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  1. Lance A Lott

    Genny Size

    I went with two Champion 2000 watts each and combined them two 4000. I found it did not work that way. Sometimes they would run the ac and sometimes not. I had done the construction type and they are too loud and use way too much gas. My parents have a Honda 2000 and it will run the ac one out of five times but it runs full throttle. My fifth generator was a Yamaha. It about 6000 watts and will run both the generator and the microwave, it's quite and very efficient. It cost less than all my fooling around, and I only have one to maintain. Yamaha makes a 3000 watt one that uses power from the battery to help start heavy loads, my neighbor has one and loves it. Once you have one that is quite you will use it a lot more than you thought you wood.
  2. Lance A Lott

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    Its very hard to find at the pump in Vermont, they just put all new pumps in at the bigger station near me and no def pump. I think it is because of the weather. If the tank was not heated it would freeze 10 months of the year! When it first came out there was some question as too if it would stay fresh in bulk.
  3. Lance A Lott

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    I heard that if you pee in the def tank it won't explode, at least in the Dodge. You probably better find the man and let him know so he can stop,worrying about you.
  4. Lance A Lott

    What's on the back of you truck?

    For my camera plug I used a old female trailer receptical with the back cut open then I put a bicycle inner tube over it put the wire in and zip tied it all together. I can lift the cover pull the wires out put them together and push them back in I have never found water or dirt on the video cables. I tried a wireless camera first but it tended to fade in and out. On the Volvo I am putting a 4 Chanel dvr about $40 on eBay in so I can use more cameras with one monitor. I would really miss my hitch camera I get sick of claiming in and out to hitch but I Have a gooseneck.
  5. Lance A Lott

    What's on the back of you truck?

    I have a backup camera to see the trailer ball as well as behind the truck, plugs for the camera on back of the trailer and one to watch the horses in the trailer. I am adding cameras for the sides of the trailer. License plate and light? A step and hand rail?
  6. I have a plug with lights on it to eliminate the trailer as the problem, now! I used to have to use a different vehicle or trailer depending on witch I had available. I would realy recommend a multi tester they can be had for around ten dollars, they won't be good ones but as I think you said you were not familiar with electricity they are a good place to start. A test light can do wonders as well. Electrical work is not something to be afraid of just respected. Remember finding a fault is not the same as doing new wiring.
  7. Lance A Lott

    Counting my blessings: Hook, line, and big HP.

    You would need a multi meter set for resistance, the you can teat the wire for continuity with ground. Keep in mind that some wires conect to ground tjrough tjete aplication. Ligjtbolb or moter etc. If that is the case you will have to isolate the wire and retest.i prefer analog meters for this. A test light can also be used, clip the lead to a known power sorce and test your wire. If getting ground through a bolb or moter the ligjt should glow dimer than with a grounded wire. A meter should indicate lower as well. If you are just sitting it will give you something to do. I keep a cheep meter in the truck all the time. Good luck.
  8. Lance A Lott

    Water tank

    Looks like i got it feel free to contact me if you have questions, anyone. Lance
  9. Lance A Lott


  10. Lance A Lott

    Shock Removal

    I had to cut mine with the cut off wheel also. I use it a lot so am very comfortable with it. You will be glad you pulled the wheels your self one day I bet. I put antizees on the bolts even though They will probably last me forever. I use the cut off wheel on Huck Bolts as well, cut 1/3 through and then a few whacks with a hammer and off they come, about 30 seconds each.
  11. Lance A Lott

    Water tank

    picture did not post I will work on it. Sorry this took so long, and that my artistic ability is as bad as my penmanship and spelling. They do work wery well. The tanks come from ebay and have 4 ports on one end 2 large and 2 small they are on opposite corners so you can flip the tank. I drew the rinse pipe on the wrong side, it is on the same end as the vent and drain. You drill the 1\2 inch npt fitting through so the pipe can pass through and be glued in place.
  12. Lance A Lott

    Paint stripping advice needed. Hand painted lettering.

    My computer skills are limited as well. My wife says that I am a excellent computer shopper. Actually I think "addicted" was the term she used but I am sure she was joking! I think that if you do a search like you wanted to buy a rv hauler or even a 5ver that you will find some sights to post your truck on, good luck. Lance
  13. Lance A Lott

    Paint stripping advice needed. Hand painted lettering.

    You could try eBay, not an auction though, and Craig's list, auto trader, I think there are a couple of rv selling sites. If you search like a buyer you will find where they are listed. Found this one I searched for RV hauler for sale https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=7&ved=2ahUKEwi5373jj73bAhUM658KHaUqCOgQFjAGegQIBBAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rvclearinghouse.com%2Flistings%2Fbrowse%2Ftoters-and-trucks%2F17&usg=AOvVaw2xgfMva_8Ixq2abp2U9IS4
  14. Lance A Lott

    Paint stripping advice needed. Hand painted lettering.

    Don't tell my wife that, she has had two horses with the same name. Of course now that I think about it we did have trouble with the vet papers they had new blood test results on a horse that had been dead several years. She had to add a name to differentiate between the two. You could easily use the Roman numeral II in the name and it would look really nice.
  15. Lance A Lott

    Paint stripping advice needed. Hand painted lettering.

    I have to agree, unless you want to reuse the name on your new truck leave it. You could find out how much to have removed at the body shop and then be prepared to either lower the sale price if that is all that's standing in the way of a deal, or to remove it your self. The name on the truck might just be what sells it, between two similar trucks.