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  1. Lance A Lott

    DC issues

    Rv's usaly have batterys and a converter that plugs into 110 volts both will supply 12 volts DC as you probably know. If the cables are cut of the generator were they the 110 ac or the 12 volt dc wire? Get a multi tester and check them out. Do you have a way to plug into shore power?
  2. If sound is a issue put rubber hose on both sides of the pump, make it long and coil it.
  3. Might I suggest picking up at one location and droping off in another, so that you dont back track. You could do Rushmore to the Grand Canyon in two weeks if you only travel one way. The bus company I work for does it in one week.
  4. Posting pictures on this site is easy, just look at the 4th or fith post from the top of the HDT site. By the way asking would have gotten you the same information.
  5. I have no rental advice but I suggest you reconsider the bikes, we took them many times and every one wanted to ride they never did. I understand Yosemite is beautiful but very hard to get into. May I suggest picking several places that you wont to see that are close together. If you have never been to the US it is hugs and you don't wont to spend all your time driving.
  6. What do you like? Clarks Trading Post, Lost River Gorge, the Flume, if its a wet year lol, Mt Washington(no duals alowed) they do have a van, in NH. Acadia park in Maine we have been to Maine several times but usaly go to Bar Harbor. The isle of Shouls was also nice. Kitery Trading Post, LL Bean I am from Vermont. Shelburn Museum, Vermont Country Store, Stowe. Let me know what you are looking for. Boondocking is hard in the East you might find some in the Champion Lands.
  7. I fanly remembered to talk to my dad about his Hensley and why he stopped using it. It is a 10k hitch, that may be just the arms not sure but he said it is also a pain to hitch up.
  8. Mine does this all the time, my traction control/abs is messed up and I am working on that now. Mine hates to down shift and skip shifts way too many gears. And my cruise control quit. Mines a Volvo D11. Any diagnostic ideas for the potentiometer on it?
  9. Check out handy Bob's blog.
  10. Do all the transactions at his bank only! My son was ripped off last year by cashing a check at his bank that was actually stolen.
  11. The vertical piece with the three bolts in it may have made the spring act too short so that if you unload the front axle, like on a dip, it all moved to the rear. Perhaps removing that piece and putting the triangular piece in the original u bracket hole it will work correctly.
  12. The shackle has not flipped the triangle piece has moved rearward. It looks to be an extension to give you more ground clearance. Even if it was the other side up it doesn't look like it would be stable. I am speculating that it wasn't installed correctly. If you Jack up the trailer by the frame it should all hang in place.
  13. Thanks Jack I was thinking it might make a good place to put a couple of things I havent found a good place for.
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