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  1. Where do I find information about the insulation R factors on the 5th wheel. The sales person seems to just tell me what they think I want to hear! who can tell me the true specs of insulation?
  2. Thank you!
  3. To TheLongWayHome.... Thank you, Thank you for that list!!! We will begin our search with those! We needed a place to begin.
  4. We are interested in a new model not used. My question is of the current brands available on the market, which are best to winter in? We need about 36-37 foot Rear Living unit to live in during about 3 months of the year with lotsa counter space and excellent refrigerator! ( not a residential refrigerator) Hoping to go south for winter! We fall camp on weekends due to we are both still employed.
  5. I cannot afford a custom made 5th wheel. i need information about the current brand 5th wheels that are mid to luxury level. we ar close to retirement and want to spend winters in warm places in the south. We need a well insulated 5th wheel. Thx.
  6. Any info on a 5th wheel brand with well insulated slide-outs?