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  1. Also- I do not see any signs of water damage, crinkling on the roof (only saw one), no rust, or anything that doesn't look right... I am not sure how they are supposed to feel when you drive them but this kind of felt like a boat on water (just a hair tho), and I am sure I have to get used to it. Don't know if the brakes are supposed to feel the same as a car or not... I didn't feel pulled to the right or left... It just felt big at the moment. It was hard to think about all the different things I should be looking for at the time. I will likely go test drive it again with someone else. And after more research since then I know how to look for the manufacture date on the tires. So mind-boggling!
  2. Ok so I decided against the diesel simply because it did feel overpriced (especially for my first one). I found another one from a private party. I am looking for someone to go out and look at it for me (which is proving to be a daunting task!). Anyway I looked it over and drove it and this is what I think... So it is a 2000 Coachmen Mirada, 43k mi, gas, that has a lot of extras (solar panel, satellite dish, back-up cam, and more), no pop out... $15k. The gentleman has kept it in nearly pristine condition and has obviously put a lot of love into it. It barely looks used (even on the outside!). He has records for it, has it smogged already, and I feel like it is a perfect one for my first RV. I am just concerned about the age, or that it's too good to be true (too clean??). It's already 17 years old and even tho it is in near new condition it has to start breaking down sooner than later- right?? I know nothing about this make/model (and my gut keeps flip-flopping) and cannot find much on the internet as far as reviews go. Any thoughts??
  3. One more question about this... is it safe to assume -when looking at Nada online- that if it is listed at an average retail price that's higher than other RV's of the same year with similar features, etc., that it is going to be more reputable or of higher quality because it is priced higher in this guide? Base price. I hope that made sense!
  4. Thank you- yes there is such a vast amount of information out there that I am overwhelmed and forgetting where I left off or planned to look next... I'll check them out (I saved it now so I can remember to go back to it). I have been using the Nadaguides.com site and have a question... The base price should typically include appliances and such right? Generators, cabinetry etc...? This diesel I was describing is from a mom and pop dealer and they printed out a nada bluebook price sheet for me and added everything that it comes equipped with (stock I'm assuming), so that's why I didn't actually start the transaction. It didn't look right. I know they have to make their money but I'm not trying to just give it away! So thank you for the information also about the reputable RV's vs the not-so-much-ones on the RV's listed. So from your experience, what about the Winnebago? Generally speaking. My grandparents always had one so I naturally assume it's high quality, but they are the ones most everyone is getting rid of private party! I want to make sure the engine is strong, generator is powerful for what I need (or at least typical), and that it's in overall good condition- but since I don't know enough about engines, that's where I am struggling the most. I do have a little bit of help but no one that I know has much RV experience. Well off I go... Thanks again Kirk!!
  5. So as an update I went into escrow today (2 weeks after listing!) and I was wanting to know if you guys can give me a little insight into an RV I'm looking at buying. Its a 2000 Damon Ultra Sport 3480 (on a Freightliner chassis), diesel pusher with a little over 37k mi on it. It looks really good on the inside, one popout... for $39k. Does this sound good to you experienced RV'ers out there? I don't know anything about this brand. I looked up reviews but don't see much there either... Thanks:)
  6. Lol -yes we could be sisters! Great minds think alike: Good luck to you too!
  7. ok... Good Sam was one of them with 2 stars... I know it's usually the negative people that give reviews (more often than not), but it concerned me. Thanks!
  8. I am finding so much information on here and am loving it, but I am not seeing anything about who is the best company to get roadside assistance with..? The ones I have googled have pretty poor reviews and I'm reading that AAA doesn't meet RV'ers needs. Anyone use a company that has more than 2 stars? Thanks!!
  9. I am an avid reader and will look for a book or two. I am also always on the hunt for a virtual online job (the plan was to sit at a beach and sip on a pena coloda while I make money on my laptop)- an RV works too! I am not rushing into anything per se but I did list my house yesterday and it should go pretty quickly, so I am doing plenty of tireless research on this whole thing (for a couple of months now) and will modify it as needed to make it work (at least temporarily while I look for a house). I think more than anything I need to do this for myself right now, as short-lived as it may turn out to be, to kind of reset myself, close out this chapter in my life, and create a new one. I've been trying to write a book for years, not to mention other hobbies, but am always so stressed out with living "The American Dream" (or half of it rather), that I don't have the time for fun- or I can't sit still and decompress long enough to try (kind of like eating dessert before you've finished your meal!) and my meal is never finished! I am too restless of a person to sit in a stationary house, any longer, while the world around me is on the move (except when my kids were still at home). It's definitely time for a change and I think this is safer for me than buying a sports car;)!! Once all of my kids and their families settle somewhere semi-permanently (probably Southern Oregon) then I can join them, or already be there (my oldest will be retiring from the Army in a few years). It's me time now (has been for a decade now and I'm just getting this going now- slow!). I really appreciate that you all let me think on here, and be my sounding board while giving me feedback and useful pieces of information. It really is helpful and I am so glad I found this site! Thank you!!
  10. No actually I haven't heard of that until now. I have not 100% ruled out the possibility of going on a truck, but I am just very aware of my own physical limitations and the dangers out there. My dad was a truck driver and I've talked to many others and heard a lot of very bad stories of what goes on out there. If I knew I could handle myself well enough then I wouldn't be as insecure about it. That and in truck school I couldn't even budge a converter dolly- I think that if I can't do the job myself then I really have no business being out there. I wouldn't want to get out there and have to ask for help all the time with various tasks that may come about (a trailer that is full and I maybe can't budge the landing gear, or release the bar on the -I think it's on the fifth wheel?)- I got licensed in 2015 and haven't been on a truck since! I think the bottom line is that I don't like to bite off more than I can chew. And yes I do often underestimate myself but I am only a calculated risk taker in situations like this (and RV'ing). I'm rambling again! You were talking about a van... I will definitely look into it lol:)
  11. Congratulations on your retirement... and no you are not at all discouraging (discouraging is getting out there without enough information!)... actually you are very helpful and I think that because I will not be able to get right into a house (most likely but not out of the question), and/or because I am not 100% set on the final location, I think I'm looking at getting a motorhome that is not too old (2006 ish?), and not too expensive, but not too cheap either... and take a little travel break for 2-3 months maybe and then settle into an RV park (or find a little acre of my own), get a job, and add to my savings until a house comes on the market that I have to have. As long as I feel safe at night (weather, wild animals, and bad guys), I can do that for as long as I need to (I believe anyway)... I listed my house yesterday. I can't seem to find a reason to not move forward and am really kind of excited about it (nervous but excited). Thank you so much for your input:)!! Roni
  12. Yeah I actually have thought of that. I was planning on spending less than $20k on an older RV, and if I love it then upgrading later. The problem with an older unit (like a '96 Flair with 30,000 mi on it that I test drove today for $18k) is that if they weren't taken good enough care of then I'll likely have a lot of problems with things breaking down, so I thought maybe I would go a little higher and a little newer (but not brand new or spending much more). I was watching someone's YouTube video and they were at an RV show and some of those newer ones are absolutely gorgeous! As far as retirement income goes... well let's just say it won't be in the next 5 years or anything so I will still have to work. I don't mind working I am just tired of the "grind" to keep up with social expectations and norms. My kids are grown so I don't have to worry about the "norm" anymore:) I'm just trying to think of every possibility before I get out there and get broadsided with an "I didn't see that one coming!" All input and ideas, etc. are greatly appreciated!
  13. Thank you I'll definitely look into this as well:)
  14. I am unusually good at doing this. I must have learned it from growing up poor and having a frugal mentality. I have lived the easy life too and to be honest, it was more comfortable but it didn't really make me any happier, because it is after all only money. Not that important in the grand scheme of things. I am getting to an age (I guess that's what it is) where I am sick and tired of the bs (mostly at work) that I have to deal with by living a life where I have to make a certain amount of money just to keep up with my (fairly low) bills. The stress is just no longer worth it to me. My health, and sanity, is more important. Oh and I have no retirement built up so I am limited on options now. My only asset is my house. Sorry about the rambling. This is how I think things thru lol:)
  15. See when I hear/read that people have been full-timing for many years and love it, then I think I have to try it too. If I love it then why wouldn't I want to at least find out?! If I don't then at least I still have a great camping vehicle! I can start out with an older cheaper vehicle and try it. If I too love it then I can get something newer (or not)...
  16. Thank you I will look at this.
  17. Strangely mostly only the unknown scares me... life for me has always been that initial fear of the worst case scenarios, but once I find myself in it, it is usually not as bad as I envisioned. This is just such a long mental process for me! Well I was going to try my hand at driving a big truck for a living, and even got licensed (but then decided that the job really wasn't for me because it is so much more than just driving the truck -that was the easy part). I am guessing that this would be so much better than that:)
  18. Thank you! I will have more questions I'm sure. I am finding that this whole process has been incredibly stressful and it took all this time for me to determine WHY it's even a good idea for me to sell my house and move. I have finally figured that out but now I don't know where to go after I sell it! I decided on Medford but the more I research, the less committed I am feeling. This keeps taking me back to RV'ing. I have a 7lb (yapper) dog and a 12lb cat (who is going to hate me for taking him) and a canary (and 5 or 6 very large plants that I guess I can always bungie to something to keep them standing upright...)... Do you work at all during the year or do you have a fixed income already? What is the fastest way to learn how to hook up an RV (YouTube?), and how do I figure out which kind I want? I need space with the animals but I don't want the limiting issues that may come with an oversized vehicle (parking for one). I also don't want to feel like I am living in a car. Also what is the worst possible thing that can happen out there that I need to determine if I can see myself handling it ok or not..? I can handle quite a bit, but it's really more of a question of do I want to deal with it or not... I can totally see myself traveling around and visiting my kids and grandkids more regularly, etc. as long as I don't get too stressed about ..? Ohhhh the unknown!!!
  19. Thank you:) I haven't been on here in awhile. Working on getting my house ready to sell and thought I would just take that equity and buy something else up in Medford, Or- however I can't get a realtor to call me back! Now I am thinking maybe my first idea of an RV is looking better and better. I am nervous either way. I don't know the Medford area and I also don't know Or laws... So much to consider! I did see some very nice RV parks up there recently tho... More updates to come:)
  20. Yes I see that now. It's just like everyone has their own lifestyle when living in a house (or other)... **not sure how to respond to individual responses. I only see one box at the end of all replies*** And -Nah it didn't scare me. What scares me is -me! Not being able to make a decision because it feels like it is the only one I will ever make, and it's really not thaaaat big of a deal lol... not to minimize it or anything, but I am pretty sure I have made bigger decisions when I was younger and a bit more (?) idk- less experienced with bad decisions?
  21. ... Ok I just read it and ... well that makes sense! It's the lifestyle that is chosen, and not for reasons of money or lack thereof. The main reason, I'm gathering from all of the readings, is that feeling of freedom. So now with my new perspective I can reevaluate my reasons and make sure this is what I want -based on me and nothing else. If I want it then I'll make it happen and it'll work. Strangely that relieves a lot of stress...
  22. I don't recall where I saw that either... (that's more than I spend now in my own home and with a car pmt!) I've been doing a LOT of reading... but I also just looked up the links that Linda gave me, and now have a little better idea of a more reasonable expectation. I'll also read the one by Gaylord Maxwell as soon as I'm done writing this, and then move on to something else to research. I'm kind of a "keep it simple type gal!" Thanks again for everyone's responses:)!!
  23. That is very exciting! It seems to me that the more I research, the more I realize that I am probably not going to be able to afford to do this:( I am reading that the average RV'rs spend approximately $41,000 per year in expenses. Bummer. That I cannot do. Oh well, I will just keep researching and see what happens! Good luck to you two:)!!
  24. Lots of good info and I appreciate it! Thanks Kirk!
  25. Thank you Linda, that's what I was thinking too. I went yesterday and looked at RV's, and I am pretty sure I could handle one of those. I noticed that the cabs are different on the different classes, but what you live in can all look very similar. I appreciate the website, I'll check it out:) Roni
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