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  1. The dog also must be trained as to the location of the fence each time it is moved.
  2. Its funny my parents had a bad algae problem last spring on the way home to Vermont from Texas with a RV they bought in Texas. Every one told them it was a sothern problem. You almost never hear about it up here. They had to kill the algae then change filters 3 more times to get home. He pulled the tank and cleaned it this summer couldn't realy find any more so pulling it may have been overkill but at least he knows. He was told to use algae killer often as well as keeping the tank full for storage. The RV is a 2008 and still only has 25k ish so it sat a lot.
  3. If you are going to be in the cold you can add kerosene to it.
  4. I have always used the straps that came with the ramps. Mistake? They have never gone anywhere.
  5. I have no idea about Texas but in Vermont if you want to ride on any trail system you have to register in Vermont, you don't retitle and there is no short term registration. One weekend a year they recognized the neighboring state of New Hampshire registration. My parents rode ther 4 wheeler in many states over the years and it has stickers on it from many states so a lot of states are that way.
  6. I pull a 33 foot tt and a 42 foot living quarters gooseneck horse trailer, I have parked the tt in many sights made for much smaller trailers. Some times I have had to unhitch and park cross ways in front. Go for the 26. The horse trailer can be harder but I have never been turned away because of size. I am a very confident parker and my wife is excellent at guiding. State parks are smaller than private ones most of the time.
  7. Try this for pictures. http://photoposting.is-great.net/?i=1
  8. I hope I get this correct. Quadsila its a green hose that I get at Tractor Supply. Very flexable even in the cold, very strong and wont kink under pressure. I also have had good use from the magic bullet hose.
  9. Try your local RV dealer, not for the work, but one of there mechanics might like some after hours work. Also try looking for tiny house builders in your area they may have advice. Another place might be community college or the high school tech center. If they dont want to help themselves perhaps a student or graduate might. Also the senior center, 100s of years of experience to tap there. Also try the local camp grounds espesialy one with long term campers. There's usaly 1 or more Jack of all trades there or they know someone.
  10. Most of those pushers push a lot of air. I was told, at a bus training years ago, that a bus uses 40 hp to push the air at 60. They also said that a Cadillac only used 12 horsepower to maintain 60 on flat going. I have no idea if the instructor was correct or not, but just try to hold a piece of plywood up in a strong breeze, say nothing about getting it up to road speed. I would think you hdt is more aerodynamic, also weight at speed is not that hard to pull until you add gravity.
  11. If it helps I get just under 9 with a d11 pulling 13k and I take it easy. I think when I can get it out of the new England mountains and open it up a little on the interstate it will get a little over 9. I got 9.7 bobtailing back from Texas.
  12. I think they polished one on Myth Busters
  13. I have no experience with your system but I do have farm experience with hydraulics, electronic controls and replacing one with the other. There should be a way to put shut off valves in the line to keep the down cylinder from going any further. Or if it is controlled with electric valves, witch I suspect as it has auto level, you should be able to install switches to isolate the valves and only run the one you need. This would probably meen turning off power or ground to the valves you dont want to activate. Another thought would be Jack stands or Jacks on the side with the Jacks down then raise the Jack and relevel on auto. Have you tried old fashioned blocks under the tires to get it closer to level before putting the Jack's down. With my living quarters horse trailer I have to use blocks or a Jack at the rear before putting my "self leveling" Jack's down on the front or I get the same problem.
  14. If I am only going to be parked a few days I keep both closed. If I will be there a while then I open the gray tank closing it the day befor I dump the black tank for the reson you stated. We tend to use a lot more water with hookups than when boondocking so this is easyer for us.
  15. One thing I seldom see mentioned is keeping the black tank valve shut until full then dump even with septic on your site.
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