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  1. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Congrats to Dolly and Mom for successful graduation from the horse collage and you for surviving another money pit. You do know how to make a small fortune with horses, start with a large one. I have always wondered where I could get the large one to start with. Back to the truck, only one tank. I will be putting my generator on the other side. I was going to put the Sherpa T on the deck but Nadine want's the Spider, we will see. No cat litter any way, Zeva the devil dog goes for walks. You are correct about trucks and trailers gaining weight, much like me.
  2. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Dollytrolley, what numbers would help you? I appreciate the help, but don't put yourself out. Us stable boys have to take our leisure when we can. The truck and trailer rode and handled well on my test drives. Now that I am getting ready to exchange the axles, I was wondering if there was a major reason to due the extra work of re-positioning the axle. I will try to put in a picture I took before I put in the goose neck hitch, I think this was the orientation I ended up with. The frame is now a bit shorter, the red label is gone. This makes it 64'6" overall My other truck and trailer amazing how you can''t find the pictures you want
  3. Photo test

    Firs try
  4. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Ok I am mostly dug out from the third nor'easter this month, it looks like # 4 next week. The truck was 16840lb stock, 9860 front 6980 rear. With the fifth wheel, rear axle removed and frame shortened it is 14720lb 9460 front 5260 rear. With the trailer on but no bed its is 18340lb 8300 front and 10040 rear. That give a hitch wheight of 3620lb. change in the number horses won't change that by much. Two and a half of the horse are right over the axles and the rear horse is behind the rear axle. The trailer is 29 1/2' from the center of the front axle to the center of the hitch. So by singleing short I transfer almost a 1000lbs of the front end and anything I put on the deck will still load the rear more than the front by a large margin. I don't really want to move the axle but now is the time to get advice not after I build the bed. The 10" is the distance I can move the axle back by using the rear mounting holes as the front mounting holes on the shackle. There are other holes further back that could be utilized they are at 16&18 and 26&28 inches. I have every confidence in my ability to Aline the axle in a new position but I hope Volvo did an even better job of positioning things than I can. The axle is almost centered under the flat portion of the proposed deck. It looks a little funny with the frame sticking out the back 18" but the boat tail will hide that. I have a few 2x8's screwed together for a test deck. Jack what would you consider way back on the hitch? And where would you be measuring from? As it now sit it is 59 inches from the center of the axle to the center of the ball. Which this proposed setup I don't see how I could load the rear enough to make the front even 50% lighter than the rear. As proposed the front will be 20% lighter than the rear. I think it about a 40-60 split as proposed. I value all the input I can get. Someone mentioned road slabs I have yet two have a truck that rode good on those. Even my school bus doesn't like them. I would not want to move the axle back a lot as I think I want the maneuverability of the short truck and long tail with such a long wheelbase trailer, if I am not making a load mistake. Thanks Lance
  5. Up and Down Vibration at Speed

    Is your truck lug or hub centric? they require different balancing methods but your shop should know this. If they are hub centric ( spelling I know) you could run one tire at a time to test for a bad tire. I had one on a dually pickup and never found it until it threw a piece of tread, I don't remember how many times we had it on the balancer. I also have one on my flatbed trailer(mobile home rims) it sets up a resonance between 40 and 45 and is very annoying. You can see the tire has a wobble so I cant explain why it goes away over 45.
  6. Jackalopee install

    Glad I read this post. I glued magnets on the side of mine and stuck it to the top of my def tank but I was assuming water proof meant just that. I like it where It is as I can move it out to the step and see it from the drivers seat. I will look it over and make it more waterproof.
  7. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    All this talk makes me won't to go riding, but we got 8" of snow today. My dad and middle son got the Sherpa T out this summer but never got it started he's going in for knee replacement next month I think it will make him a good project for May. While I am building my trucks bed what ever length I end up with. Thank you all for making me walk down memory lane!
  8. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Not sure I hijacked it after all moving the axle might be related to what I will be able to put on the deck! Those old Spanish bikes take up a lot of room. If I ever get my computer to post pictures I will put one of the spider on the fifth wheel of my Volvo from when I drove it back to Vt from Texas. My dad had it crammed in front of his trailer and I was headed home empty so some 2x10's and a sheet of plywood and I was off. Wife says I have always been off
  9. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Chad thank you for the computer help. I will give it a try.
  10. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    My first bike was a Lobeto100 my father turned it into a trials bike for me. I still have it. Dad had a Sherpa 250 I woud have to ask if it wss S moddle that he sold when he got a Sherpa T 350. He has slways wished he had kept the 250. We still have the Sherpa T as well as a Matralia I propably spelled thst wrong. We sold a Persang thay, were quite a machine, as i was only 10 or 11 i was not aloud to ride it!
  11. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    rickeieio, be assured my last post was only to make my question clear. I value the responses very much and if I am not clear in my post I will not get the answers I need. Many of you have been were I am now and and I hope to learn from all of you. On a side note how do you get your information to appear at the bottom of your posts? My computer wont let me post pictures with the link Jack posted it thinks its a virus. I see you are a semi-retired farmer I bought part of my grandfathers last farm back and some of the one I worked on all through high school 33 years ago. My wife and I are now have 13 horses. I got my first Bultoco for Christmas when I was 8. My father and mother started a Bultaco dealership in 1969 the year I was 6. We still have 4 Bultacos and a Spyder as well as two many 4 wheelers to keep running. Do you load your Spyder on your truck?
  12. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Sorry if my typing and my thoughts are not always the same. My intentions are too move the rear axle forward to replace the original front drive axle. I have shortened the frame and installed a gooseneck ball at my desired position. The only other placement for the axle that I have considered is 10" back from the original front axle placement. As this would make more work I was asking if there was a huge reason too move it. I did remove the rear axle and test drove the truck and trailer with the devider axle. I had no issues with that setup. I may not have mentioned that my 630 is a vnm so it is shorter than a vnl already and looks fine singled short. I had a couple of reasons for test driving with just the devider axle. First I just had to hitch on and pull my trailer. And second I don't know anyone with a hdt so other than over the net info I was shooting blind. I used everything I was able too learn from the vast knowledge you are able to impart and made a choice. So far so good.
  13. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    All valid points. The only reason to consider moving the axle back is to cut down on the vertical movement of the hitch. I am pulling a horse trailer and they don't have the ground clearance of the average 5ver. I don't think it will be enough to make it worth the effort but if someone has experience that would say otherwise now is the time to think about it. I actually have room to put a spider on the deck or maybe a smart with my trailer but not a 5ver. Like was said the drive shaft will need to be replace regardless. Two bad there's not a way to permanently lock the devider then it could just stay there. I pulled the rear axle last summer so I could experiment with length, wheight, and ride. If it took an hour total I would be surprised. Huck bolts are easy to remove almost faster than regular bolts. Unless you get one that's hard to get at with the angle grinder. You just cut 1/4 to1/3 of the way through with a 4" angle grinder, just behind the flange, the flange it's self has no threads, and then it hit the tip of the bolt with a good hammer it will snap right of as they are purity hard.
  14. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    I am getting ready to put the rear axle back under my 630. I ran it as a test on the devider last summer and it worked fine. Really tunes sharp and handled fine. With my hitch position I liked the wheight shift of the front end. My needs will either let me keep it short or move it back 10". So the question is is it worth the extra work ?. It will go from 182" wb to 192".
  15. Spare parts special tools to carry

    Maybe I should start another thread on the "FUN" of travelling with a pet. So far Nadine only wants to bring 2 horses and the devil Pomeranian Ziva. I hope she doesn't decide to bring the parrot.