the frame on 3 trailers giving more room between the box and the truck.